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Distribution Consulting for Medical Device & IVD Companies

Facing challenges finding and selecting the right distributors?
We help medical device manufacturers research, analyze, select and manage medical distributors in the US, Europe, Canada, China, Japan and Australia. Whether you are entering a new market or expanding your distribution network, we can assist you with selecting high quality medical distributors. With a team of experienced professionals located in North America, Europe and Asia, we help you make the right choices, and work to promote long term relationships between you and your distribution partners.

Finding distributors for your medical device We help medical device companies analyze and pre-qualify new distributors in the USA, Europe, Japan, China, Canada or Australia. Let us find new partners for you. READ MORE

Types of Medical Device Distributors Successful commercialization of your medical device in a particular market depends a lot upon the type of medical device distributor you choose as a partner. READ MORE

Building a Profile to Screen Distributors We consider your device as well as your overall business requirements, and match theose criteria to distributors best suited to assist you in your sales efforts. READ MORE

Qualifying distributors on your short list We can assist you in researching, analyzing, and selecting the right medical distributors for your products, in various countries across the globe. READ MORE

Contracts, payments, logistics and more Related issues to consider when setting up your medical distributor relationships include preparing contracts, setting up payment processes, and ensuring proper logistics. READ MORE

What determines an airplane’s lifespan? # #airlines, #general #aviation #


What determines an airplane’s lifespan?

A reader asks: “Two articles in the Feb./Mar. 2007 issue of Air Space raised a question. One was about the last flying examples of a number of classic planes (“And Then There Was One” ). The other was about newer jetliners, too old to fly, being chopped up to make skateboards and soft drink cans (“We Recycle” ). It struck me as odd that the old planes are still airworthy, while the jetliners are fit only for the scrap heap. Why can some planes seemingly keep flying forever, while other, newer ones are already used up?”

An aircraft’s lifespan is measured not in years but in pressurization cycles. Each time an aircraft is pressurized during flight, its fuselage and wings are stressed. Both are made of large, plate-like parts connected with fasteners and rivets, and over time, cracks develop around the fastener holes due to metal fatigue.

“Aircraft lifespan is established by the manufacturer,” explains the Federal Aviation Administration’s John Petrakis, “and is usually based on takeoff and landing cycles. The fuselage is most susceptible to fatigue, but the wings are too, especially on short hauls where an aircraft goes through pressurization cycles every day.” Aircraft used on longer flights experience fewer pressurization cycles, and can last more than 20 years. “There are 747s out there that are 25 or 30 years old,” says Petrakis.

How do airlines determine if metal fatigue has developed in their passenger-liners? Bob Eastin, an FAA specialist on aircraft fatigue, says, “[Airlines] are really relying on the manufacturer’s maintenance programs. The manufacturers design the aircraft to be trouble-free for a certain period of time. There are maintenance actions to preclude any catastrophic failures, but that’s not to say that the aircraft might not [experience metal fatigue] before those times . When you get to a certain point [in the aircraft’s lifespan], you need to inspect or replace certain parts.”

Nondestructive evaluation (NDE) inspections are used both during production (to ensure that components start out free of defects) and during an aircraft’s service life to detect cracks as small as 0.04 inch. Inspectors might, for example, take a close look at fastener holes located at the wing and spar junction.

We contacted NDE experts Deborah Hopkins of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Guillaume Neau, of Bercli, LLC, who together answered in an e-mail: “The challenge in developing an easier and less expensive inspection strategy is to design a technique that can be used from the skin side (of the wing), that does not require removal of the fastener, and that provides the same or better resolution than the conventional method of removing the fastener.” Not having to remove the fastener is a big money-saver.

One commonly used method of NDE is ultrasonic phased-array testing. which analyzes the echoes from ultrasonic waves to reveal imperfections inside a material. By using several ultrasonic beams instead of just one, then varying the time delays between the beams, inspectors can look inside a material at different locations and depths, thereby determining the size and shape of any defects.

At present, million-dollar robotic inspection systems equipped with phased arrays are being used to inspect wings and composite fuselages for large commercial aircraft and jetfighters before they fly. “Most aircraft manufacturers and service providers Dassault Aviation, Airbus, and Boeing, for instance ensure the quality of their production with large-scale non-destructive testing systems,” Neau wrote in an e-mail. And while a million dollars may sound like a lot, “when put in perspective, the number is not so large,” he says. “If manufacturers discover a problem after assembly, the cost of dismantling and redoing the part or the scrappage waste is much higher than the inspection cost.”

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About Rebecca Maksel

Rebecca Maksel is a senior associate editor at Air & Space .

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No one should have to deal with the traumatic events that would require our services, but if you do, we are here to help you on the road to recovery.

Aftermath Services LLC is the premier, nation-wide crime scene clean up and biohazard remediation company. Call one of our local offices for crime scene cleanup, biohazard cleanup, death cleanup or blood spill cleanup, any time – day or night.

Since 1996, we have provided professional and compassionate services to families and employers who are dealing with the death of a friend or loved one due to suicide, homicide or industrial accidents. Our highly trained and caring field technicians are experienced in all the protocols necessary to return your home or business to a safe and livable condition. Read More +

Aftermath’s crime scene cleanup teams have handled blood cleanup, communicable disease decontamination and specialty sanitization for thousands of crime scenes, hoarding situations and contaminated buildings. We understand that not only are these situations unexpected and upsetting, but they can also be dangerous and difficult to clean.

Our code of service, The Aftermath Way, is more than a cleaning regimen. We believe that our customers deserve the highest quality service while being treated with dignity and respect. We use discreetly marked vehicles to maintain confidentiality. We document the work we perform in detailed reports provided to you for your insurance company or compliance department.

Our company-owned network includes more than 32 regional and mobile offices, strategically located in major metropolitan centers around the country. Our locations are staffed with qualified and experienced crime scene cleanup professionals. We provide business and residential customers with a full range of biohazard remediation and cleaning assistance in cases involving homicide, suicide, unattended death, personal accidents, industrial accidents, tear gas, and communicable disease outbreaks.

Aftermath is dedicated to emergency rapid response—our professional service technicians are available nationwide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Call us any time!

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Family Nurse Practitioner Master’s Degree (M.S.N.)

Our Family Nurse Practitioner program is designed for baccalaureate nurses who want to develop expertise in an advanced practice role.

This program is offered online through Blackboard, a course delivery system. On-campus attendance requirements are kept to a minimum.

Clinical requirements can usually be completed in the student’s city of residence within the state of Texas, provided course objectives are met. Preceptors and clinical sites are subject to approval per course requirements and expected course objectives.


Master of Science in Nursing


Family Nurse Practitioners (FNPs) are Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) who provide primary care for patients across the lifespan. FNPs provide holistic care emphasizing health promotion and disease prevention for individuals and families.

Program Highlights

U.S. News and World Report ranked ASU 34 th in Best Online Nursing Programs 2014.

Currently, our program maintains a 100 percent pass rate for FNP certification.

We are nationally accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing.

Admission Requirements

In addition to the general requirements for admission to the College of Graduate Studies, applicants for regular admission to the M.S.N. program must meet the following criteria:

  • U.S. citizenship*
  • Three references who can address your ability to succeed in graduate school (leadership, time management, initiative). This will be completed through the application process.
  • An essay of 500 words or less that addresses the following points:
    • Program to which you are you applying
    • Objectives for your graduate education
    • Summary of your nursing experience
    • Your license and certifications (i.e. ACLS, PALS)
    • A summary of volunteer work and/or community service
    • Potential clinical sites and/or affiliations that will assist you in meeting your goals

Note: All of these materials must be submitted using NursingCAS (Nursing Centralized Application Service). Prior to setting up a NursingCAS account, you need to Apply to ASU’s College of Graduate Studies using the ApplyTexas application. Once you have been assigned a Campus ID (CID), enter the number in the “Additional Information” section within NursingCAS application.

Prior to your first clinical course, you must have the following on file in the nursing office:

  • Current CPR (professional level) certification
  • Evidence of meeting state-mandated immunization requirements
  • Proof of current health insurance

Clinical sites may require background checks and drug screens before allowing students to participate in clinical experiences.

*Following College of Graduate Studies admission requirements, applicants from foreign countries who do not speak English as a first language must also include official scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), taken within the last two years.


  • A baccalaureate degree in nursing from a program accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN -formerly NLNAC) or the Commission of Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)
  • Overall GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale*
  • Undergraduate statistics course (3 semester credit hours) completed with a grade of “C” or better. (Junior- or senior-level statistics within 5 years is recommended but not required.)
  • Current, unencumbered license to practice as a Registered Nurse in Texas.**

*When an applicant’s GPA is below 3.0, but between 2.75 and 2.99, and if the applicant has achieved a 3.0 GPA in the last 60 hours of undergraduate work, the applicant may be granted provisional admission.

**All faculty-supervised clinical practica must be completed in Texas.

Application Deadlines

Welcome to Tamarac – Tamarac Wellness Fremont Michigan #tamarac #rehab


Welcome to Tamarac

Tamarac is much more than an average gym. We believe fitness is only one of the factors that contribute to your overall health improvement. We’re here to help you improve each aspect of your health while empowering and educating you along the way. Whether you’re looking for a place to work out, relax in the Spa, attend a fitness class, swim in a heated pool, improve your knowledge on various health topics or just meet new people while enjoying food at our café, Tamarac has it all.

Tamarac is open to everyone.

Join us for our Fitness and Aquatics Classes

Tamarac has a wide variety of fitness and aquatics classes that are offered to our members. There are classes for all experience and fitness levels. Explore our classes and browse our class calendars for information on upcoming classes.

Experience The Skincare Center Spa at Tamarac

Experience one of the most advanced spa facilities in the area. With a wide variety of spa services including: massage and body treatments, Medical Aesthetics Services, Permanent Makeup and more, the Spa at Tamarac must be experienced on your next visit.

Restore your SQL Server database using transaction logs #restore #database #in #sql #server


Restore your SQL Server database using transaction logs

Most DBAs dread hearing that they need to restore a database to a point in time, especially if the database is a production database. However, knowing how to do this is of the utmost importance for a DBA’s skill set. I’ll walk you through the steps of how to restore a SQL Server database to a point in time to recover a data table.

The scenario

A coworker calls you in a panic because he accidentally deleted some production data, and he wants you to restore the lost records.

If you are lucky, you have a data auditing system in place, and you can restore these records from an audit table. If you do not have a tool that will read a transaction log so that you can to undo transactions, you will likely need to restore the altered database to a certain point in time on the same or separate server than the server hosting the current database instance.

The restoration process

Note that, for the purpose of this article, I am assuming that your database recovery mode is set to FULL.

The first step in the process is to perform a tail-log backup. You want to perform this type of backup before a database restore to ensure that any records that have changed since the last backup are available to be included in the restore process.

