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Credit Bureau Reporting and Collection Service Integration #secured #credit #cards

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Credit Bureau Reporting and Collection Service Integration


  • All collection activity performed by a reputable, third party collection agency
  • Report your delinquent accounts to all three major credit bureaus
  • Select from three levels of collection services


  • Delinquent accounts are reported on responsible party’s credit report
  • Demand letters from the collection agency encourage swift payment
  • Discounted collection rates exclusively for OrthoBanc clients

For less than the monthly cost of a credit bureau membership, you can report your accounts and have them professionally collected. OrthoBanc charges a small monthly fee which provides you the integration with the agency, the ability to turn accounts over for collection, detailed reporting of collection activity, and the ability to report accounts to the credit bureaus. This represents a significant savings over the cost of joining all three credit bureaus which is as high as $250 per month.

Contact OrthoBanc at (888) 758-0585 for more information.

Credit card debt negotiation in 3 (not) easy steps #reloadable #credit #cards

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Credit card debt negotiation in 3 (not) easy steps

You’re drowning financially and need some serious help with the credit card bills. Besides bankruptcy, are there other options?

Yes. It is possible to work with your credit card issuer and negotiate a partial settlement, a workout agreement or even just a reduction in the bills for a few months. But getting the deal you need won’t be a slam dunk. You face a series of phone calls and have to wrestle with details that might not seem important now, such as the impact to your credit and next year’s tax bill.

It’s not easy, says Ira Rheingold, executive director of the National Association of Consumer Advocates.

There are only three key steps to renegotiating debt, but they’re not simple.

Step 1: Find a plan that works for you

There are five basic arrangements: lump-sum settlement, workout arrangement, forbearance, debt management plan and debt settlement. Here’s how each works:

Lump-sum settlement. If you have access to a chunk of money, such as from an inheritance, you can try to negotiate a settlement for less than the full amount owed. Frequently, you can break the sum into three payments.

If you had a credit limit of $3,000 but have a balance of $5,000 with interest and late fees, you may be able to go back to the principal and get a reduction if you pay it off, says Rick McElvaney, program director for the Center for Consumer Law at the University of Houston Law Center. It’s all up to the individual creditor. In situations like this, it really matters how the deal is structured.

What you need to know: Be clear that the lump sum you agree to pay will satisfy the bill and get that confirmation in writing, says Gail Cunningham, vice president of public relations for the National Foundation for Credit Counseling.

Also understand that paying less than you owe impacts your credit score depending on how the payment is reported to the credit bureaus, says Anthony Sprauve, senior consumer credit specialist for FICO, the company that pioneered credit scoring.

For example, a charge-off (which means the company removes the entire debt from its books for accounting purposes but doesn’t eliminate your obligation) — will hurt your credit score more than a payment of less than the total debt owed, he says.

Finally, tax law considers most forgiven debt as income. If a lender forgives at least $600 worth of the principal on your debt, it must report the amount to the IRS via a 1099-C form. So, for example, a lump sum payment of $2,500 to settle a $4,500 credit card bill will mean you’ll likely have to pay tax on an additional $2,000 in income next year.

Workout arrangement. Under a workout, the bank may eliminate or lower both your interest rate and minimum monthly payment, and often stops assessing punitive fees (such as late fees or over-limit charges ), Cunningham says. You can also ask the company to forgive past punitive fees to further reduce your balance, which it may or may not do.

What you need to know: Your credit line will likely be cut off, so you won’t be able to use your card(s). Again, the impact to your credit score will depend on how the issuer reports the arrangement or your payments to the credit bureaus, Sprauve says.

Keep in mind also that if your credit line is cut, that loss of available credit will ding your credit score because it will raise your credit utilization ratio. Cunningham says. For example, let’s say you have $10,000 in available credit on various cards and you owe a total of $5,000 on them. If you then close one account with a $1,000 limit, your credit utilization ratio will increase from $5,000/$10,000 to $5,000/$9,000. You’ll still owe the same amount, but the amount of available credit has decreased, she says.

  • Forbearance program. If your financial problem is only temporary, such as a major medical event that puts you out of work for a few months, then a forbearance — which is similar to a workout arrangement — could work for you, Cunningham says. As in a longer-term workout, the credit card issuer may eliminate or lower your interest rate and put a halt on late fees, she says. The card issuer also may agree to let you skip payments until you’re back on your financial feet, Cunningham says.
    What you need to know: Forbearance programs offer a brief break from full payments, not forgiveness of any debt. A forbearance is for temporary financial problems when you know your finances and income will return to normal soon, Cunningham says. It’s intended to be a bridge from financial stress to financial stability, she says. Also: You will still pay every penny you borrowed, and possibly more.
  • Debt management program. If you don’t want to negotiate with your creditors yourself, you can opt to go through a debt management program, Cunningham says. Best bet: a nonprofit agency affiliated with the National Foundation for Credit Counseling or the Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies. A counselor will meet with you to talk about your specific situation and make repayment arrangements with all your creditors on your behalf, Cunningham says. The counselor will work with the lender to restructure your debt so it’s affordable. Typically, the counselor can negotiate to lower your interest payments, reduce or drop fees and lower your payments, Cunningham says.

    What you need to know: You will pay the entire amount owed, Cunningham says. All your credit card accounts will be included in the program and closed. While being in a debt management program by itself won’t hurt your credit, shutting down accounts is likely to hurt your credit score, again because your credit utilization ratio will be lower. Still, it’s a smarter, more score-friendly option than bankruptcy or debt settlement, Cunningham says.

  • Debt settlement program. Settling your debt for less than what you owe — either by negotiating with creditors yourself or using a for-profit debt settlement company — is typically advised only as the last stop before bankruptcy. In a debt settlement, you stop paying your creditors for months, until they are ready to accept a lower payment.

    What you need to know: Stopping payments on your debts does significant damage to your credit history. though paying a portion of what you owe is better than paying nothing. Those accounts will stay on your credit record for seven years. And again, Uncle Sam also may get a share — you will owe taxes on any settled debt.

    If you use a debt settlement firm, be aware that you do not have to pay upfront for debt settlement services. Debt settlement companies are banned from collecting advance fees from consumers before settling or reducing the consumers’ credit card or other unsecured debt, according to a Federal Trade Commission rule that took effect in October 2010.

    Step 2: Examine your debt and income

    Take a hard look at what exactly you owe. Ask the company for a breakdown of your bill, says Rheingold. How much of it is garbage fees? How much did I blow, as opposed to late fees, over-limit fees, etc.? he says. Once you separate it out, you’ll be shocked, he says.

  • Credit Calculator Score #unsecured #credit #cards #for #bad #credit

    #what are credit scores

    The truth is earning is really quick and easy, these days. You will be in your head or literally inept? May make each day wants on account of an unproductive staff member? A home Credit calculator score for advantages of the Department of Sociable Safety (DSS)? Financial loans for folks on benefits in your help on your web site.

    And later on, within the subsequent pay day advance, you repay the financial loan cost you your lender.

    As for availing personal loans in case you have fails, you can either go for the guaranteed selection or perhaps for the unleveraged option. In order to achieve ideal loan deal, you should apply to first the Credit calculator score financial though web. There s not most of any paperwork and all you need to do is always to add the details required in a straightforward form.

    Credit seekers can apply for the financing volume between 5000 to 75000 dependant on your equity price.

    Additional, the amount that s produced is quite a bit based on the prevailing conditions with the candidate. It will Credit calculator score be possible to compare between different personal loan rates which enable it to decide on the one that is best suited to you personally. Repay each installment of your bank loan without delay on the deadline to help you sign up some progress within your credit record in the future.

    It is also correct that filling out most of these formalities takes a shorter period and is finished just one day.

    Credit Card Credit Limit Definition #sunbelt #credit

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    Credit Limit Definition

    By LaToya Irby. Credit/Debt Management Expert

    Welcome to s Credit/Debt Management site, led by your guide, LaToya Irby. LaToya has been the credit and debt management guide since 2007. Read more

    One of the most important things to know about your credit card is your credit limit. The credit limit on your credit card is the maximum amount that can be borrowed on a credit card without penalty.

    How Much Will Your Credit Limit Be?

    You won t know what your credit limit will be until you ve completed your application and are approved for the credit card. If you re (reasonably) unhappy with the credit limit you ve received, you can request a bigger one or turn down the credit card.

    Your credit limit may not stay the same the entire time you have the credit card. If you use your credit card wisely and make your monthly payments on time, you can be approved for periodic credit limit increases, sometimes without having to request a credit limit increase .

    Similarly, your credit limit can be decreased if your payment habits fall behind or your debt increases to a level that your credit card issuer deems risky.

    How Much of Your Credit Limit Can You Use?

    You can make purchases all the way up to your credit limit, but you may not be able to go over your credit limit if you haven t opted-in to having over limit transactions processed. Exceeding your credit limit may result in an over the limit fee  and your credit card issuer might also raise your interest rate to the default rate if you go over your credit limit.

    Continue Reading Below

    Refer to your credit card agreement to see if there are any penalties for going over your credit limit.

    Exceeding your credit limit and even getting close to it impacts your credit score. Your credit utilization measures the amount of your credit limit that s being used and counts 30% of your credit score. The higher your credit card balance, the higher your credit utilization and the more your credit score is hurt. It s best to keep your credit card balances within 10% to 30% of your credit limit.

    Credit Bureau #how #to #get #free #credit #reports

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    Credit Bureau

    Credit reporting systems include the institutions, rules, procedures, standards, and technologies that allow the exchange of information, primarily for the purpose of making credit-related decisions.

    The Central Bank of Belize has taken the necessary steps to initiate the establishment of a credit bureau in Belize. A credit bureau in Belize would help to improve the quantity and quality of credit information provided to local lenders and would help to reduce credit risks, processing times, and costs. The result should be a more effective and efficient distribution of credit in the domestic system.

    Developing a Credit Bureau System

    The Bank invited the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, to meet with stakeholders in February 2010 to gauge interest in the development of a credit bureau in Belize. Working with the Caribbean Regional Technical Assistance Center (CARTAC), the IFC is helping to develop credit bureaus across the English-speaking Caribbean where the initiative has been generally received with enthusiasm. Similarly, the initial meetings held in Belize revealed a high level of interest in the project.

    The IFC and the World Bank completed a legal and regulatory assessment of Belize to identify areas of the legislation that are deficient and that would require amendment to allow the proper operation of a credit bureau. The IFC has also conducted a technical assessment of the private and public sectors and obtained data on each stakeholder s loan portfolio, credit operations, and potential use of the bureau. The results have since been presented to stakeholders.

    The next phase of the project entails public education of stakeholders and consumers, and the development of draft legislation that address issues such as:

    • minimum criteria for credit reporting service providers
    • setting out the regulatory and supervisory framework
    • exclusions related to sensitive data
    • limits on how long the data can be distributed (to allow borrowers a fresh start )
    • limits on access to the data
    • a consumer rights framework
    • assignment of liability conditions for participants in the system

    Caribbean Credit Reporting Conference

    The Central Bank of Belize (CBB) with the support of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) hosted the third Credit Reporting Conference on Thursday, 18 April 2013. The conference marked one of the key initiatives for the establishment of the National Credit Reporting System in Belize.

    The main objective of the conference was to highlight the fundamentals of credit reporting in an effort to prepare stakeholders for the credit reporting legislation. Some 75 participants from commercial banks, credit unions, insurance companies, utility companies, government entities and central bankers were in attendance. Mrs. Marilyn Gardiner-Usher, Deputy Governor Operations of the Central Bank of Belize delivered the opening address and Mr. Phil Westman, CIDA Liaison for Belize gave the welcoming remarks.

    Presentations delivered at this year s Caribbean Credit Reporting Conference can be viewed below.

    Conference Presentations

    Mobile Home Loans for Bad Credit #one #free #credit #report

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    Mobile Home Loans for Bad Credit

    If you are planning to purchase a mobile or manufactured home and you are worried about your poor credit history. you are in luck because there are mobile home loans for bad credit. These are actually sub-prime loans that are given by some lenders to people who have a history of a foreclosure, bankruptcy. loan defaults, or late payments.

    But you MUST have sufficient equity of at least 40-60% in order for these lenders to even consider extending a mortgage to you. In addition, the home you are purchasing or refinancing must be on a permanent foundation where you actually own the land and not in a mobile home park where you just rent the space.

    The reason why a mobile home on a non-permanent foundation in a park and one that is on its own foundation where you own the land is that a home in a park is considered personal property like a vehicle because the home can be easily moved. This makes these loans more risky and the rates much higher. A home where you own the land is considered true real estate because you own the land and home.

    These are the type of mortgages that we specialize in. The downside for this type of loan is the relatively much higher interest rates that the banks or private hard money lenders will charge because of the higher risk that they are undertaking.

    If you have or are purchasing a mobile home in a park or on a non-permanent foundation, there might be a few lending institutions or private investors who are willing to offer this type of mortgage. Companies such as 21st Mortgage Corp. specialize in these loans .

    However, please beware of  white knights and too good to be true offers that may be a scam. There are a lot of foreclosure and mortgage scams happening all across America right now. Don’t become their next victim!

    The common rule that lenders follow is to provide a mobile home loan only to people who have at least a credit score of 620. Thus, it would be a good idea to personally check on your credit score by buying a copy of your credit report from one of the Big Three credit bureaus, namely, Transunion. Equifax. and Experian .

    This would also permit you to know whether there are any mistakes in your credit report. For example, you might notice an entry indicating that you were late for a particular payment when you are sure that you had been on time. You can provide a copy of your receipt to the credit bureau and ask for a correction. If you are able to increase your credit score through this move, it will result in substantial savings for you in the future.

    The system used is that the lower your credit score is, the higher the interest rate will be charged. Sometimes the rate will not even be fixed but may increase year after year. Be on the lookout for these terms and make sure not to be late in your payments to be able to repair your credit score and to avoid large payments towards the end of the term.

    If the home you are purchasing or refinancing is on a permanent foundation where you actually own the land, the manufactured home loan team at Caliber Home Loans may be able to help you today. Please call them at 1-800-779-4547 to see if your qualify.

    Corporate Credit Rating Definition #fix #bad #credit

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    Corporate Credit Rating

    DEFINITION of ‘Corporate Credit Rating’

    Credit Union

    Interest Coverage Ratio

    BREAKING DOWN ‘Corporate Credit Rating’

    Corporate credit ratings are not a guarantee that a company will repay its obligations, but the overall, long-term track record of these ratings is strong. Standard Poor’s says “the average five-year default rate for investment-grade corporate issuers was 1.07%, compared with 16.03% for speculative-grade companies.”

    S P, Moody’s and Fitch are the three main providers of corporate credit ratings. Each agency has its own ratings system that doesn’t necessarily equate to another company’s ratings scale, but they are all similar. Fitch and Standard Poor’s use AAA for the highest credit quality, AA for the next best, followed by A, then BBB for good credit. Everything below BBB is considered speculative or worse, down to a D rating, which indicates default.

    Since the ratings are opinions, ratings of the same company can differ among rating agencies. Investment research firm Morningstar also provides corporate credit ratings that range from AAA for extremely low default risk to D for payment default.

    During the financial crisis of 2008, companies that had received glowing ratings from various credit rating agencies were downgraded to junk levels, calling into question the reliability of the ratings themselves.

    Credit Annual Report #credit #express

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    Free credit report credit card Utah

    When negative information in free credit report credit card Utah your report is accurate, only the passage of time can assure its removal. A consumer reporting company can report most accurate negative free credit report credit card Utah information for seven years and bankruptcy information for 10 years. Information about an unpaid judgment against you can be reported for seven years or until the statute of limitations runs out, whichever is longer.

    To calculate the seven-year reporting period, start from the date the event took place. There is no time limit on reporting information free credit report credit card Utah about criminal convictions; information reported in response to your application for a job that pays more than $75,000 a year; and information reported because youve applied for more than $150,000 worth of credit or life insurance. Credit repair organizations must give you a copy of the Consumer Credit free credit report credit card Utah File Rights Under State and Federal Law before you sign a contract. They also must give you a written contract that spells out your rights and obligations. And free credit report credit card Utah before signing, know that a credit repair company cannot: Before you sign a contract, be sure it specifies: Many states have laws regulating free credit report credit card Utah credit repair companies. free credit reports without credit card State law enforcement officials may be helpful if youve lost money to credit repair scams. Dont be embarrassed to report a problem with a credit repair company.

