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Tax Consequences When a Creditor Writes Off or Settles a Debt #forgiven #debt #tax


Tax Consequences When a Creditor Writes Off or Settles a Debt

If you settle a debt with a creditor for less than the full amount, or a creditor writes off a debt you owe, you may owe money to the IRS. The IRS treats the forgiven debt as income, on which you may owe income taxes.

Why the IRS Can Assess Taxes on Forgiven Debts

Here’s how it works. Creditors often write off debts after a set period of time — for example, one, two, or three years after you default. The creditor stops its collection efforts, declares the debt uncollectible, and reports it to the IRS as lost income to reduce its tax burden. The same is true when you negotiate a debt reduction. The creditor will report the amount you didn’t pay as lost income to the IRS.

Of course, the IRS still wants to collect tax on this money, and it will turn to you for payment. Because you no longer have to pay the full amount of the debt, the IRS treats the forgiven amount as gained income, for which you should pay income taxes.

Foreclosures and property repossessions. This rule applies even to debts you owe after a house foreclosure or property repossession. In this situation, the law can seem especially cruel: Not only have you lost your property, but you’ll also have to pay income tax on the difference between what you originally owed the lender and what it was able to sell your property for (called the “deficiency”).

However, the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007 (H.R. 3648 ) changed this for certain loans partially or wholly forgiven during 2007 through 2014. The law provides tax relief if your deficiency stems from the sale of your primary residence (the home that you live in). Here are the rules:

Loans for your primary residence. If the loan was secured by your primary residence and was used to buy or improve that house, you may generally exclude up to $2 million in forgiven debt. This means you don’t have to pay tax on the deficiency.

  • Loans on other real estate. If you default on a mortgage that’s secured by property that isn’t your primary residence (for example, a loan on your vacation home), you’ll owe tax on any deficiency.
  • Loans secured by but not used to improve primary residence. If you take out a loan, secured by your primary residence, but use it to take a vacation or send your child to college, you will owe tax on any deficiency.
  • To learn more about the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act, see Nolo’s article Canceled Mortgage Debt: What Happens at Tax Time? If you don’t qualify for an exception under the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act, you might still qualify for tax relief. If you can prove you were legally insolvent, you won’t be liable for paying tax on the deficiency. See “Exceptions on Reporting Income,” below, for details on the insolvency exception.

    IRS Reporting

    Any financial institution that forgives or writes off $600 or more of a debt’s principal (the amount not attributable to interest or fees) must send you and the IRS a Form 1099-C at the end of the tax year. These forms are for reporting income, which means that when you file your tax return for the tax year in which your debt was settled or written off, the IRS will make sure that you report the amount on the Form 1099-C as income.

    Even if you don’t get a Form 1099-C from a creditor, the creditor may very well have submitted one to the IRS. If you haven’t listed the income on your tax return and the creditor has provided the information to the IRS, you could get a tax bill or, worse, an audit notice. This could end up costing you more (in IRS interest and penalties) in the long run.

    Exceptions to Reporting Income

    There are several reporting exceptions stated in the Internal Revenue Code. For example, if the financial institution issues a Form 1099-C, you do not have to report the income on your tax return if:

    • the debt was a nonbusiness debt and was canceled before 2007 as a result of Hurricane Katrina
    • a student loan was canceled because you worked in a profession and for an employer as promised when you took out the loan
    • the canceled debt would have been deductible if you had paid it
    • the cancellation or write off of the debt is intended as a gift (this would be unusual)
    • you discharge the debt in bankruptcy. or
    • you were insolvent before the creditor agreed to settle or write off the debt.

    Insolvency means that your debts exceed the value of your assets. To figure out whether or not you were insolvent, you will have to total up your assets and your debts, including the debt that was settled or written off.

    Example 1: Your assets are worth $35,000 and your debts total $45,000, so you are insolvent to the tune of $10,000. You settle a debt with a creditor who agrees to forgive $8,500. You do not have to report any of that money as income on your tax return.

    Example 2: Your assets are worth $35,000 and your debts still total $45,000, but the creditor writes off a $14,000 debt. You don’t have to report $10,000 of the income, but you will have to report $4,000 on your tax return.

    If you conclude that your debts exceed the value of your assets, include IRS Form 982 with your tax return. You can download the form off the IRS’s website at .

    If you are suffering from debt troubles, get help from Solve Your Money Troubles: Debt, Credit Bankruptcy by Robin Leonard (Nolo).

    Talk to a Debt Settlement Lawyer.

    Performance server #performance #server, #open #source #application #performance #monitoring #java #web #server #application #garbage #collection #throughput #ehcache #logging #kibana #grafana #graphite #response #time #dashboard #metrics #session #sql #query


    In Browser Widget

    No backend required – easy to set up – perfect fit for development

    Stagemonitor widget is a little stagemonitor icon, which is automatically injected in the monitored webpage (if activated). It offers to view the call tree of the request and notifies based on configurable thresholds, if the request was too slow or too many SQL statements were executed.

    The widget supports the developer through instant feedback about poorly performing parts of the application.


    The Metrics tab displays metrics collected by stagemonitor in tables and graphs. It is a lightweight and easy to use alternative to the grafana dashboards as it does not require you to install a database.

    Cluster Monitoring

    metrics of your whole cluster – perfect fit for operations

    The stagemonitor monitoring agent tightly integrates with time series databases like Elasticsearch, Graphite and InfluxDB to store a long history of datapoints. Stagemonitor includes preconfigured Grafana dashboards that can be fully customized.

    To support clustered environments, you can select the application, instance and host in each dashboard. If you don’t select a instance and a host, you get aggregated metrics.

    Stagemonitor includes the awesome Metrics library. You can use it to track additional metrics – either programmatically or declaratively by adding annotations.

    Request Dashboard

    The request dashboard gives you information about the statistical distribution of your page response times, the througput and error rate. You can also easily identify the requests with the highest response time, throughput and error rate.

    Requests are grouped by use cases. Usecases are automatically detected if you use Spring MVC. For other technologies, you can group URLs by regular expressions.

    Since version 0.8, stagemonitor features Real User Monitoring (RUM). That means, that you can select to either see the server time or total page load time in the request dashboard. Furthermore, you can find a breakdown of the page load time into network, server processing, DOM processing and page rendering time.

    JAM Software – Medical Clinical Practice Management Software #eclipse #medical #billing #software


    JAM Software is an innovator in the healthcare industry. We have been for the past 30 years and will continue to do so with excellence as our standard. As one of the leaders in the Medical Software industry, we continuously aim to set a higher standard in the quality of the solutions and service we offer.

    We offer a suite of sofware solutions under our MED Software Suite covering the whole range of needs that you would have for your Medical Practice management. Our solutions include accounts / billing modules including features such as medical billing module with integrated diary, Waiting Rooms / WorkList, Medicare Australia Online Claiming, clinical record modules consisting of clinical word processing, electronic prescription and laboratory orders results.

    We thank you for visiting us and look forward to being at your service.


    Schedule of Fees Update as at May 2017

    As a result of a decision in the 2014-15 Budget, the 1 July 2014 indexation of the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) will be restricted to General Practitioner services. The next scheduled indexation for all other MBS and DVA specific medical items will be 1 July 2016.

    DVA is aligning indexation dates for dental and allied health provider fees with the MBS measure, and the next indexation for these services will also be on 1 July 2016.

    In the 2016 Budget it was announced that the plan to continue the pause on indexation for Medicare rebates with continue, this freeze will continue until 2019-20.

    Currently Subscribed MED Users may download these fees via the Subscribers download page.

    New MED Billing for Windows Release

    JAM Software would like to announce the release of the next version of MED Billing – Version 4.8.971. This is a major release for online claiming users, the Medicare Australia Online Claiming adapter has been updated to the latest available from Medicare.

    This update provides benefits with reliability and stability, providing additional functionality including DVA bulk billing for Allied Health services. This update also addresses issues where some users were experiencing problems submitting claims before 10/11am and also users are now able to submit claims up to two(2) Years Old online!

    This new release introduces Recurring appointments; users can now create appointments for patients that reoccur Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly with a number of recurring options.

    For MED Subscribers, more information is available via the subscribers section, please log in to download the update.

    Quick Links

    Online Medical Fees

    SunCoast Massage Therapy Center #massage #school #tampa


    Welcome to SunCoast Massage Therapy Center the best place in Tampa to relieve pain and stress through massage therapy.

    Serving Tampa Bay since 1989

    Do you want to feel better? Do you need that competitive edge for sports or business? Choose the the massage therapy center where thousands of Tampa Bay families, business people and athletes have found relief from pain in the neck, back, shoulder, legs, headaches and stress for over 22 years. No drugs or surgery, just experienced manual manipulation techniques of soft tissues can make you feel better.

    At SunCoast Massage Therapy Center, we have the knowledge, experience and training to help you relieve the aches, pains or stress. You may envy or have the zen for a a cheap massage, but if you’re hurting, you need a massage therapist who can help you quickly. We are neither a chain nor a franchise. We are a family owned independent business providing personalized individual quality massage therapy. We provide hands on care without wraps or fluff and buff. For your convenience we offer online appointment scheduling. instant gift certificates and free off street parking behind the center.

    On a limited budget, we can help you get back to work quicker than most massage therapists. You may also save up to 35% (pre-tax dollars) when you use your Flex Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) cards. We accept also some insurance with a doctor’s prescription for medically necessary massage therapy.

    Would you like a massage therapist to come to your office for Vitality Break℠ Chair Massage.

    Our modern and quiet office, in the yellow brick bungalow, is open

    Monday – Friday 9:00AM – 7:00PM

    Saturday 9:00AM – 1:00PM

    Conveniently located between downtown and the Westshore/Tampa International Airport business districts at 307 N Howard Ave. since 2002. This area of West Tampa and North Hyde Park is part of the liveliest urban revival in Tampa.

    Would you like to know about specials and promotions?

    SunCoast Massage Therapy Center 307 N. Howard Ave Tampa, FL 33606 813-259-3404

    Mailing List


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    Best Saint Louis, MO Criminal Defense Attorneys #criminal #lawyers #in #st #louis #mo


    Top Rated Criminal Defense Lawyers in Saint Louis, MO

    Criminal Defense Law

    Criminal law is a complex blend of state and federal statutes.

    Each state defines its own set of laws and punishments for state crimes.

    Due to the complexity of the criminal justice process, the average person is often unable to understanding the full breadth of the law or how to navigating the system on their own.

    Find help with Super Lawyers.

    A qualified criminal defense attorney provides legal advice and representation for those charged with crimes, whether a misdemeanor or a felony.

    Depending upon the case, punishments can range from a mere fines or community service to long term prison terms, or even the death penalty.

    It s important to make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

    Super Lawyers offers a free, comprehensive directory of accredited attorneys who ve attained a high-degree of peer recognition and professional achievement in the area of criminal defense.

    Use Super Lawyers to hire a local criminal defense attorney today.

    Are you searching for a top criminal defense lawyer in Saint Louis, Missouri?

    Through Super Lawyers directory, we index attorneys who practice quality and excellence in their work. It is easy to browse criminal defense attorney listings in your immediate area, search for a specific individual referred by a friend, or start narrowing your search by practice area.

    Did you find individuals who interest you? Learn more by exploring their profiles. There you will find a criminal defense attorney’s contact, education, and biographical information to supplement your research. Where possible, our profiles will also include links to a criminal defense lawyer’s personal biography, firm website, and other relevant information to consider.

    Are you ready to take action? Our profile’s contact form is simple to use and makes it easy to connect with a Saint Louis, Missouri lawyer and seek legal advice.

    Super Lawyers Rating System

    Super Lawyers is a research-driven, peer-influenced rating service of outstanding lawyers who have attained a high degree of professional achievement and peer recognition. The patented selection process combines peer nominations, independent research evaluations and peer evaluations by practice area. Each year no more than 5 percent of the attorneys in the state are selected for the Super Lawyers list, and no more than 2.5 percent for the Rising Stars list.

    About Super Lawyers

    Super Lawyers is a rating service of outstanding lawyers from more than 70 practice areas who have attained a high-degree of peer recognition and professional achievement. This selection process includes independent research, peer nominations and peer evaluations. Learn More »

    Best Small Law Firm Web Design, Law Promo Website Design #law #firm #web #designers


    Boutique Law Firm / Small Law Firm Web Design

    Your boutique law firm (or small law firm), whether just starting up or firmly established, should always be interested in expanding its online web presence. You should have a developed, unique brand identity for your firm to ensure business growth. Having worked with small sized law firms since 2004, Law Promo’s professional design team can build a custom website that can help define your brand and elevate you to the next level. Our website can enhance your firm’s presentation and make your services crystal clear to your clients. We are continuously thinking of creative ways to cater to your small law firm in order to provide a website that will enhance and boost your reputation.

    – We have extensive experience working with small and start-up firms
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    – Professional, user-friendly website designs and redesigns
    – Our search optimization service will increase your firm’s visibility
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    Law Promo understands how hectic the legal field can be, without the added difficulty of trying to maintain a web presence. Your time is valuable, and that is where we come in. Let us worry about your website design while you concentrate on your legal responsibilities. Dealing with law firms for more than ten years, our attorney website design experts will assist your law firm according to your specific needs, helping to make a lasting impression on your visitors. Using our technological know-how we can maximize your businees potential and level the playing field, making you a prime competitor. No matter your needs, there is always room for advancement and ways to improve, and Law Promo’s web design specialists will put in their best work in order to help you achieve your goals.

    With all of the competition, it is essential for small law firms to stay relevant and remain superior online. Law Promo’s team can help you utilize your resources and budget to the best of our capability. We stand out among other web design agencies because we offer custom built websites at an affordable rate. Unlike other web agencies, our high-quality work will not deplete your firm’s budget, but rather be a cost-effective means of taking your business to new heights.

    Professional Boutique Law Firm / Small Law Firm Websites

    Contact us today to get started on creating a website that perfectly represents your firm. Our website will focus on your specialty, so that clients are able to quickly reach you. If your firm has many different practice areas, we’ll work with you to create a website that highlights each of your strengths. We also offer a complimentary year of website hosting and maintenance, making it easy to keep your website up to date.

    Below are a few sample small law firm website designs from our portfolio.

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    Best VoIP Softphones – 2017 Reviews, Pricing & Demos #voip #careers


    VoIP Softphones

    Buyer’s Guide

    With the vast number of VoIP softphone products on the market, choosing the right solution for your phone system can be daunting. (Technically, all softphones are for VoIP service. since they re essentially software for placing calls over the Internet.) To help make your decision easier, we ve compiled this guide.

    We ll outline the common features of softphones and give a rundown of popular products to help you make the right decision for your business. We ll look at:

    What Is a VoIP Softphone?

    The name says it all: software phone. Softphones are software applications that run on devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets etc.) with Internet connections and allow you to make and receive calls. Softphones are thus designed for Internet phone service, commonly known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), rather than traditional phone service.

    A VoIP softphone is perhaps easiest to understand when compared to an IP phone i.e. a hardware office phone designed to make calls over the Internet using a business VoIP service rather than traditional land lines.

    Both IP phones and softphones serve as endpoints to which VoIP phone systems connect calls, but one is software and the other is hardware.

    Some businesses choose to deploy softphones rather than hardware phones as phone system extensions. For instance, if your employees work remotely, it makes more sense to connect the phone system to applications on their laptops than to desk phones in an office they rarely see. Additionally, you can deploy softphones alongside desk phones and connect the same extension to both endpoints. This gives your employees more flexibility in their communications options.

    Softphone-only deployments are gaining in popularity and can also help keep the costs of switching to VoIP down, since IP phones can be expensive.

    Common Functions of VoIP Softphone Software

    VoIP softphones often include the following core capabilities:

    Telephone for sale – Landline Phone prices – reviews in Philippines #business #landline #phone


    Landline Phones

    Landline Phone: The Time Before Smartphones and Mobile Phones

    Do you remember the times when you would go home after school and make “telebabad” with your friends over the phone? You would talk and talk for hours, and you would play with the cord or wire? Or how about when you would unintentionally listen to other people’s conversation when you accidentally picked up the receiver not knowing that someone was using it? Or the times when you would have three-way conversation with your BFF’s? Before there were cellphones and smartphones people used landline telephones to communicate with each other.

    Telephone Landlines for your Household or Business

    These landline telephones use cable wires to transmit messages as to radio waves for mobile devices. Through time the look of the telephone has evolved from a rotary dial to a dual-tone multi-frequency or DTMF, from curly wires and cords to wireless and corless landline telephones. Additionally there are also novelty designs of telephone landlines that were made available, some of these were a hamburger, a huge red lips or other cartoon and comic characters. Even though there are wireless and mobile phones in the market most businesses and households still use telephone landlines.