Next you should locate where the database backup files are stored on the machine or the network. It may be a good idea to copy these files to your target server if you are going to be restoring the database on a different server. In the backup file location, find the very last full database backup that was completed (these files usually end with the extension .bak); you need to restore this full backup. The script below applies the full backup file to the NewDatabase database:


FROM DISK = ‘D: \BackupFiles\TestDatabaseFullBackup.bak’

MOVE ‘PreviousDatabase’ TO ‘D:\DataFiles \TestDatabase.mdf’,

MOVE ‘PreviousDatabase_log’ TO ‘D:\DataFiles \TestDatabase_Log.ldf’,

The code specifies that the location of the full backup file is on your server’s D drive and that you are restoring the file to the database named NewDatabase. The statement moves the data file and the log file from the full backup to new files for my TestDatabase database. The last statement in the script, NORECOVERY, is very crucial. The NORECOVERY mode is one of three available options, which are outlined below.

  • NORECOVERY: Tells SQL Server that you are not finished restoring the database and that subsequent restore files will occur. While the database is in this state, the database is not yet available, so no connections are allowed.
  • RECOVERY: Tells SQL Server that you are finished restoring the database, and it is ready to be used. This is the default option, and it is by far the one that is used most often.
  • STANDBY: Tells SQL Server that the current database is not yet ready to be fully recovered and that subsequent log files can be applied to the restore. You can use this option so that connections are available to the restore database if necessary. However, future transaction logs can only be applied to the database if no current connections exist.

Once you restore the full backup using the NORECOVERY option, you can begin applying the transaction log backups or the differential backup.

A differential backup is a backup of any changes to the database that have occurred since the last full database backup. If you have multiple differential backups, you will only need to restore the very last one taken. In this situation, there are no differential backups, so you can move directly to the transaction log backups.

Transaction log backups A transaction log backup keeps track of all transactions that have occurred since the last transaction log backup; it also allows you to restore your database to a point in time before a database error occurred. Transaction log backups occur in sequence, creating a chain. When restoring a sequence of transaction log backups to a point in time, it is required that the transaction log files are restored in order.

When you use a database maintenance plan to create the transaction log backups, a time indicator is typically included in the transaction log file name. The script below applies three transaction log backups using the NORECOVERY option, and the last statement restores the database to availability to the time frame at the very end of the last transaction log file.


FROM DISK = ”D: \BackupFiles\TestDatabase_TransactionLogBackup1.trn’


FROM DISK = ”D: \BackupFiles\ TestDatabase_TransactionLogBackup2.trn’


FROM DISK = ”D: \BackupFiles\ TestDatabase_TransactionLogBackup3.trn’


FROM DISK = ”D: \BackupFiles\ TestDatabase_TransactionLogBackup4.trn’

Restoring to a point in time In the example above, you restore the database to the end of the last transaction log. If you want to recover your database to a specific point in time before the end of the transaction log, you must use the STOPAT option. The script below restores the fourth transaction log in the log sequence to 4:01 PM — just before the database mishap occurred.


FROM DISK = ”D: \BackupFiles\ TestDatabase_TransactionLogBackup4.trn’

WITH STOPAT = N’6/28/2007 4:01:45 PM’, RECOVERY

Now that you have the database restore to a point where you need it to be, it is time to decide how to help the developers in order to make their situation a little bit easier. My suggestion is to copy the table the developers need to a separate table on the server so that you or they can correct the data problem.

Be prepared

Restoring your database to a point in time is one of those things that you never want to have to use, but you need to be able to complete it if necessary. I took an overview approach as to how to restore your SQL Server database using transaction logs for a certain circumstance. It’s important to note that companies use different approaches for backing up data, so it is very important to be thoroughly involved in your company’s database backup process. Be sure to test restores and restore situations often so that you are ready when a disaster does occur.

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About Tim Chapman

Tim Chapman is a SQL Server MVP, a database architect, and an administrator who works as an independent consultant in Raleigh, NC, and has more than nine years of IT experience.

Full Bio

Tim Chapman is a SQL Server MVP, a database architect, and an administrator who works as an independent consultant in Raleigh, NC, and has more than nine years of IT experience.

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Ranking compiled by the Center for College Affordability and Productivity and published under the auspices of CBS Moneywatch.The Center generated its list by looking at the composite teaching scores that schools received via RateMyProfessors. The website has captured more than 15 million student ratings of college professors from schools across the country. This is part of the analysis used by Forbes for their annual college ratings list.

Each year, Forbes and the Washington, D.C.-based Center for College Affordability rank universities while focusing on the things that matter most to students: quality of teaching, great career prospects, high graduation rates and low-levels of debt.

The U.S. News determined which colleges and universities offer students the best value, and ranked Oklahoma Wesleyan University #5 in the western region. The calculation takes into account a school s academic quality and net cost of attendance for a student who receives the average level of need-based financial aid.

Oklahoma Wesleyan University was ranked #7 in the western region by U.S. News. Their ranking system rests on two pillars. The formula uses quantitative measures that education experts have proposed as reliable indicators of academic quality, and it s based on their researched view of what matters in education.

The Wesleyan Church is an evangelical, Protestant denomination. We offer the good news that faith in Jesus Christ makes possible a wonderful personal relationship with God, a holy life empowered by His Holy Spirit for witness and service, and assurance of eternal life in heaven.

The Voice of the Martyrs is a non-profit, inter-denominational Christian organization dedicated to assisting the persecuted church worldwide. Their purpose is to spread the message of the atrocities that Christians face in restricted nations, while establishing a network of offices dedicated to assisting the persecuted church.


About AARP Life Insurance for Seniors, aarp life insurance quotes for seniors.#Aarp #life #insurance #quotes #for #seniors


About AARP Life Insurance for Seniors

AARP has three life insurance options for members age 50 to 80 — and their spouses ages 45 to 80 — that all share certain features. None require medical exams or tests, although two demand applicants truthfully answer health questions. There are no waiting periods for AARP plans, although some limit coverage within the first two years.

Term Insurance

Level benefit term insurance acceptance is based on answers to three health questions. The rates are based on how much coverage is required — from $10,000 to $100,000 — and five-year age bands. The premiums increase when the recipient enters another band. It continues until age 80 regardless of health changes as long as the premiums are paid. At 80, the policy holder can pay the applicable premiums and make it a whole life account without a medical exam. The benefits are constant throughout, and the policy holder can use a death benefit if he s diagnosed with a terminal disease.

Permanent Life

With this option, the rates remain constant based on your age when the policy began. The initial cost is more than the term policy, but the gap narrows as you age. For example, a woman buying the permanent policy at age 60 would pay $40.51 a month from then on. For a term policy, she would pay $20.44 per month at age 60 but $39.83 at age 70. The permanent policy, however, builds up cash values you could borrow on, and it s fully paid up by age 95.

Guaranteed Acceptance

With guaranteed acceptance, the pay-off rules are the same as permanent life, but you get the insurance regardless of health issues. Rates are higher than the regular permanent insurance option. For example, the 60-year-old woman would pay $51.68 for this policy. Also, coverage is limited for death due to natural causes within the first two years.

Group Rates

AARP has partnered with New York Life Insurance to provide these insurance policies exclusively for their members at group rates. Getting them through AARP means its members will save money instead of buying the same or similar policies directly from New York Life. For example, in 2014, a 65-year-old woman would pay $35.18 a month for a term policy through New York Life, but just $31.99 for the same deal through the AARP.

10 things you should know about VoIP over wireless

This information is also available as a PDF download .

Voice over IP (VoIP) can provide substantial savings on your telephone service by allowing you to use an IP network to make phone calls instead of the traditional telephone companies’ public switched telephone network (PSTN). Many organizations today run IP networks over wireless technology, and it’s possible to run VoIP applications over Wi-Fi, too. But you need to be aware of a number of issues when planning a VoIP over wireless (often called VoW, VoFi, or wVoIP) deployment.

With the advent of WiMAX for longer range Wi-Fi communications, wireless phone companies (cellular carriers) are gearing up to offer hybrid phones that will use VoIP over Wi-Fi when a Wi-Fi network is available and switch to cellular when one is not. So VoIP over wireless encompasses different things, depending on the context.

Here are some things you need to know about wVoIP.

#1: Wireless VoIP offers advantages over cellular service

A big advantage of wireless VoIP is that IP phones that work on Wi-Fi networks can be used in place of cell phones in many cases. Public 802.11 hotspots are often free or available at a low daily cost. If you’re connecting to the Wi-Fi network anyway for Web and e-mail access, there’s no additional cost to make VoIP calls other than the cost of your VoIP service, which is usually far less than the cost of cell phone service and may offer free unlimited international calling, something you don’t get with most cellular plans.

#2: VoIP over wireless LAN has many uses

VoIP over a wireless LAN can provide easy internal calling for corporations, educational campuses, hospitals, hotels, government buildings, and multiple-tenant units such as dorms, with the ability to roam freely and advanced calling features such as voicemail and caller ID. Users can also use the LAN’s Internet connection and an account with a VoIP provider to make calls outside the site, including domestic long distance and international calls, often at no extra charge.

#3: WiMAX extends the reach of VoIP

WiMAX is a long range microwave-based wireless technology based on the 802.16 standards. It can provide wireless broadband coverage to an entire metropolitan area or a large rural area, since WiMAX transmissions can span up to 75 kilometers (46 miles). With theoretical throughputs of up to 288 Mbps and practical throughput up to 70 Mbps, WiMAX has the bandwidth to support VoIP.

#4: Voice transmission is more sensitive than data transmission

VoIP is a real-time application, making it particularly sensitive to packet loss that can be caused in a wireless network by weak signals, range limitations, and interference from other devices that use the same frequency. To support VoIP, your wireless network must be reliable because users expect more dependability from their phone systems than from their computers. They expect a dial tone every time, no dropped calls, and high voice quality.

#5: Mixing VoIP and data can degrade call quality

Because of the sensitivity of VoIP applications to any disruption or delay, competing with data transmissions on the same wireless network can cause degradation of voice quality. It’s important to implement quality of service (QoS) features to ensure that VoIP packets get priority.

#6: Security is a bigger concern over wireless

Security is already a major concern for VoIP, as sending telephone calls over a public IP network presents more security risks than using the proprietary “closed” networks of the telcos. Wireless adds another layer of security concerns, with transmissions going over the airwaves instead of cables and thus subject to easier interception. Common VoIP protocols such as SIP have their own security vulnerabilities.

Any Wi-Fi network that will carry VoIP traffic must be secured, and such traffic should always be protected by authentication and encryption.

On the other hand, many of today’s telephone calls already travel over the airwaves, on cellular phones.