    While you may fear that contacting the government could free credit report credit card Utah make your problems worse, remember that laws are in place to free credit report credit card Utah protect you.

    Contact your local consumer affairs office or your state Attorney General (AGs). Many AGs have toll-free consumer hotlines; check the Blue Pages of your telephone directory for the phone number or for a list of state attorneys general. Just because you have a poor credit report doesnt mean you cant get credit.

    Creditors set their own standards, and not all look at free credit report credit card Utah your credit history the same way. Some may look only at recent years to evaluate you for credit, and they may give you credit if your bill-paying history free credit report credit card Utah has improved. free 3 in 1 credit report and score It may be worthwhile to contact creditors informally to discuss their credit standards. If free credit report credit card Utah youre not disciplined enough to create a workable budget and stick to it, to work out a repayment plan with your creditors, or to keep track of your free credit report credit card Utah mounting bills, you might consider contacting a credit counseling organization. Many credit counseling organizations are nonprofit and work with you to solve your free credit report credit card Utah financial problems. But remember that nonprofit status doesnt guarantee free, affordable, or even legitimate services. In fact, some credit counseling organizations even some that claim non-profit status may free credit report credit card Utah charge high fees or hide their fees by pressuring consumers to make voluntary contributions that only cause more debt.

    Most credit counselors offer services through local offices, the Internet, or on the telephone. If possible, find an organization that offers in-person counseling. Many universities, military bases, credit unions, housing authorities, and branches of the U.S. Cooperative Extension Service operate nonprofit credit counseling programs. Your financial institution, local consumer protection agency, and friends and family also may be good sources of information and free credit report credit card Utah referrals. credit score online If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, be aware that bankruptcy laws require that you get credit counseling from a government-approved organization within six months before you free credit report credit card Utah file for bankruptcy relief. You can find a state-by-state list of government-approved organizations at, the website of the U.S.

    Costco to Pay – Almost Zero to Accept Credit Cards – Bloomberg Business #neighbors #credit #union

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    Costco to Pay Almost Zero to Accept Credit Cards

    Costco Wholesale Corp. has attained a goal that retailers have sought for years: near-zero expenses for credit-card payments.

    In a deal with Visa Inc. and Citigroup Inc. Costco’s acceptance costs will be about zero, according to people familiar with the arrangement. That compares with the roughly 0.6 percent of each transaction the retailer pays its current partner, American Express Co. While Costco will still incur small fees on Visa cards issued by other banks, incentives from Citigroup and Visa will offset them, the people said.

    The arrangement shows the pressure that Costco, the biggest U.S. retailer that accepts just one brand of card, was able to exert on financial firms seeking one of the industry’s most coveted partnerships. AmEx has said Citigroup and Visa won because it wouldn’t agree to the conditions and risks needed to continue its exclusive 16-year relationship with Costco, which is now set to end in March.

    “The numbers didn’t add up,” AmEx Chief Executive Officer Kenneth I. Chenault told investors last month. “We couldn’t accept their financial terms nor their contract terms, some of which would have meant taking on more risk than we were comfortable with.”

    Incentives are common in these types of deals and it doesn’t mean Visa and Citigroup won’t profit in the long-run. If customers carry loan balances on Citigroup’s Visa cards, the bank will reap more interest income. The lender will also benefit when customers use those cards at places where fees are higher, and Visa will get the additional volume.

    Spokesmen for Costco, Citigroup, Visa and New York-based AmEx declined to comment on the terms.

    Deal’s Mechanics

    Retailers including Wal-Mart Stores Inc. have struggled for decades in negotiations, courts and Congress to cut the fees banks and networks reap when shoppers use credit cards. While merchants say those costs erode profits and drive up prices, rewards programs funded by the swipe fees, also known as interchange, are persuading more shoppers to abandon cash and checks.

    AmEx’s old arrangement had been lucrative, and the divorce has helped push the lender’s stock down 17 percent this year, the worst performance in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Costco shares have climbed 2 percent in 2015, compared with the 1.1 percent advance of the Standard Poor’s 500 Index.

    Costco, the world’s largest wholesale club, generated more than $100 billion in sales last year and its customers account for 20 percent of AmEx’s loans and 8 percent of spending. On Thursday, the lender reported first-quarter revenue that missed analysts’ estimates, saying results were hurt in part by an earlier decision to cut ties with Costco in Canada.

    Costco announced last month that Visa will succeed AmEx as the exclusive card network accepted at its U.S. stores. Citigroup will replace AmEx as the issuer of Costco-branded credit cards.

    More Spending

    Visa-issuing banks other than Citigroup are trying to gauge how much revenue they might forgo when their cards are used at Costco, the people said. Visa has set the interchange rate at less than 0.4 percent, which could be too little to fully cover the cost of rewards. Still, banks might benefit from the additional loan volume and if more Costco shoppers make a habit out of using their Visa cards elsewhere.

    While banks typically generate about 80 percent of their credit-card revenue from interest on balances and other fees, they rely on interchange for the rest, according to Lisa Ellis, an analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein Co. Most cash-back rewards cards return 1 percent to 2 percent of transactions to consumers, she said.

    The average credit-card interchange fee on Visa’s network is about 2 percent, according to a 2014 study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

    “It’s always great when you can get a relationship with a quality partner like Costco,” Citigroup Chief Financial Officer John Gerspach told investors March 2. “We believe that we’re positioned well then to partner with Costco and take advantage of their loyal customer base.”

    Credit Acceptance Corporation: Dealers #personal #credit #check

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    Portfolio Program: Receive an up-front advance and share principal and interest of payments collected. You control the financing and assign the contract to us for collection. This is, by far, our most popular program.

    Purchase Program: Receive a higher up-front advance now, but no share of future collections. This tends to work well for newer, low mileage vehicles when additional cash flow is required now!

    Collection Only Program: Receive a monthly check as we collect payments for your dealership. Use this program when you cannot provide the proof of stipulations needed to receive an advance. Receive a check beginning with your customer’s first payment!

    Our technology gives you control from start to finish!

    Using our patented Credit Approval Processing System (CAPS®), you can deliver a written credit approval to customers on every vehicle in your inventory in 30 seconds or less, virtually 24/7.

    CAPS utilizes an easy, 5-step process to guide you through submitting an optimally priced approval. Putting a great deal together has never been easier!

    CAPS also keeps track of your inventory, approvals and funding – allowing you to control the sale from start to finish! Robust reporting capabilities allow you to maximize your business and portfolio to meet your goals.

    Our one-day District Dealer Training events (held throughout the country in various locations) are conducted monthly for all new and existing dealers. This gives you the opportunity to learn the Don Foss Selling Techniques, as well as many other best practices used by our top performing dealers across the county.

    Money Credit #private #student #loans #for #bad #credit

    #how to check my credit score

    These loans are made with variable conditions to prospects individuals take good care Money credit Money credit of our nation. You ought to be a grownup combined with citizenship of United Kingdom.

    It really is that step of daily life that the majority encounter at one or another position.

    The best way to sign up a bank? It is extremely feasible for a person. Having said that, you will get a money-making cope with reduced price by evaluating several bank loan prices on the web. By offering basic safety, it is possible to require a bigger amount Money credit of money from 5000 – 75,000 Money credit dependant upon the importance of the a guarantee.

    If you would like be personal debt you’ll want to consider the greeting card expenditures you have now and merge them.

    The low wages of course instructors will make them tumble in financial meltdown quite often in a very four week period when they re short of finances as well as pay day advance is significantly out as well as an unexpected bound to happen purchase pops out. Cash advance loans may Money credit be used for various very own uses. An advanced out of work individual and desire immediate money, you can go for lending products for without a job persons.

    A measure in the range of 1000-25000 is made designed for a shorter finance period of 6- few years.

    Comparing Credit Card Benefits #free #credit #re

    #comparing credit cards

    Comparing Credit Card Benefits

    Written By Natalie Rutledge

    With the variety of rewards credit cards on the market, you may feel a little overwhelmed by all your options. Cash back, airline miles, rewards points–what does it all mean?

    In this article, we will go through the art of comparing credit card benefits so you can figure out which card is best for you. Every cardholder is a little different, so you have to know your options and evaluate them based on your situation.

    But before we begin, it is important to remember that rewards are only profitable if you pay off your balance in full every month. If not, any rewards you earn will be more than eaten up by the high interest penalties you will pay on your balance.

    Let’s look at the card benefits you can enjoy.

    Cash Back

    Everyone’s favorite credit card reward is cash back. This is actual money that you can receive just by using your credit card. If you look at this from a credit card company’s perspective, your use of their credit card earns the issuer money because merchants have to pay an interchange or swipe fee to the bank every time you buy an item. The more you spend, the more they make. That is why they are willing to give you some money back as a reward for your business. It may not be much, but something as simple as 1% cash back can add up if you spend thousands of dollars a year on your credit card. You just have to be willing to use it all the time.

    Airline Miles

    Airline miles are designed for people who fly regularly. If you have an airline credit card. you can earn “miles” for your purchases that will go toward a free flight in the future. Some cards will also allow you to apply these points to hotel stays, rental cars and other travel expenses. When you have an airline miles card, you may have access to special discounts on flights and seat upgrades. Some cards only offer rewards for specific airlines, and others offer them on nearly every airline. You have to decide which option is better for you.

    Travel Rewards

    Travel rewards cards are similar to airline rewards cards, but they are focused more on hotel rooms. These are great for people planning big family vacations because they can help you save money on the trip as a whole. These rewards sometimes come from purchases in revolving categories throughout the year.

    Gas Rewards

    Gas rewards cards are usually cash back cards that are focused on fuel. Every time you fill up at the pump with your credit card, you can get a percentage of the money back. With some other cards, the cash back converts to fuel money that you can use at a specific gas station. This usually happens with station-specific cards, like those for Love’s, Conoco or Shell. If you are a loyal customer of a certain gas station, this kind of card may work well for you. Otherwise, you may want a more generic option.

    Comparing Rewards to Costs

    Now that you know a little more about common credit card benefits, you need to understand the costs that come along with them. For instance, most airline credit cards have high annual fees that you have to pay for using the cards. You may manage to get a $500 flight for free, but you have to pay $95 to make that happen. Are the rewards still worth the expenses? Only if you rack up enough points to more than cover the annual fee.

    Before you sign up for a certain rewards program, investigate the annual fee, balance transfer fee and foreign transaction fee associated with the card. Know how much it will cost for you to withdraw money, deposit money, complete an application, cancel the card, etc. All of these factors will eat away at your benefits. If you can find a card whose rewards surpass the costs, you will start enjoying the good side of credit cards.

    How to Get the Most out of Your Benefits

    Here are some quick tips to get as many credit card benefits as possible:

    • Use your card on a regular basis. Cards that go unused for a period of time can be cancelled by the issuer.
    • Watch for revolving rewards. You might get more points for a purchase one month than you will for another, so time your transactions to your rewards schedule. Be sure to sign up for these revolving rewards if you aren’t automatically enrolled.
    • Pay your credit card bill on time. In many cases, your rewards for the month are forfeited if you make a late payment.
    • Check for online discounts. A lot of credit cards are affiliated with certain online retail sites, so you may be able to use your benefits to get special discounts.
    • Use different cards for different purchases. Tailor your spending to various rewards programs in your life, and you’ll be able to get the most out of every dollar you spend.

    Start comparing credit card benefits today and see what you could use in the future.

    Comparing Credit Card Companies #credit #card #payment

    #comparing credit cards

    Comparing Credit Card Companies

    When Diner’s Club introduced its charge card in 1950, the idea that shoppers could use the same piece of plastic at multiple retailers was a novel concept. Times have certainly changed, with consumers now able to choose among hundreds of different credit cards. See Credit Cards: A Brief History .

    While the number of options is enviable, it’s also harder than ever to find the card that best meets your needs. In order to make the right choice, it helps to understand the basics of the four major card networks and what they have to offer.

    How Cards Work

    If you have a typical credit card in your wallet, you’ll notice it has two corporate logos on the front. The top-right logo corresponds to the bank that issued the card. This issuing bank is in effect lending you the money to make a purchase, whether online or in person. It sends funds to the merchant’s bank within a couple days of your purchase, so it’s betting that you’ll pay your balance at the end of the month – or at least make your minimum payment.

    The insignia on the bottom-right of the card – for example, Visa or MasterCard – refers to the card network. Think of this network as the link between your lender (the issuing bank) and the merchant’s financial institution (the acquiring bank). The role of the network owner is to process the transaction so the appropriate funds move to and from the right accounts.

    If you have an American Express or Discover card, on the other hand, it will usually have just one logo. That’s because these companies not only manage the network, but also perform the roles of issuing bank and acquiring bank. This approach is sometimes referred to as a “closed-loop” model.

    The Industry Leaders

    You’ve probably observed that certain retailers and restaurants accept some types of cards and not others. If being able to use your card virtually anywhere is a top priority, a Visa or MasterCard is often the way to go. According to, each is recognized at more than 8 million establishments in the U.S. more than any of the other networks.

    There’s a good reason why more businesses accept Visa and MasterCard than other cards – it usually costs them less money to do so. Every time a customer swipes a card, the store has to pay something called a “merchant discount” to the acquiring bank or processor. Typically, this fee – most of which gets passed along to the card issuer – represents 1.8% to 2.5% of the transaction amount. However, American Express charges slightly more than Visa and MasterCard (Discover doesn’t report its average merchant discount rate). Therefore, on a dollar-for-dollar basis, it’s more profitable when customers use one of these two dominant cards.

    All sorts of banks issue cards under the Visa and MasterCard name, which means there’s no lack of choice in terms of card features. Some offer generous rewards programs that give you points, cash back or airline miles. Learn more by clicking on Rewards Credit Cards .

    Others are intended for specific customer segments, such as those with limited or damaged credit. See Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit .

    So is there a difference between these two industry behemoths? In terms of acceptance, not really. However, both Visa and MasterCard offer additional benefits – including fraud protection, car rental insurance and product return privileges – that do differ. If these attributes are high on your list, it’s worth visiting their respective websites and comparing the two.

    The ‘Cash Back’ Innovator

    If Visa and MasterCard represent somewhat “vanilla” credit cards, Discover and American Express have a slightly stronger brand identity. Each caters to a clearly defined demographic and places a strong emphasis on customer service. According to a 2014 J.D. Power survey, Discover and American Express shared the award for highest customer satisfaction. Their drawback is the smaller network of merchants that accept their card.


    Discover, which has the third-largest network, succeeded by chasing after frugal shoppers. It is still largely known for the cash back concept that it helped pioneer in the 1980s. The company initially offered a simple rewards structure that reimbursed customers for 1% of the value of their purchases. Today, it offers a more complex tier system that pays up to 5% for certain types of expenditures and up to 20% for doing business with select online retailers.

    Discover now has to compete with Visa and MasterCard products that have entered the “cash back” game – CapitalOne’s QuickSilver card, for example, pays 1.5% for every purchase. However,Discover charges no annual fee, unlike rewards programs offered by some other networks.

    In contrast to Discover, American Express has staked a claim on more affluent consumers. In addition to offering points based on the amount you spend, it provides a slew of cardholder benefits, such as preferred seating at live events and extended warranties. Some of its perks, like baggage insurance and an international concierge hotline, are specifically aimed at frequent travelers. Its reputation for superb customer service plays well in this demographic.

    Targeting Big Spenders

    Customers do have to pay for those privileges. The American Express Green Card, for instance, comes with a $95 annual fee (which is waived for the first year); its Platinum Card charges a hefty $450 fee each year in exchange for greater travel benefits. If you journey abroad and pay your full card balance on a regular basis, though, the advantages could very well outweigh the costs.

    Besides its higher annual fees, the major negative to American Express is that fewer merchants accept it, even when compared to Discover. This becomes a smaller factor for those who also carry a Visa or MasterCard as backup.