    Basic Telephone Landlines

  • Features. Enjoy your classic telephone landline that features a call waiting, caller ID, speed dial and three-way conference
  • Placement. Place your phone anywhere around your home as it can be mounted on wall or placed on table tops
  • Brand. Get your basic telephone landlines from brands like Alcatel, Uniden, and Panasonic
    • Cordless Telephone Landlines

    • Features. Same with your basic telephone but without the cord, it also features call waiting, caller ID, speed dial and three-way conference
    • Placement. Place your phone anywhere around your home as it can be mounted on wall or placed on table tops
    • Brand. Get your cordless telephone landlines from brands like Alcatel, Uniden, and Panasonic

      Novelty Telephone Landlines

    • Design. Impress your guest and enjoy choosing from different best-selling designs such as cartoon characters and Transformer-inspired phones
    • Placement. Place your phone anywhere around your home as it can be mounted on wall or placed on table tops
    • Brand. Get your novelty telephone landlines from brands like Alcatel, Uniden, and Panasonic

    Big Data Healthcare Analytics: Life Sciences Use Cases #big #data #healthcare, #healthcare #analytics, #healthcare #big #data, #big #data #healthcare #analytics, #big #data #in #healthcare, #big #data #analytics #for #healthcare, #big #data #for #healthcare, #big #data #healthcare #use #cases, #big #data #life #sciences, #life #sciences


    Big Data for Healthcare and Life Sciences

    Big Data Healthcare Solutions

    Big Data for Healthcare and Life Sciences

    HPE Big Data solutions help healthcare and life sciences organizations drive better decisions faster through information governance, management, and analytics. Easily visualize and explore comprehensive, actionable insights from diverse data in scattered silos; and leverage sophisticated pattern-matching techniques and probabilistic modeling to understand structured, semi-structured and unstructured digital information, and curated taxonomies including SNOMED CT.

    Key Benefits

    • Implement effective regulatory compliance to manage growing regulatory and legal scrutiny
    • Integrated with industry standard health information systems through built-in ICD (International Classification for Disease) coding
    • Conceptual search to navigate free-form clinical notes with surgical precision. Semantic processing is powered by clinical ontologies and mappings which work across both structured and unstructured content
    • Allow more sensitive surveillance and efficient chart abstraction, enabling better vigilance for hospital-acquired conditions
    • Identify high-risk populations and parameters through identification of relationships in data
    • Accelerate functions such as computer-assisted chart review, cohort generation, cohort comparisons, graphical knowledge discovery, data-extract capabilities, and more
    • Connect quickly to more than 700 source systems with out-of-the-box connectors, streamlining and accelerating data integration to standard healthcare information systems, in-house data warehouses and other related clinical, operational and financial data sources
    • Increase mobile workforce productivity without compromising on compliance. security, and data protection needs
    • Catalogue and analyze data through information governance in real-time, regardless of how it is organized or managed, including connecting relevant data repositories of structured or unstructured information
    • Quickly identify relevant information, from creation to disposal, ensuring authenticity, integrity and reliability of corporate record for specific uses such as regulatory response

    ESG Solution Showcase: Information Governance Considerations in the Life Sciences Industry

    Translating compliance and information governance concepts into actionable strategies can be challenging for life sciences organizations. But it is definitely a priority. Facing the challenge involves following a phased approach encompassing communication, a degree of “cultural evolution,” and of course, leveraging good technology. Learn more in this report by Enterprise Strategy Group.

    Managing Life Sciences Information with Proactive Governance

    In life sciences, the accuracy and integrity of data can mean the difference between success and failure. Complicated by the explosion of big data, it’s important to manage all your data consistently and ensure controls are correctly applied throughout the entire data lifecycle. Learn how HPE addresses these challenges in this brochure.

    Reduce Hospital Costs, Increase Satisfaction with Healthcare Analytics Rapid Deploy

    Powered by core Big Data engines, the HPE Healthcare Analytics Rapid Deploy Solution is a purpose-built, customizable blueprint that can be quickly launched at a fraction of the cost of a traditional built-from-scratch Big Data healthcare analytics solution to address specific use cases that help you be more effective.

    HPE Software Big Data and Information Management Solutions With HP Records Manager our business is easily able to manage all physical and electronic records in terms of security, location and version control specifically.

    Joshua Montoya, System Administrator, Medical Council of NSW

    HPE Software Big Data and Information Management Solutions We have been able to have one centralized record repository for all business related activity, which has then increased productivity within our organization .

    IT Manager, Medium Enterprise Health Care Company

    Partners in Prevention #domestic #violence #counseling,domestic #violence #counselling,abuse #counseling,domestic #abuse #counseling,domestic #legal #abuse #help


    Domestic Violence Counseling and Consulting

    When you need domestic abuse help the most, sometimes finding the right help is most difficult. The “right” help is critical in domestic abuse situations.

    Domestic violence services are as varied as the needs of those seeking service. There are free emergency crisis intervention services for those requiring protection from immediate danger. There are shelter services for those needing housing and safety.

    There are domestic violence expert consulting services for those needing an expert witness. There are domestic violence counseling services for those wanting help healing the wounds of relationship violence.

    We offer domestic violence counseling and consulting services to individuals from all walks of life and in varying phases of the cycle of domestic abuse.

    The Intimate Partner Abuse Treatment Program is a finely tuned domestic violence treatment protocol, integrating a psychoeducational intervention promoting change for batterers and a psychotherapeutic intervention facilitating healing for domestic abuse survivors.

    These clinically proven interventions are the appropriate mode of treatment for intimate partner violence, and are delivered by licensed psychologists specializing in the treatment domestic violence.

    The Intimate Partner Abuse Treatment Program combines these interventions in a parallel and concurrent format. Each partner receives their therapy individually, unlike traditional marital therapy.

    This is your alternative to marital therapy, which you may know is counter-indicated for intimate partner abuse. (In other words, martial therapy is not effective for domestic abuse treatment.)

    The Intimate Partner Abuse Treatment Program is an innovative treatment combination designed to end domestic abuse and save your marriage. For more information about this program, please visit: Intimate Partner Abuse Treatment Program .

    The Family Violence Intervention is typically inspired by a close friend or family member of the abused. It is most often initiated prior to the individual in the abusive relationship awakening to the danger in which they live.

    The intervention begins with contact from the concerned family member or friend. The focus of the first phase of the intervention is information and data collection.

    Once the network of support is established to bridge the expertise into a consulting relationship with the abused, phase two of the intervention begins. This phase involves personal counseling and psychotherapy for the individual in the abusive relationship.

    To review a sample case study, visit: Family Violence Intervention Program .

    Individual Counseling or Psychotherapy is designed for, and initiated by, an individual that is a survivor of intimate partner violence or is a partner in interactional relationship abuse. We employ a client/patient-centered approach integrating humanistic insight-oriented psychotherapy, by a seasoned psychologist and domestic violence victim advocate.

    The counseling and psychotherapy sessions are conducted by telephone or skype, and range from 50 to 75 minutes per session.

    When Batterers Re-victimize Victims.Falsely Accused of Domestic Abuse?

    It s no secret that abusers use law enforcement to control their victims. When all else fails and they feel they are losing the grip of their control, they reach for the aid of the system to control their partners.

    Our goal is to help you identify and evidence intimate partner violence when you are the victimized party. Our commitment to this end stems from our desire to insure that domestic abuse survivors not be victimized by a perpetrator’s use of the system to batter them.

    Consulting for Legal Domestic Abuse is available for those in an abusive relationship who are interfacing with the healthcare and/or legal system. Most often this is a domestic abuse survivor involved in divorce proceedings with child custody litigation, or the threat of custody litigation or child custody reconsideration.

    We are highly sensitive to the impact of the legal abuse syndrome and allegations of parental alienation. Our expertise is in helping abuse victims protect their rights, liberties and mental health status.

    All consulting sessions are conducted by telephone or skype. On site consultations are arranged as necessary and required by the case.

    Dear Dr. King, You helped me change my life.

    I firmly believe that without your books, your website, and your phone consultations (and unending prayer!), my children would now be in the full custody of their father. The system clearly can be used against the protective parent. This time, the batterer didn’t win!

    You equipped me with such clarity about what was happening both within the court system and within my relationship with my abusive husband. That clarity helped me to separate who HE said I was, from who I really am. It also gave me a strength from within that I no idea even existed. Slowly but surely, with your encouragement and education, I began to operate from a position of strength and knowledge rather than from the position of a victim.

    I, the terrified and terrorized woman who cried incessantly for months when he filed for custody, who could not bear to look at the court papers or read the GAL report, turned in to this woman of such strength. My children and me can’t thank you enough.

    I am so immensely grateful! Former Consulting Client

    Brief Biography of Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D

    Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist, domestic violence consultant and leading expert in identifying the subtle communication patterns of battering relationships.

    She brings over 30 years of clinical practice and seasoned psychotherapeutic healing skills to help individuals and couples in abusive relationships.

    Dr. King has extensive experience working with domestic abuse victims in high conflict divorce cases involving spousal abuse and/or child abuse and custody litigation. She has expertise in helping domestic violence survivors combat allegations of parental alienation, mental illness and, in extreme cases, improper psychiatric labeling.

    To learn more about Dr. King’s professional experience, please see her full biography and curriculum vita .

    You can reserve an appointment for an initial consultation from this website.

    We do not give personalized professional advice by email to individuals with whom she has no prior experience. If you would like us to help, simply reserve your appointment directly from this website.

    We make every effort to accommodate each person to financially secure the best therapeutic treatment available. If you plan to use your healthcare insurance for your therapy, we will provide you with an invoice to process your insurance claim.

    Additionally, if you want generic insight that you would like us to provide to you via our Survivor Success Tips & eInsights bimonthly mailing, please let us know. We are happy to offer stimulating suggestions and information, free of charge, on critical issues that concern our readers. For this request, please put eInsight Request in your posting. contact us

    We are here to help you in what may be the most trying time of your life. As survivors, ourselves, we can provide the most effective psychological counseling to arm you in this life-altering endeavor. We support you and encourage you toward success, and as always.

    We wish you safety, health and well-being.

    To schedule an appointment, please reserve your session:

    Brief Consultation – Half Hour

    Initial Individual Consultation – One Hour

    Expert Domestic Abuse Consulting – One Hour

    We will contact you by email within 24-48 hours with available appointment times. Your payment reserves your session. We look forward to helping you.

    Baking – Pastry Courses #pastry #and #baking #classes


    Baking Pastry Courses

    Experience the labour of love that goes into handmade breads, the patience and precise detail for making fondant, or the artist’s eye for desserts.

    If creating divine bakery items is as rewarding for you as indulging in them, you’ve come to the right place. The Baking and Pastry courses are designed to fulfill your passion. Select the courses that most intrigue you and learn the theory and techniques from professional bakers and pastry chefs. They will have you making items that taste as heavenly as the way you masterfully present them.

    You have the choice to learn artisan breads, cakes, chocolate work, pastry items or display pieces. It’s up to you but your friends and family may beg you to take them all!

    Entrance Requirements

    IMPORTANT: Students are asked to bring an apron, food containers and grocery bags to take home their tasty creations. The recommended footwear for these courses should be closed toe, non-slip leather shoes. Do not wear loose clothing and jewelry.




    Whether you need an existing course from NAIT’s wide spectrum of programs or a solution customized specifically for your organization, Corporate and International Training can help. We assess your needs, design a training program and deliver an economically feasible training solution to your employees, anytime, anywhere. Learn more

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    Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
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    Childbirth Complications #pregnant, #pregnancy, #pregnancies, #childbirth, #mom, #mom’s, #moms-to-be, #mothers, #baby, #babies, #infant, #infants, #child, #children, #fetus, #fetuses, #childbirth, #complications, #labor, #presentation, #vertex, #breech, #cesarean #section, #c-section, #cesarean, #


    Childbirth Complications

    WebMD archives content after 2 years to ensure our readers can easily find the most timely content.

    To find the most current information, please enter your topic of interest into our search box.

    “>From the WebMD Archives

    A pregnancy that has progressed without any apparent hitch can still give way to complications during delivery. Here are some of the most common concerns.

    Failure to Progress (Prolonged Labor)

    A small percentage of women, mostly first-time mothers, may experience a labor that lasts too long. In this situation, both the mother and the baby are at risk for several complications including infections.

    Abnormal Presentation

    Presentation refers to the position the fetus takes as your body prepares for delivery, and it could be either vertex (head down) or breech (buttocks down). In the weeks before your due date. the fetus usually drops lower in the uterus. Ideally for labor, the baby is positioned head-down, facing the mother’s back, with its chin tucked to its chest and the back of the head ready to enter the pelvis. That way, the smallest possible part of the baby’s head leads the way through the cervix and into the birth canal.

    Because the head is the largest and least flexible part of the baby, it’s best for it to lead the way into the birth canal. That way there’s little risk the body will make it through but the baby’s head will get hung up. In cephalopelvic disproportion, the baby’s head is often too large to fit through the mother’s pelvis, either because of their relative sizes or because of poor positioning of the fetus .

    Sometimes the baby is not facing the mother’s back, but instead is turned toward her abdomen (occiput or cephalic posterior). This increases the chance of painful “back labor,” a lengthy childbirth or tearing of the birth canal. In malpresentation of the head, the baby’s head is positioned wrong, with the forehead, top of the head or face entering the birth canal, instead of the back of its head.

    Some fetuses present with their buttocks or feet pointed down toward the birth canal (a frank, complete or incomplete/footling breech presentation). Breech presentations are normally seen far before the due date, but most babies will turn to the normal vertex (head-down) presentation as they get closer to the due date. In a frank breech, the baby’s buttocks lead the way into the pelvis; the hips are flexed, the knee extended. In a complete breech, both knees and hips are flexed and the buttocks or feet may enter the birth canal first. In a footling or incomplete breech, one or both feet lead the way. A few babies lie horizontally (called transverse lie) in the uterus, which usually means the shoulder will lead the way into the birth canal rather than the head.


    Abnormal presentations increase a woman’s risk for injuries to the uterus or birth canal, and for abnormal labor. Breech babies are at risk of injury and a prolapsed umbilical cord. Transverse lie is the most serious abnormal presentation, and it can lead to injury of the uterus (ruptured uterus) as well as fetal injury.

    Your doctor will determine the presentation and position of the fetus with a physical examination. Sometimes a sonogram helps in determining the fetus’ position. When a baby is in the breech position before the last six weeks to eight weeks of pregnancy, the odds are still good that the baby will flip. However, the bigger the baby gets and the closer you get to the due date, the less room there is to maneuver. Doctors estimate that about 90% of fetuses who are in a breech presentation before 28 weeks will have turned by 37 weeks, and over 90% of babies who are breech after 37 weeks will most likely stay that way.

    Umbilical Cord Prolapse

    The umbilical cord is your baby’s lifeline. Oxygen and other nutrients are passed from your system to your baby, through the placenta and the umbilical cord. Sometimes before or during labor, the umbilical cord can slip through the cervix, preceding the baby into the birth canal. It may even protrude from the vagina. This is dangerous because the umbilical cord can get blocked and stop blood flow through the cord. You will probably feel the cord in the birth canal and may see it if it protrudes from your vagina. This is an emergency situation. Call an ambulance to get you to the hospital.

    Umbilical Cord Compression

    Because the fetus moves a lot inside the uterus, the umbilical cord can get wrapped and unwrapped around the baby many times throughout the pregnancy. While there are “cord accidents” in which the cord gets twisted around and harms the baby, this is extremely rare and usually can’t be prevented.

    Sometimes the umbilical cord gets stretched and compressed during labor, leading to a brief decrease in the flow of blood within it. This can cause sudden, short drops in the fetal heart rate. called variable decelerations, which are usually picked up by monitors during labor. Cord compression happens in about one in 10 deliveries. In most cases, these changes are of no major concern and most babies quickly pass through this stage and the birth proceeds normally. But a cesarean section may be necessary if the heart rate worsens or the fetus shows other signs of distress, such as decrease of fetal blood pH or passing of the baby’s first stool (meconium).


    Causes and Treatments Failure to Progress (Prolonged Labor)

    Failure to progress refers to labor that does not move as fast as it should. This could happen with a big baby, a baby that does not present normally or with a uterus that does not contract appropriately. But more often than not, no specific cause for “failure to progress” is found. If labor goes on too long, your doctor may give you intravenous fluids to help prevent you from getting dehydrated. If the uterus does not contract enough, he or she may give you oxytocin, a medicine that promotes stronger contractions. And if the cervix stops dilating despite strong contractions of the uterus, a cesarean section may be indicated.

    Abnormal Presentation

    Sometimes a placenta previa may cause an abnormal presentation. But many times the cause is not known. Towards the end of your third trimester. your doctor will check the presentation and position of your fetus by feeling your abdomen. If the fetus remains in breech presentation several weeks before the due date, your doctor may attempt to turn the baby into the correct position.

    One option typically offered to women after 36 weeks is an “external cephalic version,” which involves manually rotating the baby in cog-like fashion inside the uterus. These manipulations work about 50% to 60% of the time. They’re usually more successful on women who have given birth previously because their uteruses stretch more easily.

    “Versions” typically take place in the hospital, just in case an emergency cesarean delivery becomes necessary. To make the procedure easier to perform, safer for the baby and more tolerable for the mother-to-be, doctors sometimes administer a uterine muscle relaxant, then use an ultrasound machine and electronic fetal monitor as guides. The procedure typically doesn’t involve anesthesia, but sometimes an epidural can help with the version. Since not all doctors have been trained to do versions, you may be referred to another obstetrician in your area.

    There is a very small risk that the maneuver could cause the baby’s cord to become entangled or the placenta to separate from the uterus. There’s also a chance that the baby might flip back into a breech position before delivery, so some doctors induce labor immediately. The risk of reverting to breech is lower closer to term, but the bigger the baby, the harder it is to turn.

    The procedure can be uncomfortable, but avoids a cesarean section, which is most likely if the baby can’t be moved into the proper position.