#7: Older wireless LAN equipment isn’t ready for VoIP

If your plan is to roll out VoIP over your existing data Wi-Fi network, you may be in for a disappointment. For good performance, especially in the enterprise space, you need wireless LAN hardware and software specifically designed to work with voice traffic and address the prioritization and security issues.

Look for integrated support for SIP and policy-based management that allows you to block unauthorized voice traffic.

#8: Wireless VoIP equipment is available at consumer and enterprise levels

Many popular vendors of consumer-level networking equipment (LinkSys, D-Link, Netgear) now make IP phones that work with their wireless routers. For example, D-Link’s DPH-540 IP phone supports all SIP-based VoIP providers and works with 802.11b or g Wi-Fi networks. It supports WEP, WPA, and WPA2 encryption.

At the same time, vendors of enterprise-level hardware, such as Cisco, are offering IP phones that work with IP PBX systems. For example, Cisco’s Unified Wireless IP phone 7920 works with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager and supports EAP-FAST authentication for increased security.

#9: VoIP over wireless smart phones can save companies money

Today, many business people carry smart phones or handheld computer phones that run the Windows Mobile operating system, such as the Samsung i730 and Treo. These phones are provided by cell phone carriers, and using the telephone capability costs precious minutes. International calls call extra.

However, by installing Skype for Mobile on these devices, users can make free or very low cost phone calls while bypassing the cellular plan and using the phone’s Internet connection or in the case of Wi-Fi enabled devices, like the Samsung, using a wireless hotspot.

#10: Future phones will combine cellular and Wi-Fi VoIP

Industry pundits predict that the next generation of cell phones will all include built-in Wi-Fi. With these hybrid or dual-mode phones, you’ll be able to seamlessly switch between cellular and VoIP over Wi-Fi when you come into range of a Wi-Fi hotspot, even within the same phone call.

Landlines are expected to all but disappear as the hybrid phones become a single solution for telephony, operating off the user’s Wi-Fi network at home and using cellular technology when there is no Wi-Fi network within range. This is predicted to lower the total cost of telephone service.

About Deb Shinder

Debra Littlejohn Shinder, MCSE, MVP is a technology consultant, trainer, and writer who has authored a number of books on computer operating systems, networking, and security. Deb is a tech editor, developmental editor, and contributor to over 20 add.

Full Bio

Debra Littlejohn Shinder, MCSE, MVP is a technology consultant, trainer, and writer who has authored a number of books on computer operating systems, networking, and security. Deb is a tech editor, developmental editor, and contributor to over 20 additional books on subjects such as the Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 MCSE exams, CompTIA Security+ exam, and TruSecure’s ICSA certification.

I have just received notification that you have kindly actioned [my] refund.

I would like to say that it was a pleasure doing business with you from start to finish and I applaud your efficiency.

Thank you again and I would not hesitate to use your services in future and recommend you to my friends.

– V Taylor, Tavistock

Dear Lady on the phone at Equicar,

Thank you so much for your assistance, you were delightful on the phone, eager to help and responded to my
request promptly. There are many companies out there that would benefit enormously from the example you have set, absolutely first class service .

Thanking you once again

– Terence Booth, UK

Just thought I’d pass my compliments for the TD5 manual box I collect on Friday afternoon. I ended up having to fit it before I could head back to Germany.
It works a dream and can’t believe how much quieter my car is now.

Thanks very much.

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From my original enquiry, through ordering and subsequent delivery your service and staff were exemplary.
The part was not only superb value from you, but arrived clean and ready to fit.

The modulator is fitted, dianostic cleared (as above) and working great.

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you were selling out of a Discovery. The engine has been in for
sometime and at present is running perfectly ( touch wood ) Just
to say that as you promised the engine arrived on time in
Pitlochry. I was the guy with the funny money ( bank of scotland
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Thank you for your time and help. Great service.

R Weir, Perthshire

I contacted you on Monday re a rear spring for a Nissan Pathfinder. You went away, checked, priced and posted all as promised including the delivery. The part was spot on as has been fitted. My thanks. for your help and support. It s always a pleasure to do business with professionals.

P Taylor, Birmingham

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As I had ordered the part, the lady who processed the order was just as helpful and friendly. Your invoice no. 32050 refers. Needless to say, when I fitted the sensor, it solved the problem my car had.

This was the first time I had dealt with Equicar and as a result of the quality of service you have given, I definately will again. Incidentally, when I mentioned your name to the garage [Cowley Co, Whaddon, Milton Keynes] who had diagnosed the cause of my ABS light being stuck on, they spoke highly of yourselves.

Looking forward to business in the future,

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T J Thornbury Auto Services. Bedford Rascal specialist and small camper specialist.

Pleasure doing business with you.

Just to say thanks, my 2 headrests arrived today, and they fit just right as expected.

Your Service was good.

Hi Allen, Just a quick note to thank you very sincerely for the 100% proper way you handled the situation. Everyone I’ve spoken to has been gobsmacked that you gave me a full refund without any argument or quibble – not like your typical breakers at all!

It goes without saying that I shall tell anybody who will listen to come to you! I am a member of a 4×4 owners’ club and I’ve posted a report on the website for you.

Dear Frank, thanks so much for the speedy delivery. All fits and runs perfect, your a Star mate. So many parts people don’t want to know as soon as you say import or if it’s a tricky part to find but you guys were helpful from the start and for that I thank you. Good luck to you and I will definately recommend you and use you again.

European Commission Directorate-General for Trade

Goods imported into the EU must meet the EU sanitary and phytosanitary requirements to protect human and animal health. Check the requirements applying to your product at My export

Official controls

The EU rules on official controls are divided in two Regulations intended to be implemented by competent authorities, one that sets out the official control principles and obligations and the other one on how official controls are to be organised by the competent authorities, as follows:

  • Official controls performed to ensure the verification of compliance with feed and food law, animal health and animal welfare rules
  • specific rules for the organisation of official controls on products of animal origin intended for human consumption
Food and feed safety

EU rules on food safety are designed to protect human life and health health while the rules on animal feed aim at protecting human and animal life and health.

Imports of foodstuffs must comply with general conditions, which include:

  • general principles and requirements of food law – all stages of food/feed production and distribution (Regulation (EC) No 178/2002 Section 4)
  • traceability – importers of food and feed products must identify and register the supplier in the country of origin (Regulation (EC) No 178/2002 Article 18)
  • general rules on hygiene of foodstuffs and hygiene specifications for food of animal origin
  • rules on microbiological criteria for foodstuffs
  • rules on residues, pesticides, veterinary medicines and contaminants in and on food
  • special rules on genetically modified food and feed. bio proteins and novel foods
  • special rules on certain groups of food products (e.g. mineral waters, cocoa, quick-frozen food) and foodstuffs aimed at specific populations (e.g. foods for infants and young children)
  • specific marketing and labelling requirements for feed materials, compound feedingstuffs, and feedingstuffs intended for particular nutritional purposes
  • general rules on materials intended to come into contact with foodstuffs

If a problem likely to pose a serious risk to human or animal health or to the environment arises in a non-EU country, the EU may adopt protective measures. either imposing special conditions or suspending imports of products from all or part of the country concerned.

Animal health

EU health rules on animals and products of animal origin are designed to protect and improve the health of animals (especially food-producing ones). Imports of animals and animal products must meet the applicable health standards and international obligations, including the following general rules:

  • the exporting country must be on a list of countries authorisedto export the category of products concerned to the EU
  • products of animal origin may be imported into the EU only if they come from approved processing establishments in the exporting country
  • all imports of animals and animal products must be accompanied by a health certificate signed by an official veterinarian of the competent authority in the exporting country
  • every consignment is subject to health checks at the border inspection post (BIP) in the EU country of arrival.

If an outbreak of a disease in a non-EU country poses a serious threat to animal or public health, EU authorities may apply temporary protective measures including suspension of imports from all or part of the country concerned or special requirements on products from that country.

Plant health

If you export plants and plants products (including fruit and vegetables and wood products) to the EU, you have to make sure that your products comply with the EU legislation on plant health. The EU has laid down phytosanitary requirements to prevent the EU introduction and spread of organisms harmful to plants and plant products. The requirements mainly imply that:

  • Certain commodities are not allowed to be imported into the EU because there are a number of listed organisms (pests); unless certain well established conditions are complied with the country of origin.
  • Specified plants or plant products must be accompanied by a plant health certificate.

Please note that the phytosanitary requirements also apply to wood used to package or wedge food or non-food products (called wood packaging material). So, even if your primary object is to export e.g. fishery products or toys, you have to take into account the phytosanitary requirements if you use wood as materials to packages and ship your products. Processed plant products such as furniture or wooden artefacts do not fall under the scope of these requirements.

Exports of plants and plant products to the EU must:

  • be accompanied by a plant-health certificate issued by the relevant competent authorities of the exporting country
  • undergo customs and phytosanitary inspections at the point of entry into the EU (border)
  • be imported into the EU by an importer registered in the official register of an EU country
  • be announced before arrival to the customs office at the point of entry.

If consignments of plants or plant products originating in a non-EU country might pose a risk to the EU, the member countries or the European Commission may take temporary emergency measures .

Seeds and plant propagating material must comply with specific marketing requirements to ensure health and quality. Specific conditions apply for:

The EU has rules protecting plant variety rights providing for intellectual property rights for plant varieties valid throughout the EU. The system is implemented by the Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO).

Plant Health Directive lays down requirements that prevent the introduction of organisms harmful to plants or plant products or their spread in the EU. The Plant Health Directive covers the following products:

  • Plants: Living plants and specified living parts thereof, including seeds1. This category includes:
    • fruit, in the botanical sense, other than that preserved by deep freezing;
    • vegetables, other than those preserved by deep freezing;
    • tubers, corms, bulbs and rhizomes;
    • cut flowers;
    • branches with foliage;
    • cut trees retaining foliage;
    • leaves and foliage;
    • plant tissue cultures;
    • live pollen;
    • bud-wood, cuttings and scions;
  • Plant products: Products of plant origin, unprocessed or having undergone simple preparation in so far as these are not plants.

EU legislation follows International law including:


If you export wild flora or products thereof, you should also take into account the EU requirements on endangered species (also known as CITES requirements). Some species are prohibited to be imported into the EU, other must be accompanied by specific export and/or import certificates.

Public health

The EU’s public health rules are designed to protect the EU’s population from major health threats. Public health measures include:

  • monitoring and control of communicable diseases (e.g. severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and pandemic influenza)
  • controlling health problems related to unhealthy lifestyles (e.g. tobacco, drugs)
  • monitoring of trade in drug precursors (to prevent the illicit use of certain chemicals to manufacture drugs like ecstasy and amphetamines)

EU electrical design CAD drawing standards made easy #cad #layer #standards


Electrical CAD drawaing standards – in electrical CAD software

Implementing ISO/IEC/EN standards in electrical documentation can be quite a task. We focus on making it easy to follow the electrical design drawing standards applied in the European Union (EU) and internationally.