    The Bottom Line

    The four major credit card networks each have distinct benefits and drawbacks. Start your search by determining which features matter most to you. That way, you’ll end up with a card that fits your unique needs. See Signs You Need To Look For A Better Credit Card .

    Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Requirements #free #credit #reports

    #cpe credits

    ​2014 CPE Audit Activities

    The 2014 CPE audit notifications will be sent through December. If selected for the audit, individuals must provide evidence of previously reported CPE activities that meet the criteria described in the Administrative Directive No. 4. Individuals selected for the 2014 CPE audit will be notified via email. The deadline for returning supporting documentation is included in the email.

    Continuing Professional Education (CPE) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Requirements

    CPE and CPD are** facilitated through a self-certification process with the completion and reporting of required CPE or CPD hours on an annual basis.

    The reporting deadline is Dec. 31 each year. CPE and CPD reporting fees vary globally, based upon membership status, if you report CPE or CPD directly to The IIA through CCMS, or through your local Institute. Please check with your local Institute for pricing. Visit the Pricing Structure page of our website for the most current pricing information. IIA-certified professionals who fail to meet their CPE or CPD requirements by the reporting deadline will automatically be placed in inactive status and may not use their designation.

    As an IIA certified or qualified professional, you are responsible for ensuring that the CPE or CPD information in your report is accurate. You must include your membership or customer identification number when reporting your CPE or CPD. Get more information on CPE reporting steps for current and inactive certificants.

    CPE and CPD Reporting Benefit for North America IIA Members

    Members of The IIA in North America and the Caribbean benefit from free CPE reporting.*

    *CPE reporting fees vary globally based upon membership status. Individuals from IIA Institutes should contact their local representatives for their CPE reporting process.

    Are You Newly Certified or Qualified?

    New CIAs are awarded 80 CPE hours; new CCSAs, CGAPs, CFSAs, and CRMAs are awarded 40 CPE hours. New QIALs are awarded 40 CPD hours. Half of the awarded CPE or CPD hours (40 or 20) are for the year in which the exam is passed, and the other half are for the subsequent year.

    Reporting CPE and CPD

    CPE and CPD Opportunities

    Consumer Credit Cards – Exchange Bank #my #annual #credit #report

    #visa credit cards

    Consumer Credit Cards

    Whenever, Wherever.

    What do you want most from your credit card? Now you have a choice.

    Whatever your needs, we have a credit card that’s right for you!

    Your Élan credit card account is the fast and convenient way to access your credit card information on the internet 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Need to verify your account balance? Looking for a convenient way to make a payment?

    With My É you can organize your finances quickly, safely, and securely.

    Enjoy a Longer Intro Rate

    Visa ® Platinum Card

    • Our BEST introductory offer
    • Save on interest and pay down your other credit card balances faster

    Learn More and Apply Now

    Earn Valuable Rewards

    Visa Bonus Rewards Card

    • Earn 1 point for every net $1 you spend, plus get a 25% BONUS (that s equivalent to 1.25 points) on all points earned every month, automatically (1)
    • $25 cash back after your first purchase

    Visa Bonus Rewards PLUS Card

    • Earn 1 point for every net $1 you spend, plus get a 50% BONUS (that s equivalent to 1.5 points) on all points earned every month, automatically (2)
    • $50 cash back after your first purchase
    • Low annual fee
    • Earn up to 3% cash back on gas
    • Also earn up to 2% cash back at supermarkets and 1% on all other purchases
    • $25 cash back after your first purchase
    • 3X reward earnings on airline purchases, 2X reward earnings on restaurant and hotel purchases
    • $75 cash back after your first purchase
    • Low annual fee

    Build Your Credit (3)

    • For college students
    • Great rates and manageable credit lines
    • Earn 1 reward point for every net $1 you spend on purchases

    Visa Secured Card

    • Excellent opportunity for someone starting a credit history or for someone who has been turned down for a credit card.
    • Flexible credit lines based on a security deposit ranging from $300 to $5,000
    • Low annual fee

    (1) The 25% more in bonus rewards consists of 1 Reward Point for each dollar of Net Purchases (purchases minus credits and returns) plus an additional 25% (0.25) in points awarded based upon the total points earned on Net Purchases within a billing cycle (total 1.25 points)

    (2) The 50% more in bonus rewards consists of 1 Reward Point for each dollar of Net Purchases (purchases minus credits and returns) plus an additional 50% (0.50) in points awarded based upon the total points earned on Net Purchases within a billing cycle (total 1.5 points)

    (3) Late payments and going over the credit limit may damage your credit history

    This site contains links to other web sites, in order to assist users in locating and accessing information that may be of interest. Exchange Bank does not warrant linked sites for any purpose. Further, the inclusion of a link to another site does not constitute an endorsement by Exchange Bank of the site, its owner(s) or any products or services advertised on the linked site.

    Compare The Best Credit Card Offers – Modest Money #westconsin #credit #union

    #credit card offers

    Compare The Best Credit Card Offers

    Compare The Best Credit Card Offers Jeremy Biberdorf 2012-07-29T23:12:23+00:00

    Amongst finance bloggers there is a fair amount of debate about whether credit cards should be part of your financial arsenal. On one hand, when used irresponsibly they are the gateway to reckless spending and high interest debt. On the other hand, if you pay off your balance in full each month, you get rewarded with cash back rebates or other rewards.

    As explained in my post Thank You For Irresponsible Credit Card Usage. card issuers are able to provide rewards because it is more than made up for by the interest being charged on outstanding balances. It s only free rewards if you have the use your credit card right.

    Basically it all comes down to whether you have the willpower to only charge what you can afford to pay off each month. If you can t control your spending, it may be best to steer clear of credit cards and adopt a cash only budget.

    Personally I pay off my balance in full each month and earn cash back on all my card purchases. Plus by using my credit card I am entitled to extra buyer protection. Hey, works for me. It doesn t work for everyone though.

    For people who can control their spending, I present a comparison of the best credit card offers:

    If you need help comparing the best credit card offers. feel free to contact me and I ll be happy to help guide you in the right direction.

    Disclaimer. The content above is not provided or commissioned by Discover Card or MBNA. Opinions expressed here are the author s alone, not those of Discover Card or MBNA, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by Discover Card or MBNA. This site may be compensated through Discover Card and MBNA Affiliate Programs.

    Be sure to check the card issuer s website for up to date card terms and conditions. While I make every effort to keep this information up to date, the credit card offer terms can change at any time. Current terms are available on the application page.

    Compare Credit Cards Deals Online at #get #your #credit #score #free

    #credit cards compare

    Credit cards

    For credit card comparisons, we’d like to introduce you to our preferred provider, LoveMoney [1]

    Should I use a credit card?

    Our partners LoveMoney [1] make it quick and easy for you to compare credit cards and apply online, including options if you’re looking for balance transfer cards, cashback, rewards, air miles, charity cards, low APR cards, lifetime balance transfers, 0% transfers or 0% purchase cards.

    Need more information?

    We can help you find the right card for using abroad or to search for offers from your bank, and we offer a comparison of premium and business cards.

    At the other end of the scale, if you’ve got a bad credit rating you may want to take a look at the specialist products on offer such as credit builder cards, and there are low balance transfer fee options available, too.

    When you click on the ‘Get Rates’ button you’ll be presented with an easy-to-use best-buy table that lets you compare all the cards on offer, or to narrow the options according to the specific type of product you’re looking for.

    The table presents the key card information – the name of the provider, balance transfer rates, fees and period, new purchases rate and period, the representative APR, and a quick rating/review of the product.

    When you see a card you like the look of, there’s the option of clicking the tab for more detailed product information – including features, benefits and application criteria – or of applying online.

    Did you know.

    • Rejected card applications can impact on your credit score
    • 18% of UK consumers have never switched their credit card [2]

    Rejected card applications can impact on your credit rating, so it’s important to know the facts and to be realistic about the cards you’re likely to be accepted for.

    Try our guides for more information, where you’ll also find the answers to frequently asked questions.

    Our guides tell you the advantages and disadvantages of credit cards and can help you to understand more about the particular types of card available, including cashback, balance transfer, purchase, interest free, prepaid and store cards, and what product may be suitable for a particular occasion, such as Christmas or holiday spending.

    You can read about the protection offered to card users under section 75 of the 1974 Consumer Credit Act, and learn more about charges, managing debt, cash withdrawals, interest rates, APR, protection insurance and how to find the right card to suit your needs.

    Credit card features from Covered mag

    Compare Credit Cards That Offer College Savings Rewards – US News #free #annual #credit #report #no #credit #card

    #college credit cards

    Compare Credit Cards That Offer College Savings Rewards

    A handful of credit cards offer parents the ability to put cash-back rewards directly into 529 plans.

    ​When his oldest daughter was still in diapers, Rob Diestel opened a credit card that funnels cash rewards at a rate of 2 percent of his purchases into a Fidelity-managed 529 college savings plan .

    Fifteen years later, the Norton, Massachusetts, dad of three says he’s earned about $10,000 – including investment returns – for college savings by using it as his primary credit card.

    I love the card, he says, adding that before he had kids, he primarily used a credit card with airline rewards points. As a new dad, my priorities changed.

    There are a handful of credit cards that will channel cash rewards directly into 529 plans, or college savings plans with tax benefits. These include the Fidelity Investment Rewards American Express Card, Alabama’s CollegeCounts and Illinois’ Bright Directions 529 Rewards Visa cards, and the Upromise MasterCard issued by Barclaycard.

    Matt Schulz, senior industry analyst for the credit card comparison website, says the cards offer an easy way for busy consumers to save for college.

    When you’re talking about college savings, if you can build that up just by doing all the regular spending you would normally do, it can work out pretty well, he says. People aren’t going to get rich off of it, and it shouldn’t be the ​only thing you do, but it can be a decent supplement.

    Kevin Yuann, general manager of credit cards for NerdWallet, a personal finance website, says parents should do their research and compare 529 plans before signing up for a credit card for its rewards.

    Prospective cardholders will need to determine how well a card fits their lives and the value of adding another credit card to their wallets.

    Going into credit card debt to build a 529 doesn’t make financial sense, Yuann says.

    Andrea Feirstein, managing director of AKF Consulting Group, a strategic adviser​ for the college savings industry, says she thinks the cards are a great idea for families who are looking to save for college any which way they can.

    I think the challenge, why we don’t see more of them, is the consumer already has a lot of affinity cards, Feirstein says. Almost any consumer, anyone who uses a credit card in a responsible way, probably has a card where they’re earning points and using those points for something.

    Investors with a Fidelity Investments brokerage, IRA, 529 plan or cash management account may want to check out the Fidelity Investment Rewards American Express Card. The card offers 2 percent rewards toward those accounts, and has no annual fee and no limit on rewards. The interest rate is a little below average for credit cards – 13.99 percent – and the rewards are double the industry standard of 1 percent.

    If Fidelity offers the right 529 plan for you, the Fidelity American Express card is a good option for building your 529, NerdWallet’s Yuann says. Fidelity offers 529 plans in New Hampshire. Massachusetts. Delaware and Arizona ; investors do not need to be residents of those states to invest in the plans.

    For investors with 529 plans managed by Union Bank Trust Co. which include Alabama’s advisor and direct-sold 529 plans CollegeCounts 529 and Illinois’ advisor-sold plan Bright Directions, the CollegeCounts 529 Rewards Visa and Bright Directions 529 Rewards Visa is an option. The cards offer 1.529 percent rewards that are automatically invested each quarter into the designated account once the cardholder has accumulated $50 in rewards.

    Compare Credit Card offers Online #consumer #credit #counseling

    #credit card offers

    Compare Prepaid and Credit Card Offers

    At it is easy to find an application which will be processed directly by the bank or issuer of the card. The application process is quick, easy and secure.

    Depending on your credit history there may be different benefits and/or fees associated with your card. We outline all the specifics at this website. The higher your credit score, the better the benefits, fees and APR will be. Here you can also find unsecured or secured credit offers for people with limited credit history so they can build credit by making on-time payments and managing balances low relative to credit limits with all their creditors. For instance, some of the products issued by First PREMIER Bank are unsecured, fee-based products.

    Check out and compare our online applications and apply for the offer that best meets your needs. We offer cards for business owners, frequent fliers and students from the leading U.S. banks.

    There are online credit offers from American Express, Discover , MasterCard , and Visa . Offers are arranged into categories for easy comparison. If you have a less- than-perfect credit history, we recommend looking at offers from First PREMIER Bank. They are among the top 20 largest issuers of MasterCard credit cards in the United States.

    It is important to know your credit score before you apply to make sure you fit the criteria for the card you are applying for because too many applications or denials can negatively impact your credit score. A good credit score not only affects the APR on your credit cards, but can also impact other things in your life such as insurance rates and even eligibility. So whether you need to build or repair your credit we have a card offer that is right for you.

    Money Lenders Bad Credit #annual #credit #score #free

    #money lenders for bad credit

    Money Lenders Bad Credit

    Summary.can fund Hard Money Loans in 49 states. 100% hard money loan lender.Bad Credit Loans with No Bank Account. If youve found yourself having bad credit as an impact from a shaky economy, getting a loan can seem challenging.We at Loans for poor credit net specialize in helping people to get personal loans for bad credit. You can apply online and get the loan you need today.Apply, Borrow and Compare same day direct personal loans online for people with good and bad credit ranging from $500 to $5000 to $25000, Apply . Fast Cash Loan with Bad Credit. As the economy continue on a downward spiral, many people are left struggling with finances. Loss of jobs and increasing prices have. Private Lenders for Bad Credit | You have two good options if you have bad credit and need a loan. If you are a home owner, beware hard-money lenders, who. Commercial bridge loans, real estate hard money lenders construction, refinance, rehab Stated income mortgage lending, rates from 6.49%. Over 20 years in CA real. .money lenders bad credit – Fast Approval Payday Loans is devoted to fair and straightforward lending practices and does its best providing payday loan services to those borrowers who appeared in a situation of cash shortage and needs to fix it fast. We step out as a mediator company between various lenders and borrowers and we make everything possible for the most satisfactory cooperation between the two.

    Fast Payday Loans are well-known short-term loans nowadays that are offered for a fixed period of time (2 weeks – 1month on average) for a fixed interest amount. It is an unsecured loan and is more expensive than regular long-term options; however, it is also easier to get due to the fact that payday lenders do not perform credit checks and are in general more lenient in their requirements.

    Application is easy and straightforward; it consists of the several steps.

    • You sign in the application form;
    • You provide few simple documents;
    • We send your application to the most suitable borrower;
    • You get approval;
    • You get the money transferred to your checking account (must-have).

    It is as easy as this. No credit checks and no time wasted in lines, no headaches and doubts about your chances for refusal.

    Documents that lenders are very simple. They basically need:

    • The proof of your legal age (18 years old);
    • The U.S. citizenship or residence;
    • The proof of employment;
    • The proof of income (at least $1000 per/mo);
    • In some cases there can be something else but the basic list is this simple.

    Advantages are numerous with such quick loans. There are many people who are actually unable to get a regular loan due to their poor credit score. This is unlucky complication that spoils life for many borrowers; and unfortunately, it is a very frequent one.

    However, it is quite different with payday loans – lenders are not at all that picky and fastidious. They are quite eager to help people in an unexpected financial complication and they accept all applications without a fuss. There should be very strong reasons for refusal; and the latter are absolutely rare occurrence. You do not have to be in possession of a brilliant credit score to qualify and this is the reason why so many people choose .

    Money Watch: Can I refinance with bad credit? #credit #scores #free

    #bad credit auto refinance

    Money Watch: Can I refinance with bad credit?


    With mortgage rates so low, refinancing your mortgage might save you money.

    With mortgage rates so low, refinancing your mortgage might save you money. less

    Q: My credit score is bad, but I would like to refinance my mortgage. Any advice?

    A: Refinancing may be possible with a poor credit score, although you likely won’t qualify for the lowest interest rate available. Consequently, the question is can you refinance on terms that make it worth your while?