    Umbilical Cord

    Umbilical cord prolapse happens more often when a fetus is small, preterm, in breech (frank, complete or incomplete/footling) presentation, or if its head hasn’t entered the mother’s pelvis yet (“floating presenting part”). This prolapse can occur, too, if the amniotic sac breaks before the fetus has moved into place in the pelvis.

    Umbilical cord prolapse is an emergency. If you are not at the hospital when it happens, call an ambulance to take you there. Until help arrives, get on your hands and knees with your chest on the floor and your buttocks raised. In this position, gravity will help keep the baby from pressing against the cord and cutting off his or her blood and oxygen supply. Once you get to the hospital, a cesarean delivery will probably be performed unless a vaginal birth is already progressing naturally.

    Umbilical Cord Compression

    Umbilical cord compression can occur if the cord becomes wrapped around the baby’s neck or if it is positioned between the baby’s head and the mother’s pelvic bone. You may be given oxygen to increase the amount available to your baby. Your doctor may hurry along the delivery by using forceps or vacuum assistance, or in some cases, delivering the baby by cesarean section.

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    Bloomfield Avenue Dental Associate – Cosmetic Dentist in Drexel Hill, PA #cosmetic #dentistry, #emergency #dentistry, #dental #implants, #invisalign, #braces, #holistic


    Welcome to Our Practice

    Dentist Drexel Hill, PA – Bloomfield Avenue Dental Associates

    Welcome to Bloomfield Avenue Dental Associates where Dr. Sonia Barbosa-Ruiz, Dr. Suzanne Ahnquist, Dr. Philip Shin and Dr. Joseph Costa and our experienced team are committed to excellence in compassionate and gentle dental care. At our comprehensive practice we specialize in preventative, restorative, cosmetic and holistic dentistry. It is extremely important to maintain a healthy mouth and it is always our goal to preserve your natural teeth but when that is not possible, we now have many options to create a functional and beautiful mouth once again. A white, bright beautiful smile is now accessible to anyone, as our team has the skill, experience and knowledge to create it for you.

    We strive to make our patients feel at home, providing cushions and blankets for an extra special feeling of well-being. We utilize state of the art equipment like digital x-rays and CT Imaging, as well as the most innovative methods to produce the most effective and esthetic results. Your teeth can be repaired with tooth colored fillings, crowns or dental implants ; your smile can be enhanced with teeth whitening, veneers or Invisalign.

    We know there are many dental offices to choose from, and we are honored that you have chosen ours. We do not take our responsibility to you lightly and we will work very hard to earn your complete satisfaction. For the convenience of our patients, we offer early morning and late evening appointments, to accommodate work and school schedules. Let Bloomfield Avenue Dental Associates help you to feel and look your best today! Hablamos Espanol. We are also fluent in French, Korean and Arabic.

    Our Location

    Managed services pricing models: Per-device vs #managed #services #pricing #models


    Managed services pricing models: Per-device vs. SLA-based approach

    Pricing strategies is a hot topic among managed service providers (MSPs), and for good reason. But it’s not all about the bottom line. The pricing model an MSP adopts can impact much more than revenues and margins. It can also have an effect on the potential for business risk and commoditization in the marketplace. Unfortunately, the strategy offering the most protection is also the most difficult to implement.

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    Download our latest guide to the top strategies solution providers can leverage for starting up and securing a cloud practice, successful approaches to selling and marketing cloud, and why it is urgent for partners to transition now.

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    Depending upon the business maturity model of the solution provider, and the sales and marketing acumen of the provider, we see several different [pricing] models, said Erick Simpson. senior vice president and CIO, of Orange, Calif.-based SPC International. a business improvement and training resource for service providers. We see a per-device model, where I’m going to charge you per PC or per server that we manage. Some providers start in that model, but as they grow in maturity, they sell more on value than on a point price.

    Value-based pricing is a more complex way of pricing [than per-user/per-device], but you can end up with bigger margins in the end.

    Raymond Vrabel,
    Continuum Managed Services

    Of the managed services pricing models in place today, per device and per user are the most common, according to Charles Weaver. CEO of the International Association of Cloud and Managed Service Providers. But they also provide the least protection. Per user/per device is easy. Compared to SLA -based pricing, it’s a lot easier and no one can deny that, but the ease does not outweigh the risk and potential harm to the MSP by locking themselves into a commodity-based pricing model.

    Weaver explained that managed service providers are in high demand and money spent on managed and cloud services is projected to go up. But MSPs using per-user/per-device pricing are likely to be pressured to lower their prices and their margins. The per-user/per-device models make it easier for the customer to play you off of another MSP. … One of the best ways to combat that is to go to SLA-based pricing where you can’t be shopped around by a customer who says, ‘This MSP can do it for that,’ he said.

    A per-user/per-device MSP pricing model also makes it more difficult to raise prices. There’s very little you can do to increase margins other than simplify the back end. But when you raise prices, it’s very hard because it’s transparent to everyone, Weaver said.

    As MSPs mature, they tend to adopt a more sophisticated pricing strategy. Experts use various terms to refer to strategies that are based on the potential risk of bringing on a new customer and the value the MSP delivers. Weaver calls this SLA pricing. He explains: Two customers may each have an identical server, but one may have higher security and redundancy requirements. The company that needs the server available around the clock and protected against unauthorized access, for example, has a lower risk tolerance than the other company. If that server is breached or goes down, the MSP is at greater risk and potentially carries a greater liability.

    [SLA-based pricing is] customized based on the risk to the MSP and what they take on on behalf of the customer, Weaver said. In the example above, one customer is willing to pay more for the management of that device from the same MSP, and the MSP should spend more and take more risk with one customer than the other. Logically, that means higher margins.

    There are far better margins and revenues to be made from SLA-based pricing than anything else. That fact alone should help MSPs make that shift, Weaver said. It also allows MSPs to more easily raise prices based on the value delivered. If an MSP provides services to organizations in a highly regulated industry, such as healthcare, and new laws are enacted that guard against data breaches, it’s a much easier sell to raise prices to cover additional protections, because the customers need them, he said.

    Raymond Vrabel. director of technical account management at Continuum Managed Services LLC, a Boston-based provider of software for managed services providers, suggests a similar approach to pricing services, but with an emphasis on value. Value-based pricing is a more complex way of pricing [than per-user/per-device], but you can end up with bigger margins in the end, said Vrabel.

    With value-based pricing, the MSP essentially becomes the client’s outsourced IT department, Vrabel explained. The MSP considers what it costs the client to deliver IT services with the amount of staff the company has on hand, and then offers to do those same services for a lower fee. For example, it may cost the client $85,000 a year to distribute desktops and to manage, maintain and monitor the company’s PCs. The MSP offers to deliver those services for $65,000, Vrabel said. Value-based pricing is a little more cutting edge than some other pricing models and probably takes a little more back-end homework to get done. But if you have the right formulas, and you can pull it off, that’s a great approach, he said.

    Simpson agreed. The value-pricing model takes the highest level of sales acumen and marketing acumen to understand the needs of the prospect or client and price based upon the perceived value of the services, he said. It takes into account not just the client’s immediate pain but also latent needs and the potential drawbacks of the client not addressing them and how they can evolve into something greater.

    According to experts, these more complex managed services pricing models are the wave of the future. My best guess is that maybe 30% to 40% of MSPs are really doing anything approximating an SLA-based pricing scheme today, but I’d say it’s the wave of the future, the place we’re headed in the next five to 10 years, Weaver said.

    When determining what to charge for SLA-based pricing, Weaver advises MSPs to consider what are they managing, what’s the risk to the MSP and the customer, then building in a 40% to 50% gross margin to whatever those services are in the aggregate. That’s generally speaking where a decent average MSP should be. Less than 30% and you’re not making as much as you should, so you’re either priced too low or it’s costing you too much to deliver the service. Margin is always a good indicator of where you should be in doing SLA pricing, Weaver said.

    Simpson offers this best practice for value-based pricing: It is simple. Include as much as possible into a flat fee to increase the value of those services, and then charge appropriately. That makes it difficult for a competitor to [displace] you.

    This was last published in March 2014

    jlancaster – 27 Mar 2014 12:26 PM

    Prices are way too competitive in Dallas for SLA-pricing (and even user-based pricing). We’ve now reverted back from user-based pricing to a hybrid: Very simplified (and comparatively low) per device pricing for NOC (proactive) services and block time for reactive services. Our NOC is second to none and quite profitable, and the customer participates in the risk on the cost of reactive services. While our overall prices are slightly lower, we’ve raised our margins by eliminating the AYCE contracts that were killing us.

    Genderhayes – 29 Mar 2014 6:48 PM

    Sophos Mobile Control Solutions management product that offers all the primary features needed by an organization looking to control a mobile workforce.

    First Merchant Services #merchant #choice #card #services


    Establish a merchant account today with NO UPFRONT COSTS and take advantage of our LOW RATE GUARANTEE!

    First Merchant Services offers the least expensive way to begin accepting credit and debit cards at your business. We also provide a full inventory of touch-screen point of sale (POS) systems, electronic cash registers and standalone credit card machines. all offered free of charge to our clients! Fill out the contact form or call us at 888-334-5210 today to get started!

    We made the switch to Harbortouch and since then, our customer count has grown 10%, our turnaround time for customers is much quicker, and our ordering mistakes have disappeared. Not to mention the inventory tracking, time sheets, and customer support are all top notch. Harbortouch gets an A+!

    – Fred F. The Lunch Lounge, Phoenix, AZ

    The Harbortouch POS system has had a huge impact on my business. The system is easy to set up and use. I am very pleased with the service and discover new ways each week to make running this business easier with your system!

    – Ken U. Kohl’s Frozen Yogurt, Wrightsville Beach, NC

    Harbortouch is amazing! It has simplified our restaurant and is so easy to use. Harbortouch has helped eliminate errors on tickets and streamlined our food stations. Our BBQ restaurant runs even quicker now with our touch-screen POS system. It is definitely an asset to our company!

    – Cheryl F. Big Dog’s Smokehouse BBQ. Cicero, IN

    We are extremely satisfied with our Harbortouch POS system. We have received nothing but great service from our initial inquiry through today. The system itself has met every one of our expectations, and is terrific to usel highly recommend Harbortouch POS systems!

    – Robert K. Teodora Caffe, Twin Falls, ID

    Boulder Plumbing and Mechanical, LLC #boulder #plumbing


    Boulder Plumbing and Mechanical, LLC

    Boulder Plumbing and Mechanical, LLC

    Boulder Plumbing and Mechanical, LLC, is a local owner run and operated company with over 30 years experience. We are your one stop spot for all of your plumbing and HVAC needs. We specialize in all facets of plumbing, heating, and air conditioning. We are extremely competitive and understand the value of building life long relationships with our customers. We will to go all lengths to please our clients needs.


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      For business types that require a Secretary of State filing, we confirm that the business is in good standing in the state in which it is located.
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    Please see HomeAdvisor’s Terms and Conditions for a full description of how we screen Service Professionals

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    Schedule of Classes

    Open to Enrollment. Each course offered by the Ventura County Community College District and its colleges is open to enrollment and participation by any person who has been admitted to the college and who meets the prerequisites to the class or program, unless specifically exempted by statute.

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    Textbook Lookup
    Lookup course materials on the Moorpark College Bookstore website.

    Search – All Classes
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    Lookup course materials on the Moorpark College Bookstore website.

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    Graduate Programs #imba #programs


    College of Business Administration

    Graduate Programs

    Accelerate your career on your own terms with our flexible MBA designed for working professionals. The program can be completed in two years, or students can enroll on a part-time basis. Classes are offered weekday evenings on the Sacramento State campus.

    Designed for experienced managers who aspire to leadership positions, this 15-month accelerated program meets Friday afternoons and Saturday evenings at businesses in the Sacramento area. This cohort-based program provides an exceptional learning and networking environment.

    A one-year, full-time program with a global focus, t he International MBA prepares you to be a business leader in the international marketplace. Classes meet during the day on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on the Sacramento State campus.

    This 18-month online program provides an advanced understanding of the rapidly changing accounting field. 100% compatible with the CPA exam, our program offers the flexibility of online education and the rigorous preparation to advance your career.

    California State University, Sacramento
    6000 J Street
    Sacramento, CA 95819
    (916) 278 – 6011

    Blue Parrot Nightclub Shooting: 5 Killed During BPM Electronic Music Festival in Mexico #bpm #station


    Police: 5 Killed in Shooting at Mexico s Blue Parrot Nightclub During BPM Music Fest

    The Blue Parrot is one of the venues at the 10-day BPM electronic music festival in Playa del Carmen.

    A shooting attack at an electronic music festival in Mexico s Caribbean coast resort of Playa del Carmen on Monday left five people dead, including two Canadians, an Italian and a Colombian, authorities said.

    The attorney general of Quintana Roo state said that three of the dead were part of the security detail at the 10-day BPM electronic music festival. The fourth and fifth victims have not been identified.

    Miguel Angel Pech said the shooting occurred about 2:30 a.m. outside the Blue Parrot nightclub, one of the BPM Festival s venues in Playa del Carmen, just south of Cancun. It was apparently the festival s closing event.

    Pech said a lone gunman apparently tried to enter the nightclub, but was denied access because he had a gun.

    The gunman began to exchange fire with another person inside, he said, and festival security personnel tried to stop the shooting and came under fire.

    Pech said it was not a terrorist attack, and said three people had been detained nearby, but it was unclear if they had been involved in the shooting. We know of another shooting incident that occurred near the nightclub, but we are investigating whether that is related to the nightclub shootings, Pech said.

    He said 20 bullet casings from three different pistols had been found at the scene, and said it was unclear if the security detail had been armed or fired any of the weapons.

    The government of the township that includes Playa de Carmen referred in a statement to attackers who fired shots, but did not provide further details.

    The shooting apparently caused a rush of people heading for the exits at the beach-side club, and the lone female victim was apparently killed during the stampede.

    Pech said 15 people were injured, included one Mexican woman who was seriously injured. He said eight of the injured including two U.S. citizens and one Canadian had been treated for less serious injuries at local hospitals and released.

    He said three people had been detained nearby, but it was unclear if they had been involved in the shooting.

    Rodolfo Del Angel, director of police in the state of Quintana Roo, told the Milenio TV station that he shooting was the result of a disagreement between people inside the nightclub and said security guards had come under fire when they tried to contain the dispute.

    OFFICIAL STATEMENT: It is with great sadness to share that police have confirmed reports of a lone shooter outside the.

    Playa del Carmen has largely been spared the violence that has hit other parts of Mexico.

    Canada s Global Affairs office confirmed the death of one Canadian and said it was investigating reports of another. Italy s Foreign Ministry confirmed one its citizens died.

    Several festivalgoers took to Twitter to post videos and document the attack as it unfolded.

    Dubfire wrote that they were in the DJ booth at the time and that it was total chaos but that they are ok. Adding, Hope everyone else is.

    DJ Mauro MC posted a video from outside the club after the shooting and said most of us made it out ok, hurts my heart knowing people didn t make it safe. He added that the shooting occurred inside and not from the beach, which is where the nightclub opens up to.

    See more of the reactions below.

    BREAKING NEWS: Mass shooting reporting in the popular Mexican resort town of #PlayaDelCarmen.

    Terrible news at Blue Parrot. thoughts prayers to everyone affected. I was there at midnight for a product showcase and left.

    I was on the decks while shootings happened at blue parrot. me and my friends are safe. What a tragedy.

    the #blueparrot security at #bpmfestival stood up for us when there was gunfire they are the real heroes

    Terrible what happen in playa del carmen,i m safe but is horrible.

    Apparently there was a shooting at Blue Parrot. We were in the DJ booth at the time. It was total chaos. We re ok. Hope everyone else is.

    #BPMFestival #BlueParrot so sad 🙁 most of us made it out ok, hurts my heart knowing people didn t make it safe.

    #BPMFestival #BlueParrot I was so close by the fence on the beach, shooting happened inside, not from the beach

    Someone has come into the club in Playa Del Carmen and opened fire. 4-5 dead and many wounded. Stay in ur fuckin hotel if you re here at BPM

    This is a very very sad situation. Tryna get my head around it still. Thoughts and condolences to all affected

    Hey guys just checking in to say, myself, Jojo Flores, Norma Avila, Steve Mularoni, Kenny Dope, Tracy Morales.

    We are safe and sound and thankful we were back stage when shit went down at #BlueParrot tonight in Playa del Carmen

    We are all safe at BPM – awful news to an amazing week in Mexico.

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    • PRINT
    • the Associated Press

    Chefs to End Hunger #chefs #program



    Mission: The mission of Chefs to End Hunger is to provide meals to the hungry by redistributing the excess prepared food that would normally go to waste in hotels, restaurants, and other foodservice operations to local food agencies to serve the meals.

    Chefs to End Hunger is about empowering chefs to easily and efficiently use the resources already at their disposal and repurpose food currently going to waste to join in the fight to end hunger and make a real cumulative impact daily.

    Chefs to End Hunger relies on 100% donation of supplies (i.e. boxes, labels), meals, and transportation from participants and will one day be implemented nationwide.

    The Program Pilot: LA SF Specialty is in an optimal position to logistically coordinate and execute the redistribution of meals from hotel, restaurant, and other foodservice customers to local food agencies to serve meals. The company already has trucks delivering to over 2,000 locations daily and will drop off supplies of boxes and foil sheet pans. Full boxes containing three sheet pans will be picked up from customers daily upon regularly scheduled product delivery without putting more trucks on the road.