In this text you can see what we have done to support you in following the electrical design drawing standards easily, through all stages of the electrical documentation: From opening the first project template, via inserting the pre-defined ISO/IEC/EN standard symbols, to the automatically generated standard lists and graphical plans.

Electrical drawing standards the easy way

To fulfil the IEC/EN standards as easily and accurately as possible, we have developed the electrical CAD software PCSCHEMATIC Automation. which has a workflow with integrated intelligent handling of standard requirements.
This workflow we consider the minimum requirements, for what you should demand of an electrical CAD software for following the electrical ISO/IEC/EN standards:

Project and Page templates

§1: Start by opening a project template containing project pages for schematics with already inserted drawing headers, as well as pages for parts lists and spare parts lists – according to the IEC/EN 61082 standard. Furthermore: This template project also contains a project front page, a table of contents for the project, chapter front pages, chapter tables of contents, and other relevant types of lists (e.g. components, cables, terminals, and PLC lists).

IEC/EN 60617 symbols – with attached article data

§2: Fetch the standard electrical IEC/EN 60617 symbols from the directly accessible symbol menu – with automatically attached article data from the component database.

Letter codes according to standards

§3: Place the intelligent electrical symbols in the schematics pages, and the program automatically assigns IEC/EN 61346-2 letter codes to the symbol names, and automatically connects the symbols with lines drawn according to IEC/EN 61082.

Continuous numbering

§4: According to various electrical ISO/IEC/EN standards, continuous numbering of symbols is recommended. The electrical CAD software PCSCHEMATIC Automation therefore automatically keeps track of which names/numbers have been used for the various types of symbols – and automatically suggests the next available name for the given symbol type.

Sub drawings / Sub diagrams – with attached article data

§5: Furthermore: You can place the necessary sub drawings – which contains already drawn diagram parts, with attached database information for the applied components.

Renames according to standards when copying

§6: When copying symbols, areas, diagram pages or full projects, the program lets you select which of the involved symbols – in all of the documentation – to rename automatically according to the applied naming standards and reference designations.

Changing reference designations acc. to standards

§7: When changing reference designations on chapter level, page level, or in an area, the program lets you select which of the influenced symbols, that should have changed their reference designations automatically according to the IEC/EN 61346 standard.

References between symbols acc. to IEC/EN 61346- inserted and updated automatically

§8: According to IEC/EN 61346, there must be references between symbols. In PCSCHEMATIC Automation, these references are both inserted and updated automatically, and you can jump to the other symbols for the same component by clicking on these references.

Lists according to IEC/EN 60204-1

§9: According to IEC/EN 60204-1, the documentation must contain a spare parts list. In PCSCHEMATIC Automation, this list is filled out with project and component data automatically – just like all the other relevant types of lists, such as parts (BOM), components, cables, terminals, and PLC lists. These lists can be created on project, chapter, page or layer level, and can e.g. be filled out according to the applied reference designations. – See §15 also .

Graphical connection plans created automatically

§10: According to IEC/EN 60204-1, the documentation must also contain a graphical connection scheme/plan/list. In the electrical CAD software PCSCHEMATIC Automation this is created automatically – just like the graphical terminal and cable plans/schemes/lists. All you have to do, is to draw the diagrams, and let the program handle the remaining part of the required documentation.

Automatic documentation of non-standard symbols acc. to IEC/EN 61082

§11: According to IEC/EN 61082, applied non-standard symbols must be described separately in the documentation. In PCSCHEMATIC Automation, you just let the program document these symbols automatically.

Automatic project text translator

§12: According to IEC/EN 60204-1, electrical documentation of exported machines should be created in the language of the receiver. In PCSCHEMATIC Automation, the automatic project text translator supports you in this.

Wire uniquely identified acc. to IEC/EN 60204-1

§13: According to IEC/EN 60204-1, wires must be uniquely identified. In PCSCHEMATIC Automation, wire numbers are created automatically by the program. Furthermore, these wire numbers can be sent as wire number files to a wire numbering tool.

Any type of list generated automatically

§14: Furthermore, all types of list files can be generated automatically – such as label files, PLC I/O files or order files for component vendors.

Projects generated from Microsoft Excel

§15: Even further, projects can be generated automatically via Microsoft Excel, from which you can also control project data, and merge several electrical documentation projects to one single project. When merging projects, the reference designation definitions, and other project data, can be controlled from Excel also. When merging projects, separate lists can still be generated for the different parts of the project, due to the use of reference designations – see §9 .

See an electrical documentation project created acc. to the standards

§16: Finally, the program includes a complete electrical documentation project, created according to the standards – so that you can see a practical example for yourself. To do this, you must first download the free electrical CAD program PCSCHEMATIC Automation 40. and then open the included demo project. If you want, you can also see the electrical CAD manuals and the electrical CAD videos for the program.

Follow the standards the easy way

All of these automatic functions supports you in following the EN/IEC standards, while working as efficiently as possible, through all stages of the electrical documentation.
It is also worth mentioning, that drawing diagrams, and working with an electrical CAD software in general, should be as simple and straightforward as possible. This is also very much the case for PC|SCHEMATIC Automation, which as a general principle meets the user at the simplest level possible – without forgetting the advanced user.

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software suppliers – Essential Guide

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software suppliers come in all shapes and sizes, with the vital business process software available as a client server application, a hosted ERP service or even via a web-based portal .

Download this free guide

IT Project: Internet of Things

Have an in-depth look at the opportunities and challenges presented by the internet of things

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What is ERP software?

ERP software has its roots in the Nineties manufacturing industry, where earlier forms of the applications were used for manufacturing resource planning (MRP) and computer integrated manufacturing (CIM).

However, ERP has grown to cover all core functions of a business, regardless of its industry sector. As a result, both private and public sector organisations now use ERP systems in some form or other.

ERP applications tend to be modular in nature, sharing vital business information which is held on a central database repository, or repositories.

What does ERP software do?

ERP systems typically carry out financial and business planning functions, which might formerly have been carried out by many smaller standalone applications .

Examples of ERP system modules include: product lifecycle management, supply chain management (for example purchasing, manufacturing and distribution), warehouse management, customer relationship management (CRM), sales order processing, online sales, financials, human resources, and decision support system.

Why use ERP software?

One major benefit of having a single modular ERP system is that it can unite and link together multiple processes and parts of the business, making the business run more efficiently .

By automating various functions. you can also benefit from having, for example, good order tracking, from acceptance through to fulfilment. In terms of the revenue cycle. you can track invoices through to cash receipts.

ERP systems also centralise the data in one place, which can eliminate the problem of synchronising changes between multiple systems, and allows business managers to get a more accurate view of the business’s information .

Having a single data repository can also lower the risk of losing sensitive data, if you use appropriate data security and authorisation.

What are the drawbacks of ERP systems?

ERP systems can prove to be complex and difficult to customise. keeping in mind the actual complexities and idiosyncrasies of each individual business itself.

Many firms fail to adequately invest in ongoing training for the involved IT personnel. and there is often a lack of corporate policy to protect the integrity of the data in the ERP systems and the ways in which it is used.

Business processes frequently have to be re-engineered to fit the new ERP system. and this can lead to problems with processes and staff.

Also, ERP systems can be very expensive. This has led to a newer breed of simpler ERP systems for smaller enterprises which carry a lower cost, and many established ERP vendors now offer managed ERP services, offered over the web.

Finally, the fact that ERP systems centralise the data in one place can increase the risk of loss of sensitive information in the event of a security breach.

Popular ERP Vendors

  • Microsoft Dynamics
    The Microsoft Dynamics ERP suite includes Microsoft Dynamics AX, an accounting and finance, HR and CRM tool; Microsoft Dynamics GP, a mid-market accounting suite; and Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics SL, both SME ERP platform.
  • Oracle e-Business Suite
    A modular ERP platform, the Oracle e-Business Suite has many elements including Oracle CRM, Oracle Financials, Oracle Logistics, Oracle Order Management and Oracle Warehouse Management Systems. The software makes use of the Oracle database.
  • SAGE
    Sage Line 500 and Sage 1000 are the cornerstone ERP solutions for thousands of UK businesses. Developed for the UK mid-market from day one, the Sage Line 500 and Sage 1000 Suites offer customers a broad range of capabilities including CRM, HR, Payroll and Business Intelligence.
  • SAP Business One
    Aimed at SMEs, SAP Business One contains over a dozen core modules, such as Financials, Sales Opportunities, Purchasing Banking, Human Resources, E-commerce and WebCRM.
  • Infor Global Solutions
    Infor is a large business software provider which has several ERP suites, such as Infor ERP LN, Infor ERP SyteLine, Infor ERP VISUAL, Infor ERP Adage and Infor ERP LX. They are built on an open, flexible, service-oriented architecture (SOA) with web-based user interfaces.
  • NetERP from NetSuite
    NetSuite supplies on-demand. integrated business management software suites aimed at mid-market enterprises and divisions of large companies. It offers hosted accounting, CRM, ERP, e-commerce and web site development software.
  • Lawson Software
    Lawson merged with business software firm Intentia International in 2006, to offer mid-market business an alternative to larger ERP vendors. The vendor’s ERP packages are Lawson S3 (broadly for service firms) and Lawson M3 (broadly for manufacturers and distributors.

This was last published in July 2009

Vela Insurance Agency Inc #villa #insurance


Welcome to Vela Insurance Agency Inc!

Safeguarding our neighbors of Lakewood.

Vela Insurance Agency Inc is your dedicated insurance agency, serving the Lakewood community and the Denver Metro area. As your local source for insurance services and solutions, our entire staff prides itself on offering personalized and responsive customer support to our customers throughout the greater Denver area.

At Vela Insurance Agency Inc, our ultimate goal is to create lasting relationships with each of our clients so that we may continue providing excellent service for many years to come.

Our experienced staff members can outfit you with tailored solutions for your auto, home, and business insurance requirements and personalize each insurance product to your specific individual needs while providing competitive rates for our valued clients.

The Vela Insurance Agency Inc Team is committed to providing clients with the highest quality insurance plans available combined with some of the lowest rates available in all of Colorado. Whether you re shopping for auto insurance, home insurance, life or business insurance, we can help get you the best coverage available with the lowest rate possible.

We specialize in the following Colorado Insurance Services:

  • Auto Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Boat Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • And Many More!

Although our primary area of service is located in Lakewood, Colorado, we offer unparalleled service and competitive quotes to clients throughout the entire State of Colorado!


Phonics Worksheets and Teaching Activties #esl, #phonics, #worksheets, #efl, #tesol, #children, #kids, #english, #lesson #plans


Lanternfish Phonics Worksheets and Teaching Resources.