    Before shopping for rates, commit to cleaning up your credit. Establishing a history of paying your bills on time, making more than the minimum payments on your debt, paying off credit cards, and limiting your spending while avoiding the establishment of new credit lines can improve your credit score surprisingly quick (as fast as 30 days).

    A credit score can also quickly be improved by ensuring there are no errors on your credit report. Visit to obtain a free copy of your credit history and comb it for potential mistakes.

    Further, decreasing your debt-to-income ratio will improve your standing among lenders. The total of your monthly mortgage expenses (payments, taxes and insurance) as well as other monthly debt payments, such as credit cards and auto payments, should not exceed 43% of your gross income.

    Of course, illustrating a stable income history, having liquid assets that illustrate your ability to make multiple payments on the potential loan, and having established equity in the property also increase the odds of qualifying for an attractive rate.

    Remember, 20% down payment is required to avoid private mortgage insurance (PMI). And PMI will probably cost you between $50 and $200 per month, depending on the balance of your loan and your PMI rate.

    Taking these steps will maximize your chances of qualifying for a loan at a beneficial rate.

    Additionally, an ace-in-the-hole you should certainly explore would be government programs such as the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) and the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP). These free programs are designed to lower the interest rates and monthly payments for individuals whose current mortgage is an excessive burden, and for people who owe more on their mortgage than their home is worth. Mortgage rates have been adjusted to as low as 2.375% through these initiatives.

    These government aid programs have been extended. But you should not delay examining this option because they will expire on Dec. 31, 2013.

    Net Worth Advisory Group, Sandy, Utah

    Read previous Money Watch columns:

    Compare and apply for a credit card #consolidate #credit #cards

    #credit cards compare

    Compare credit cards

    Important information

    Conditions and fees apply. Credit criteria apply to all credit products

    Before making a decision, it’s best to read the terms and conditions.

    Please read these documents and keep a copy. You can request a paper copy at a branch .

    The advice on our website is prepared without knowing your personal financial circumstances. Before you act on this or any advice, please consider if it’s right for you.

    ^$0 annual fee in first year for existing St.George customers promotion: To be eligible for this promotion you must be an existing St.George customer that applies for a new Vertigo, Vertigo Platinum, Amplify, Amplify Platinum or Amplify Signature card by clicking on the ‘Apply now’ button on this page between 24 September 2015 and 12 January 2016 and make your first purchase within 3 months from card approval. Switches, upgrades, customers accessing employee benefits or packages cards are ineligible. Promotion is not available in conjunction with any other promotion other than the current balance transfer available at card application, promotional purchase rate offer or any bonus points offer. The first annual fee will be debited on the 12 month anniversary of the first transaction on your account and annually thereafter on the anniversary of the first annual fee.

    1. Up to 55 days interest free on purchases when you pay the full closing balance (including any balance transfer amount) by the statement due date each month.

    2. The promotional balance transfer rate is available when you apply for a new St.George Vertigo or Vertigo Platinum card between 24 September 2015 and 12 January 2016 and request at application to transfer balance(s) from non- St.George, Bank of Melbourne and BankSA Australian issued credit, charge or store cards. The variable purchase interest rate applies to balance transfers requested at any other time. Switches, upgrades, customers accessing employee benefits or packaged cards are ineligible. Promotional rate not available in conjunction with any promotion other than the special purchase rate promotion. Promotional rate will apply to any balance(s) transferred (min $200 up to 95% of your approved available credit limit) for the promotional period, unless the amount is paid off earlier. The variable cash advance rate, currently 21.49% p.a. will apply to balance(s) transferred but left unpaid after at the end of the promotional period. Card activation will trigger the processing of the balance transfer. St George will not be responsible for any delays that may occur in processing payment to your other card account(s) and will not close the account(s). Interest free days don’t apply to balance transfers.

    3. The promotional balance transfer rate is available when you apply for a new St.George Amplify, Amplify Platinum or Amplify Signature card between 24 September 2015 and 12 January 2016 and request at application to transfer balance(s) from non-St.George, BankSA and Bank of Melbourne Australian issued credit, charge or store cards. The variable purchase interest rate applies to balance transfers requested at any other time. Switches, upgrades, customers accessing employee benefits or packaged cards are ineligible. Promotional rate not available in conjunction with any promotion other than the special purchase rate promotion. Promotional rate will apply to any balance(s) transferred (min $200 up to 95% of your approved available credit limit) for 16 months, unless the amount is paid off earlier. The variable cash advance rate, currently 20.74% p.a. will apply to balance(s) transferred but left unpaid after 16 months. Card activation will trigger the processing of the balance(s) transferred. St.George will not be responsible for any delays that may occur in processing payment to your other card account(s) and will not close the account(s). Interest free days don’t apply to balance transfers.

    4. QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited ABN 78 003 191 035 AFSL 239545 has issued an insurance group policy to Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141 which allows eligible St.George account holders and cardholders to claim under it as third party beneficiaries. The terms, conditions, limits and exclusions, of the group policy, are set out in the Credit Card Complimentary Insurance Terms and Conditions, which may be amended from time to time. Westpac does not guarantee the insurance. You can get a copy of the policy booklet by calling 13 33 30 or download the Credit Card Complimentary Insurance Terms and Conditions .

    5. An additional card can be issued on the primary cardholders’ credit card account to any nominated person over the age of 16 years provided the account is not a joint account. All transactions using an additional card will be the responsibility of the primary cardholder.

    6. The earning of Amplify Points are earned on eligible purchases through the use of an Amplify card and is subject to the Amplify Rewards Terms and Conditions. Amplify Points are not earned on cash advances, balance transfers and ATM withdrawals. You are not entitled to Amplify Points in other specified circumstances. You need a minimum of 3,000 Amplify points before you can redeem any reward. Specific conditions may apply to the redemption of particular rewards. Refer to .

    7. The earning and redemption of Qantas Points is subject to the Amplify Rewards Terms and Conditions. You must be a member of the Qantas Frequent Flyer program to earn and redeem points in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Qantas Frequent Flyer program.

    8. The promotional balance transfer rate is available when you apply for a new St.George No Annual Fee credit card between 24 September 2015 and 12 January 2016 and request at application to transfer balance(s) from non- St.George, Bank of Melbourne and BankSA Australian issued credit, charge or store cards. The variable purchase interest rate applies to balance transfers requested at any other time. Switches, upgrades, customers accessing employee benefits or packaged cards are ineligible. Promotional rate not available in conjunction with any promotion other than the special purchase rate promotion. Promotional rate will apply to any balance(s) transferred (min $200 up to 95% of your approved available credit limit) for the promotional period, unless the amount is paid off earlier. The variable cash advance rate, currently 20.49% p.a. will apply to balance(s) transferred but left unpaid at the end of the promotional period. Card activation will trigger the processing of the balance transfer. St.George will not be responsible for any delays that may occur in processing payment to your other card account(s) and will not close the account(s). Interest free days don’t apply to balance transfers.

    Colleges and Universities that Offer Free Courses Online #absolutely #free #credit #report

    #free credit online

    Colleges and Universities that Offer Free Courses Online

    See our list of the top schools offering free courses online. Learn about what types of courses are available to find the school and courses that are right for you.

    Online Courses for Credit

    Plenty of free resources are available online for students who want to learn a new topic, but these free options don’t generally lead to college credit. Students who want to earn college credit might want to look for online options that charge a small fee in exchange for access to online lessons. These fee-based courses can help students earn alternative forms of college credit. offers this style of distance learning with quick, engaging video lessons and self-assessment quizzes. Students can also find free transcripts for the video lessons. Both the transcripts and the video lessons can lead to college credit. Students can find a number of courses through’s extensive online resources. Some of the courses available include:

    • Business 100: Intro to Business – Learn about the dynamic business environment, economics, leadership styles, business marketing, human resources and much more.
    • English 102: American Literature – Get details on the Romantic Period, colonial literature, transcendentalism, modernist prose and the Harlem Renaissance.
    • Math 102: College Mathematics – Topics covered in this course include linear equations, quadratic equations, imaginary numbers, rational expressions and geometry.
    • Biology 105: Anatomy Physiology – Study organic molecules, biochemistry, major systems of the body and the male reproductive system, among other topics.
    • Psychology 101: Intro to Psychology – Subjects include states of consciousness, cognition, developmental psychology, personality, psychological disorders and treatments.
    • History 103: U.S. History I – Chronologically study important events in U.S. history, including the North American settlement, the Boston Tea Party and the Revolutionary War.
    • Humanities 101: Intro to the Humanities – This course introduces and examines the humanities, including visual art, art history, music and literature.

    Free Online Non-Credited Courses

    Students who want to use the free university resources can go to the school’s link, scroll through the list of available courses and lectures and view or download the available content. Although these courses don’t offer access to instructors or award credits, they’re self-paced and students don’t have to register or pay tuition.

    Carnegie Mellon University at CMU Open Learning Initiative

    This university offers free online courses in the sciences, languages, engineering and social sciences. The course details list specifies required software or other materials. Courses include text and audio, along with targeted feedback so that students may check their understanding of the material as they work through the classes. Users may test and configure their systems before attempting courses by accessing the available link.

    Johns Hopkins University at JHSPHOPEN Courseware

    Students will choose from a variety of courses related to health and the sciences that are snapshots of the face-to-face courses. Users may read lectures from PDF files or listen to them in an MP3 format. The reading lists note textbooks and other necessary sources.

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology at MITOPENCOURSEWARE

    Learners choose from areas like architecture, engineering, health, humanities, management and science. Lists of available courses in each subject area have icons denoting what’s included in each course, such as lecture notes, assignments, online textbooks, projects, exams, images, study groups or multimedia content.

    Open University at OU LearningSpace

    These courses often present materials through text, image, audio or video. Learners choose from topics including the arts, business, youth, computing, education, engineering, health, languages, sciences, law, math and social sciences. Students may access these courses online, download them or print them out.

    Stanford University at Stanford on iTunes U

    These multi-media courses and lectures are available in categories like teaching/learning, science, religion, social science, math, literature, history, health/medicine, business, art/architecture and engineering. Additionally, users will sometimes find supplementary materials, such as exams and assignments.

    University of California – Berkeley at Webcast.berkeley

    Students may access courses in many areas of the curriculum, such as art, science, business, computer science, engineering, health and math. Learners view webcasts of lectures and courses through YouTube and iTunes. Additionally, iTunes also offers audio recordings.

    University of Notre Dame at Notre Dame OpenCourseWare

    Students may scroll down the list of offered courses, immediately seeing icons depicting which ones include syllabi, lectures, assignments, additional resources, audio or video. Learners may choose from many areas of study, including Africana studies, engineering, computer applications, English, history, math, physics, literature and theology.

    Utah State University at USU OpenCourseWare

    These courses may implement text, image, audio or video. While some sources have available links, students may need to locate some sources noted on reading lists. A large number of departments offer courses, from anthropology to wild land resources. In addition, a variety of landscaping courses are available through the university extension department.

    Yale University at Open Yale

    Recorded in Yale classrooms, these courses are available in text transcripts, as well as video and audio on YouTube and iTunes. Each course includes a full set of lectures. Learners choose from courses on topics like astronomy, chemistry, literature, economics, geology, history, music and philosophy.

    Community First Credit Union – Community First Appoints New Senior VP (SVP) of Operations #first #credit #card

    #brightstar credit union

    Community First Appoints New Senior VP (SVP) of Operations

    February 12, 2015 12:42 pm EDT

    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. Feb. 11, 2014 Community First Credit Union, one of the state s largest credit unions with membership open to anyone on the First Coast, announces it has promoted Nathaniel Herring, Jr. to serve as its SVP of operations. Mike Tomko, the credit union s SVP of operations for the past 11 years has accepted a new position as CEO of BrightStar Credit Union, serving Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

    Since April 2014, Herring has served as Community First s VP of business lending, a new position for the credit union. In 2014, Herring and his team were responsible for a 93% increase in the institution s business loans and setting an organization record for annual business loan activity. Community First intends to replace Herring in the position of VP of business lending but a successor has not yet been named.

    We are proud Mike is becoming a CEO in the credit union family and we are thankful for his service to our organization said John Hirabayashi, president and CEO of Community First. Developing leaders and talent is a core value at Community First and Mike and Nate both personify this commitment.

    As SVP of operations, Herring will oversee all operations of the credit union s growing network of branches. He will oversee branch sales activity as well as the credit union s physical facilities and member contact center.

    A native of Jacksonville, Herring, Jr. CFP , MBA has more than 21 years of banking and financial experience and leadership. He served as Jacksonville city president of Fifth Third Bank from 2008 through 2012 after 15 years with the former Wachovia (now Wells Fargo). Prior to joining Community First in April 2014, Herring served as a senior banking consultant with St. Meyer Hubbard. Herring earned his MBA from Wake Forest University, earned a BBA in management from the University of North Florida (UNF), is a certified financial planner (CFP) and is a recent graduate of LifeWork Leadership. He is married to Dr. Kymberli Clarke Herring and they are raising four sons.

    Herring currently serves as a board member for Baptist Medical Center Beaches and the United Way of Northeast Florida. He is a former board member of the JAX Chamber and is a graduate of the Leadership Jacksonville Class of 1998. He also currently serves on the UNF Coggin College of Business Advisory Council and is a past member of the Wake Forest School of Business Board of Visitors. He is also a member of Kappa Alpha Psi and Sigma Pi Phi.

    In 2014, Community First Credit Union upgraded the products and services it offers businesses large and small. This new, comprehensive suite of business products includes all the financial services businesses need, including loans, credit card processing, payroll services and a new mobile banking platform offering mobile deposits for business.

    Community First Credit Union of Florida is a state-chartered credit union based in Jacksonville serving anyone who lives or works on the First Coast. Community First is one of the 10 largest credit unions in the state, serving more than 109,000 members and with assets of $1.3 billion. Community First has 17 locations and 300 employees. A not-for-profit, Community First is a full-service financial institution offering banking, loans, mortgages and investments for consumers and businesses throughout the First Coast.

    College credit recommended for free online courses #credit #scores #for #free

    #free credit online

    College credit recommended for free online courses

    Story Highlights

      Council recommended 5 entry-level courses for credit Students will need to pay $100 to $190 to verify their identities Coursera offers more than 200 courses from 33 institutions

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Students may soon be able to receive college credit for the free online courses that are reshaping higher education.

    The American Council on Education announced Thursday that it is recommending degree credit for five courses offered by Coursera, a Mountain View-based company that provides “massive open online courses” from leading universities.

    Many colleges and universities use the association’s recommendations to determine whether to grant credit for nontraditional courses.

    Molly Corbett Broad, the council’s president, said the decision is “an important first step in ACE’s work to examine the long-term potential of MOOCs and whether this innovative new approach can engage students across the country and worldwide.”

    Over the past year, dozens of leading universities have begun offering free, digital versions of their most popular courses, allowing tens of thousands of students to take a class at the same time. But so far, few institutions have offered degree credit for them.

    Allowing students to get credit for the massive online courses could help make it easier to earn a college degree, said John Aubrey Douglass, a higher education researcher at the University of California, Berkeley.

    “As long as we can assess and ensure quality, it’s providing one more way that students can receive an education at an affordable cost,” Douglass said.

    The American Council on Education, which represents U.S. degree-granting institutions, is recommending credit for five entry-level classes: Algebra and Pre-Calculus from the University of California, Irvine; Introduction to Genetics and Evolution from Duke University; Bioelectricity: A Quantitative Approach from Duke University; and Calculus: Single Variable from the University of Pennsylvania.

    The courses themselves are free, but students seeking credit will need to pay between $100 and $190 to verify their identities, take exams monitored by webcam and receive transcripts with the council’s credit recommendations.

    Ultimately, the institution where the student wants credit will decide whether the units will count toward a degree.

    “There are many working adults today that do not have a college degree. I hope the convenience of an online class can be a first step for many of these adults to go back to school to earn their degrees,” Andrew Ng, a Stanford University researcher who co-founded Coursera, told The Associated Press.

    Coursera, which now offers more than 200 open courses from 33 institutions, plans to seek the council’s credit recommendations for more classes in the future, Ng said. Many of the courses are automated and require little oversight from instructors.