    Chefs at all hotels, restaurants, and other foodservice operations can participate and do their part to feed the hungry simply by packing and labeling the requisite Chefs to End Hunger boxes, storing them in their coolers, and handing over full boxes to their LA SF Specialty driver during their regularly scheduled delivery drop-off. Chefs can turn their food waste into charitable donation AND provide meals to the hungry. Everybody gains from the program.

    Chefs to End Hunger Logo: Use of the Chefs to End Hunger logo creates awareness of the program and demonstrates solidarity among chefs in the cause to feed the hungry.

    © Copyright 2012 LA SF Specialty. All Rights Reserved.

    MTN Bulk SMS Service #mtn, #mtn #home, #mtn #cellphones, #mtn #network, #mtn #nigeria, #mtnn


    MTN Bulk SMS Service

    What is MTN Bulk SMS?

    The MTN Bulk SMS service is a reliable and scalable message delivery platform that allows businesses and Bulk SMS resellers connect to the MTN SMS gateway and send SMS in bulk to their clientele via MTN secure and reliable connection.
    With MTN Bulk SMS service, customers can send SMS over a fast and secure connection from their own systems and servers.
    This service will cater to customers’ needs for SMS broadcast in areas such as marketing campaigns, promotional activities, special season’s greetings, political awareness/campaigns, result notifications, product advertisement and so on.

    Who is the MTN Bulk SMS service for?

    This service is ideal for businesses, value-adding service providers and corporates who require a reliable and secure local message delivery platform for sending large volume of SMS to their clientele.
    Registering and using MTN Bulk SMS service is simple, easy and seamless; making it the best choice for customers who want convenience, reliability and a flexible SMS delivery and payment solution.

    • Instant and guaranteed delivery of messages
    • SMS are sent directly from your system or server through the reliable and secure MTN SMS gateway
    • Highly accessible anytime you want with a technology that is compliant with modern business needs
    • Competitive pricing and ability to select from available Bulk SMS bundles
    • No access fees, hidden charges or setup costs incurred on this service
    • Supports the use of Alpha Tag on messages sent while you receive threshold notifications on your usage.
    • Secure VPN Connectivity to the MTN SMSC Gateway
    • Supports the use of Alpha Tag when sending SMS
    • Compliant with NCC policy on unsolicited messages
    • SMS can only be sent to local destinations (MTN numbers only or MTN numbers and other local network operators)

    To subscribe for the MTN Bulk SMS service; please follow the easy steps below:

    • Read the Bulk SMS Terms and Conditions
    • Select the Corporate Bulk SMS subscription form from the menu tab
    • Complete the Bulk SMS subscription form and click on submit.

    On submitting your completed form, a system identity number will be generated and displayed on the screen. This number is what you will use as your account identifier and also in subsequent transactions.

    How do I know which bundle plan to choose from?

    You can select from any of the bundle plans below:

    Free bulk email services #isp, #dial-up, #adsl, #dsl, #fax #to #email, #fax #2 #email, #web #hosting, #domain #name, #domain #registration, #email #accounts, #emails #services, #hosting


    The number of companies using Hosted Exchange is increasing worldwide. The reason is that Hosted Exchange is more secure, reliable, flexible and enables an enhanced level.
    Read More

    Over the past month Telkom has quietly been upgrading their exchanges to support the long overdue ADSL 2+ standards and providing their end users with up.
    Read More

    Effective from the 1st September, our Per Gig ADSL accounts pricing will be changed to a flat rate of R55 (incl. VAT) per gig. This is.
    Read More

    It is with great excitement that we release our latest Uncapped ADSL offerings. These accounts are a milestone towards enabling cost-effective uncapped internet access. The two.
    Read More

    What is the best adsl solution for me? We hope this article will help you answer that question.

    There are three main components to consider when deciding.
    Read More

    We would like to congratulate the Property Bureau on their nomination for the Cape Talk small business awards.

    The Propery Bureau have been a customer of ours.
    Read More

    Gsolutions recently recieved its CCNSP (Cyberoam Certified Network Security Professional) status. The demand for a product that can manage what users do, when and how with.
    Read More

    ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is an internet connectivity technology that within South Africa enables an ordinary telephone line to reach speeds of up to 4096kbps.
    Read More

    I d like to draw on some comparisons between one form of e-mail marketing, newsletter distribution: mass communication and another: single e-mail 1 to 1 communication.

    In order to improve our website hosting service performance, scalability, reliability and enable us to offer an ehanced range of services we are busy implementing new.
    Read More

    Broward – Palm Beach – Professional Garage Doors – Service, Repair, Installations #florida #garage #door #company


    Licensed Insured Garage Door Specialists in South Florida

    Florida Garage Door Company is a family owned operated business that has been providing professional garage door solutions to residential and commercial clients in South Florida since 2000. The company is composed of the most experienced and certified technicians who can provide same day service for garage door installations, repairs and replacement. We are known for our quality workmanship and superior client service. We work with all brands that are known for their premier quality products, including Amarr, Clopay, DAB, Genie LiftMaster.

    Whether you need help with your new garage doors and openers, or want a quick garage door repair, we can be at your service round the clock. Our 24/7 emergency service is aimed at providing you with prompt service and maximum convenience. You can schedule an appointment with us at the time that suits you best – on weekends or afterhours, we are always available. Our service areas include Palm Beach County – Boynton Beach, West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton | Broward County – Deerfield Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, Coral Springs, Parkland, Plantation, Sunrise, and more.

    Besides installation for best garage door models, we can also provide garage door repairs for just about any make and model. Whether your door needs new garage openers or the torsion spring needs to be fixed, we can do it all by maintaining highest quality standards at the most reasonable prices. Our other services include panel replacement, electric operators, and lubricating tune-ups. We also offer a line of accessories including remote controls, key-less entry systems, backup battery packs and a lot more.

    Those living in Broward County can call us on 954-278-3288, and the Palm Beach residents can reach to us at 561-740-6525. 24-Hour Emergency Service is available!

    Software & Consulting Group #consulting #business #software


    SAP Business One en HANA


    Con SAP Intercompany su compa a podr realizar reconciliaciones y consolidar datos financieros a trav s de diferentes entidades empresariales, racionalizar las actividades entre empresas, y obtener visibilidad en inventario a trav s de unidades de negocio desde el mismo sistema. Facilite as la comunicaci n entre empresas y sucursales para maximizar el potencial de sus negocios.

    SAP Móvil

    Hoy en d a es necesario mantenerse conectado con su compa a en todo momento. Con la plataforma m vil de SAP Business One usted y su equipo pueden mantener un acceso permanente a informaci n empresarial relevante, permiti ndole consultar tareas, actividades pendientes y recibir alertas y flujos de aprobaci n en cualquier momento y ubicaci n que lo requiera.


    Payroll One ha sido dise ado para controlar diferentes tipos de n minas y planillas. El sistema contiene configuradores para el c lculo del impuesto sobre la renta, seguro social y otras retenciones; adem s, permite controlar deducciones e ingresos voluntarios y, por encontrarse integrado a SAP Business One, los asientos contables se generan autom ticamente.


    Lumira tiene como funci n unificar y transformar todo tipo de informaci n disponible para visualizarla e interpretarla de m ltiples formas r pidamente. Al conciliar y visualizar informaci n de esta manera se le facilitar la comprensi n sobre la situaci n, lo cual lleva a mejores decisiones en menos tiempo y aumenta la eficiencia de su negocio.

    Crystal Reports

    SAP Crystal Reports es una poderosa herramienta que le ayuda a dise ar valiosos reportes capaces de transmitir solo la informaci n pertinente despu s de extraerla de pr cticamente cualquier fuente de datos. Esto le permitir generar y entregar la informaci n de forma estructurada con datos concisos a sus clientes, colaboradores o asociados en el formato de su preferencia.


    Con SAP Intercompany su compa a podr realizar reconciliaciones y consolidar datos financieros a trav s de diferentes entidades empresariales, racionalizar las actividades entre empresas, y obtener visibilidad en inventario a trav s de unidades de negocio desde el mismo sistema. Facilite as la comunicaci n entre empresas y sucursales para maximizar el potencial de sus negocios.

    SAP Móvil

    Hoy en d a es necesario mantenerse conectado con su compa a en todo momento. Con la plataforma m vil de SAP Business One usted y su equipo pueden mantener un acceso permanente a informaci n empresarial relevante, permiti ndole consultar tareas, actividades pendientes y recibir alertas y flujos de aprobaci n en cualquier momento y ubicaci n que lo requiera.


    Payroll One ha sido dise ado para controlar diferentes tipos de n minas y planillas. El sistema contiene configuradores para el c lculo del impuesto sobre la renta, seguro social y otras retenciones; adem s, permite controlar deducciones e ingresos voluntarios y, por encontrarse integrado a SAP Business One, los asientos contables se generan autom ticamente.


    Lumira tiene como funci n unificar y transformar todo tipo de informaci n disponible para visualizarla e interpretarla de m ltiples formas r pidamente. Al conciliar y visualizar informaci n de esta manera se le facilitar la comprensi n sobre la situaci n, lo cual lleva a mejores decisiones en menos tiempo y aumenta la eficiencia de su negocio.

    Crystal Reports

    SAP Crystal Reports es una poderosa herramienta que le ayuda a dise ar valiosos reportes capaces de transmitir solo la informaci n pertinente despu s de extraerla de pr cticamente cualquier fuente de datos. Esto le permitir generar y entregar la informaci n de forma estructurada con datos concisos a sus clientes, colaboradores o asociados en el formato de su preferencia.


    Con SAP Intercompany su compa a podr realizar reconciliaciones y consolidar datos financieros a trav s de diferentes entidades empresariales, racionalizar las actividades entre empresas, y obtener visibilidad en inventario a trav s de unidades de negocio desde el mismo sistema. Facilite as la comunicaci n entre empresas y sucursales para maximizar el potencial de sus negocios.

    SAP Móvil

    Hoy en d a es necesario mantenerse conectado con su compa a en todo momento. Con la plataforma m vil de SAP Business One usted y su equipo pueden mantener un acceso permanente a informaci n empresarial relevante, permiti ndole consultar tareas, actividades pendientes y recibir alertas y flujos de aprobaci n en cualquier momento y ubicaci n que lo requiera.


    Payroll One ha sido dise ado para controlar diferentes tipos de n minas y planillas. El sistema contiene configuradores para el c lculo del impuesto sobre la renta, seguro social y otras retenciones; adem s, permite controlar deducciones e ingresos voluntarios y, por encontrarse integrado a SAP Business One, los asientos contables se generan autom ticamente.


    Lumira tiene como funci n unificar y transformar todo tipo de informaci n disponible para visualizarla e interpretarla de m ltiples formas r pidamente. Al conciliar y visualizar informaci n de esta manera se le facilitar la comprensi n sobre la situaci n, lo cual lleva a mejores decisiones en menos tiempo y aumenta la eficiencia de su negocio.

    Crystal Reports

    SAP Crystal Reports es una poderosa herramienta que le ayuda a dise ar valiosos reportes capaces de transmitir solo la informaci n pertinente despu s de extraerla de pr cticamente cualquier fuente de datos. Esto le permitir generar y entregar la informaci n de forma estructurada con datos concisos a sus clientes, colaboradores o asociados en el formato de su preferencia.

    Costa Rica: +506 4001-9286 | +506 2258-4897 |
    +506 2248-1329

    Nicaragua: +505 2278-7488

    Chile: +56 2 3220-9490

    Bolivia: +591 3 3294359

    Broward Hurricane Shutters – CLOSED – 27 Photos – Windows Installation – 267 NE 32nd Ct, Oakland Park, FL – Phone Number #yelp,recommendation,san #francisco, #bay #area, #local,business,review,friend,restaurant,dentist,doctor,salon,spa,shopping,store,share,community,massage,sushi,pizza,nails,new #york,los #angeles


    I came across this company with a good reference of a friend of mine, they are very professional, affordable and reliable. One thing that is impressive on this work nowadays is the effort they do, in order to get you what was ordered. Satisfaction guaranteed. I recommend.

    I DO NOT RECOMMEND Broward Hurricane Shutters Inc. CALL ANY OTHER SHUTTER COMPANY BEFORE YOU CALL THEM. This company is such a disappointment. Here is why: After having several phone discussions with Daniel Crawford he advised that his company would have no problem with installing shutters at my condominium. At the time of our conversations he seemed eager to earn the business and said No problem, we do this type of work all the time. I trusted that Daniel knew what he was doing and he provided me with a price quote and we scheduled a time and date for the installation. On the day before the installation, I called Daniel Crawford to confirm that we were going to have the install completed. At which time I called 3 times throughout the day as his voicemail was full. When he finally picked up the call at around 2:00 PM he seemed confused and did not know if the shutter install had been scheduled and if the shutters had been made. Later the same day, he called me back and confirmed that his company would come out at a later date and install the shutters without needing access to the interior of the apartment. I agreed to this change of schedule. So at about 3:00 PM Daniel Crawford calls me back with a prepared speech that he has not accepted the job! WHAT. Where that came from, I do not know. He proceeds to explain that his company has decided to pass on the job a day before the install was scheduled as they need payment on site at the completion of the job. I try to interrupt him to agree to new payment terms, but as I say let s talk about new payment terms , he hangs up the phone. I ended up calling him back to see if maybe he mistakenly could not hear me and that is why he just hung up without hearing my response, but he continues to repeat that they are passing on the job. Even when I volunteer to pay for the job in 50% down and 50% at completion, Daniel then says he is passing on the job. Honestly, I have never worked with a vendor that has treated me so poorly and left me out in the cold without a real reason. I m glad that I know now that they do not follow through on their word, as they never had a chance to do work on my property and potentially do poor work. I DO NOT RECOMMEND Broward Hurricane Shutters Inc. CALL ANY OTHER SHUTTER COMPANY BEFORE YOU CALL THEM.

    i used broward hurricane shutters to install shutters on my house from the beginning to the end all my dealings with the owner danny crawford and his crew was very professional and friendly. the work was done on time and for an excellent price. we are very happy with the service and the product. i would and have recommended this company to any one wanting to have quality service and shutters installed.

    Yelpers report this location has closed. Find a similar spot.

    Broward Hurricane Shutters


    This company is such a disappointment. Here is why:

    After having several phone discussions with Daniel Crawford he advised that his company would have no problem with installing shutters at my condominium. At the time of our conversations he seemed eager to earn the business and said No problem, we do this type of work all the time.

    I trusted that Daniel knew what he was doing and he provided me with a price quote and we scheduled a time and date for the installation.

    On the day before the installation, I called Daniel Crawford to confirm that we were going to have the install completed. At which time I called 3 times throughout the day as his voicemail was full. When he finally picked up the call at around 2:00 PM he seemed confused and did not know if the shutter install had been scheduled and if the shutters had been made.

    Later the same day, he called me back and confirmed that his company would come out at a later date and install the shutters without needing access to the interior of the apartment. I agreed to this change of schedule.

    So at about 3:00 PM Daniel Crawford calls me back with a prepared speech that he has not accepted the job! WHAT. Where that came from, I do not know. He proceeds to explain that his company has decided to pass on the job a day before the install was scheduled as they need payment on site at the completion of the job. I try to interrupt him to agree to new payment terms, but as I say let s talk about new payment terms , he hangs up the phone.

    I ended up calling him back to see if maybe he mistakenly could not hear me and that is why he just hung up without hearing my response, but he continues to repeat that they are passing on the job. Even when I volunteer to pay for the job in 50% down and 50% at completion, Daniel then says he is passing on the job.

    Honestly, I have never worked with a vendor that has treated me so poorly and left me out in the cold without a real reason. I m glad that I know now that they do not follow through on their word, as they never had a chance to do work on my property and potentially do poor work.


    Was this review ?

    Comment from Daniel C. of Broward Hurricane Shutters
    Business Owner

    5/21/2013 First off like to say I am sorry for the way you feel about my company. first off we did not have a… First off like to say I am sorry for the way you feel about my company. first off we did not have a contract to do any work for you. second on our phone conversation you told me what your sizes of your openings and I gave you a price on those measurements sent one of our employees to take final measurements and they were totally wrong from what you told us. so on the price we gave you on the phone we could not do the job for that price. Third I live in the real world and I would never tell a business this is how I m going to pay for work being done first off I was not willing to wait a month for payment like you told me that s how you were going to pay. and also I should take the work on since work is slow well works not slow and I will not let a person like yourself dictate how I should run my business. This goes out to all the small business out there that come a cross people like the one I had to deal with here they do not have the right to bad mouth your business because you felt taking on there job was going to end up badly. look we didn t even do any work for him who was right in the end. Read more

    i used broward hurricane shutters to install shutters on my house from the beginning to the end all my dealings with the owner danny crawford and his crew was very professional and friendly. the work was done on time and for an excellent price. we are very happy with the service and the product. i would and have recommended this company to any one wanting to have quality service and shutters installed.

    Was this review ?

    From the business


    Accordion Shutters, Rollup Shutters, Bahama Shutters, Storm Panels, Impact Windows, Impact Doors.


    Established in 2001.

    Broward Hurricane Shutters been serving south Florida since 2001

    Other Windows Installation Nearby

    Melissa P. said “I posted this at their WPB location but wanted to make sure I posted it here as well. From talking to the woman in the office to having Ron come out and fix our leaking sliding glass doors, the service…” read more

    in Windows Installation

    Richard W. said “We met Stan (their salesman) at the Palm Beach Home Show. He s a genuinely nice fellow with good impact window and door knowledge. Within a few days he checked our house for a complete window and door…” read more

    in Door Sales/Installation, Windows Installation, Contractors

    HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland #hotel #management #diploma


    Come as a Student, Become a Manager.