The Lanternfish phonics resource section has greatly expanded. Click on the category or resource type below to find printable phonics worksheets and teaching activities. Note: The column on the left represent one order that these patterns can be taught (though it is by no means the only order).

Initial Sounds Worksheets. A collection of worksheets to review initial sounds.

Final Sounds Worksheets. A collection of worksheets to review final sounds.

CVC Words Worksheets and Teaching Resources. Flashcards, games, spelling sheets and other activities for teaching CVC words like bat. cup. dog. win. and red.

Long Vowel Bossy E Worksheets and Teaching Resources. Flashcards, games, spelling sheets and other activities for teaching the long vowel/bossy E patterns found in words like bi ke. ga te. and ro se.

R-Controlled Vowels. Flashcards, games, spelling sheets and other activities for teaching words that r-controlled vowels like star. bird. fort. burn. and fern.

Initial Consonant Blends with R and L. Games and activities for teaching words that have initial consonant blends with R and L such as crab. claw. brick. and block.

Word Skills Game. Review synonyms, antonyms, beginning sounds, ending sounds, middle sounds, and rhymes.

Phonics Bingo. A collection of different bingo games divided into categories such as CVC words and consonant digraphs.

Phonics Rhymes. A set of rhyming worksheets organized around the phonics categories suh as CVC words and consonant digraphs.

Core Phonic Units Spelling Tests. Spelling test worksheet generators that can be used to assess or review spelling of phonetic patterns in the core units.

Phonics Word Searches. A collection of phonics word searches organized by categories of words such as CVC words and consonant digraphs.

A collection of big board games for teaching decoding and spelling skills.

Elkonin Boxes. A collection of Elkonin boxes as well as blank templates for teachers to make their own Elkonin Box worksheets.

Phonic Monster Cards. Materials that can be used for flashcards as well as fun games.

Space Aces. An exciting game that reinforces decoding skills for

Dragon Words. Collections of words demonstrating particular letter patterns. Can be used as flashcards.

Reading Packet Puzzles. A collection of sentence puzzles for early literacy– a highly recommended resource.

ABC Worksheets. A huge collection of worksheets to teach letter recognition for both capital and small letters.

During the centennial year of U.S. entry into World War I, the National Academies are holding a competition for young scholars to research and write a paper on a major aspect of how scientists and engineers in the U.S. were engaged in war effort.

Food allergy is a complicated disease, and the science around prevention and management is changing. What are some promising approaches for improving the lives of people with food allergy? Watch this video to find out.

Scientific research is vital and can bring remarkable results that save and improve lives. A new NAS series of articles and videos shows concrete examples of why scientific research is valuable.

A series of NAS colloquia explore research that can improve the effective communication of science to lay audiences. The third colloquium will be held Nov. 16 and 17 in Washington, D.C. Read the summary of the second colloquium.

Read about recent activities and reports of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine in the latest issue of In Focus magazine.

Use award-winning game Extreme Event to start a conversation about building community resilience. Now in three scenarios: Hurricane, Flood, and Earthquake!

Hurricane Matthew caused substantial damage along the U.S. southeastern coast. In a recent interview. FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate discussed how communities can better prepare for such events.

Eight health professionals have been selected for the 2016-2017 class of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Fellows at the National Academy of Medicine.

A new podcast series based on Dying in America: Improving Quality and Honoring Individual Preferences Near the End of Life is now available for free download on ReachMD, iHeartRadio, Tunein, iTunes, and Stitcher.

Watch a video about an Academies report that looked at whether and how to professionalize the nation’s rapidly evolving cybersecurity field.

Climatologist Richard Alley, an NAS member and professor of geosciences at Penn State, discussed on CNN what is causing the record-low temperatures in the United States and Canada.

Explore relationships among the arts and sciences, engineering, and medicine through the Cultural Programs of the National Academy of Sciences.

We offer several fellowship opportunities in science, engineering, and medicine. Visit our program websites for information on eligibility guidelines and application deadlines.

Standard Life Investments Global Absolute Return #standard #life #investments #global #absolute #return, #alt, #multistrategy: #gb00b28s0093


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You have been redirected here from as we are merging our websites to provide you with a one-stop shop for all your investment research needs.

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Registered Hemscott users can log in to Morningstar using the same login details. Similarly, if you are a Hemscott Premium user, you now have a Morningstar Premium account which you can access using the same login details. contains data, news and research on shares and funds, unique commentary and independent Morningstar research on a broad range of investment products, and portfolio and asset allocation tools to help make better investing decisions.

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Emergency Electrician #electrician #in #phoenix


For FAST service, call us now: 972.792.7270

Emergency Electrician Services

ElectricMan is a trusted and respected electrician in Dallas and Fort Worth, serving both commercial and residential customers. If you need a Dallas electrician for simple electrical repairs or an electrical disaster demands emergency electricians in your home or business, then call us today!

ElectricMan is a Dallas electrician. Our electricians are highly trained and certified for our customer’s protection. All of our Dallas electricians are licensed, insured, background checked, and drug tested for your best interests and safety. Call us today.

Satisfaction Guaranteed! If you are at all unhappy with our work for ANY reason, we re not going anywhere! We ll stay until the job is done to your satisfaction.

What our customers say

    li” data-cycle-auto-height=”container” data-cycle-prev=”#testimonial-prev” data-cycle-next=”#testimonial-next”>

A big thank you to Nick along with my recommendation and endorsement for his services as a dependable and HONEST electrician. If you need a reliable, reasonably-priced electrician, who acts quickly when you need him, call Nick.

I would just like everyone to know that I called them on a weekend night and they were johnny on the spot. They were very polite and did everything in a timely manner. Being in the service industry I know that most want to tell the bad things so I want to make sure that all know that they are my go to people from this point forward.

I can’t think of when I have been provided such wonderful service. The electricians came early and they were so thorough, courteous and the price was reasonable. They were so good I was able to complete this on my lunch hour. I will recommend them to everyone I know. Thank You,

We used Electricman Inc. for the first time, and I have to say, they are the best! They were on time, professional, friendly, and offered suggestions to solve our electrical problems. All at a great price! Rick and his team, as well as the owner, responded quickly to calls and emails, and explained everything each step of the way. 5 stars!

One never enjoys having to make that dreaded after hours call for service. It’s generally expensive and you seem to wait forever for someone to show up. That was NOT our experience with Electricman. The technician (Jeremy) was here within an hour of our call. Outstanding response time! He was very professional, and was able to quickly determined the source of our problem and then correct it. To be honest, I had not heard of Electricman previously, and selected them based on their ratings here, and their BBB accreditation. Should I ever have a need for an electrician in the future, Electricman will certainly be my call.

Emotional Intelligence in Business – How To Create Value #business #intelligence #resume


Emotions Drive People.
People Drive Performance.

Why does emotional intelligence matter in business today?

Increasing complexity demands increased capability. If we want leaders who can navigate through today s challenges, foster innovation, and build organizations where people thrive we need to equip them with the skills of emotional intelligence. Research shows these learnable, measurable skills improve leadership effectiveness, retention, organizational climate, and the bottom line.

Recent EQ in Business articles

How Vital is Your Organization? Key Findings Report on the 2017 Vitality Survey

Q: How are people feeling at work. and does it matter? A: Frustrated, and yes! Get the free report with results of the global study.

Trust Essentials: Three proven steps for building trust with BONUS free quiz slides

Trust. That invisible force that makes things feel just right. and fuels teams & organizations to excel. Article, free slides & quiz.

Trustees of Trust: The Science Practice of Being Trustworthy

Is trust important at work, school, and in life? Why? Here’s how we’ll answer big question about this vital emotion.

The Trust Edge: A Chat with David Horsager

How do you measure trust? Best-selling author David Horsager (The Trust Edge) has identified 8 pillars of trust that will help leaders.

Case: Doubling Down on EQ Culture at ServRx

It’s “the classic problem” of a successful startup: The company was growing, but the culture was not. Here’s how they used EQ to double

Six Practical Tips to Collaborate More Effectively

Teamwork is all about cooperation and effective collaboration. But it’s not always easy. Here are 6 practical tips to help you work.

Coaching with Computers? 3 Life-Changing Insights from the Neural Net

For emotional intelligence coaches, a new AI tool is helping them go deeper with clients. Find out how.

Emotional Intelligence and Coaching: Secrets from the 2017 Survey Infographic

What makes coaching so effective, and does emotional intelligence help? How? Here’s an infographic + free report with insights from.

Plutchik s Wheel of Emotions 2017 Update

If you want to enhance your emotional literacy, Robert Plutchik s wheel of emotions is a useful tool. To practice emotional.

Case: Emotional Intelligence for Hospitality at Restaurant Sunndays

Can emotional intelligence training improve hospitality? This case study shows how building team work fuels employee engagement – which

How to Understand People: Ask, Listen, and Get Real

Do you want to know how to understand people more easily? A starting point is a wide-spread lie we tell others — and ourselves.

20 Outstanding Books on Emotional Intelligence That Could Change The World (2017 Update)

Here’s a wonderful collection of books about emotional intelligence, including six key concepts for every parent to share with children

Case Study: Amadori-EQ and Sales Performance

January 24, 2017

A new case study, written by Giacomo Nottoli, Lorenzo Fariselli, Fabio Barnabè, Erika Paci in collaboration with Massimiliano Ghini.

Not just SMART goals, setting CLEAR goals for success

January 23, 2017

Have you been making lists each day but not making progress? Most goals are missing and essential component: emotional intelligence.

The Business Power of Emotional Intelligence in the Middle East

January 17, 2017

In the “dynamic” business environment of Dubai and the GCC region, what’s happening with emotional intelligence in the Middle East? How

Emotional Intelligence in Italy: Meet Lorenzo Fariselli

January 11, 2017

What’s happening with emotional intelligence in Italy? Meet the leader of the Italian Emotional Intelligence Network, Lorenzo Fariselli.

PizzaCo Case: Engaging the Power of Purpose

December 13, 2016

How does a business find meaningful purpose? This business case describes the power of a leadership team discovering their “Noble Goal”

Emotional Intelligence Training for Business: Research on Best Practice

How do you use emotional intelligence training for business? Three key ingredients, based on interviews with dozens of business leaders.