    The announcement comes less than a week after Coursera suspended an online course offered by Georgia Institute of Technology because of technical troubles. The course, which was about how to run an online course, will be offered again at later date, Ng said.

    Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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    MoneyMutual Payday Loans – Short Term Cash Advance Endorsed by Montel Williams #student #credit

    #loans with no credit check

    Money Mutual Payday Loans Cash Advance Lender Matching Service

    Loans online can be faster, easier, and more private than going to the payday store. In many cases, a source of income (typically your paycheck) will back these loans. Short-term loans are aimed at people like you who have an unforeseen emergency such as a medical crisis or unexpected bills. Some of the many names you’ll see these loans go by online include:

    • Payday loans
    • Cash advance loans
    • Personal loans
    • Installment loans
    • Short Term Loan

    What makes these loans more and more popular is that they aren’t just convenient, but they can also be a great way to avoid huge reconnect fees, late fees, and other hits creditors can make on your accounts. Because the economy’s downturn in recent years affected the U.S. banking system in such a negative way, many people have found themselves under banked, meaning they’re being told they can’t get loans from their banks or credit unions. We’re here to help when the bank says no. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should use Money Mutual:

    • You could possibly get the money you need in as little as 24 hours. If you see promises of 1-hour online payday loan or 1-hour cash advance loans, don’t be fooled. Even though being approved for a loan can be very quick, you probably won’t get your cash in an hour. If you are approved and you accept your loan offer, the way you get your money is very similar to depositing your paycheck at the bank. You usually have to wait at least 24 hours before the money is deposited into your checking account.
    • Participating lenders agree not to share your personal information. We’ve created a Code of Lender Conduct with participating lenders, where lenders agree not to sell or share your information. Lenders not acting in accordance with the Code of Lender Conduct may be subject to suspension and/or possible termination from our network of participating lenders.
    • Don’t waste your time standing in line! We’ve taken steps to help make sure that entering your information on is secure and private. With your desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device, getting matched with a participating lender takes only a few clicks (or finger presses) to get started. Using MoneyMutual’s payday loan cash advance lender matching services means you can borrow safely and securely without standing in embarrassing lines.

    Over a million people have turned to Money Mutual. Here’s why:

    • Up to $1,000 could be directly deposited as soon as tomorrow*. Filling out our form only takes a few minutes, and approval happens quickly. In as little as 24 hours, you could have up to $1,000 directly deposited into your checking account.
    • Our form is easy, and only takes 5 minutes to complete. A few pieces of simple information could possibly get you matched with a lender in mere minutes.
    • Montel Williams exclusively endorses Money Mutual. Daytime Emmy Award winner and celebrated talk show host Montel Williams only endorses products that help people live better in all aspects of their lives. He understands that the economic downturn has left a lot of people with bad credit and expenses that pile up. Sometimes a cash advance loan can provide quick needed assistance and help avoid more costly fees.
    • We use Verisign’s 128-Bit encryption to help make your information secure :Verisign is one of the most trusted names in online security. Their 128-bit encryption helps protect your personal information when you submit it on our site.
    • We are an Online Lenders Alliance member. The OLA is dedicated to informing borrowers about the online lending industry. As a proud member, we believe that customers should be fully informed and treated fairly.
    • 24/7 customer service. We want to make sure your questions are answered quickly. That’s why our goal is to provide the best customer service available. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone or email.

    Read below for information regarding loan fees, terms, repayment and renewal policies:

    • What is the APR for loan that I may get from a MoneyMutual lender? First off, it’s important to understand what an APR is.  APR or (Annual Percentage Rate) is meant to represent the interest rate and fees of a loan for an entire year.  That said, the loan that you are likely to be offered is intended to be a short-term loans that is repaid in a matter of weeks, so using an APR to represent the fees is not only inaccurate, but also fairly misleading.  However, since APR is a commonly used way of expressing the fees of other common loans, such as mortgage loans, auto loans, and other types of personal loans, we feel it’s somewhat useful for you to know what the representative APR ranges could be for a short-term loan.  Since MoneyMutual is a lending network and not a lender, we aren’t able to accurately represent the exact APR that your lender may offer; however, the typical representative APR range is somewhere between 261% and 1304% for a 14 day loan. Remember, you should pay your loan back on time to avoid fees and penalties.  Make sure that you review the terms and conditions of the loan that is offered to you so that you don’t end up with an annual loan!
    • What happens if I’m late paying back the loan? If you are matched with a lender and accept the terms and conditions of their loan offer, you are agreeing to pay that loan back in the amount of time expressed in the loan documents. Partial payment, non-payment, or late payment is likely to result in additional fees.  If you refuse to repay the loan all together, it is likely that the lender will engage a collection company to try and recoup what you owe them (just like any lender would).  Please don’t agree to a loan that you cannot repay.  Renewal policies are different for every lender. As a convenience to you, some lenders may agree to alternative payment options. Some of these options may result in a renewed or roll-over loan that may have additional fees and may renew automatically unless you request otherwise.  Please make sure to review your lender’s renewal policies, and make sure that your payment preferences are known to your lender. If you have questions or need more information on renewal policies, please contact the lender and they will be happy to provide you that information.  While most lenders in the MoneyMutual network do not run a traditional credit check, it is important for us to let you know that in some cases credit checks, consumer credit reports and other personal data may be obtained by some lenders from Experian, Equifax, Trans Union or through alternative providers in order to make a decision on whether or not to offer you a loan. It is also important to mention that if you do not repay your loan on time, your delinquency may be reported to a credit bureau, which could negatively impact your credit score.  As with any loan, it’s important to repay the loan on time or contact the lender to work out a payment plan.  Please borrow responsibly!

    Remember we’re here to help match you with a lender when you need emergency cash, quickly, privately, and securely. It’s fast and easy to get a short term cash payday loan with MoneyMutual’s lender matching services. Please use loans responsibly. Click here to learn more.

    The MoneyMutual Lender Matching Service is proud to be currently rated 4.7 /5 based on 3482 customer reviews collected from our Customer Satisfaction Survey.

    *THE OPERATOR OF THIS WEB SITE IS NOT A LENDER, does not broker loans to lenders and does not make short term cash loans or credit decisions. It is not an agent, representative or broker of any lender and does not endorse or charge you for any service or product. This Web Site does not constitute an offer or solicitation to lend. This site allows you to submit the information you provide to a lender. However, providing your information on this Web Site does not guarantee that a lender will be able to work with you or that you will be approved for a short term loan. Cash advances are meant to provide you with short term financing to solve immediate cash needs and should not be considered a long term solution. Not all lenders can provide up to $1,000. Cash transfer times may vary between lenders and may depend on your individual financial institution. For details, questions or concerns regarding your short term cash loan, please contact your lender directly. Lender services may not be available to residents of all states based upon individual lender requirements. This service is not available in New York or to New York borrowers due to interest rate limits under New York law.

    **Credit checks, consumer credit reports and other personal data may be obtained by some lenders from Experian, Equifax, Trans Union or through alternative providers.

    Christian consumer credit counseling, Christian financial counseling, Christian based counseling #your #credit #report

    #christian credit counseling

    Christian Consumer Credit Counseling

    Christian Debt Consolidation (sometimes known as Christian Consumer Credit Counseling) offers Christian debt relief through an organization classified as a non profit entity. Christian Debt Consolidation agencies will assist you in developing a workable budget tailored to your household. Once certified Christian credit counselors have reviewed your finances, they may set you up with a debt management plan. In this debt management plan, it is your responsibility to deposit money each month with them. The Christian credit counseling agency will then use these funds to pay your monthly unsecured debts directly, but on your behalf. This method of debt relief is often called debt consolidation because all of your unsecured debts are handled with the one monthly payment that you remit to the Christian credit counseling agency. Non profit Christian credit counseling programs are designed to shorten the time it takes to eliminate your debt through both the reduction of your credit card interest rates and the waiving of certain fees being charged by your creditors.

    In evaluating whether a debt management plan (DMP) is right for you, it is important that certified Christian credit counselors have spent enough time with you to thoroughly review your financial situation. This certified credit counselor will provide you with customized advice on managing your money, that you find both helpful and practical to apply to your daily life. This is an important part of the process, and is one of the advantages of working with a non profit Christian debt counseling agency. They should provide you with a workable budget and assist you in improving your money management skills. Many tools are available that they can share with you during the financial counseling process. These types of services are a primary mission of Christian based counseling.

    A Christian debt management plan will typically take longer than a Christian debt settlement plan. Most debt management plans require a minimum of 48 months to complete. Be certain to ask your certified credit counselor to estimate the time you will be in the plan. You also may have to agree to not apply for any additional credit during this time, and you may need to restrict or cease use of any credit you have available to you. Student loans can actually be included in your debt management plan, and many consumers find this helpful.

    You have already taken the most important step by seeking a course of action with your online Christian counseling search intended to help you get your financial life back on track. Taking action will give you peace of mind and position you to begin to build a healthy financial future.

    If you would like to compare Christian financial counseling with Christian debt settlement, our affiliated debt firm will be happy to discuss the differences during your free consultation.

    Cheap Credit Cards #free #credit #report #online #no #credit #card

    #cheap credit cards

    Cheap Credit Cards

    Q & A’s about Cheap Credit Cards from Customers

    Q: So, how do I know what card to get?

    This entirely depends on how you use your credit card and manage your finances, so knowing what type of cardholder you are is important when selecting the cheapest deal.

    If you always pay your monthly balance in full and don’t want a rewards scheme or other extras, one with no annual fee could be the best choice. You should also look for a card with an interest free period, giving you the most time to repay the monthly balance. No annual fee credit cards often have a higher interest rate, but if you always clear the monthly bill you can avoid paying both the interest and a yearly charge, keeping your credit card costs very low.

    If you are likely to have an ongoing balance on your account, even occasionally, you should look for a credit card with a low purchase rate. Many credit cards offer an introductory low purchase rate, making it cheap to use them for the initial period, but you should check that the rate isn’t too high at the end of the promotion. Low interest rate credit cards sometimes attract a higher annual fee – make sure this isn’t so large that it negates the savings on the interest rate.

    If you have a debt attracting interest on an existing credit card that you want to try to clear, a deal with the option for a low rate balance transfer could work out cheapest for you. With a balance transfer you move the debt to a new card from a different bank and pay at a lower rate of interest – often 0% for an introductory period. The rate increases at the end of the promotion, and other fees and rates may be higher than on other cards, but used wisely balance transfers can be a good way of improving your finances and making it cheaper to own a credit card.

    Once you have established what type of cardholder you are it makes it much easier to use the features of our website to study the features, rates, fees and special offers and find the cheapest deal.

    Q: What about rewards programs?

    Cheap credit cards tend to be quite basic with few extras, but it is still possible to find reasonably priced credit cards with a rewards scheme if this is an important feature for you. In fact, if you shop often with particular shops or companies and can find a program that fits in with your spending, a rewards scheme could actually save you money in the long run.

    Another type of reward worth considering is cash back, with which money is paid back into your account when you spend on your credit card. This can be a way to save money on your spending, making it cheaper to use your card, but again you need to watch out that the other fees and rates don’t negate the benefits.

    Q: What are the main features I should compare?

    Once you know which type of card you are looking for, it’s time to examine the features of each individual deal to find the cheapest one for you.

    Purchase rate: This is the interest rate applied to the balance on your credit card account, so it s very important when comparing deals, especially if you don’t always clear your monthly balance in full.

    Annual fee: The annual charge pays for the maintenance of your credit card and any extras including rewards schemes and insurance policies. The annual fee should not out-weigh the savings you make on the card’s other features such as a low purchase rate. If you always pay your monthly balance in full, however, a card with no annual fee could be the cheapest choice for you.

    Introductory offers: Many deals feature a special offer of low rate balance transfer, low purchase rate, or a combination of the two for a promotional period, making it much cheaper to use your credit card. If there is a special offer on the card you are considering applying for, make sure the other features don’t negate the savings you make, and be aware of how the deal changes when the promotion ends.

    Q: I’ve found a good card, how do I apply for it?

    Christian Credit Counselors – Free Debt Analysis #best #credit #report

    #christian credit counseling


    Consolidate Bills
    Reduce Debt Faster
    All without negatively impacting your credit score.

    *Using a credit counseling service should not have any negative impact to your credit score, according to

    For over 20 years, Christian Credit Counselors has helped over 300,000 people get out of debt in less time through our resources, personalized budgeting and Debt Management Plan.

    I thank you so much for what you have done for us. I would recommend you to anyone with this need. – Ethel Joy

    CFPB to supervise credit reporting agencies – Jul. 16, 2012 #instant #credit #cards

    #credit reporting agency

    CFPB to supervise credit reporting agencies

    CFPB director Richard Cordray says supervising the credit reporting market “will help ensure that it works properly for consumers, lenders, and the wider economy.”

    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced Monday that it will begin supervising the nation’s biggest consumer reporting agencies this fall.

    Consumer reporting agencies are private companies that collect financial data about millions of individuals — often including past and present loans, debts and bankruptcies. Many financial institutions rely on reports from these agencies to determine the risk of applicants and to make lending and pricing decisions.

    The vast majority of the 113 million credit card accounts, auto loans, personal loans, mortgages and home equity lines originated last year were approved and priced based on data from these agencies, according to the CFPB.

    There are about 400 credit reporting agencies in the country, and about 30 will be subject to the oversight — those with more than $7 million in annual receipts.

    Under the new rule that takes effect Sept. 30, the CFPB will be able to monitor business practices, conduct on-site examinations and write new rules.

    Supervising this market will help ensure that it works properly for consumers, lenders, and the wider economy, CFPB director Richard Cordray said in a statement. There is much at stake in making sure it is both fair and effective.

    Cordray said that credit reporting agencies play a key role by helping financial institutions and other companies assess risk and prevent losses, but that some consumers may be unfairly blocked from credit they deserve. The consumer bureau has received complaints from many consumers who say their credit reports are inaccurate and that they are having trouble correcting them, he said.

    The rule will apply to the three biggest credit bureaus — TransUnion, Experian and Equifax ( EFX ). The three issue more than 3 billion reports a year and each hold records on more than 200 million people.

    FICO ( FICO ), which provides the scoring algorithm most credit bureaus use to calculate credit scores, is not a credit bureau or lender, so it will not be subject to the new CFPB rule.

    The CFPB is starting out with three main areas of focus: whether data given to reporting agencies by lenders and others is correct; whether the data is being processed accurately; and whether the dispute resolution process is effective.

    In addition, specialty agencies that collect checking account data instead of credit histories will also be subject to federal supervision. This category includes companies like ChexSystems, a consumer reporting agency that holds records about more than 300 million consumers that 80% of the nation’s banks use to screen checking account applicants.

    Previously, consumer reporting agencies had to comply with federal laws like the Fair Credit Reporting Act. But they were never subject to ongoing supervision — meaning no government agency has been allowed to conduct regular reviews of their business practices.

    The Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform law gave the new consumer bureau the authority to supervise nonbanks in the mortgage. payday and private education industries — as well as nonbank larger participants.

    Next on the bureau’s agenda: debt collection. The CFPB said it plans to finalize a rule allowing it to supervise debt collectors this fall, and more larger participant rules will follow.

    First Published: July 16, 2012: 5:17 AM ET

    MoneySupermarket’s guide to credit cards that are easy to get

    #easy credit cards

    Easy to get credit cards for poor credit

    Since the financial crisis took hold banks have been keen to take less risk with their cash, which means some borrowers may struggle to get credit cards.

    So unfortunately it s not a simple case of applying for credit these days and being accepted by the provider, as banks have been changing their criteria when it comes to who they ll lend to.

    How do banks decide?

    Credit card providers use a score to check if you are suitable, but this will differ between lenders and products so there s no one rule fits all and some are more lenient than others.

    As a starting point, it could be worth checking your current credit rating with one or more of the reference agencies, including Experian and Equifax, as this plays a key part in lenders decisions.

    If you are finding it difficult getting accepted for a credit card, it is likely to be down to a muddy credit history, or lack of it if you ve never been a borrower before. Or it might simply be a case of you not fitting that particular provider s list of criteria.