    Welcome to HTMi

    A Leading Hotel Management Institute in the World

    HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland prepares students for a management career in the global hospitality industry. The institute has five centres for excellence, they are: The School of International Hotel and Tourism Management, The International Hospitality Research Centre, The International Centre for Events Management Training, The Centre for Career Management and The Centre for Culinary Management.

    The mission for all students is “Come as Student, Become a Manager.”

    To help achieve this mission the focus of HTMi is to provide each student with a high quality education, search for excellence in everything that happens within HTMi, and to provide an organization that meets the contemporary needs of the international hotel and tourism industry. Our high quality modern campus, located within two Swiss hotels, is a recognized part of the beautiful, famous UNESCO Biosphere of the Canton Luzern, Switzerland.

    HTMi Webnetwork

    National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) #national #institute #of #technology


    What is NIEHS? What is NIEHS?

    The mission of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences is to discover how the environment affects people in order to promote healthier lives.

    The mission of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences is to discover how the environment affects people in order to promote healthier lives.

    Wetterhahn Award Lecture: Prenatal Arsenic Exposure and Sexual Epigenetic Dimorphism (705KB) Prenatal Arsenic Exposure and Sexual Epigenetic Dimorphism (705KB)

    Elizabeth Martin, Ph.D.

    Tuesday, August 8, 2017 10:00 11:00 a.m.
    NIEHS Building 101, Rodbell AB

    Tuesday, August 8, 2017 10:00 11:00 a.m.

    The Environmental Health Economic Analysis (EHEA) Annotated Bibliography The Environmental Health Economic Analysis (EHEA) Annotated Bibliography

    The Environmental Health Economic Analysis (EHEA) Annotated Bibliography is a searchable database that summarizes key attributes from over 70 curated environmental health science articles that include economic analyses.

    The Environmental Health Economic Analysis (EHEA) Annotated Bibliography is a searchable database that summarizes key attributes from over 70 curated environmental health science articles that include economic analyses.

    2017 Environmental Justice Implementation Progress Report 2017 Environmental Justice Implementation Progress Report

    Discover the progress that the US Department of Health and Human Services has made toward achieving the vision for the United States as “a nation that equitably promotes healthy community environments and protects the health of all people”

    Superfund Research Program Science Digest Superfund Research Program Science Digest

    Check out the SRP Science Digest for highlights from varied disciplines working to reduce harmful exposures and improve health.

    Check out the SRP Science Digest for highlights from varied disciplines working to reduce harmful exposures and improve health.

    Your Input is Needed for our new Strategic Plan! Your Input is Needed for our new Strategic Plan!

    Deadline: August 11

    Share your ideas by completing this Trends Insights Survey.

    Share your ideas by completing this Trends Insights Survey.

    Bsn to rn programs #rn, #bsn, #bachelor #of #science #in #nursing, #bsn, #nursing, #school #of #nursing, #union #university, #tennessee



    Union offers an RN-BSN track which enables registered nurses (holding the associate degree or diploma) to continue their nursing studies and earn a BSN. This educational track affords one the opportunity to enhance their nursing knowledge, leadership skills and professional opportunities. Completion of the RN-BSN curriculum may be achieved online (excluding general education requirements). One may complete 100% of the didactics online though E-Campus. Completion of the RN-BSN curriculum (excluding general education requirements) is generally completed in 18 months.

    Admission Criteria

    • GPA 2.8 for last 60 Hours
    • Current unencumbered RN licensure in state of residence
    • If you are not a U.S. citizen, an international application must be completed and submitted with the BSN application.
      • All international transcripts must be evaluated by an accredited evaluating agency found at the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services’ website:

    Required General Education

    General Education Requirements (61 hours)

    Christian Studies (online courses)
    Old Testament Survey New Testament Survey

    Laboratory Sciences
    Anatomy Physiology I II

    Social Sciences
    3 hours must be World Civilization

    3 hours must be Literature

    6 hours must be Upper Level courses

    Credit from prior Nursing Program after completion of NUR 333

    Total Credit Hours

    Transfer Guidelines

    • Maximum of 72 hours may be transferred from a junior college; 37 hours from an Associate Degree or Diploma Nursing Program will be awarded after the completion of NUR 333. Therefore, 35 hours remain available for credit from a junior college.
    • 32 hours must be taken from Union University to receive a BSN degree
    • 32 hours maximum credit by testing (i.e. CLEP, DANTES, etc.)
    • Life experience credit is not applicable to this program

    Notes of Interest

    • Online nursing courses taken for RN licensure must be evaluated by the Registrar to determine acceptance of transfer credit. Registrar will evaluate official transcripts after your application has been received and she will mail you a letter detailing transfer credit. The Registrar is the only person with authority to grant transfer credit.
    • English 111 and English 112 must be completed prior to orientation.
    • Statistics (MAT114) is a prerequisite course for Research in Nursing (NUR330). Research in Nursing is required prior to Leadership in Nursing Practice (NUR432). The Nursing Capstone course (NUR490) is the final course of the nursing curriculum.

    2017-2018 Tuition Rates

    Program Offerings and Deadlines

    The RN-BSN Track is available nationwide through online E-Campus. While the application process is rolling admissions. applications need to be complete by July 1st. if you desire to begin in the Fall semester or November 1st. if you desire to begin in the Spring semester. If you are applying after these deadlines, your application may still be considered for the upcoming cohort. Orientation for the nursing program is provided prior to beginning the nursing curriculum.

    Curriculum Model

    General Education courses may be taken with nursing courses as needed

    E-Campus online 18 Months
    Begin in the Fall or Spring (Excluding General Education Requirements)

    Contact Information

    Admissions Checklist

    1. Application: All non-traditional nursing students must complete the Union University School of Nursing Supplemental and NursingCAS applications only. You are not required to apply to the university separately. If you are applying to the traditional 4-year BSN program, please contact Undergraduate Admissions. RN-BSN Adult Studies Application Packet (.pdf)
    2. Read and sign the Community Values Statement and Standards of Admissions. Both signed pages must be received by the School of Nursing Admissions. (part of RN-BSN Adult Studies Application Packet)
    3. Application Fee: The Union University application fee is $50 and is non-refundable. You have the option to pay online by credit card . You may also pay by check or money order with your RN-BSN Adult Studies Application.
    4. Transcripts: Official Transcripts from ALL colleges attended. (Official means they are received at Union University in a sealed envelope from the college you attended). We will accept official transcripts sent electronically through eSCRIP-SAFE. If you attended an international college, you will need to have those transcripts evaluated by one of the agencies found on
    5. Applications which are incomplete by the application deadlines will be considered ineligible for admission and will not be processed.

    *Please allow 2-4 weeks after application packet has been submitted to be received in the Office of Admissions and up to 2 weeks to process application. Applicant will be notified by email when application has been processed.

    *Upon acceptance into the program, the following items must be completed:

    • Current CPR certification
    • Physical exam form & immunization record
    • Clear urine drug screen
    • Clear criminal background check

    School of Nursing at Union University

    Jackson Campus
    1050 Union University Drive | Jackson, TN 38305
    Germantown Campus
    2745 Hacks Cross Road | Germantown, TN 38138
    Hendersonville Campus
    205 Indian Lake Blvd. | Hendersonville, TN 37075

    Excellence-Driven Christ-Centered People-Focused Future-Directed

    PrimaSoft PC, Windows software for home and business: Support #windows #dialer


    Windows Solutions For Business or Personal Use


    The library is fairly small. Currently there was a need for recording books with Arabic titles for a small community college (with about 75 students) which is part of the school. This is why we needed the Handy Library Software. The librarians at the school library and the secretary at the community college use application roughly about twice a week. We keep backups of the database on regular basis. The good thing about the software is that the database is easy to maintain. Talitha Kumi School, Nader

    I am running a community library and I installed Library Software Pro, which is a fantastic product and I am recommending it to all the new community libraries that are opening because of the UKs budget cuts. Darren T.

    The Community Television Network is a non-profit Public Access TV station in Portland, Maine. We use the Handy Equipment Tool Manager to keep track of about 200 pieces of video equipment that we loan out to our Access Producers for their video projects. The equipment we manage includes video cameras, tripods, batteries, microphones and cables. We selected Handy Tool Manager because it provides all of the features of programs that are written specifically for Access Stations but at a much more affordable price – a big concern for a non-profit like ours. One staff member administers the program and the Check In/Out process is done by one of four staff members using a barcode scanner. The program helps us keep track of overdue equipment so we can ensure that nothing goes missing. The program is very reliable and easy to learn and use. Brian Knoblock
    Media Coordinator
    Community Television Network
    Portland, Maine

    about Autometed FTP Clients. ” Excellent remote backup utility I have downloaded and tested several so-called automated ftp programs the last few days and this is the best one I’ve tried so far. Easy to understand and schedule ftp uploads and downloads. Documentation is lacking but if you’ve ever used any ftp program before you will figure this one out in a matter of minutes. “

    about Library Software. a dream come true..
    “I have been searching for an easy inexpensive program for the small library we have at Florida Medical Training Institute. When I came across the primasoft Small library I knew it was just what the school needed. This program is so easy to use it is like a dream come true. When I have to print a report of our holdings for the accrediting agency, it’s just click, click click and done. Thank you Primasoft for providing a program that doesn’t need a rocket scientist to figure out how to work it.”
    Sally C. Director of Licensure and Compliance

    Address Organizer Deluxe a Powerful Personal Information Manager. “. To put it bluntly, everyone could benefit from its functionality. Address Organizer Deluxe can be used by home computer users, by small businesses, and by large corporations. “
    George N. from findmysoft.

    Small Library Catalog. book automated cataloging (auto call numbers): ” I got it! Awesome!
    I’m sorry to keep asking for me, but if you can do it, it saves me a TON of work! Can the leading space in this generated Call field be removed as part of the script? That would be fantastic!
    Thanks so much for the great help. Michelle P.

    about Organizer Deluxe.
    “I am in my 4th or 5th hour of evaluating db dB Organizer Deluxe. First off, so far I have found it to be a very intuitively designed application I believe you may have the market cornered for small business /home users I have found nothing else with the flexibility that is rooted in a “true” database design. “

    “After using flat-file database programs for more than 40 years, I have found Organizer Deluxe to be far and away the best yet. especially for Windows 7. This program is intelligently designed, extremely easy to set up and very flexible. But, most important, email support by the developer is wonderful – exceptionally prompt and always spot on.”
    — Joseph Segel


    BSN – Azusa Pacific University #california #accelerated #bsn


    Azusa Pacific University

    Featured Links

    At a Glance

    *Base Cost (cost per unit x program units) is provided to aid in program comparison only.

    Bachelor of Science in Nursing

    APU’s BSN program equips students to provide effective, compassionate health care. The program provides a solid foundation in nursing care for individuals, families, communities, and people groups across the lifespan and in a wide variety of environments. Students take part in multiple clinical experiences at leading research-based centers, teaching hospitals, and other community health centers throughout the curriculum, beginning with the first nursing course.

    The School of Nursing offers two BSN program options: the Traditional option and the Upper-Division Transfer option.

    Student Portraits: Brandon Sao

    Brandon Sao ’17, a senior nursing major at Azusa Pacific University, discovered through clinicals that nursing is about more than health care, it’s about compassion, and making deeper connections with patients.

    Nursing majors also have access to state-of-the-art technology, such as simulators and virtual patients. The program is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN), and accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) and the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC). Upon completion of the program, students are eligible for public health certification.

    Throughout the nursing degree, students are encouraged to examine the intersection of the Christian faith and their nursing career, their personal spiritual growth, and the concept of spiritual care. Nursing majors leave APU with excellent skills necessary to positively impact their patients’ lives.

    Meet the Faculty: Elizabeth Lopez

    Meet Elizabeth Lopez, PhD, RN, FNP-C. assistant professor in the Undergraduate Programs

    Get to know our nursing faculty.

    Is the BSN Right for You?

    You’re a nursing major if you:

    • Are fascinated by the workings of the human body.
    • Are thorough and detail-oriented, and work well under pressure.
    • Have a heart to help others, and enjoy working with people.
    • Don’t mind working irregular hours, on weekends, and holidays.
    • Have a talent for explaining things clearly.

    Already Have a Bachelor’s Degree?

    If you have a bachelor’s degree in a discipline other than nursing, consider the Entry-level Master’s Program to earn both your Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Master of Science in Nursing.

    Already an LVN or RN?

    APU offers LVN to BSN and RN to BSN programs that help students with LVN or RN certification add the necessary coursework in order to earn a BSN degree.

    “The APU School of Nursing has forever shaped who I am as a person and as a nurse. I am thankful for my nursing faculty and peers, as well as for the peers and global nursing experiences that APU provided, so I can be the nurse I am today.”

    Megan Frew, BSN, RN ’11

    Note: This information is current for the 2016-17 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.

    Related Links


    Apply or Request

    Quick Links

    Schools and Colleges

    HughesNet Satellite Internet High-Speed Broadband Internet Access by HughesNet #business #satellite #broadband


    Introducing HughesNet Gen5!
    Now with 25 Mbps Download Speeds Nationwide!

    America’s #1 Choice for Satellite Internet is now better and faster than ever before.

    With HughesNet Gen5 Internet, all you need is a clear view of the southern sky to get 25 Mbps 1 so there’s no more dialing-up, logging on or waiting around. With HughesNet. you can surf the Internet at super-fast speeds, work from home or manage a small business. HughesNet provides Internet access to areas where fiber, cable or DSL are not available. Get started today and get FREE standard installation.

    Order HughesNet Online now or give us a call toll free at 1-888-255-1932 and one of our Satellite internet Specialists will be happy to assist you.

    Call a Satellite Internet Expert Now: 1-888-255-1932

    All Service Plans Include:

    • Built-in Wi-Fi
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    • No hard data limits 3

    1 Actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed.

    What Is HughesNet?
    HughesNet is the high-speed Internet service provider (ISP) that’s available to everyone in the contiguous U.S. with a clear view of the southern sky. HughesNet uses satellite internet technology to give you a super-fast, always-on Internet connection-so you can enjoy the Internet the way it was meant to be. HughesNet gets you online instantly, lets you surf and open pages faster and download files in a fraction of the time it takes a dial-up modem.

    How does HughesNet work?
    HughesNet delivers high-speed wireless Internet over satellite-not over your telephone line-so you can surf and talk at the same time. A certified HughesNet installer will connect your computer to a satellite internet modem and link it to a satellite dish (antenna). The satellite dish sends and receives information (i.e. email, Web pages, files) over the Internet and delivers it your computer almost instantly!

    HughesNet Benefits
    Want to access more Web content, get more done and have more fun? Get ready to enjoy the benefits of high-speed Internet access from HughesNet! Not only do you get high-speed access, but you also get to eliminate the frustration of dealing with a dial-up connection, logging in and slow surfing speeds.

    Here are some things people love about HughesNet:

    • Service that’s available anywhere. even in areas where cable and DSL don’t reach. ¥
    • Instant Internet access with an always-on connection.
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    • Download large files in minutes, not hours.
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    • Compatible with Windows and Macintosh operating systems.
    • Frees up your phone-no missed calls, no dialing in, no extra phone line needed.

    Why Choose HughesNet?
    Look to the Leader. HughesNet is brought to you by Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HNS), the leading provider of satellite internet network solutions for consumers, businesses, and government. For over 40 years, Hughes Internet has delivered satellite products and services around the world, with more than 1.2 million systems ordered or shipped to customers in over 100 countries placing it among the leading Internet providers. HNS pioneered the development of high-speed satellite Internet services, which it markets globally under the HughesNet brand.

    HughesNet Speeds ±
    HughesNet’s Internet access speeds are considerably faster than standard dial-up speeds. With these increased speeds, subscribers have the ability to download large files, enjoy an enhanced online experience, and be more productive.

    HughesNet Service Plan Comparisons
    HughesNet is the world’s leading satellite internet service for consumer, small business, and enterprise markets. HughesNet offers several service plans to meet a variety of needs. From surfing the Internet at super-fast speeds, to managing a small business from home, HughesNet has solutions for home users and home businesses. HughesNet’s business-class service plans offer companies the ability to securely connect their locations with satellite Internet access in areas where fiber, cable or DSL are not available.

    Get internet solutions delivered where and when you need them.
    HughesNet provides high-speed Internet access and IP connectivity solutions for home, Elite, enterprise and government.

    The Benefits of Satellite Internet
    Satellite versus slow DSL or wireless connections? Thanks to HughesNet’s always-on satellite connection, your frustrations with slow speeds or dropped connections are over. Since you can surf, buy, learn, share and stream music and video with download speeds of 25 Mbps, you call the shots.

    The “always on” advantage.
    Ever just want to check your email, but first you have to dial in. and wait, and log in. and wait? How does the word “instant” sound to you? HughesNet lets you just sit down at your home computer, click on your Web browser, and start surfing. You’ll always enjoy a super-fast connection so you can download files quickly, and check email instantly. So say goodbye to busy signals, tied-up phone lines, and sluggish downloads and say hello to a better Internet experience with HughesNet.

    Accelerate life with HughesNet.
    Do you want to access more Web content, get more done, and have more fun? Are you frustrated by slow dial-up connections? Do you have a clear view of the southern sky? Are you nodding your head yes? Then you’re ready to experience all the Internet has to offer with HughesNet.