Emonitor Condition Monitoring Software


  • Supports Dynamix 2500 and Enpac 2500 Data Collectors
  • Offers live data view from any 1444 series monitor on any machine, by any user from any location
  • Provides ability to schedule automated data collection from any number of 1444 series or 1440 series monitors or machines
  • Includes the ability to download defect frequencies to collectors
  • Allows tags to be imported from a Logix controller, scheduled or on demand
  • Allows the ability to import/export data from any OPC server
  • Includes fault frequency identification
  • Offers built-in and user editable rule sets

    Additional Information

    • Install SQL Server Express — Watch this video to learn how to install SQL Server Express for Emonitor® software.
    • Install Emonitor Software on SQL Server — Watch this video to learn how to install and configure Emonitor software on a SQL server.
    • Emonitor Software Frequency Setup — Watch this video to learn the basics of the Emonitor software frequency setup.
    • Basics of the Emonitor Software User Interface — Watch this video to learn the basics of the Emonitor software user interface.
    • Import Dynamix 1444 Spectrum and Time-waveform Data into Emonitor Software CMS 4.0 — Watch this video to learn how to import Dynamix™ 1444 spectrum and time-waveform data into Emonitor software.

    Condition Monitoring

    How to Buy

    To view commonly ordered and quickly available products, use the Product Configuration Assistant for our complete product offerings.

    Configuration and Selection Tools

    • CrossWorks Convert competitive catalog numbers to similar Allen-Bradley products.
    • ProposalWorks Build complete quotes and proposals.

    Other Resources

    • Integrated Architecture Podcasts Select from a list of podcasts to learn more about the Integrated Architecture system.
    • Knowledgebase Visit our online resource for technical information, support chat and forums, software updates, and product safety advisories/notices.


    Emonitor® software is suitable for the following applications:

    • Online surveillance systems
    • Portable data collection systems
    • Integration with Logix controllers

    Teen Drug Addiction – Addiction to Drugs – Drug Addiction #teen #addiction #treatment


    Teen Drug Addiction

    Article Summary Print

    During adolescence, life is challenging enough just dealing with fitting in and the changes that occur as you grow into an adult. CBS News reports that a recent survey indicates approximately two million teens between the ages of 12 and 17 currently need treatment for a substance abuse problem, but only about 150,000 get the help they need. This high number is largely due to the fact that it is easy for teens to access many kinds of drugs but trying anything just once can lead to drug addiction. Teens are often more experimental than adults and willing to try anything their friends are doing, making a dependency on cocaine. heroin. marijuana or another drug more likely to occur. It s important to note that an addiction to any drug or alcohol doesn t mean you re a bad kid. There are several aspects to drug addiction, and even the brightest and most responsible kids can form an addiction.

    How Teen Drug Addictions Start

    Teen drug addiction affects teens from all walks of life. This is because the factors influencing who will try drugs are the same, no matter what your family situation or social status may be. The most common reason teens try drugs is peer pressure. Friends or classmates might pressure you into trying a drug, reassuring you that they ve tried it and aren t addicted, so you ll be fine too. In television and movies, teens are bombarded with images of kids like them using drugs with no negative consequences. It is portrayed as cool or harmless, and the kids who abstain are labeled as nerdy or weird. But with repeated use, that initial harmless taste can lead to a full-blown drug addiction. The fact is that every drug is dangerous and life threatening, and there is not a single drug that doesn t hold the potential to lead to addiction.

    Just because a teen is smart, does not mean that he is mature enough to have sound judgment about his decisions. According to CBS News. the part of your brain that is responsible for judgment, which is the prefrontal cortex, doesn t fully mature until you are in your mid-20s.

    CBS News also points out that while experimentation doesn t necessarily lead to addiction, so many kids figure there s nothing risky about trying drugs or alcohol. The reality is that even if you are dabbling in drugs, it can cause serious problems beyond addiction. These problems include overdoses, car accidents and sexual assaults. While many kids will try drugs, it should never be considered a normal rite of passage.

    The first step to treating teen drug addiction is to seek help. If you suspect that you or someone you know may have a drug addiction, we can help. Call 1-888-287-0471 to discuss your treatment options.

    Teen Drug Addiction and the Brain

    Drug addictions form rapidly and without warning. This is because drugs work on your brain in subtle ways. Consider how you feel when something good happens to you. That euphoric feeling the one that washes over you when you re praised or when your team wins a game is your brain s limbic system at work. Natural pleasures are necessary to our survival, so the limbic system drives you to seek out those things that are pleasurable.

    Genetic makeup and environment, for example, play significant roles in how rapidly drug addiction will form. The first time you try any type of drug, you usually experience unnaturally intense pleasure. This activates the reward circuitry in your brain, releasing dopamine to carry the message that whatever is causing the pleasure is good. Your brain begins to change because of the unnatural flood of neurotransmitters. The neurons sense that there is more than enough dopamine production, and so they reduce the number of dopamine receptors or make less dopamine, resulting in less dopamine signaling your brain. Some drugs can cause neurons to die. This results in the weakening of the dopamine s ability to activate the circuits that cause pleasure. So you feel flat, depressed or lifeless without the drug to activate this circuitry. Drugs are required at this point to bring your dopamine levels back up to normal, and larger amounts will be necessary to create a high. This is called tolerance and, according to NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse). it indicates drug addiction.

    Although researchers know what happens to your brain if you become addicted to drugs, there is no way to predict how many times a person can use drugs before becoming addicted. This depends on many factors, so it varies from one teen to he next. Genetic makeup and environment, for example, play significant roles in how rapidly drug addiction will form.

    610 Avenida Avapulco

    What Do Drugs Do to the Brain?

    Amphetamine Addiction Treatment

    The official name for amphetamine is alpha-methylphenethylamine. It is a psychostimulant drug that is often used to increase wakefulness and decrease appetite. The drug is known to be psychologically and physically addictive. A person who has developed a dependency on the drug may need amphetamine addiction treatment to stop using it. There are hundreds of treatment facilities that can help you or someone you love overcome an addiction to amphetamine.Read More

    Drugs work on your brain by tapping into its communication system. They are chemicals which can permanently alter the way nerve cells send, receive and process information. Each drug works differently because it has a different chemical structure.

    Drugs like marijuana and heroin have a chemical structure that imitates the structure of the neurotransmitters in your brain. They fool receptors, and can lock into them to activate the nerve cells. What makes them dangerous is that they don t work the same way that the natural neurotransmitters in your brain do, so they send abnormal messages through the brain.

    Drugs like amphetamine can prevent the normal recycling of natural neurotransmitters or they may cause nerve cells to release unnaturally large amounts of neurotransmitters, which can lead to an exaggerated message sent to the brain. This ultimately wreaks havoc on the communication channels of your brain. The difference between natural neurotransmitter production and that caused by amphetamines is equal to a whisper versus someone screaming in your ear.

    All drugs hijack the reward circuitry of your brain, causing abnormal and uncommonly large amounts of dopamine to flood your system. This may last longer than a natural release of dopamine and causes the high associated with drugs. While you may begin using drugs voluntarily, eventually the drugs alter your brain function. This impairs your ability to feel normal or to think clearly and rationally without drugs. All of this contributes to the compulsive drug use and drug-seeking behaviors that are common with teen drug addiction.

    Identifying Teen Drug Addiction

    During adolescence, many of the signs of drug addiction, such as mood swings or irritability, are very similar to normal teen behavior. However, NIDA states that there are questions you can ask to determine whether or not you have a drug abuse problem. While these do not conclusively indicate a drug addiction, answering yes to any of these questions suggest a problem is developing, and intervention may be necessary. These questions are as follows:

    1. Have you ever been a passenger in a car driven by someone who had consumed alcohol or drugs? Have you ever driven a car while after using drugs or drinking alcohol?
    2. Do you use drugs to chill out, feel good, or to fit in with your friends?
    3. Do you use drugs while on your own, with no one else around?
    4. Do you blackout or not remember things that you did while drinking or using drugs?
    5. Have family members or friends ever told you that you need to cut down on your drinking or drug use?
    6. Have you ever gotten into trouble, at school, with your family or with the law, because of drug or alcohol use ?

    Getting Help for Teen Drug Addiction

    Dealing with a drug addiction alone is a daunting task. It s often difficult for a teen to know where to turn, but there are a number of resources available, and teens addicted to drugs should know that they are not alone. In most communities, there is a range of drug rehab centers and programs available for teens. Most teen drug treatment programs include group and individual therapy, and constant support and medical care. Call 1-888-287-0471 to discuss ways to get help.

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    Sales Training and Selling Resources – an online lead exchange network where sales professionals and businesses exchange pre-qualified leads on motivated buyers looking to buy now!

    SalesTrax – Uniting sales people with sales careers through Job Board, career fair services, and direct placement in the pharmaceutical, financial services, technology, and business services industries.

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    Sales & Marketing Management – a leading authority for executives in the sales and marketing field.

    Sales Leader – a newsletter devoted to improving basic sales skills and reinforcing every type of sales training program. – solutions for sales management – Scratching the backs of the world’s sales people. Sales tools, fun stuff, interviews, “how tos” and thoughts on the daily life of the sales rep.

    The Sales Board, Inc. – a team of certified sales management & training professionals that has consistently facilitated record-breaking sales, and increased profit margins for top sales, training and marketing executives.

    Resource Technologies, Inc. – Helping You Hire, Train and Retain Top Producing Sales Teams

    The TAS Group – The Sales Performance Automation Company

    Want to recommend a Sales Training Resource?

    If you would like to suggest a sales related resource to appear here please contact me using the method below or above. Please keep in mind that I want to make this resource as valuable as possible to those that visit, so please only recommend the highest quality resources.

    Also, keep in mind that only resources that deal specifically with some aspect of selling, sales training, or resources that are highly beneficial to those in the sales profession will be included here. If your recommendation fits with the requirements I’ve just mentioned I’d love to have you send it my way for review.

    Here’s how to get a resource listed in this section.
    Send me a note with your site address as well as a short description. Also, a mention on your site to ours is certainly appreciated as well. Not required, but greatly appreciated. If you do mention, in your message to me let me know where you have included it.

    Here is the code you can include on your site to share ours with your audience:

    A HREF=”” – Sales Training Advice and Tips /A

    Or if you prefer you can link directly to:

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    Electrician Programs In La Puente California

    Get ready to enter into a highly rewarding and in-demand new future as an electrician by completing electrician courses in your local area of California. See below for details on these courses and the precise school and campus locations close to La Puente. Be sure to click on more than one school that of interest to you and fill out the correspondingform for free information you should have for enrollment dates and tuition costs.

    If you are considering a career as a certified electrician, there are a wide variety of electrician training programs, schools and courses available both offline and online to get you started. See below for a sample listing of these schools and their current programs. Be sure to click on the school or schools that interest you and complete the simple form for free details on start dates and tuition fees.

    It is vitally important to be informed! Be sure to request information from more than one school in order to compare which program is best for you.

    1. Select Your State Below For Full School Listings OR
    Complete The Simple Search Request Form

    Get Your Degree!

    Find schools and get information on the program that s right for you.

    More Local Electrical Training Programs

    Matching School Ads

    Fortis Institute can give you the skills you need to train for a career in the healthcare field.