    What are the options?

    There are accessible credit cards for people who find themselves in this situation.

    However, easy to get credit cards are likely to have hefty interest rates, and lower credit limits, along with additional fees so it s vital to check the detail before applying.

    Yet if you need to rebuild your credit rating they are worth considering, as this will give you more option in the future to apply for other cards. But to do this, you ll have to make sure to keep up with your repayments.

    Cards designed for applicants with credit issues

    For example, the Luma Reward card is aimed at those with a poor credit score or past issues which make it tricky to get credit.

    However, this card comes with a very chunky representative APR 35.90% (variable) so it s vital to repay your balance every month to avoid suffering high interest charges. This card, unlike some others, won t automatically exclude anyone with past CCJs or defaults, and if you ve a bankruptcy from more than a year ago you could also be considered. The credit limit is 1,500.

    Credit card providers use a ‘score’ to check if you are suitable, but this will differ between lenders and products so there’s no ‘one rule fits all’ and some are more lenient than others.

    Another option is the Aqua Reward card, with a high representative APR of 29.70% (variable), but can be as much as 49.90% depending on the borrower s situation. To apply it also won t exclude people with past CCJs or defaults over a year old, and there is no minimum income requirement.

    A word of warning borrowing on these cards is hugely expensive if you fail to repay the balance every month, unless you carefully stick to any 0% periods on offer. They should be used to gradually clean up a tarnished credit history, or rebuild one so that you can access more attraction options.

    Car Credit Center – Car Dealers – Ashburn – Chicago, IL – Reviews – Photos #what #is #the #best #credit #card

    #car credit

    Recommended Reviews

    This place is only getting 2 stars for one reason and one reason only. My sales person was amazing and went out of his way for me(Oscar). So… Read More

    I am rewriting this review again since my last one was deleted, but I have been doing some reviews of this and seen in other reviews online… Read More

    I am rewriting this review again since my last one was deleted, but I have been doing some reviews of this and seen in other reviews online as them being overpriced and not forthright in explaining things when it comes to the vehicles that they sell. I have also seen cars there that were several thousands less and even more they seem to get them as trade ins from people who want a car that costs less.

    I live near this location and pass by it all the time. They seem very good at putting the most upscale car on the commercial, but having a  look in person it s not what its cracked up to be because some of the cars don t look all that great and some of them even have high mileage on them which can put them as a high financial risk because you will at some point will have to spend money keeping it fixed up. Not to mention you don t know the full history of a car.

    For example if you were at a major dealership they at least will provide you a detailed history of that car(s) through carfax or I found some other reviews on Yahoo not too long ago and a couple of them were not exactly pleasant, and the sad thing is that they re marked high with an A+ with the BBB and the only problem is that their website is crap because they re supposed to have a list of their available cars and when you go and click on the link you get an error message.

    This is anyone s guess as to how reliable the information is and how much they invest in a reputable website.I emailed them for some information about a car I just happened to see on their commercial and got NO response which also says a lot for how they treat potential customers.

    If I was going to do business with a place I would expect them to at least respond to a customer inquiry. I have passed by this place for years and seen the cars they have which some of them are not worth the money if they re priced higher than the car s real bluebook value for that year.

    My advice to anyone looking for a car don t go to Car Credit Center s website it s crap and you won t get a response and don t waste your time since many places along Western Avenue tend to have shady dealerships that are waiting to sell you a worthless lemon with problems.

    I was not interested in being sweet talked by some slick salesman, I was there to look at possibly buying a car and a friend happened to be with me when she was looking  and wasnt impressed with the sales tactic so we left and went to the dealership next door where she got her car from. Shop around and research before you put the signature or any money down on a car.

    Always check first hand about credit and financing so you don t get locked into a contract you can t get out of since places like these live for them. Having owned a car it s amazing how slick salespeople like to take advantage of women because of their lack of knowledge and experience in buying things like cars. To all the newbies getting their first car read everyting in your agreements and ask a lot of questions because car dealerships don t want problems for selling a lemon.

    Check all reviews whether it s here on Yelp or elsewhere because it s the difference between paying a high note than getting your money s worth on a reliable car.

    Comment by Victor V. of Car Credit Center:

    Dear Nafeesah, I am very sorry that you had a bad experience during your visit to Car Credit Center on 9/18/2006. I have read through your… Read More

    Dear Nafeesah, I am very sorry that you had a bad experience during your visit to Car Credit Center on 9/18/2006. I have read through your review and would like you to know that we have made many changes to our customer service, one of them is having a dedicated person calling and following up with customers and prospective customers. Our redesigned website does not have any problems with the inventory as this is one of the most visited parts of the site.   Your car buying experience was not great and we apologize for this, but we do provide reliable transportation for over 6,000 customers a year. We have earned an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau because we have been established for over 60 years and we provide quality customer service. Our salespeople are experienced and do many great things for our customers.  I can assure you that our cars go through rigorous checks before they are sold. All pre-sale diagnostics and repair reports are available to customers before they buy.

    Cards For Bad Credit Unsecured #best #credit #card #offers

    #no credit card credit report

    The financial institution additionally geneva chamonix transfers the application to your proof process and thereafter the locates get approved and receives placed to the checking account in the client. However, it is possible to come across loan merchants who Cards for bad credit unsecured are able to offer these plans at reduced rates and flexible payment solution. A personal debt to cash flow ratio measures the volume of debts you have in accordance with the existing profits you own.

    With this, you can in addition need advice from some specialists are better furnished to handle current market fluctuations and previously-transforming sector values.

    lowest interest rates for personal loans in qatar

    The said repayment demands provide the varieties of how often you pay off the financial loan. Poor credit loans but not only bale out a consumer it also Cards for bad credit unsecured retrieves his sociable condition in a very redefined manner. These financing options are of excellent assist in the event the consumer is experiencing serious financial disaster.

    Having said that, if you’re clever and earn effectively-well informed conclusions you ought to be surprised at just how much support a payday advance loan will surely be for your overall budget.

    lowest interest rates for personal loans in qatar

    Once you have been Cards for bad credit unsecured invalidated on your finance significance merely because of the cause Cards for bad credit unsecured that you re an dreadful credit ratings dish, then at such times, you might require resources without having clutters, for these reason, loans for bad credit score could be the optimum boost in your save wherein your tragic credit score affirmation is just not taken into consideration any longer. If you re looking for a mortgage loan and you will have a favorable credit background computer system may not be any problem that will get acceptance.

    You can gather particulars from your associates or relations prior to you buying this charge card.

    Car Deal Expert Auto Loans – Auto Financing, Car Loans and Car Credit! #bad #credit #credit #card

    #car credit

    Let the Auto Loan Pros at Car Deal Expert Put You in Your Next New or Used Car

    Many people have heard that obtaining auto loans is really hard these days. Nothing could be further from the truth. Thanks to numerous incentives and guarantees being provided to the banks by Uncle Sam auto loans are quite easy to obtain again. And savvy consumers are using the ease of being able to finance a new or use car in order to ensure that they have reliable transportation. What Car Deal Expert does is help get you driving the car of your dreams faster and easier than you ever thought possible. Apply Now

    Who doesn’t want to drive home in a car they have confidence in; a truck that is both dependable and still fun? With Car Deal Expert, you’ll have the financing in hand from a trusted lender to help make the negotiating process one that always ends in your favor. When you add in the fact that we also can obtain for you the no-hassle, best-price for over a million cars in our inventory, it all adds up to one simple proposition: The best car, for the best price, with the best payment options. Why wait? Get the car or truck of your dreams today!

    Calculating interest with Credit Card Finder® – s Repayment Calculator #credit #card #debt #relief

    #credit card repayment calculator

    Credit Card Repayment Calculator: How to calculate your interest repayments

    Struggling to repay your credit card balance? Use our credit card repayment to plan your repayment schedule and pay off your credit cards sooner.

    Discover the ultimate way to pay off multiple credit cards by using the Credit Card Finder® credit card repayment calculator. Pay the credit card that charges the highest rate of interest first and you can save money and cut months off the time it takes to you pay off your debts. Use the credit card repayment calculator to find the right repayment strategy for you. Plus, if you are looking to calculate what you could potentially save by using a balance transfer, use our balance transfer calculator. A Balance Transfer Credit Card  is worth considering to help you repay your credit card debt faster.

    What is the credit card repayment calculator?

    This credit card repayment calculator can help you understand your monthly credit card repayments so you can pay your outstanding credit card balance quicker. Plan your monthly credit card repayments and discover how different payment strategies can save you money and cut the time it takes you to pay off your credit card debt.

    How to use the credit card calculator

    Read about how to use our credit card repayment calculator. Discover a simple way to pay back your card balance in four easy steps:

    • Step 1: Input your card(s) and the balance. Start by entering the name of the card, then the balance, the interest rate of accrual and the minimum monthly repayment. Repeat this step for any other cards.
    • Step 2:  Payment strategy. Enter the amount you can afford to pay off your combined debt above the required minimum repayment in the ‘Extra Payment’ field. Next, choose the order of repayments. Select whether you want to pay off the highest balance first (I.e. the Debt Snowball method ) or the lowest balance first.
    • Step 3: View the payment schedule. You can view the schedule of repayments by clicking on the view  option at the top of the calculator to see the effect the additional repayments have towards your chosen payment schedule. Click the ‘View Overall Graph’ option at the bottom of the calculator for a visual representation of your repayment schedule.
    • Step 4: Export data. The last step is to export the data to a spreadsheet for your reference. You can do this by selecting . The graph view option allows you to see how making additional repayments can save you money in interest repayments and reduce the time it takes to pay off your total credit card balance.

    Low Interest Balance Transfer Credit Card

    The St.George Vertigo credit card offers a low interest rate on purchases and balance transfers with a low annual fee.

    • $55 p.a. annual fee
    • 0% p.a. for 3 months (reverts to 13.24% p.a.) on purchases
    • 0% p.a. for 18 months on balance transfers
    • Cash Advance Rate of 21.49% p.a.
    • Up to 55 days interest free

    California Department of Business Oversight #credit #builder

    #sacramento credit union

    Credit Unions

    California’s financial institutions are symbols of safety and soundness. Their role in business and industry are important to the economy and to our own personal well-being. Maintaining the integrity of financial services remains our primary mission as the industry continues to grow.

    The Credit Union Division of DBO licenses and regulates state-chartered credit unions. The Credit Union Division is charged with the execution of the laws of this state relating to credit unions or the credit union business. As a result, the Credit Union Division conducts periodic examinations of all California state licensed credit unions. The Credit Union Division also reviews applications for certificates to act as a credit union, and issues those certificates when all qualifications for such have been met.

    Statutory definition of credit union (FC 14002). A Credit Union is a cooperative, organized for the purposes of promoting thrift and savings among its members, creating a source of credit for them at rates of interest set by the board of directors, and providing an opportunity for them to use and control their own money on a democratic basis in order to improve their economic and social conditions. As a cooperative, a credit union conducts its business for the mutual benefit and general welfare of its members with the earnings, savings, benefits, or services of the credit union being distributed to its members as patrons.

    How To Reach Us

    Department of Business Oversight

    Division of Financial Institutions

    45 Fremont Street, Suite 1700

    San Francisco, CA 94105-2219

    Can Debts Discharged in Bankruptcy Appear on My Credit Report? #student #credit #cards #with #no #credit

    #my credit

    Can Debts Discharged in Bankruptcy Appear on My Credit Report?

    If you discharged debts in bankruptcy, here’s how they should (and should not) be listed on your credit report.

    When you file bankruptcy and receive a discharge of your debts (meaning they are wiped out), certain information about your bankruptcy and discharged debts may continue to appear on your credit report. This article explains what information should — and should not — show up on your credit report after you receive a bankruptcy discharge, and what you can do if your credit report contains the wrong information.

    (For more information on credit reports, visit our Credit Repair  area.)

    The Fair Credit Reporting Act

    The FCRA requires consumer reporting agencies (also called credit bureaus) to maintain an accurate file of your credit information. Creditors who report your information to the consumer reporting agencies (CRAs) must also be truthful and accurate. The FCRA tells CRAs and your creditors the type of information they can report, and for how long that information can legally show up on your credit report. If they do not report accurate or truthful credit information about you, you can dispute that information or take other action if you are harmed by their violations of the FCRA.

    How Discharged Debts Should Be Reported

    The fact that you filed for bankruptcy can be reported for up to ten years. While it may seem like negative information, the reporting of your bankruptcy discharge might not necessarily be a bad thing. A bankruptcy discharge can “clean up” debts that used to show up on your credit report as being delinquent. That is because debts that were discharged can no longer be reported as being unpaid or in a past due status.

    CRAs and your creditors should report each discharged debt as:

    • having a zero balance, and
    • discharged, “included in bankruptcy,” or similar language.

    While the FCRA does not directly address how individual discharged debts must be reported, to report a discharged debt as something else (for example, “charged off” or having a balance as more than zero) would violate the provision of the FCRA that requires furnishers (that is, creditors or collectors that report to the credit reporting agencies) from reporting incorrect information. 15 USC 1681s-2(a)(1)(A). It is also a violation of the FCRA if the debtor notifies the creditor about the incorrect reporting, but the creditor does not correct and update it. 15 USC 1681s-2(a)(2)(b).

    Finally, if a creditor willfully refuses to report a debt as discharged in bankruptcy in an effort to induce the debtor to pay the discharged debt, this may violate the bankruptcy discharge injuction (The discharge injunction prohibits a creditor or collector from continuing with collection efforts once the bankruptcy court has entered the final discharge.)

    What Cannot Be Reported

    However, if your creditor does not correct the status of your discharged debt, or if the CRA does not maintain an accurate report of your post-bankruptcy credit information, your credit may be unnecessarily damaged. When you discharge a debt in bankruptcy, a creditor cannot report that debt as:

    • currently owed or active
    • late or delinquent or outstanding
    • charged off
    • having a balance due, or
    • converted as a new type of debt (re-aged, or having new account numbers, for example).

    When your discharged debts are reported in this way, your credit rating could suffer, you could be denied credit, or be required to pay a discharged, but misreported, debt as a condition for getting a new loan. For this reason, it is important that your credit report show an accurate listing of your post-discharge information.

    When Creditors Don’t Update Information for Your Credit Report

    Unfortunately, some creditors do not update the information it reports to the credit reporting agencies, so that your report might still say that a debt was “charged off” or something similar. State and federal officials, and consumer advocates, believe that some banks and creditors do this on purpose as a way to get you to pay up, even though you no longer legally owe the debt. There are a few lawsuits addressing this issue that are wending their way through the courts.

    How to Make Sure Your Credit Report Is Accurate Post-Bankruptcy

    Within 30 to 60 days after receiving your bankruptcy discharge, request an updated credit report from each of the three major CRAs: TransUnion, Equifax, and Experioan. Thoroughly review each listed debt for accuracy. Also watch out for unfamiliar creditor names or debts, as they may actually be discharged debts that were bought and sold to a third party, but are not accurately reflected as having been discharged.

    (To learn how to get your credit reports, see Getting Your Free Credit Report .)

    If Your Discharged Debt is Misreported

    If a CRA or creditor misreports a discharged debt, you can dispute it using the FCRA dispute procedure. To learn how to do this, see How to Dispute Errors on Your Credit Report .

    In addition, if a creditor wrongfully reports your discharged debts, it may also be in violation of the bankruptcy discharge injunction, which prohibits creditors from trying to collect on discharged debts.

    If you take steps to remedy the misreporting, and the creditor (or collector or debt buyer) refuses to fix the error, talk to a bankruptcy attorney.