    Run your home business, faster.
    If you are a professional running personal and business applications from home, HughesNet offers a Professional service plan designed for home-based business owners like you. The service supports up to two users at a time, and accommodates users who need to download large files from the Internet.

    Easy to set up. Easy to use.
    Every HughesNet Gen5 plan comes with built-in Wi-Fi, so you can easily connect your wireless devices throughout your home or office. The integrated Wi-Fi modem includes the satellite modem and advanced Wi-Fi router, so you don’t have to buy and expensive router!.

    Call Now for your local specials!
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    Call Now for your local specials!

    We are ready to help you 7-days at 1-888-255-1932 .

    Mention Promo 7001

    1 Actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed.

    Streaming is optimized with video streams at DVD quality (up to 480p).

    If you exceed your monthly plan data, you will experience reduced data speeds, which may be as low as or lower than 1 Mbps, until your next billing period.

    * Free standard installation applies to new Lease subscribers only. Not valid with Purchase option. Limited-time offer.

    Express Repair Basic includes 2nd business day onsite service, 8am 5pm, Monday through Friday. $29.95 per onsite repair incident applies in addition to monthly fee. Express Repair Premium includes next business day onsite service, 8am 5pm, Monday through Friday. $29.95 per onsite repair incident applies in addition to monthly fee.

    ** New residential subscribers only. Save $10/month on the 20 GB, $20/month on the 30 GB or $30/month on the 50 GB plans. After 24 months, all plans revert to the standard monthly fee. Offer ends 10/1/17. Cannot be combined with any other service plan offer. Restrictions may apply. Offer void where prohibited.

    $100 instant savings applies to new residential subscribers who purchase a new HughesNet system. Not applicable with the Lease option. Offer ends 10/1/17.

    $99 instant savings applies to new residential subscribers who lease a new HughesNet system. Not applicable with the Purchase option. Offer ends 10/1/17.

    Offers void where prohibited. Other restrictions may apply. Minimum term required. Monthly service and early termination fees apply. Visit for details.

    ***$24.95 offer represents a $5 monthly savings for three months. After three months, the monthly fee reverts to $29.95. $75 savings on HughesNet Voice equipment. Offer requires a 24-month commitment. Offer ends 10/1/17. Other restrictions may apply. Offer void where prohibited.

    Business Intelligence Solution Companies #real-time #business #intelligence


    The World’s Largest Database of Chinese News & Information

    Over 59 billion items archive dating back to 1979, growing by an average of 68 million new items per day

  • The leader in Chinese Media & Business Intelligence Solutions

    Stay on top of coverage and get market insights that matter to you through the cutting-edge information processing and AI technologies at real time

  • Extensive, Licensed & Reliable Content

    Over 470,000 sources of news and business information from top-tier to local media in both Chinese and English

  • Comprehensive Coverage Across Traditional and New Media for All Industries

    A complete view across all media types including online media, social media, print media and broadcast media, covering different
    industry, government and academic sectors

  • Intelligent Media Monitoring
    Solution Customized
    for Specific Business Needs

    Gain real business intelligence and make smart decisions through proactive media monitoring across all media types.

    Most Diverse
    Source of Chinese
    Information Intelligence

    24×7 one-stop access to the most timely, relevant and comprehensive news and information, covering thousands of licensed content sources across various media types.

    Listen, Analyze and Gain Insight about
    Every Social Content Relevant to You

    Business Intelligence Provider

    Offering advanced technologies, innovative solutions and professional services.

    Wisers is a global leader in Chinese media and market intelligence. We offer industry-specific expertise that helps clients respond to market changes, uncover new business ventures and mitigate potential risks. With offices displaced across the Chinese-speaking world, Wisers are well placed to offer PR and business intelligence solutions to companies all over the globe. We have the world’s largest archive of online, print, broadcast and social media content from the Chinese-speaking world. We consolidate traditional and emerging media with industry and education-related content to provide our clients with timely information that directly relates to their enterprise. With over 50 billion articles from all media, our database offers considerably more information than other news archives.

    Business Intelligence PR Solutions

    Raven Snow Videos and Photos (8) at FreeOnes #snow #college #online


    Raven Snow Dashboard

    Raven Snow Quick Bio Info

    Babe Name: Raven Snow Aliases: Snow Bush Date of Birth: Unknown (add ) Place of Birth: Pacific Northwest Country of Origin: United States Career Status: Active Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Brown Measurements: 34D-26-36 Fake Boobs: No Piercings: None Tattoos: None

    Raven Snow is a Adult Model from United States. She was born in Pacific Northwest. She is listed on FreeOnes since 2016 and is currently ranked 21914th place. She currently has 8 gallery links in her own FreeOnes section.

    Our records show that Raven Snow is currently active which means she is still making movies, doing live shows and/or doing photo shoots.

    New Raven Snow Links (8 )

    • Sultry Snow Bush is pure Poetry in motion Toys
    • Snow Bush displays her big Boobs and hairy Pussy Striptease
    • Brunette Snow Bush poses just for you Hairy
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    • Erotic Raven Snow shows off her sexy Body Hairy
    • Sultry hottie Raven Snow is Poetry in motion Striptease
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    • Busty Raven Snow shows off her big Boobs Big Boobs

    Currently we have only a few links of Raven Snow. You can help us out by submitting more photos and videos links to Raven Snow galleries.

    To submit new links please click here
    No need to register!

    CommunityCare of Oklahoma Health Insurance Plans #usa #select #choice #insurance


    Select Network Expands to Muskogee

    CommunityCare’s Select network now includes Saint Francis Hospital Muskogee and Saint Francis Hospital Muskogee East, their associated physicians and affiliated providers.

    Medicare 2017 CAHPS Member Satisfaction Survey and Health Outcomes Survey

    Each year Medicare randomly chooses some members to ask their opinions about the care and services they received from their doctor and from CommunityCare. Two different surveys are conducted.

    Health and Wellness

    Your health is important. Check out these important health topics, tips and tools for healthier living.

    Employee Assistance Program

    CommunityCare Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a comprehensive service provided to employer groups. The EAP is designed to assist employees and their dependents in the identification and resolution of personal problems or concerns that may have a negative impact on their personal or professional lives.

    ChamberCare Plus

    The Tulsa Regional Chamber, CommunityCare, Delta Dental and MetLife have combined forces to provide a portfolio of employee benefits and services previously only available to large employers.

    Medicare is Complicated

    We have answers. View our video on Medicare and CommunityCare Senior Health Plan to sort out what healthcare coverage is best for you.

    Employee Assistance Program

    The EAP provides a convenient, affordable way to address problems that may affect worker productivity and job safety.


    The goal of ExcelCare is to reduce wasteful healthcare expenditures while maintaining the quality of care.

    Preferred CommunityChoice

    A preferred provider organization with a network that serves members in Oklahoma, southeastern Kansas, western Arkansas and southwestern Missouri.


    WorkNet of Oklahoma brings managed care into the workers’ compensation arena.

    CareWeb Connections

    CommunityCare’s CareWeb Connection is a custom suite of on-line tools developed by CommunityCare for our Members, Employers and Providers.

    Human resource planning tools #human #resource #planning #tools


    Human resources for health (HRH) tools and guidelines

    HRH planning

    • Workload Indicators of Staffing Need (WISN)
      The Workload Indicators of Staffing Need (WISN) method is a human resource management tool. It provides health managers a systematic way to make staffing decisions in order to manage their valuable human resources well.
    • WPRO Workforce Projection Tool (WWPT) [pdf 862 kb]
      Developed by WHO Regional Office for Western Pacific (WPRO), this software application facilitates the production of comparative, cadre-specific and summary reports for health workforce projections and cost parameters. The results obtained by using the WWPT tool may serve as guideposts for countries to base their HRH plans and strategies.
    • Health human resources modelling: challenging the past, creating the future [pdf 274kb]
      Three separate but related projects were undertaken to link population health needs to health human resource planning, to illustrate the value and challenges in using health human resource data to inform policy decisions on nursing productivity and to generate evidence based retention policies to guide nursing workforce sustainability.
    • Health human resources planning and the production of health: Development of an analytical framework for needs-based health human resources planning
      In this paper an analytical framework is developed based on the production of health care services and the multiple determinants of health human resource requirements. In this framework attention is focused on estimating the ‘flow’ of services required to meet the needs of the population that is then translated into the required ‘stock’ of providers to deliver this ‘flow’ of services.
    • An approach to estimating human resource requirements to achieve the Millennium Development Goals [pdf 158kb]
      This paper proposes a methodological approach to estimating the requirements of human resources to achieve the goals set forth by the Millennium Declaration. The method builds on the service-target approach and functional job analysis.
    • Tools for planning and developing human resources for HIV/AIDS and other health services
      pdf, 2.47Mb
      Forecasting human resources needs to adequately train and supply a sufficiently large workforce is a challenging task. This manual presents, among others: an analytical framework and a way to update health workforce policy, rapid assessment of HR management needs, the impact of HIV/AIDS on human resources, a model for estimating workforce needs for antiretroviral therapy and other priority health services. A spreadsheet application helps to estimate the necessary health workforce.
    • Excel spreadsheet to calculate human resources needed to provide care to the targeted number of ARV patients
      xls, 798kb
    • Selecting and applying methods for estimating the size and mix of nursing teams
      pdf, 315kb
      The aim of this report is to help nurses make better decisions about cost-effective numbers and mixes of nurses. It aims to help them make sense of the complex and uncertain world of nursing workforce planning. Commonly used nursing workforce planning methods are reviewed and classified.
    • Summary
      pdf, 613kb
    • Scaling up HIV/AIDS care: service delivery and human resources perspectives
      pdf, 888kb
      Results of a study of human resources and antiretroviral therapy (ART) at 41 sites in 11 countries, presented in three sections: an overview of service delivery models for ART, a more in-depth account of the systems studied and a report of an international workshop on HRH and ART delivery.
    • Human resources for health: models for projecting workforce supply and requirements
      pdf, 505kb
      Field-tested supply and requirements projection models to facilitate long-range planning of the health workforce.
    • WPRO/RTC health workforce planning workbook
      pdf, 245kb
      Designed to enable users to produce a health workforce plan.
    • Guidelines for introducing human resource indicators to monitor health service performance.
    • Cover
      pdf, 1.11Mb
    • Contents
      pdf, 161kb
    • Description
      pdf, 150kb
    • Foreword and preface
      pdf, 2.69Mb
    • Concepts of performance indicators
      pdf, 325kb
    • The foundation for introducing human resource performance indicators
      pdf, 770kb
    • The mechanics of developing and using human resource indicators
      pdf, 791kb
    • Bibliography
      pdf, 711kb
    • Appendix 1: The basic basket of indicators
      pdf, 35kb
    • Appendix 2: Sample operations for pilot study
      pdf, 591kb
      Tells why and how to develop and use health workforce performance indicators to improve management. Aimed at policy-makers and managers in national health systems.
      • Checklist for review of the human resource development component of national plans to control tuberculosis [pdf 282kb].
        Competent health care providers and managers are critical to the successful implementation of the Directly Observed Treatment Short-Course (DOTS) strategy to reach and sustain the targets for global tuberculosis (TB) control. The development and maintenance of a competent workforce for TB control is therefore a key component of the activities of national TB control programs. Structured in the form of questions to be answered and issues to be considered during the review process, the checklist has been developed as a tool to assist in a systematic review of the human resource development component of national TB programs.

    Timothy Off Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing #hvac #west #chester #pa


    Trust our experienced Heating, Air Conditioning Plumbing company.

    While every home may be different, we know that a quality heating and air conditioning system is the key to keeping you comfortable throughout the year. At Timothy Off in West Chester, our HVAC heating and air conditioning services can help you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. We offer installation, repair, and maintenance services performed by trained technicians with over 100 years of combined experience.

    We also offer plumbing services to keep your pipes flowing smoothly. Whether you’re in need of a plumbing installation or repair, we offer the best service in the area.

    We guarantee our work, because we care about our customers.

    All of our work is guaranteed, so you can count on the heating, air conditioning, and plumbing services of Timothy Off.
    Sincerely, Tim

    4 Reasons to Call Timothy Off

    The team at Timothy Heating, Air Conditioning, and Plumbing is well-known and well-respected for their HVAC services. This is why:

    We Guarantee Our Services

    Your satisfaction is guaranteed with Timothy Off. From our full system replacement warranties to our complimentary 6-month check-ups, the Timothy Off team is proud to treat our customers to the very best service in the HVAC and Plumbing industries.

    We re Available When You Need Us

    Our courteous and trained professionals are available every day of the year, 24 hours a day, so no matter when you encounter a problem, we ll be able to solve it. We ll treat you and your home with respect by wearing shoe covers, laying drop cloths, and cleaning up after ourselves.

    We Are a One-Stop Shop

    Whether you re looking for heating, cooling, HVAC or plumbing services, our locally owned and operated company is here to help. We offer quality installations, repairs, and maintenance for all of your mechanical needs

    We Want to Make You Happy

    Our #1 goal is to improve your happiness, comfort, and health, which is why we carry only the highest quality products and brands. With over 100 years of combined experience, we ll diagnose your situation and provide the best solution for your budget and lifestyle.

    Calabasasa Air Conditioning Repair #calabasasa #heating #and #air #conditioning, #calabasasa #air #conditioning #repair, #calabasasa #air #conditioning #service, #calabasasa #air #conditioning #systems, #calabasasa #solar #energy



    There`s nothing quite like walking out of the hot, sticky air and into a blissfully cool home, or, during cooler winter months, walking in from the cold into a warm, welcoming home. Being able to control the temperature of your home is something that we have become accustomed to until, of course, the furnace or Calabasas air conditioning unit you are using to do so happens to break down. When this happens you start to realize how integral having these units is to your life, as it makes everything much more relaxing and makes it much easier to handle any sort of extreme weather, no matter whether it`s hot or cold. But what do you do if your Calabasas air conditioning unit or heater breaks down in Calabasas. When that happens you call Speedy Heating Air Conditioning.

    Getting It Fixed, Fast

    At Speedy Heating Air Conditioning we realize that the air quality and condition in your home is extremely important, and that is why we do everything that we can to provide rapid service to our customers. Our heating and cooling experts arrive at your home with everything that they need to do the job, so that you will know, when they arrive, that your problem will be taken seriously. With 24/7 emergency service available, you never have to worry about your home being uncomfortable to live in. One call and our experts will be there ready to help make your home enjoyable and comfortable once again.

    But not only does Speedy Heating Air Conditioning repair broken furnaces or Calabasas air conditioning units, we also install new units! At Speedy Heating Air Conditioning our experts can evaluate your home in order to figure out what type of Calabasas air conditioning or heating unit will best serve your purposes, helping to reduce your electric bill and to adequately control the temperature in your home as well. We provide this service for both residential and commercial spaces, as no one likes to work in a building that is unbearably hot or cold.

    We Make It Our Business

    At Speedy Heating Air Conditioning we make everything that has to do with air control our business, including helping our customers to relegate the air quality in their home and setting up air zoning as well. Our experts can even help you to transform your home into one that uses Calabasas solar energy, saving you time, money, and helping to save the earth as well!

    Please feel free to browse through our site as you`ll find the answers to many questions that you may have, and we always welcome phone calls, as our experts are ready and able to answer any question that you may have.

    All content Copyright Speedy Heating And Air Conditioning

    Trump signs executive order on historically black colleges #executive #education


    WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump signed an executive order Tuesday aimed at signaling his commitment to historically black colleges and universities, saying that those schools will be an absolute priority for this White House.

    HBCU presidents are hoping Congress will bolster Trump s actions to strengthen the schools with dramatically increased funding in the upcoming federal budget. They are calling for $25 billion for infrastructure, college readiness, financial aid and other priorities. Under President Barack Obama s administration, historically black colleges and universities received $4 billion over seven years.

    The next step is the budget. You cannot have mission without money, Thurgood Marshall College Fund President Johnny Taylor told reporters outside the White House after the signing ceremony.

    Many of the college presidents also went to Capitol Hill on Tuesday to lobby Congress for more funding. Taylor said the $25 billion is needed to make up for years of underfunding and would cover the country s more than 100 HBCUs.

    Several presidents and HBCU advocacy organizations echoed Taylor s sentiments.

    GOP lawmakers said there were currently no concrete plans for increased funding. Several of them attended meetings Tuesday that Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) and Rep. Mark Walker (R-NC) arranged with HBCU presidents, GOP officials and business leaders.

    Scott said he and Walker planned to personally push for more money for black colleges, and hopefully we will be more successful than they have been in the last few years.

    House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said if Trump was interested in helping HBCUs, he would increase spending on education instead of proposing cuts. She called his executive order more empty symbolism.

    The founder and co-chair of the Congressional Bipartisan HBCU Caucus, Rep. Alma Adams (D-NC), called the executive order a first step. This action on HBCUs is not sufficient to hold up to promises made by this administration, she said.

    Trump s order moves the Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities from the Department of Education into the executive office of the White House. It directs the initiative to work with the private sector to strengthen the fiscal stability of HBCUs, make infrastructure improvements, provide job opportunities for students, work with secondary schools to create a college pipeline and increase access and opportunity for federal grants and contracts.

    It does not specify how much federal money the colleges should receive.

    The moves are among the actions some college presidents said they would like to see from the new administration. Some of them decided to come to Washington over the objections of students and alumni, saying they can ill afford to play politics while Trump moves quickly to set priorities.