    * Programs vary by location

    * Please contact each individual campus for accreditation information


    • Electrical Trades
    • Electrical Systems Technician

    At Porter and Chester Institute, we’re serious about preparing you for career success. By completing one of our Automotive, Computer, Healthcare, or Trades programs, you’ll enjoy five advantages during your job search:

    1. You gain knowledge and skills employers want you to know.

    2. You learn from instructors who’ve worked in the field.

    3. You learn by doing through hands-on instruction.

    4. You develop personal skills and habits to become more employable.

    5. You enhance your job interview skills and résumé.


    • Electronics Systems Technician

    Online Education #new #mexico #state #university #alamogordo, #new #mexico, #community #college, #online, #adult #education, #affordable, #transfer


    Online Education

    Online Education
    Documents for Faculty and Staff

    Faculty and Staff

    Resources for faculty and staff.

    New Mexico State University Alamogordo has a strong online education initiative including online degree programs. There are also many additional courses offered online. All courses offered in either the online or hybrid format have gone through an extensive review utilizing the 43 Quality Matters™ Specific Review Standards. In addition, all faculty teaching online courses have had training specific to the theory of online education.

    Our online courses are engaging and high quality. They prepare students to continue their education or to enter the workforce.

    There are many reasons to take advantage of online programs and courses. They can be especially beneficial to the following:

    100% Online 2+2 Bachelor’s Degrees

    Start at NMSU-A with an Associate of Arts or a PreBusiness Associate degree and continue with 100% online programs at NMSU Las Cruces to earn a bachelor s degree.

    • Military and their families
    • Stay at home parents
    • Full time workers
    • International students
    • Rotating shift workers
    • Traveling workers
    • Rural residents

    Exemplary Online Courses

    Our online courses are engaging and high quality. They prepare students to continue their education or to enter the workforce.

    Our online courses have gone through an extensive review or pre-review process utilizing the 43 Specific Review Standards of Quality Matters™.

    Quality Matters™ approved courses have gone through an external review.

    Internally reviewed courses have also utilized the Quality Matters™ Standards.

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    Getting approved for an auto loan with bad credit may be easier than you think. Auto loans are different from unsecured lines of credit because they use the car as collateral. If you are unable to make your monthly payments, then the creditor has the right to repossess the car.

    Dealer Financed Auto Loan

    There are several options for obtaining an auto loan. Many small, local, or used car dealerships offer buy-here-pay-here financing. You finance the vehicle through the dealership and send them your monthly payments. These programs are often less selective about the candidates they approve for financing, but they also generally charge very high interest rates.

    Easy Auto Credit Guaranteed Auto Credit Poor Credit Auto Financing Auto Loans

    If your credit is so poor that you have to accept a less-than-desirable loan offer, then make sure to always make your payments on time. Your credit score will improve with each timely payment. With one year’s worth of good credit reporting, you should be able to refinance your car and obtain better loan conditions.

    Easy Auto Credit Auto Loans

    Another option is to obtain a loan through your personal bank. If you have a good history with the bank (few to no bounced checks or account overdraws), and you can prove that you are capable of paying back the loan, they may offer to finance your purchase. You can compare auto insurance quotes online for comprehensive auto coverage to protect you from vehicle theft.

    Most of the larger dealerships have banks that they work with exclusively. If you chose to finance through their banks, a loan officer will walk you through all of the paperwork. You can attempt to negotiate the terms of the loan prior to agreeing to make the purchase, but you cannot be sure that you are getting the best deal. Most large dealerships will charge higher interest rates so that they make a profit off of obtaining financing for your purchase.

    Guaranteed Auto Credit

    Perhaps the most active and selective means of obtaining auto loans is to request quotes through an online database. Many companies have websites that are partnered with several loan companies who will consider your credit, income, and work history, and then present you with the terms of the loan they are prepared to offer. These services allow you to compare loans side-by-side and choose the one that offers the best terms

    Vesta Configuration Management System #configuration #management #software #comparison


    Welcome to the home page of the Vesta Configuration Management System!

    On this page:

    See also:

    For substantial software systems (say, 500k source lines or larger), effective software configuration management (SCM) is a serious problem. It is not generally known how to make a configuration management system that is both easy to use and general enough to handle multi-million line software projects. As a result, the world is full of easy-to-use, small-scale configuration management tools and large-scale, hard-to-use ones.

    Vesta is a portable SCM system targeted at supporting development of software systems of almost any size, from fairly small (under 10,000 source lines) to very large (10,000,000 source lines).

    Vesta is a mature system. It is the result of over 10 years of research and development at the Compaq/Digital Systems Research Center, and it was in production use by Compaq’s Alpha microprocessor group for over two and a half years. The Alpha group had over 150 active developers at two sites thousands of miles apart, on the east and west coasts of the United States. The group used Vesta to manage builds with as much as 130 MB of source data, each producing 1.5 GB of derived data. The builds done at the eastern site in an average day produced about 10-15 GB of derived data, all managed by Vesta. Although Vesta was designed with software development in mind, the Alpha group demonstrated the system’s flexibility by using it for hardware development, checking their hardware description language files into Vesta’s source code control facility and building simulators and other derived objects with Vesta’s builder. The members of the former Alpha group, now a part of Intel, are continuing to use Vesta today in a new microprocessor project.

    In the latter half of 2001, Vesta was released by Compaq under the GNU LGPL .


    There are several papers and other publications about Vesta 2:

    1. Allan Heydon, Roy Levin, Timothy Mann, Yuan Yu.
      The Vesta Approach to Software Configuration Management (abstract) (pdf) (pdf, alternate host) (postscript)
      Compaq Systems Research Center Research Report 168, March 9, 2001

    An introduction to the main concepts used in Vesta. It describes Vesta’s advantages over traditional software configuration management tools, how those benefits are achieved, and the system’s overall performance.

  • Allan Heydon, Roy Levin, Timothy Mann, Yuan Yu.
    Software Configuration Management Using Vesta (hardcover)
    Springer-Verlag, 2006, ISBN: 0-387-00229-4

    The definitive research report describing the entire system in detail. This is the most complete reference for the system. (Note that this is a research report, not a user’s manual.)

    1. Allan Heydon, Roy Levin, Timothy Mann, Yuan Yu.
      The Vesta Software Configuration Management System (abstract) (pdf) (pdf, alternate host) (postscript)
      Compaq Systems Research Center Research Report 177, January 22, 2002, 231 pp.

    An earlier version of the book-length research report.

  • Allan Heydon, Jim Horning, Roy Levin, Timothy Mann, Yuan Yu.
    The Vesta-2 Software Description Language (html) (abstract)
    Compaq Systems Research Center Technical Note 1997-005c, Revised June 2, 1998.

    A technical note defining the Vesta software description language. Slightly outdated. Refer to the language specification instead.

  • Timothy Mann.
    Partial Replication in the Vesta Software Repository (abstract) (pdf) (pdf, alternate host) (postscript)
    Compaq Systems Research Center Research Report 172, August 17, 2001.

    This report explains the concepts behind Vesta’s replication capabilities, which are central to distributed development using Vesta.

  • Allan Heydon, Roy Levin, Yuan Yu.
    Caching Function Calls Using Precise Dependencies (pdf) (postscript)
    Appeared in Programming Language Design and Implementation 2000.

    A technical paper on fine-grained dependency analysis and caching. These techniques are the basis for Vesta’s incremental build support.

    Slides describing Vesta presented at CodeCon 2004.

    Reference documentation

    This document walks you through an example use of Vesta. The tutorial covers the main commands you’ll need to know as a Vesta user.

    This set of slides is designed as a short class (2 hours) to introduce new users to the Vesta System Description Language. (See also the language reference below.) The examples from these slides can found in the package /vesta/ which can be replicated from .

    This set of slides is designed as a short class (2 hours) to introduce people to integrating new tools and tool flows into Vesta builds. This assumes some initial knowledge about SDL, so going through the previous set of slides first may help. (See also the language reference below.) The examples from these slides can found in the package /vesta/ which can be replicated from .

    This document summarizes the most common Vesta commands.

    This is a reference guide to the Vesta System Description Language, which is how builds are described under Vesta. (It still needs some work in a few places.) There is also the more precise technical specification of the SDL. but it’s not terribly useful until you have a basic grasp of the language.

    This is a complete and precise specification of the Vesta SDL. Also appears as Appendix A of the book-length research report. (Note: this is not a guide for new users. For that, see the language reference .)

    Usage notes: short documents on tips, tricks, and advanced usage.

    • Upgrading Vesta by Shipping a New Release. Why waste time and bandwidth downloading new binaries when Vesta guarantees that you build precisely the same thing?
    • Re-exporting the repository with Samba. A simple method that allows Windows clients to read and write files in the Vesta repository.
    • [New] Replicating Over SSH Port-Forwarding. When firewalls get in the way of replicating, securely tunnel your replication with SSH.
  • API documentation. (If you’re interested in modifying or extending Vesta, you might want to start here.)

    • vcheckout dissection. A detailed look at the implementation of vcheckout.
  • Most components of the system are documented by man pages in html format, some of which have helpful diagrams.

    • Introduction and glossary: vesta-intro(1)
  • Standard Construction Environment

    • Writing standard user models: vmodels(5)
    • Organization of libraries in Vesta: vlibraries(5)
    • Building with overrides: voverrides(5)
    • Standard types: vtypes(5)
  • Evaluator

    • Delete junk, advance to the next version, and run the evaluator: vmake(1)
    • Just run the evaluator: vesta(1)
    • Determine model imports: vimports(1)
    • Update model imports: vupdate(1)
    • Start a RunToolServer for running external tools: RunToolServer(1)
  • Repository user interface

    • Overview: repos-ui(1)
    • Create a directory: vmkdir(1) [New in release/8]
    • Delete a file or directory: vrm(1) [New in release/11]
    • Create a package: vcreate(1)
    • Check out a package: vcheckout(1)
    • Advance a checkout session: vadvance(1)
    • Check in a package: vcheckin(1)
    • Create a branch: vbranch(1)
    • Who has packages checked out: vwhohas(1)
    • Find latest package versions: vlatest(1)
    • Show the history of a package: vhistory(1) [New in release/11]
    • Manipulate mutable attributes: vattrib(1)
    • Replicate sources from one repository to another: vrepl(1)
    • Transfer mastership between repositories: vmaster(1)
    • Expand a pattern using the same syntax as vrepl: vglob(1) [New in release/11]
  • Miscellaneous

    • The Vesta config file: vesta.cfg(5)
    • Read the Vesta config file: vgetconfig(1)
    • Vesta mount program: vmount(8)
    • Simple tools for VestaLog atomically appendable logs: vdumplog(8). vappendlog(8)
  • Hosting donated by:

    Hardware, and original research, provided by:

    Some components of Vesta use zlib for compression.