    California Law on Tenant Application Screening Fees and Credit Reports #credit #card #approval

    #rental credit check

    California Law on Tenant Application Screening Fees and Credit Reports

    California state law limits credit check or application screening fees landlords  can charge prospective tenants and specifies what landlords must do when accepting these types of fees. (Cal. Civ. Code § 1950.6.) Here are key provisions of the California law:

    • Landlords may charge a maximum screening fee of around $35 per applicant. This figure may be updated annually by changes in the Consumer Price Index for the nearest metropolitan area.
    • This screening fee may be used for “actual out-of-pocket costs” of obtaining a credit report, plus “the reasonable value of time spent” by a landlord in obtaining a consumer credit report or checking personal references and background information on a rental applicant.
    • A landlord who  uses the screening fee to obtain the applicant’s credit report must give the applicant a copy of the report upon his or her request.
    • If you spend less (for the credit report and your time) than the screening fee you collected, you must refund the difference. A landlord who never gets  a credit report or checks references on an applicant must refund the entire screening fee.
    • Unless the applicant agrees in writing, a landlord may not charge a screening fee if no rental unit is available. However, if a unit will be available within a reasonable period of time, a landlord may charge the fee without obtaining the applicant’s written permission.
    • Landlords must provide an itemized receipt when collecting an application screening fee. For a sample receipt and more details on screening tenants in California, see The California Landlord’s Law Book, Rights and Responsibilities . by David Brown, Ralph Warner and Janet Portman.

    Landlords in California should also be aware that consumers may place a “freeze” on their credit reports, preventing anyone but specified parties (such as law enforcement) from getting their credit report. (Cal. Civ. Code §§ 1785.11.2 and following.) However, consumers can arrange for certain persons—such as a landlord or management company—to access their report; or the freeze itself can be suspended for a specified period of time. If an applicant has placed a freeze on his or her credit report, you’ll need access so that you can receive a copy of their report. An applicant who fails to lift a freeze will have an incomplete application, which is grounds for rejecting that application. (Cal. Civ. Code § 1785.11.2(h).)

    Can you get a credit card without a Social Security number #best #place #to #get #your #credit #score

    #how can i get a credit card with no credit

    Can you get a credit card without a Social Security number?


    Answered Last

    There are a few things you should read and understand before you read my answer to this question at the bottom of this response. Today Banks and Credit Card companies will try to bully you into giving a Social Security Number. Some have even begun to state that the Patriot Act requires them to obtain a SSN. This however is NOT TRUE.

    Below is the Only Passage within the entire Patriot Act that mentions the phrase “Social Security”.

    [ Patriot Act ]

    SEC. 326. VERIFICATION OF IDENTIFICATION. (b) STUDY AND REPORT REQUIRED- Within 6 months after the date of enactment of this Act, the Secretary, in consultation with the Federal functional regulators (as defined in section 509 of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act) and other appropriate Government agencies, shall submit a report to the Congress containing recommendations for– (1) determining the most timely and effective way to require foreign nationals to provide domestic financial institutions and agencies with appropriate and accurate information, comparable to that which is required of United States nationals, concerning the identity, address, and other related information about such foreign nationals necessary to enable such institutions and agencies to comply with the requirements of this section; (2) requiring foreign nationals to apply for and obtain, before opening an account with a domestic financial institution, an identification number which would function similarly to a Social Security number or tax identification number;

    If you go to the Social Security Administration government website you’ll find that Social Security is a Voluntary program, and only the SSA can require you to give a Social Security Number for the purposes of identification. No American is required to pay into this federally setup Social Security Insurance program, Nor is any American required to apply for or obtain a SSN from the SSA.

    That Does Not mean US citizens do not have to pay income taxes.

    While it is true that article 16 of the United States Constitution was never properly ratified by Congress, into law, making taxation legal, the federal government has accepted and now enforces income taxation as being true. Therefore all tax codes supported under article 16 come into play.

    However nothing within the tax code requires a United States Citizen to have a SSN. The tax code does require US citizens to obtain an Individual Taxation Identification Number in order to pay income taxes, if they do not have a SSN.

    A US citizen can obtain an ITIN by contacting the federal Internal Revenue Service. If the IRS asks you for a SSN, tell them you do not have one. Be prepared to provide your US Passport Number.

    You can obtain a US passport without a SSN.

    To obtain a US Passport without a SSN you will need to mail in a completed DS-11 US Passport Application form with fees, and you will need to include a reissued “Long Form Original Certified Birth Certificate With A Raised Seal”. If any part of the DS-11 form asks you for a SSN it is legal under federal guidelines established for the purposes of obtaining a passport to put “000-00-0000.” Feel free to call the US federal government’s passport division to double check.


    If you have a SSN, that your parent’s got for you, and now you don’t want one use the link below to find out where to mail a letter of SSN revocation, to terminate your SSN.


    Most states will allow you to obtain a Drivers License without a SSN if you bring a letter sent to you by the SSA stating you are not eligible for a SSN. Which I can assure you, you will get if you terminate your SSN number.

    As for the Credit Card Companies and Banks.

    It will be an up hill battle. You’ll more than likely have to call or go in person. If they attempt to deny you:

    [1] Inform them you have terminated your SSN legally in accordance with 20 CFR 3 A7 404.1905, or you do not have one period.

    [2] Inform them that the bank can not be held legally responsible by anyone for failing to obtain a SSN from you pursuant to 31 CFR 103.34(a)(1).

    [3] Inform them that under the Internal Revenue Code Section 6041, they are not required to provide any taxpayer identification numbers on the Form 1099 that they file with the IRS at the end of the year.

    [4] Inform them that pursuant to 26 CFR 301.6109-1(c) they are under no legal federal or state obligation to obtain a SSN from you, and doing so is actually against federal SSA policy.

    [5] Inform them that 42 USC 408 makes it a Felony to use threat, duress, or coercion to try and force a person by fear or deceit to provide a SSN.

    They will probably tell you they have to consult their legal team.

    With the exception of being told I don’t have enough gather-able credit history to offer a line of credit. Every time I have used the aforementioned method with a Bank or Creditor it I’ve been issued a back account or credit card within 72 hours.

    Bulk Virtual Prepaid Visa – MasterCard Debit Cards #credit #report #canada

    #virtual credit card

    Bulk Order Virtual Visa MasterCard Reward Cards

    When your rewards need to be immediate

    The OmniCard Virtual Rewards Card is a Prepaid Visa or MasterCard Account that is delivered to your recipients electronically rather than being printed on a physical card. The Visa or MasterCard Virtual Card can only be used for online purchases or over the phone transactions wherever Visa or MasterCard are accepted. Virtual Rewards are perfect for rewarding your employees or customers instantly and reducing the logistics involved with shipping. Our clients typically use this reward product for online contests, promotions, website survey awards, or for a target audience that is more Internet savvy.

    Other Facts:

    OmniCard, LLC. 1999-2015

    The OmniCard Visa Prepaid Card is issued by CenterState Bank of Florida, NA pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A Inc.

    The OmniCard MasterCard Prepaid Card is issued by CenterState Bank of Florida, NA pursuant to a license from MasterCard International Inc.

    The OmniCard Discover prepaid card is issued by CenterState Bank of Florida, N.A. pursuant to a license from Discover® Network.

    Discover® and the Discover acceptance mark are service marks used by CenterState Bank of Florida, NA under license from Discover Financial Services.

    The OmniCard SelectSpend Discover Card is issued by CenterState Bank of Florida, NA.

    The OmniCard Canada Visa Card is issued by Peoples Trust Company pursuant to license from Visa, Inc.

    Business Credit Cards 2015 – Reviewed and Ranked #micro #credit

    #best credit card

    Business Credit Cards

    In today’s business market, getting ahead means strict attention to the bottom line. Cutting costs at and financial know-how is often the difference between success and failure. That’s where business credit cards come in. They provide necessary credit, while offering perks and benefits as a reward for hard work. Simply charging the expenses for travel, client dinners, inventory, and more to your business credit card is an excellent way to manage monthly cash flow and and watch expenses.

    When you use a business credit card you can also quickly rake up reward points which equate to free travel, cash back, and other gifts depending on the perks available with your business card. You can use those perks to reward yourself or motivate your employees for a job well done. Many small businesses also appreciate the larger line of credit that a business card provides, which lets them better manage their expenditures.

    When looking for the right business credit card. there are a number of factors you should consider. Some of these include:

      Line of credit. Having an appropriate line of credit for your business expenses is necessary to make sure the business credit card works for you. Interest rates, penalties and annual fees. If you plan on carrying a balance, you’ll want to make sure you have the best interest rate possible on your business credit card. Also you need to understand what annual fees and penalties exist with any business credit card you consider. Perks. Not all business credit cards offer the same rewards programs. If you’re looking for cash back or free travel, make sure you understand how the rewards are calculated, if they expire, and how they can be used. has reviewed and ranked the best business credit cards available today. We hope these reviews help you find the right business credit card to benefit you and your company!

    Disclosure. We pay our reviewers for their reviews. We are not compensated by companies for their reviews, but we are compensated for links and advertisements on our website. Click here for details.

    Business Credit Card Without Personal Guarantee? #free #credit #reports

    #personal credit check

    Can I get a business credit card without a personal guarantee?

    by CreditCardGuru

    It s obviously risky for banks (large and small) to loan money to new businesses. Accessing business capital through a business credit card is no different. So, if you re in the market for a business credit card the issuer will generally always require a personal guarantee and not just a promise that the business will repay.

    So what are the chances that you can get a business card without a personal guarantee?

    It s very, very rare, says Levi King, founder and CEO of Creditera. a company that helps small business establish, understand and leverage their credit.

    Read on for why business card issuers want that personal guarantee, some (very, very rare) circumstances in which you might get a card without one and, more importantly, how your business can leverage credit without a business credit card.

    What is a personal guarantee?

    A personal guarantee means you re responsible for the balance on your business credit card if your business is unable to pay.

    If you shut down your business, or the business just doesn t have enough money, or whatever the case is, if the business can t make the payments, you have to make them, King says.

    When applying for a business card that requires a personal guarantee (ie, most of them), expect wording similar to this (from the application for the Chase Ink business cards):

    Why do issuers want personal guarantees?

    Although you might not want to think about your business failing, many do fail. The bank can t afford to be on the hook for every failed venture. Plus, as King points out, many failed business owners do have the means to pay.

    There are so many people who start businesses and the business fails, but they re entirely employable, he says. Their business fails and they go back to a corporate job. So a lot of people have resources personally [to pay off a business s debts].

    Plus, banks know that businesses often go through rough patches – and they don t want any late payments as your business experiences those growing pains.

    The person who started the business may have substantial retirement funds or equity in their home or friends and family to borrow from, King says. The issuer wants to tap those additional resources if the business can t pay its bills.

    What personal guarantees mean for your credit

    In addition to putting your personal finances on the line for your business, you re putting your personal credit on the line, too. As long as things are going smoothly, many business cards don t report to the consumer credit bureaus and won t show up on your personal credit reports, King says. But if your business becomes severely delinquent, expect that business card to show up and weigh down your credit scores.

    Also, because you re personally guaranteeing the card, your personal credit will get pulled when you apply. In fact, if your business is new, it might be the only thing the bank has to go on, because startups generally haven t had time to establish business credit yet (which is commonly done by establishing a record with Dun Bradstreet ).

    Without a business-credit track record, the bank isn t going to spend time and resources delving into your business plan – it s going to go for your personal credit score.

    The challenge is that underwriting is expensive, King says. So it s tough for them to dive deep into anything related to the business other than business credit. That requires human capital. So they have to use something that s already reliable.

    The bright side is that excellent personal credit can help you get a business card with favorable rewards and terms. For brand-new startups, personal credit is probably 90 percent of what banks look at, King says. As your business becomes more established and your business credit rating climbs, personal credit will start to weigh less heavily, but an excellent personal credit score can still give you an edge.

    Is it possible to get a business credit card without a personal guarantee?

    It s possible. But only in very special circumstances, King says, including:

    • You have a long, close relationship with a bank. a long-established business and heavy profits. If you ve already gotten large loans from that bank, they ve probably drilled deep enough into your financials to know you re solid as a rock, King says. You ll still have to negotiate to be released from the personal guarantee, though, and the bank still might refuse, King says.

    When it comes to negotiating out of a personal guarantee, you ll probably have more luck with a small regional bank than a large one, King says. With a large bank, the person (or committee) that makes decisions regarding your account probably doesn’t even know you.

    A small bank actually knows you, King says. You may have a business loan officer who submits a package directly to the committee that makes the approvals.

  • Your startup has a lot of venture capitalist funding (we re talking millions of dollars) – and that funding is stored in the bank you want the credit card from. The bank has your money and may be less worried about personally guaranteeing a card with, say, a $50,000 credit line.
  • Another way – business lines of credit

    A lot of the confusion surrounding personal guarantees on business cards stems from the fact that you can get other forms of business credit without personal guarantees – assuming you have good business credit. Companies that sell goods and services to businesses (Home Depot, Staples, Pitney Bowes, for example) extend lines of credit to businesses. And those can sometimes take the form of a credit card that can be used only with that company. The credit card is different from one you d get at your bank, since it can t be used everywhere. Therefore, a personal guarantee is often not necessary, if your business credit rating is good enough.

    Company-specific lines of credit are more lenient about personal guarantees because you ll be limited to buying things specifically for the business.

    But if you re a bank and you re giving someone a business credit card, that person could use it for anything, King says. They could go gambling in Vegas with that money.

    A savvy small business might leverage these types of credit lines to minimize the amount of credit they have to personally guarantee, King says. For example, say you re a contractor with excellent business credit in need of credit for building supplies. You might consider getting a larger line of credit at Home Depot (where you ll be buying the majority of your supplies) and the remaining smaller amount via a business credit card from a bank. You re still getting the credit you need, but you re personally guaranteeing only a small part of it

    In conclusion

    Technically, it s possible to get a business credit card from a bank with no personal guarantee.

    But if you understand how difficult it is, you re way better off focusing on running a good, profitable business, King says. Rather than trying to get a card with a $10,000 limit [and no personal guarantee], focus on driving $1 million in revenues to your business.

    Updated October 2015

    BrightView Credit Union #prepaid #credit #cards

    #brightstar credit union

    Brightview Credit Union offices will be closed in observance of the Independence Holiday on Friday, July 3, 2015. You still access to your account information by using your debit card, credit card, online banking at or thru our Audio Teller. We will be open on Monday, July 6, 2015 normal business hours. We wish you and your family a very safe and Happy 4th of July.

    Attn: Home Banking Users

    The Credit Union was required recently by its web hosting company to update the DNS server names. If you have bookmarked your Home Banking website in your favorites, you may be encountering issues. Until a fix has been deployed, please log into the Home Banking system through the login on our website Once you have brought up the Home Banking login portal, if you bookmark or save that page, you should have no additional problems accessing your accounts. If you have any questions, please contact us at 601.977.9468, 662.844.9531 or 662.243.4002.

    Don t forget that Brightview Credit Union s Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 7,2015 at 6 pm at the Sparkman Auditorium at the MS Agriculture and Forestry Museum in Jackson, MS.

    The meeting is open to all members who are in good standing. We hope to see you there.

    $250,000 NCUA Share Insurance Protection Now Permanent

    A temporary increase from $100,000 to $250,000 was effective from October 3, 2008, through December 31, 2009. On May 20, 2009, the temporary increase was extended through December 31, 2013, and now the $250,000 federal insurance protection becomes permanent.

    Visit our What’s New page to find out more about this new legislation.

    Shared Branching is a national and international network of Credit Unions that allow members of other Credit Unions to use their branches to conduct basic transactions. You can access your Brightview Accounts at over 5,000 participating branch locations nationwide. Credit Union members call 1.800.919.2872 to find the nearest Shared Branching location or visit

    Business Secured Visa Credit Card #letter #of #credit

    #secure credit cards

    Helping businesses establish or repair credit

    The Business Secured Credit Card allows your business to build credit.

      Overview Rewards Benefits APR Terms Fees
      Secured by Your Savings – Before applying for the Business Secured Credit Card, you must open a Secured Credit Card Savings Account. The minimum opening deposit is $500. You can make deposits at any time in $100 increments. Available Credit – Your available credit will be 90% of your savings account balance. You can add funds to your account to increase your credit limit. Online account services – Manage your account at your convenience, view up to 6 months of past account statements available to download, and more.