    Larry Robinson, interim president of Florida A M University in Tallahassee, Florida, said he felt it was incumbent upon black college leaders to engage federal officials, regardless of who s sitting in the White House, or what their political affiliations are.

    We re appealing to his good business sense and hoping he finds an investment worth paying for, said Roslyn Artis, president of Florida Memorial University in Miami. She said she favors tax incentives that would attract government contractors and private companies to invest in historically black schools.

    Trump met briefly with the college leaders Monday, as did Vice President Mike Pence and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Present alongside Trump was one of his most visible black aides, Omarosa Manigault, who holds degrees from two HBCUs: Central State University in Ohio and Howard University in Washington.

    President Ronald Reagan created the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities by executive order in 1981. In 1989, President George H.W. Bush established a Presidential Advisory Board on HBCUs, and in 2002, President George W. Bush transferred the initiative from the White House to the Department of Education.

    Nearly 300,000 students are enrolled at historically black colleges, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. While the number has increased over the past generation, the percentage of HBCU attendees among the overall black college student population has decreased from 18 percent in 1976 to 8 percent in 2014.

    The Washington trip was led by the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, the nonprofit umbrella organization of public HBCUs. Taylor pointed out that two-thirds of such schools are in red, or Republican-controlled, states, and that the colleges are heavily reliant on federal and state funding to survive.


    In first congressional address, Trump pitches ambitious agenda

    President Trump called for an overhaul of ObamaCare, $1 trillion.

    Several of the presidents may have a tough time explaining to their students and alumni why they were willing to meet with Trump and GOP lawmakers. Trump received votes from only 8 percent of African-Americans during his election, and far more blacks vote Democratic than Republican.

    Any funding coming from the federal government will have to have Republican approval, several presidents said. We owe it to our alumni, we owe it to our students to be at the table, said Ray Belton, president of Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

    While some HBCU presidents in attendance are proceeding with cautious optimism, some African-Americans are wary of the administration s intentions — concerns underscored by DeVos seemingly tone-deaf comments Monday praising HBCUs as pioneers in school choice that gave black students more options to pursue higher education.

    In fact, many of the HBCUs — including some established in the aftermath of the Civil War — were the only option, as state-sanctioned segregation blocked generations of blacks from enrolling at white colleges.

    Grambling State University President Rick Gallot pointed out that more than 90 percent of the students at his Louisiana college are eligible for the federal Pell grant, and added he would like to see the program strengthened and made into a year-round opportunity.

    As HBCUs, we ve always done what politicians stress to agencies: To do more with less, Gallot said. Think of the opportunities that would be there to do more with more.

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    Stock Buybacks: Who Benefits The Most? Dividend Money #short #sale #buyback


    Stock Buybacks: Who Benefits The Most?

    When a company buys back its own stock, there are many advantages to the investor. However, there is a major advantage of stock buybacks to the company managers that we don t normally hear about.

    First, let s talk about why we like stock buybacks.

    Advantages to the Investor

    1. Buying back stock means that the company earnings are now split among fewer shares, meaning higher earnings per share (EPS). Theoretically, higher earnings per share should command a higher stock price which is great!
    2. Buying back stock uses up excess cash. The returns on excess cash in money market accounts can drag down overall company performance. Cash rich companies are also very attractive takeover targets. Buying back stock allows the company to earn a better return on excess cash and keep itself from becoming a takeover target.
    3. Buying back stock allows a company to pass on extra cash to shareholders without raising the dividend. If the cash is temporary in nature it may prove more beneficial to pass on value to shareholders through buybacks rather than raising the dividend.
    4. Buying back stock can increase the return on equity (ROE). This effect is greater the more undervalued the shares are when they are repurchased. If shares are undervalued, this may be the most profitable course of action for the company.
    5. When a company purchases its own stock it is essentially telling the market that they think that the company s stock is undervalued. This can have a psychological effect on the market.
    6. Stock buybacks also raise the demand for the stock on the open market. This point is rather self explanatory as the company is competing against other investors to purchase shares of its own stock.

    What Management Doesn t Want You To Know!

    There are several reasons why management would prefer to buy back stock rather than raise the dividend.

    The first reason is that upper management typically will receive compensation that is tied to the company stock price. What this means is that they typically make more money when the stock price goes up. This compensation may come in the form of stock options, rights or other forms.

    In the short term management believes that dividends may work against the stock price of a company by reducing the book value of the stock. In addition, if managers have stock options, they do not immediately benefit from dividends as their options do not qualify for dividend payments.

    On the other hand, when a stock buyback occurs the short term implications on the stock price are typically positive (due to the previous listed reasons). And, since this allows management to see the most immediate results to their compensation, it is no wonder that managers prefer stock buybacks as opposed to dividend increases.

    What to Watch For

    As an average investor, it is beneficial to us to look for companies that have both the cash-flow to buy back shares as well as regularly increase their dividends. One specific thing to look for is the dividend payout ratio. Companies that have a lower dividend payout ratio. say below 60% of earnings, will have more money to invest back into the company and grow the stock price. These can be some of the best long term investments because the company finds multiple ways to increase shareholder value .

    Post navigation

    I just would like to know why Apple stopped giving dividends. I am a loyal customer of its products and planning on to invest in this company. I really appreciate if if you could give me the reasons why.

    As usual, a great article Tyler. Management doesn t like paying dividends, because a dividend cut gives them bad publicity in the case that the business is performing poorly.
    As for AAPL, it does seem that they were paying dividends untill 1995. And after they suspended the dividend the stock was not the best place to be up untill early 1999..

    Exxon-Mobile used 32 BILLION of the 40 BILLION they made in profits in 2007 to buyback their stock. Republicans blater on about how oil companies need their profits to explore, drill and refine. That is pure bull. Oil companies don t give a damn about exploration or they would have drilled on the hundreds of thousands of acres they have in America or offshore. Oil companies don t even have drilling equipment to drill on land or offshore because they haven t spent a dime on drilling equipment. Republicans actually believe oil companies are engaged in developing alternate forms of energy. That is a damned lie! They spend 100 million out of their hundreds of billions in profit on alternate forms of energy. They spend five times that amount advertising that they are developing alternate forms of energy.

    Oil companies don t give a damn about our country s future. All they care about is money and stealing as much as they can from the American people and people around the world. I wish people would wake up and start to vote out every republican from every office in this once great country. They are unfit to govern and they have proven themselves to be nothing more than whores and prostitutes to corporations and oil companies. Republicans say To hell with human beings as long as they can remain as prostitutes to their corporate pimps.

    The government needs to seize every dime of the profits from corrupt oil companies and use that money to develop alternate forms of energy. If Bush hadn t lied our country to war every American family would have $36,000 dollars they could have used to put a solar panel on their homes making each family energy independent from corrupt energy companies. Or they could have used part of that money to buy a high MPG car. But republicans don t think creatively. They just like to go to war to kill and destroy. They don t like using our country s resources to help Americans.

    Wake up Americans and stop being duped by republican propaganda.

    [ ]Tyler presented another educational article on this blog Dividend Money :Stock Buybacks: Who Benefits The Most?[ ]

    QuickApproval – – Yearly Free Credit Report And Score – Cash in as Little as 1 Hour – Apply Now! #best #buy #credit #card

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    Yearly Free Credit Report And Score

    You can get up to $5,000 wired directly into your bank account. Need Cash Fast? Quick Cash USA realises the anxiety that features a financial emergency situation. There is no need to live with financial stress. No waiting in line at a bank and no borrowing money from your friends or family. When using our service, You will fill out a short form and the information You provide will be used to find your lender. Qualifying for a cash advance is extremely quick & easy. You may still be approved for a payday loan even if you have bad credit or a past bankruptcy. Get Your Free Quote! to receive our lowest interest rate offers today. You can Apply Online 24/7 and get an instant response. We use an advanced 256-bit SSL encryption while handling your data. All your private information is kept securely in an encrypted format. Yearly Free Credit Report And Score

    Apply by Phone +1-855-908-3571

    Find Your Best Payday Loan / Auto Title Loan / Installment Loan Option with Quick Cash USA

    Quick Cash USA, #1 Trusted Fast Cash Loan, provides customers with a great experience of Payday Loan, Auto Title Loan** and Installment Loan from beginning to end. We will make You feel at ease throughout the process and all transactions are done online. We work to ensure that every single application we receive is handled with as much speed as we can muster. We do our best to expedite the loan process. You can count your cash in a few minutes after sending the form. Allow Quick Cash USA assist You when You require it one of the most. Get the Money You Require! Yearly Free Credit Report And Score

    Quick Cash USA can offer You low APR Installment loans with payment plans customized to fit your requirements. You do not need a bank account and there is no credit check. Call +1-855-908-3571 or fill out an online application to get started. In most cases, your funds will be available in just minutes. Contact us today. Yearly Free Credit Report And Score

    Free Credit Report: Annual Credit Free Program Report #credit #card #uk

    #free credit report annual

    Annual Credit Free Program Report

    Free Annual Credit Report

    When discussing Free Credit Reports and Credit Scores, it is important to know just what the differences are between the two.

    Your Credit Report File lists the full detail on all your credit accounts. It tracks your past payments on all your loans and credit cards. Your credit file is different than your credit score. Your credit score is a number that ranges from 300 to 850.

    Your annual free credit report provides you with information that is in your credit file maintained by the consumer reporting companies which could be given in a report about you to a lender.

    Your credit score is a number from the Fair Isaac Company, and is a mathematical model that evaluates many different types of information in your credit report. Your FICO Score is used by a lender to help them determine whether you might qualify for a particular credit card, loan, or service. Most credit scores estimate the risk a company incurs by lending you money or providing them with a service. In other words, the likelihood that you would make your payments on time in the future. The higher your credit score, the less risk you represent to a lender.

    The credit score you saw last year or even last week for that matter, was a snapshot of your credit file at that moment in time. Credit scores are fluid and can change anytime your credit report file is updated with new information.

    If your credit score number is lower than you would like it to be, here are a few ways to improve your credit score.

    Pay Down Your Debt

    Decreasing your “credit availability to credit use ratio” on all revolving charge cards to under 25% of your credit limit is the easiest way to improve up your credit score. In otherwords, if you have a $10, 000 credit limit on a credit card, you need to keep your balances under $2.500. Credit scores can really take a hit if your account balances are above the 50% credit limit.

    Get A Visa Secure Card

    Secure cards look like any other credit card offered by your bank or credit union but the difference is you actually deposit funds into your secure card account. The good news here is that your secure card account is reported to the credit bureaus. This way having a good track record on the account will certainly help improve your credit score.

    Apply For A Small Personal Loan

    Using your savings as collateral on a small personal loan is a great way to get positive information going into your credit file. These are low interest loans that are paid back in months rather than years in most cases.

    Use Retail Store Credit Cards

    Retail cards have smaller credit limits and are pretty easy to get. If you behave and pay your bills on time or even better, payoff those balances every month, your credit score has nowhere to go but up.

    Keep Your Existing Credit Accounts Open

    Accounts with a long history are always better than accounts with short histories. Never close an old account when opening up a new one.

    Review Your Credit Report At Least Once A Year

    Start today by getting your free credit report. You need to know just what is in your credit report file before you do anything else. We recommend that you order your credit score at the same time as well. Make sure that the information from each credit bureau match up. Important things to look for are wrong social security numbers, wrong addresses (current and past), unauthorized account inquiries, past employers, and any late payments.

    You should always stay on top of your credit reports and credit score before you apply for any loans or credit card.

    To learn more about your annual free credit report and credit score, visit You will also find excellent tools like credit monitoring services that can text or email you with any changes in your credit report file.

    Original article published on

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    Can the IRS garnish my wages for taxes? #irs #taxes #owed


    Can the IRS garnish my wages for taxes?

    Like most creditors, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has the power to garnish your wages if you owe a tax debt. Unlike most other creditors, however, the IRS can garnish your wages without first getting a judgment, and the amount it can take is usually more than what regular creditors can take. Luckily, the IRS has many options for you to take care of tax debts so that you can avoid wage garnishment.

    Options to Deal With Your Tax Obligations

    When tax season rolls around and you (or someone else) prepares your tax return, you will either owe the IRS more money or else get a refund.

    If you owe money, there are several ways to pay. Ideally, you write a check to IRS for the full amount owed when you send in your return. However, many people do not have the ability to pay the full amount all at once and will need to explore additional opportunities to settle up with the IRS. These options include:

    Filing for bankruptcy might offer you relief; however, it’s important to understand that taxes are rarely discharged in a Chapter 7 case (although it can happen ) and that you’ll have to repay your entire tax debt in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy .

    If you do nothing, then the IRS will initiate its collection process.

    The IRS Collection Process

    The IRS will not start garnishing your wages without giving you notice and an opportunity to make payment arrangements. But, unlike most other creditors, it does not have to first use you and get a judgment in order to start the garnishment process.

    To start the process, the IRS must send you a written notice stating the amount you owe. The notice must itemize all of the charges (tax, penalties, and interest) and give you a date by which you must pay the balance in full.

    If you don’t comply with the demand for payment within the stated time, the IRS will then explore how it may most effectively force you to pay the tax. This may include seizing your assets, placing liens on your property, taking future refunds, and garnishing your wages.

    How Much Will the IRS Garnish From My Wages?

    State and federal law limit the amount that most creditors can take from your wages. (To learn about limits for judgment creditors and other creditors, see You Rights if Your Wages Are Garnished .)

    The tax code, however, limits only what the IRS is required to leave. The IRS will take as much as it can and leave you with an amount that the tax code says is necessary for you to pay for basic living necessities. The amount that you can keep corresponds to the number of exemptions you claim for tax purposes. Refer to this IRS table to see how much of your wages are protected.

    For example, a single person getting paid weekly and claiming five exemptions will only be allowed to keep $479.81. A married person filing a joint return, getting paid monthly, and claiming two exemptions will only be allowed to keep $1,625. Anything over and above these amounts gets garnished and sent to the IRS. So if the married person in our example makes $5,000 per month, he will only get to keep $1,625 and $3,37 will go to the IRS.

    What to Do If You Face an IRS Wage Garnishment?

    The IRS traditionally offers a wide array of options to deal with tax debt. It will usually only use wage garnishment as a last resort when you ve ignored all other attempts to address the debt. (To learn more, see Options for Taxpayers to Deal With Back Taxes .)

    Get debt relief now.

    Applicant tracking requirements #applicant #tracking #requirements


    Your recruitment, organised

    Scheduling made easy

    Cut out the nightmare of scheduling large numbers of interviews and give candidates the tools to do this themselves.

    Your reference requests

    Simplify the reference-gathering process by requesting them online. Let the system keep track of outstanding references and see returned references right next to the candidate’s record.

    With other suppliers

    We integrate with online psychometric testing providers, video interviewing tools and contextual recruitment systems, uniting everything you need to select graduates within one system.

    User forums

    AllHires user forums are a great opportunity to meet with people from other organisations using the AllHires system. The aim of these events is to provide our clients with an opportunity to discuss some of the latest innovations in recruitment and to provide some useful practical information to ensure you get the most out of your system.

    Graduate systems for law firms

    The first system we ever built was for a law firm. We have since grown to become the largest supplier to that market. We support the graduate recruitment process at more UK law firms than any other provider. Law firms using AllHires enjoy all of our usual features, with a few other elements that are specific to legal graduate recruitment.


    MyLocker was developed in partnership with www.LawCareers.Net. allowing candidates to store all their exam results centrally and transfer them quickly into the application forms of participating law firms.


    AllHires recruitment systems can be purchased ‘off the shelf’ or built to suit your specific requirements. The system allows you to manage all aspects of your recruitment process in one place and contains multiple interconnected parts, which could include:

    Candidate Management System (CMS)

    Job board with online application process

    Intranet-specific application process

    The CMS is at the centre of AllHires: it is where you create and publish your job specifications, manage applications, contact applicants, report and much more besides.

    You control what jobs are posted to the job board and which agencies you wish to work on the vacancy within your CMS. You can also pick an application procedure and work-flow process for each position.

    Our team will encourage you to think about how you would like to present your recruitment brand online and how you process candidates. By determining what information you need to know about candidates and what reports you would like to be able to generate, we can ensure that you capture all necessary information in the ideal format during the application process.

    If you like to work with recruitment agencies, AllHires helps you to manage your agency relationships centrally, giving you the freedom to create agency portals within your CMS. All agency portals are independent – a job is displayed in the portal of a particular agent only if the recruiter actively opts for it to be published to that portal. A consultant can then quickly and easily forward applications to you through AllHires.

    AllHires has an abundance of feature options to choose from – below are some of our most popular features:


    By posting your vacancy to multiple job boards. Don’t waste time endlessly form filling and managing multiple log-ins for multiple job boards – use our seamless Idibu connection to post out to multiple job boards in one go.

    Talent bank
    Great candidates

    Good candidate, but not for this role? Don’t forget about them – create talent banks and store the applicant’s details, then check in on your talent bank when a new vacancy comes up.

    Seeing double?

    Let the system take the strain of looking for duplicate candidates and avoid the horror of paying double agency fees.

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    Welcome to Sheridans


    “Since subscribing to Sheridans BMS program our turnover has increased by 38% and our real profitability has more than doubled. “

    Medical Supplies Wholesaler

    “Sheridans Accountants at Glenelg helped us transform our hospitality business from a very successful one into a highly profitable one”

    Restaurant that increased net profit from 10% to 21% and sold business for 7 times it’s purchase price

    “Thanks, it certainly pays to go to someone who knows what they’re doing.”