      • Manage employee business expenses with online tools that will help control, monitor and track card spending trends.
      • Integrate expense data and reports with accounting software packages.
      • Pay business credit card bills online

      Separate business expenses – Keep your business expenses separate from personal expenses to make it easier to track spending – and prepare your taxes. Employee cards – Add employee cards to your account at no additional cost. You can set individual spending limits for each employee, and their purchases will be itemized on your statement for easy recordkeeping. Visa Liability Waiver Program* – Visa Liability Waiver protects you against eligible losses that might be incurred through card misuse by a terminated eligible cardholder up to $100,000. Download PDF brochure . 24/7 Fraud Alerts – BBVA Compass monitors your account for unusual activity around the clock, and we’ll contact you to verify any transactions that seem out of line. Experienced customer service representatives – Our representatives are specially trained to work with business owners and are available to help with any questions you may have. Just call them toll-free at 1-800-316.0207. Online account services – Manage your account at your convenience

      • View up to 6 months of past account statements available to download, and more.
      • Manage employee business expenses with online tools that will help control, monitor and track card spending trends.
      • Integrate expense data and reports with accounting software packages.
      • Pay business credit card bills online

    *Discounts are provided by Intuit and are based on Intuit’s standard pricing. Purchases of QuickBooks must be made through to receive discounts advertised through BBVA Compass.

    *Visa Zero Liability covers U.S.-issued cards only. Visa Zero Liability does not apply to certain commercial card transactions; PIN transactions not processed by Visa; or ATM transactions not processed by Visa or Plus. Cardholder must notify BBVA Compass promptly of any unauthorized use. Consult BBVA Compass for additional details or See your Visa Cardholder Agreement for further details.

    Black credit card #credit #card #repayment #calculator

    #black credit card

    The Underground Credit Card Blackmarket

    Credit card data has been traded on the cyber black-market for a number of years. The relatively recent breaches of TJX Companies (owner of T.J. Maxx) and Heartland Payment Systems show the extent to which criminals will go in order to harvest credit card numbers, social security numbers, names, addresses and more. All this legitimate (but stolen) information fuels a world of cyber crime.

    In this article we show that, unlike what you might think, the credit card black-market operates very much in the open. Below we point out websites, which can be used to tap into the cyber black-market and find stolen credit card numbers and the associated credentials to purchase for any purpose they desire. We also show instant messenger handles, emails and details of what cyber criminals are selling on the Internet.

    We analyzed 429 unique domains and 615 unique URLs. Each of these URLs contained information about buying stolen credit card information. Each URL lead to a web page where cyber-criminals have posted details about how to interact with them and buy stolen financial credentials. In the majority of cases, cyber criminals who are selling this information can provide one of the following types of data.

    The data for this article was collected between February 27th and March 2nd, 2010.

    Basic Credit Card Information Offers:

    Usually consists of credit card number, type, expiration date and CVV.

    Premium Credit Card Information Offers:

    Usually consists of credit card number, type, expiration date, CVV, SSN, Home Address, Full Name, Date of Birth and much more.

    PayPal Information Offers:

    Some domains host multiple instances of stolen Credit Card Ads, (CC-Ads). We present the frequency distribution of CC-Ads on each unique domain below.

    Frequency of CC-Ads on each unique domain.

    Interesting Highlights:

    • None of the websites advertising stolen credit card data were blacklisted by Google s Safe Browsing List. This could potentially indicate that cyber criminals are conscientious of not discouraging visitors to these sites.
    • Cyber criminals prefer to get paid via Liberty Reserve and Western Union money transfer services.
    • Some cyber criminals have used images to provide quotations [img] .
    • seems to be the email and instant messaging service preferred by cyber criminals.
    • Nearly 75% of sites with CC-Ads are located in the US (see graph below).

    IP Geo-location for websites with CC-Ads.

    It is clear from the current state of the credit card black-market that cyber criminals can operate much too easily on the Internet. They are not afraid to put out their email addresses, in some cases phone numbers and other credentials in their advertisements. It seems that the black market for cyber criminals is not underground at all. In fact, it s very in your face. Clearly a more concerted effort is required to clamp down on this problem. Simply tying up loose ends on the enterprise side is not enough to combat this problem when there is virtually nothing to stop criminals from touting their stolen wares freely in the Internet.

    Editor s Note: We are providing a limited list of sites as an example of the brash lawbreaking behavior of these cyber criminals. We believe it is important for the purpose of this article that the reader be able to verify our statements. Additionally, we believe that consumer awareness of the problem can only serve to reduce the ease with which these criminals operate.

    Forums used to buy and sell stolen credit card information:

    Various instant messenger credentials [1] [2] [3] used by cyber criminals:

    People who interacted with ubuntu_kana (Yahoo messenger):

    People who interacted with peeseller (Yahoo messenger):

    People who interacted with bagiabancc (Yahoo messenger):

    Posted by anirban on March 3rd

    Are people paying stolen credit cards with stolen credit cards? 😉

    Posted by Shungaeslagente on March 3rd

    All those links are now dead.

    Posted by asv on March 4th

    Couple of quick suggestions.

    1. Make the company logo at the top of the page a clickable link that takes you to the homepage (I know there is a home button but the former is really a standard practice these days).

    2. This is very general but have you thought about expanding to the mobile browsing market. An iphone app could be a good start.

    A friend

    Posted by Anon on March 6th

    Thank you very much for the comment, we will definitely pay attention to this.

    Posted by anirban on March 7th

    We appreciate your suggestion and have updated our website with a click-able logo area in the upper-left. The link will take you right to our homepage!

    We take our visitor s comments seriously. I wish you d left an email so we could reach you with questions in regard to your second comment.

    I am interested in your thoughts: what features would you be looking for in an iphone app?

    Posted by admin on March 14th

    i recently got scammed when someone used my creditcard!

    and i dont know how they succeeded to change my Verified by visa password!!

    when i where buying a domain name i got my ordinary window up but my personal message where changed to NaqZoCorporation and when i googled it seem to be a scam site one of those. But these guys are pro because they succeeded to change my verified by visa and my billing adress!!

    Posted by Phil on March 20th

    [ ] Credit Card Data Traded on the Black Market I am a firm believer in checking my data every few days, because I have seen it all. No matter what the situation, you never know when or where your information could have been leaked. A hacker could tap into the SQL database of some website where you made a purchase 6 months ago or a year ago And then there is skimming. It is hardly possible to keep your eye on your card 24/7 without looking like a nut, especially if you are in a high priced restaurant where it is customary to hand over your card to the waiter who walks away with it in order to process the charges. They also say that some skimming devices can be placed at gas pumps and ATM s so that users don t even noticed they have been installed over(on top of) the actual processing device you use everyday. I haven t seen these things, possibly its just a small metallic strip that is placed inside there and then retrieved later. I pay at the pump all the time so I can t imagine a device that could fool me. It would have to be quite small. Anyay. My point is, rather than trying to combat the situation, my best advice is to just use one bank, say B of A or HSBC and have your checking savings and credit cards with that one bank .so you only have to log in to or call one bank. and every 3 days check your acconts. Or every 2 days. Here is a link everyone should read [ ]

    Posted by Credit Card Data Traded on the Black Market Credit Forums Loans, Debt, and Credit Discussion on April 17th

    Sadly, fraud and crime are fairly rampant on the internet. Some of the biggest threats come from scammers, who will just try to rip you off, and other groups, who trade in stolen credit card and bank information. did a study in early

    Posted by Varnes Computers Blog on July 9th

    Wow. Good article. Makes me want to never buy anything else on the internet ever again. Makes you wonder how long until we all go back to strictly paper money where you actually know if someone is taking it from you.

    Posted by dcrockett on October 11th

    [ ] called recently analyzed the black market and was able to find examples of how this information is present online. Through simple online web portals, you can find credit card data on anything from basic accounts [ ]

    Posted by Credit Card Numbers for Sale on the Black Market | on December 9th

    i recently got scammed when someone used my creditcard!

    and i dont know how they succeeded to change my Verified by visa password!!

    Thats as easy as finding your DOB and resetting it?:/

    Posted by clarck on June 2nd

    Best United Airlines Credit Cards #pentagon #credit #union

    #best credit card deal

    Best United Airlines Credit Cards

    United Airlines offers an array of credit cards for travelers. If you are seeking a credit card that will help you build miles to visit family, friends, or take that special vacation, the cards from United Airlines may be right for you.

    United Mileage Plus Visas

    There are four Mileage Plus cards. Each has benefits tailored for specific needs and spending styles. As always, there is no “perfect” card for every person but this information will help you choose the best United Airlines credit card for you, depending on your personal credit history, how much of an annual fee you will accept, and what sort of benefits you want from your travel rewards credit card.

    3. Mileage Plus Select Visa

    This card offers 30,000 bonus miles after your first $250 purchase, along with a $50 discount voucher towards United travel. You can earn triple miles on all United Airlines purchases and an additional double miles on purchases such as gas, groceries, and home improvement supplies. All other purchases may qualify for one mile per dollar. The Plus Select Visa has an annual fee of $95.

    4. Mileage Plus Signature Visa

    United Mileage Plus Chase Debit Card

    For extra mile earning power, you may upgrade your Chase debit card to a Mileage Plus Debit card. This card gives you the option to turn all your purchases into more miles. Just be sure to select “credit” during a transaction when you use your Mileage Plus Chase Debit Card.

    You may earn one mile for every two dollars spent, 2,500 bonus miles after your first purchase, and even more bonus miles when you shop at qualifying merchants or dine with qualifying restaurants. You can turn your miles into exclusive perks: Red Carpet Club membership, dining dollars, or donation to your favorite charity. The Mileage Plus Chase debit card has a $25 annual fee, which is very easy to re-coup if you use your Mileage Plus Chase debit card on all your everyday purchases.

    Every business owner should have a business credit card. If your business needs include travel, the Mileage Plus Business cards make it easy to build miles. You can use the miles yourself or book business travel for authorized employees.

    United Mileage Plus Platinum Business Card

    This card will give you 30,000 bonus miles with your first purchase of $250 or more, two miles for every dollar spent on United travel services, one mile per dollar on other purchases, and elite members have no mileage cap. Business owners will find the travel perks from Mileage Plus ensures security on the road or in the air; travel accident insurance is included in the card benefits, along with luggage insurance and auto rental insurance. This business card has an annual fee of $75.

    The Mileage Plus Business Debit offers the same benefits as the personal Mileage Plus Debit Card from Chase for personal checking accounts. Upgrade your business debit card to a Mileage Plus Debit and earn miles with every qualifying debit purchase. You can even combine miles with your Mileage Plus Platinum Business card to cash in your miles even faster.

    Best Premium Free Credit Score – Monitoring Services #credit #agency

    #free score online

    Best Premium Credit Monitoring Services

    We ve done the research, so you don t have to. Here is a list of what we believe are the best premium credit monitoring services currently available. This list is ranked by features and value of these services with checking and monitoring your free credit score as the top priority.

    What is a Premium Credit Monitoring Service? Premium services are the best of the best they will usually provide all 3 free credit scores at sign-up, all 3 credit reports with daily monitoring, and the most comprehensive identity theft protection and fraud detection.

    Most of these services (the best ones anyway) will provide your free credit scores just for signing up for a trial membership. They offer either a completely free trial. or a very low cost trial (such as $1 for 30 days). I refer to them as Premium because they are the best services available, and come with a monthly fee if you choose to continue your membership beyond the free trial.

    Tip: Just want to get your 3 free credit scores. All you need to do is sign-up for one of the services below which offer a trial, and then cancel your membership before your free trial ends, and walk away with your 100% free credit scores!

    #1 – Identity Guard

    Black Book Credit Score Estimator #barclay #credit #card

    #credit score estimator

    Black Book Credit Score Estimator

    You’re a Smart Shopper! You know what it takes to find a great deal on a New Car or quality used Used Car. Whether you’re looking for the perfect new vehicle or a great deal on a Low Price Car or Low Mileage Car, you can be in-control as you use the Car Shopping Tools on this website to find the vehicle you want! Plus, you can check out the Current Online Specials and Promotions that change all the time! Save Time and Money – You can research the features and options of new vehicles from the Research Tools of this site.

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    Best Rewards Credit Cards, 2013 #unsecured #credit #card #for #bad #credit

    #best credit card

    Best Rewards Credit Cards, 2013

    By Lisa Gerstner | From Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, July 2013

    The right choice for you depends on your spending patterns and the kind of perks you prefer.

    Rewards card issuers are stepping up their game. On top of paying up to 6% back on certain purchases, card issuers are luring customers with enticing sign-up bonuses for those who spend a certain amount — typically between $500 and $3,000 — within the first few months of getting the card in the mail. You can get an instant cash sign-up bonus of $100 or $150, or as much as 50,000 miles, depending on the type of card you choose. The Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard. which has an $89 annual fee that’s waived the first year, offers 40,000 miles if you spend $1,000 in the first three months. That’s worth a $400 plane ticket.

    SEE ALSO: How to Pick the Best Credit Card for You

    We’ve picked top credit card offers in a few categories, depending on how you spend and the type of rewards you prefer. Among those with annual fees, the potential return for charging thousands of dollars each year more than covers the fee. Plus, you often get extra benefits, such as discounts on certain purchases and additional bonus points. Don’t think you’ll spend enough to justify the fees? The American Express Blue Cash Preferred, Capital One Venture Rewards and Chase Sapphire Preferred cards all have worthy free companion cards with skimpier rewards. Unless otherwise noted, these cards don’t impose caps or expirations on the points you earn.


    Good rewards cards not only make it easy to accumulate points or miles but also are generous when it’s time to redeem them. To determine the typical annual rebate, we assumed you would charge $20,000 each year, based on the average spending patterns outlined in the Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Expenditure Survey. The rebates we calculated don’t include the sign-up bonus, nor do they reflect the annual fee if it’s waived the first year. As a general rule, it takes 100 points to earn $1 in cash, as a statement credit or as a gift card.

    To snag the best cards, you’ll need an excellent credit profile, often including a FICO score of about 750 or higher (though a score in the neighborhood of 700 to 749 can also get you a decent card). Wait at least six months between applying for cards to minimize damage to your credit score from the inquiries on your credit report, suggests Odysseas Papadimitriou, chief executive of

    Best Gas Credit Cards – Gas Station Rebate Card Applications #credit #reports #and #scores

    #gas credit cards

    Gasoline Credit Cards

    Simmons Bank Visa Platinum Rewards

    -Excellent Credit Required – Applicants that do not have excellent credit will not be approved

    -Low 9.25% variable standard purchase APR and platinum benefits

    Use Your Gas Rebate Credit Card To Fill Up On Rewards

    The price of gasoline never stays the same and it varies from one provider to another. The prices at the pump affect especially those consumers who have no choice but to use their vehicles to get around. You can save on gasoline by driving around from station to station trying to find the one with the lowest prices or you can take control of your savings by submitting an application for a gas credit card. With a gas station credit card you will automatically save money anywhere you top up irrespective of the brand and the location. This has an advantage over the branded gas cards where you save only when you purchase from that particular brand.

    Using your gas station credit card you can easily monitor your fuel purchases over a period of time. This makes it that much easier to adjust so that it becomes a predictable part of your budget. Adjustments can be made to improve your fuel economy by switching to a hybrid car, changing your vehicle to one that gives you more mileage or ensuring that you keep up with your car maintenance. With a gas credit card you can get extra cards to issue to other family members so you can accumulate your rewards at a much faster rate. An added benefit of these cards is that the savings can extend beyond the pump. Other qualifying purchases like grocery shopping or travel and dining purchases may entitle you to cash back earnings or point rewards at a rate of 1%.

    Your gas rebate savings can be issued in the form of cash back or points that you can use to purchase merchandise at selected partners. Cash back rebates are issued via check or direct deposit after a specific period or after a certain amount is accumulated on the account. It can also be applied as a credit on your account balance. If you opt for a program that offers reward points make sure that the points earned can be redeemed for merchandize that you really need. Some programs advertise higher pay out rates but you need to be careful since these rates might be valid only after you spend a certain amount. It is important to read the terms and conditions of your program before signing up so that you are familiar with the payout terms, how the payments are issued and if there are any caps on the amount of rewards that you can earn. There is no doubt that gas station credit cards have been and continues to be a relief to consumers who want to reap rewards and save money at the pump.