    “I returned to Hong Kong just over a week ago to find my tax return refund cheque waiting for me. Thankyou for your help and rest assured I shall be using your services in the future.”

    Personal T ax Client

    “I really appreciated your swift, professional service. See you next year!”

    Personal Tax Client

    “I recommend Sheridans as Accountants. After following their business advice my net profit doubled”

    “Just a short note to thank you for your prompt and thorough preparation of my tax returns. You made the process painless. Proceeds were deposited into my account yesterday.”

    Personal Tax Client

    “We sought the financial services of Greg Sheridan and the team at Sheridans for our small family business. We were supported with outstanding service and expert financial advice and with the help of Greg and the team we managed to turn an average business into a thriving enterprise.”

    Fruit & Vegetable Distributor

    “To my delight I found that Sheridans’ service clearly excels and is by far the best I have ever experienced.”

    Retired Financial Planner

    “The program that we did together enabled us to sit down and focus on our individual business and work through specific examples with you (someone who knew our business) with complete confidentiality so that we could look at the financial, creative and practical situation all in one”

    Retailer that doubled it’s profit in 12 months

    3 Simple Steps

    Please click here to receive your free copy of “The 3 Simple Steps your Accountant SHOULD take you through that will Transform your Business and Simplify your Life”.

    Business Growth System

    Click the vault for free and exclusive access. Contact us for the access code.

    California tax attorney #california #tax #attorney



    In California, charities and certain other private nonprofit organizations may conduct raffles to raise funds for beneficial or charitable purposes in the state.

    This exception to the general constitutional prohibition against lotteries requires that at least 90 percent of the gross receipts from these raffles go directly to beneficial or charitable purposes in California.

    Unless specifically exempted, a nonprofit organization must register with the Attorney General’s Registry of Charitable Trusts prior to conducting the raffle and file an aggregate financial disclosure report for all raffles held during the reporting year. Forms for registering and reporting activities are provided on this web page.

    Using the Registry’s new search feature, you can now view information regarding raffles held by nonprofits in California. The information available includes registration and raffle report data (such as the amount of money collected), and dates on which a charity intends to hold a raffle. To look at information regarding raffles use the new search feature .

    What organizations qualify and how the raffles must be conducted are governed by Penal Code section 320.5, which was added by Senate Bill 639 (McPherson, Chapter 778, Stats. of 2000). For details, view the Frequently Asked Questions, Statutes and Regulations.

    Raffles FAQS



    PLEASE NOTE: The registration period for conducting raffles is September 1 through August 31 annually. Registration must be completed prior to conducting raffle-related activities, including the selling of raffle tickets. You must obtain a confirmation letter from the Registry of Charitable Trusts prior to conducting any raffle activities. This includes selling tickets to an event that will be held in the future. If you wish to conduct the drawing after September 1 of any year, but you wish to sell tickets prior to September 1 of that year, you must register for both years. An organization must file the raffle registration form at least 60 days before the scheduled date of the raffle in order to give Registry staff sufficient time to process the form. The Registry does not confirm receipt of raffle registration forms. An organization that wants confirmation that the Registry has received a form must submit the form to the Registry by requesting “certified receipt,” a service available at the U.S. Post Office.

    • Nonprofit Raffle Registration Form – CT-NRP-1
      Each nonprofit organization that intends to conduct a raffle during a year (September 1 through August 31) must complete and submit a raffle registration form. Form CT-NRP-1 may be downloaded from our Forms page (see “Forms” link in the Charities menu on the right side of this page).
    • Nonprofit Raffle Report – CT-NRP-2
      A nonprofit organization that has registered to conduct raffles must file a single aggregate report for all raffles held during the reporting year (September 1 through August 31), regardless of the number of raffles held. Form CT-NRP-2 may be downloaded from our Forms page (see “Forms” link in the Charities menu on the right side of this page).

    Site Navigation

    Translate Website

    • Google Translation Disclaimer

    This Google translation feature is provided for informational purposes only.

    The Office of the Attorney General is unable to guarantee the accuracy of this translation and is therefore not liable for any inaccurate information resulting from the translation application tool.

    Please consult with a translator for accuracy if you are relying on the translation or are using this site for official business.

    If you have any questions please contact: Bilingual Services Program at (916) 324-5482

    A copy of this disclaimer can also be found on our Disclaimer page.

    Select a Language Below / Seleccione el Idioma Abajo

    Close this box or use the [ X ]

    Pfizer – s Inflectra, Takeda – s Entyvio, and Janssen – s Simponi Projected to Gain Ground in the #spherix #global #insights, #pennsylvania, #surveys, #polls #and #research, #health #care # # #hospitals, #pharmaceuticals, #medical #pharmaceuticals


    Pfizer’s Inflectra, Takeda’s Entyvio, and Janssen’s Simponi Projected to Gain Ground in the Increasingly Competitive Ulcerative Colitis Market

    EXTON, Pa. July 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Results from a recent study just released by Spherix Global Insights reveal that US gastroenterologists (n=103) project significant growth of Takeda’s Entyvio, Janssen’s Simponi, and Pfizer/Hospira’s infliximab biosimilar, Inflectra over the next six months. While the positive bumps to Entyvio and Simponi’s share will be mostly driven by increased prescriptions by current users, Inflectra’s projected growth is primarily driven by increases to the user base, which is anticipated to more than double over the next six months.

    Despite expected growth of the infliximab biosimilar, the leading current barrier to Inflectra adoption has been the lack of insurance mandates for use. Indeed, only 14% of respondents report ever being contacted by a pharmacy or insurance company regarding use of Inflectra instead of Janssen’s Remicade. Furthermore, among the few that have been contacted most made no changes to the treatment plan, and continued to prescribe Remicade. With branded Remicade leading the UC biologics market, it is expected that payers will soon increase the pressure in favor of prescribing Inflectra, fueling the biosimilar’s anticipated future gains.

    An additional potential impact to the UC market comes in the form of off-label use of products being studied for IBD, but approved in other autoimmune conditions, such as Pfizer’s Xeljanz and Janssen’s Stelara. Half of the respondents agree that they would be more comfortable prescribing a newly approved drug in IBD that already has significant post-marketing experience in another indication, than a completely novel MOA. Furthermore, when asked about familiarity with pipeline agents, gastroenterologists report the highest familiarity with Pfizer’s Xeljanz, significantly greater than with Celgene’s mongersen and ozanimod, or Roche/Genentech’s etrolizumab.

    Off-label use of Stelara was shockingly prevalent in the results of RealWorld Dynamix™: Biologic Switching in IBD . a large scale syndicated chart analysis of over 1,000 biologic treated patients that have recently switched biologic brands. The key to market entrants in the UC space will not only be getting patients on these new therapies, but augmenting current persistency rates, as the study revealed that over half of the patients spent no more than six months on their prior biologic brand before being switched. Opportunity to improve UC outcomes abounds, as the participating gastroenterologists report that only 58% of their biologic-treated UC patients are well-managed on their current agent.

    The next wave of this study, RealTime Dynamix ™, will field in August with a unique sample of gastroenterologists and will further explore the shifting IBD market.

    All company, brand or product names in this document are trademarks of their respective holders.

    About Spherix Global Insights

    Spherix Global Insights is a business intelligence and market research company, specializing in renal, autoimmune, neurologic and rare disease markets. Our aim is to apply our commercial experience and unique relationships within core specialty markets to translate data into insight, enabling our clients to make smarter business decisions.

    SOURCE Spherix Global Insights

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    Pfizer’s Inflectra, Takeda’s Entyvio, and Janssen’s Simponi Projected to Gain Ground in the Increasingly Competitive Ulcerative Colitis Market

    Camino Financial #camino #financial, #small #business #loans, #latino, #hispanic, #minority, #business #credit, #low #interest, #itin, #marketplace, #caminoinsights


    Why Camino financial?

    Read All Testimonials

    • Claudia Fileto Genuinely invested in seeing you succeed! Camino Financial is an incredible asset to any small business. Our company has been able to benefit from their wealth of knowledge in small business lending. They are very accessible and prompt in responding to our business needs. Best of all, Camino Financial genuinely cares about establishing a relationship with their clients as an effort to better understand our needs as a company.
  • Sandra Vasquez Excellent Service! What I appreciated the most in working with Camino Financial was how easy everything was. As a business owner, time is important to me. It only took about 3 weeks, from start to finish, to get my funding. Perhaps the best part was how knowledgeable the staff was and how friendly they are. It’s easy for me to recommend them to anyone who needs funding for their business growth. Thank you Camino!
  • Joshua Serna New business owner As a new business owner I did not understand much about the corperate world. Especially how to get Capitol to help my business. However, Camino Financial changed all that. They really take care of you and help you get what you need to make your company thrive.
  • Adan Avilez Execellent Service I was a able to receive a loan for my trucking business thanks to the help of the people at Camino Financial. It was a very easy process and they helped me with everything. I would recommend them to everyone. Thank you for your help.
  • Lia Hirtz Fantastic Customer Service I’ve been recommending Camino Financial non-stop. Why? Their one-on-one service and attention. That’s rare nowadays. Yvette was able to help me all the way through the process. Speaking of which, the process was fast and easy. Other companies asked me for a ton of info and paperwork, but Camino was able to execute easily and quickly. Highly recommended!
  • Sergio Gutierrez Perfecto Mi experiensia con camino financial y grasias Ivette que fueron los unicos que me pudieron ayudar con mi prestamo para mi negosio,lo mas bueno es la fasilidad de pagos y lo rapido que me hisieron el pestamo. Inclusive me preguntan por quien hase prestamos y les recomiendo a ellos
  • Austin Fernandes A honest and caring company I came across Camino Financial at the Valley Economic Development Center Summer Expo held at the Universal City Sheraton. One of their financial agents ,Tarek was very professional in advising me of my options of financing my business. He introduced me to one of the founders of Camino who took the time to expand on what Tarek had said. I was impressed by their sincere desire to help the small business person.
  • Lucia Pineda Friendly and Professional I needed someone who can guide me in regards to my financial needs. I was referred to Kenneth Salas with Camino Financial .He came to my business for a one and one meeting. He’s very helpful with full of advise and knowledgeable of his products they offer. They can provide the amount needed with your financial needs in a timely manner. He also referred to me a known bookkeeper he knows personally who can help me with my small business questions I have. It was very personal, professional and very friendly where I felt comfortable to talk to him. I would recommend him and/or his company with any financial question and/or needs.

  • The School of Nursing #william #paterson #nursing


    The School of Nursing

    Our Mission

    Our mission at the School of Nursing is to promote health and improve the quality of life of the people of New Mexico through nursing education, research, practice and public service, recognizing the state s multicultural heritage and dynamic border environment.

    Welcome to the School of Nursing at New Mexico State University

    Our dynamic undergraduate and graduate programs provide a wide variety of options for the beginning and advanced nursing student. Over the past 5 years, our programs have expanded and changed to offer more degree plans in both the undergraduate and graduate levels as well as the delivery of many of our courses now fully online. Our geographical location along the United States Mexico Border and our diverse student population provides all students with outstanding clinical experiences-acute care and community based.

    Nursing Degree Plans

    Within the BSN Program are 3 options: The traditional 4 year pre-licensure BSN. the online RN to BSN option for returning nurses, and the 2nd degree Pathways option. The School of Nursing is a Full Member of the New Mexico Nursing Education Consortium (NMNEC) and has implemented the NMNEC common statewide curriculum. More information about prerequisites, the Program of Study, admissions, and ADN and BSN partnerships is available by clicking here

    At the graduate level, we currently offer a Master of Science in Nursing Administration degree option. The School of Nursing is also excited to offer the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) online. The DNP is a doctoral degree with a practice based emphasis for nurses at the highest level of nursing practice. We also continue to offer the Doctorate of Philosophy in Nursing also online, with a research based emphasis, for the more advanced nurse looking to pursue a PhD.

    The use of educational technologies is evident in all of our programs with the RN to BSN option now available online, only requiring short on campus orientations at the start of the first semester along with online courses throughout the remaining semesters, and local practicum sites, to make this education available across the region. Our MSN degree plan in Nursing Administration is also available online for the busy professional looking to further their professional career. Not to mention, our Doctorate of Philosophy in Nursing and our Doctor of Nursing Practice degrees that are both available online using various synchronous and asynchronous technologies. Our online programs are designed with the working nurse in mind to help make your experience with us a more memorable and productive one that fits your busy schedule.

    In support of our local communities, many faculty and students are involved in community service throughout the state of New Mexico. Please visit our Student Nurses Association for activities planned within our community.

    The Baccalaureate degree in Nursing, the Master s degree in Nursing, the Doctor of Nursing Practice program and post-graduate APRN certificate programs at NMSU are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). One Dupont Circle, NW, Suite 530, Washington, DC 20036, 202-887-6791.

    Explore our website and contact us to start or continue your professional nursing education. You can also visit us on campus, we are located on the 1st floor of the College of Health and Social Services in room 102. Click on the Interactive Map icon below and type HSS in the search field to find our building on campus.

    Nursing Recognition Wall

    Thanks to a special initiative in the College of Health and Social Services, you now have the unique opportunity to join alumni, faculty, staff and community members in purchasing a beautifully inscribed Baltic birch plaque that will hang on the Nursing Recognition Wall in the Health and Social Services building.

    Your plaque will include the special nurse’s name, a short quote, and a photo. In addition, a booklet will be created that includes longer narratives for those featured on the wall, so individuals can learn more about each nurse’s legacy. Plaques with photos are $1,000 and those without are $500. All proceeds will go to a nursing scholarship fund. Space is limited.

    Can Methadone Make You High? #can #you #inject #suboxone


    Can Methadone Make You High?

    Table of Contents

    Methadone is one of the many medications used for treating addiction.

    It’s often used for people who have become addicted to drugs like heroin and prescription painkillers. According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine. methadone was approved as an analgesic by the FDA in 1947 and used for treating heroin and opioid withdrawal in 1950. Researchers knew, by the mid-1960s, the drug could be used as a maintenance medication to help individuals cope with opioid addiction and function in their daily lives.

    Despite the benefits, there is a downside to this common medicine. Methadone can provide an individual with a high for a few reasons. While it provides relief from cravings and blocks the feeling of euphoria, the medication itself has several properties that can allow this effect. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reported emergency visits related to nonmedical use of methadone had risen 73 percent from 2004 to 2008.

    Potentially negative aspects of methadone include:

    • A long half-life in the body
    • Ingredients stay in the body after the drug’s effects wear off
    • Possible interactions with other drugs

    Methadone is given as a pill, a liquid, or a wafer. The typical dose is one per day. Under most circumstances, a person will experience pain relief from about 4-8 hours. The medication also blocks the effects that make one feel high from heroin, morphine, and even hydrocodone and oxycodone. It is also used to treat moderate to severe chronic pain, the Institute for Safe Medication Practices says.

    The drug’s half-life is about 24-36 hours on average, but some of the drug can stay in the body for up to 5 days after the last dose. Stored in the liver and even other body tissues, it is eliminated at different rates depending on the individual. The faster methadone is metabolized, the more tolerant a person is. When used properly, someone who struggles with opiate addiction can function in normal daily activities, abstain from taking opiate drugs, and manage withdrawal symptoms.

    To reduce the painful symptoms associated with opiate withdrawal, methadone blocks pain. It is known to have sedative effects and impacts, such as insomnia, constipation, and weight gain. Chronic use can lead to longer action of the drug. It remains in the liver for a long time and is slowly released, triggering effects even if methadone blood levels are low.

    Although its euphoric effects are limited, methadone can reduce reaction time and attention span. It also affects peripheral vision. A National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report indicates heroin addicts treated with it are “not fit to drive.” Those on a methadone high process information much slower, may be drowsy and/or have droopy eyelids, a dry mouth, and muscle flaccidity. Their body temperature and blood pressure may be low, and the person may exhibit little or no reaction to light.

    To get high on methadone, abnormally high doses are required. A person would need to take methadone more frequently than prescribed. Some people opt to inject or snort methadone. This is dangerous because the drug is released into the body over time, and it builds up in the tissues. The effects of toxicity can therefore last. Methadone is listed under the Controlled Substances Act as a Schedule II substance, meaning it is illegal to use to get high, and abuse can lead to severe mental impairment and physical dependence.

    Avoiding a Methadone Overdose

    The American Society of Addiction Medicine identified three specific patterns of overdose. A person can overdose because they are initially intolerant, or lose tolerance after stopping use for a period of time. Another form of overdose occurs when toxicity accumulates in the body. Doses may combine with what hasn’t been eliminated yet by the body. Also, methadone may be lethal when combined with other opioids and central nervous system depressants, such as fluoxetine, and alprazolam.

    Overdose symptoms include:

    • Feeling overly energetic
    • Altered perception
    • Lightheadedness
    • Mood swings
    • Respiratory failure

    Fortunately, it’s possible to avoid a methadone overdose by monitoring the patient. A person showing signs of toxicity will be monitored for at least a couple days. Naloxone may be used to counter the effects of methadone, specifically allowing the respiratory system to function normally. A person must also avoid other drugs or certain prescription medications while taking methadone. If administered properly, methadone can be helpful for controlling opiate cravings and reducing opiate withdrawal symptoms. so people can instead focus on building a firm foundation for sustained recovery.

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