    Last modified: Wed Mar 29 22:59:42 EST 2006

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    Reader Question: I am looking for an easy way to track small business (one person) income and expenses. – Kathy

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    Luckily there are many options available; when I started working for myself there really were only two good accounting software options: Quickbooks and Peachtree (now Sage50). Here are some recommendations for small business accounting software that you have available to you today:


    If you are set up as a sole proprietor and you already use Quicken for personal finances you can set up categories for your business within you existing software. Create a category in income expense named after your business and then set up sub categories for the specifics under the broad categories. Then you can run reports on just those categories to see how you are doing. Caution: only do this if you are a sole proprietor AND you have separate bank accounts for your personal and business life. (If you don t already use Quicken and are a sole proprietor they do have a version that lets you run your business and life without creating your own accounts.)

    QuickBooks Other Downloadable Software

    If you are anything but a sole proprietor or are not already using Quicken then I would recommend getting the basic version of QuickBooks . It is easy to use and almost every CPA will be able to use it for tax purposes. It is makes managing your small business finances easy, the software will grow with your business.

    There are other downloadable options if you prefer not to use Quickbooks. If you plan on growing the business much bigger than just you or have larger amounts of inventory you will want to consider Sage 50 . Simply search for “accounting software” and you will see other available choices.


    Another option I would recommend is using excel, but only if your transaction volume is low. Another area that excel is good for if not the tracking of expenses is for cash flow and future planning purposes. It can be easier to use and adjust than the planning functions of some of the available accounting software options. I myself use excel for cash flow planning. If you don’t want to create an excel form from scratch, check out Vertex42. they have tons of templates that you can use for free.

    Online Services

    Finally there are online programs that are now available if you don’t want the software on your computer. For example, QuickBooks and Sage50 both have online versions of their software. Plus there are newer companies such as Fresh books. Outright and Xero that also have online tools. My only caution in going the online way is that you don’t own that data, if the site goes down so does your data.

    What you choose ultimately depends on you and your business. Keep in mind your available budget, what you need it to do right now and in the future (no sense in having to change software later), and how easy it is for you to use.

    Also Keep in Mind:

    • You need to keep your receipts – it is important to not only track your expenses, but to keep the receipts. Set up a file system and put everything in there.
    • Keep your business accounts separate from personal accounts – this is honestly the most important thing that you can do for your business finances. Even if you decide to track your expenses on paper, you still need to have separate accounts for business and personal money.

    Once you select your expense and income tracking method the key is to actually use it! Set up a permanent time and put it on your calendar at least once a month, but weekly is better. Then not only do you know how your business is doing, but you will be ready for tax time come January!

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    Welcome to the Indiana Department of Veterans’ Affairs

    Since its establishment in 1945, the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs (IDVA) has remained focused on aiding and assisting “Hoosier” veterans, and qualified family members or survivors, who are eligible for benefits or advantages provided by Indiana and the U.S. government. Read More

    Click the link below to catch up on the latest Hoosier Veteran – IDVA eNewsletter

    Latest Headlines Events

    IDVA COMMISSION MEETINGS: Next meeting: 1:00 PM, Friday October 13, 2017 at the Indiana Government Conference Center Conference Room TBA

    Veteran affairs education

    Friday September 15, 2017

    11:30 AM Musical Prelude

    12:00 PM Ceremony

    Keynote Speaker: John (Jack) Krull Jr. Regional Policy Chief/ Southeast Asia at the

    Defense Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Accounting Agency (DPAA). His involvement

    in the POW/MIA issue spans more than 35 years. His remarks will help the audience

    understand what is being done wit the taxpayers’ dollars to bring closure to the families.

    2017 Community Outreach Events

    Tippecanoe County Fairgrounds Tuesday October 17, 2017 10AM-2PM

    Casualties of the Global War on Terror:

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    this week on unsuitable

    Here at Rea, we spend a lot of time getting to know more about our marketplace and the various people in it. Customers, competitors, community leaders, you name it – we always want to learn more… but why. On this episode of unsuitable on Rea Radio. we’re joined by Kevin Bill, a manager in Rea’s Lima office. Kevin has found great success in his own career by simply taking the time to learn a little bit more about his clients, competitors and other leaders in the communities and markets he serves. You may be wondering how learning more about someone’s dreams and aspirations can actually be good for your business. Worry not. Kevin is here to clear up any confusion. | Listen now

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    QuickBooks users may be surprised to learn that the software actually makes it easier to multitask. Read on to learn more.

    It’s summer! And while everyone is enjoying fun in the sun, before you know it we will be knee-deep into retirement plan notice time. Use this chart to keep you organized.

    Why should I know the value of my business?

    Like every owner, you want to grow your business. But before you can grow the value of your business, you have to understand what that value is. Don’t learn this lesson the hard way.

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    Top Tax Savings Strategies For The Family-Run Business There’s a certain freedom associated with being self-employed, but there’s also a lot of responsibility … and expenses. Fortunately, the family that’s invested in the success of the business, and is willing to roll up their sleeves[. ]

    These days it’s not uncommon for our lives and our businesses to be managed almost entirely online. From our communications and calendars to our thermostats and security systems, while the internet may have made us more efficient, it has also made us more vulnerable. And[. ]

    There was certainly a lot to think about in September. From tax prep to QuickBooks tips, it looked like you were using this month to brush up on some critical business issues and important financial news. Here were our top five posts for the month of[. ]

    Short Sale Tax Implications #short #sale #buyback


    Short Sale Tax Implications

    If you are a homeowner facing foreclosure, a short sale might sound like the perfect solution to avoid foreclosure. However, if you complete a short sale, you could be subject to an income tax hit. Read on to learn more about when short sales result in tax liability and when you are exempt from paying such taxes.

    What Is a Short Sale?

    A short sale is when a homeowner sells his or her home for less than the total debt balance remaining on the mortgage and the lender agrees to accept the proceeds from the sale in exchange for releasing the lien on the property. Short sales are one way for borrowers to avoid foreclosure.

    After a short sale, the lender may decide to come after you for a deficiency judgment. Or it might forgive the deficiency — in which case you might owe taxes.

    When the Lender Pursues a Deficiency

    In a short sale, the sale price is short of the amount you owe to the mortgage lender. The difference between the total debt owed and the sale price is the deficiency .

    Example. Say you are approved by your lender to sell your property for $200,000, but you owe them $250,000. The deficiency is $50,000.

    In many cases, the lender can seek a personal judgment against you after the short sale to recover the deficiency amount. Generally, once a deficiency judgment has been obtained, the lender may collect this amount (in our example, $50,000) from the borrower by doing such things as garnishing the borrower s wages or levying the borrower s bank account. (To learn more about techniques the lender can use to collect a deficiency judgment, see our topic on Ways Creditors Can Collect Judgments .)

    If the Lender “Forgives” the Deficiency: Tax Implications

    On the other hand, the lender may choose to forego pursuing a deficiency judgment, forgive the deficiency amount, and issue you a 1099-C ( Cancellation of Debt ) form instead.

    Cancellation of Debt as Taxable Income

    If a short sale results in a deficiency, but the lender decides not to come after you for payment and forgives the debt, this means you are no longer under an obligation to repay the lender. The lender is then usually required to report the amount of the cancelled debt to you and the IRS on a Form 1099-C. If this occurs, you may have to include the forgiven amount as income for tax purposes.

    Example. As in the example above, let s say you complete a short sale by selling your property for $200,000, but you owe the lender $250,000. The deficiency is $50,000. If the lender decides not to try to obtain a deficiency judgment and issues a 1099-C instead, then you have received a cancellation of debt in the amount of $50,000. This is generally considered taxable income to you.

    Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007

    You might be able to escape tax liabilty for a short sale deficiency if you can meet the requirements under the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007. This Act allows taxpayers to exclude certain types of forgiven debt from their taxable income, as long as the forgiven debt was used to:

    • buy, build, or substantially improve a principal residence, or
    • to refinance debt incurred for those purposes.

    This exclusion only applies to debt that was forgiven in 2007 through 2014. And you can only exclude $1 million of forgiven debt, or $2 million if you are married and filing a joint tax return.

    Other Ways to Excape Tax Liability for a Deficiency

    There are some other situations when cancelled debt is not taxable, including:

    • Debt discharged in bankrptcy. Debts discharged through bankruptcy are not considered taxable income.
    • Insolvency. If you are insolvent (meaning your total debts are more than the fair market value of your total assets) at the time that the debt is cancelled, the forgiven debt may not be taxable.

    Additional Tax Assistance

    If you have tax questions, the IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service may be able to help. For more information, you can call 1-877-777-4778, TTY/TDD 1-800-829-4059, or go to !

    You might also qualify for free or low-cost assistance from a Low Income Taxpayer Clinic. To find information on Low Income Taxpayer Clinics in your area, go to .

    Talk to a Foreclosure attorney.

    Bond funds #morningstar #bond #funds


    Vanguard bond funds

    footnote * For the 10-year period ended March 31, 2017, 51 of 54 Vanguard bond funds outperformed their Lipper peer-group averages. Results will vary for other time periods. Only mutual funds and ETFs (exchange-traded funds) with a minimum 10-year history were included in the comparison. Source: Lipper, a Thomson Reuters Company. The competitive performance data shown represent past performance, which is not a guarantee of future results. View fund performance

    All investing is subject to risk, including the possible loss of the money you invest. Diversification does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.

    Bond funds are subject to interest rate risk, which is the chance bond prices overall will decline because of rising interest rates, and credit risk, which is the chance a bond issuer will fail to pay interest and principal in a timely manner or that negative perceptions of the issuer’s ability to make such payments will cause the price of that bond to decline. Investments in bonds issued by non-U.S. companies are subject to risks including country/regional risk and currency risk.

    Vanguard average stock fund expense ratio: 0.12%; industry average stock fund expense ratio: 0.69%. Vanguard average bond fund expense ratio: 0.09%; industry average bond fund expense ratio: 0.60%. Vanguard average money market fund expense ratio: 0.14%; industry average money market fund expense ratio: 0.30%. All averages are asset-weighted. Industry averages exclude Vanguard. Sources: Vanguard and Morningstar, Inc. as of December 31, 2016.

    Vanguard provides services to the Vanguard funds and ETFs at cost.

    LinkedIn Outage Caused by DDOS Attack on Network Solutions #ddos, #incident, #network #solutions, #dns


    LinkedIn Outage Caused by DDOS Attack on Network Solutions

    The outage suffered by LinkedIn on Wednesday was caused by an issue with DNS servers. Cybercriminals were not directly responsible for the LinkedIn downtime, but theyindirectly played a part.

    Security researchers from Cisco have been monitoring the events and they found that a number of organizations with domain names registered with Network Solutions had problems similar to LinkedIn.

    Their DNS nameservers were replaced with nameservers at The nameservers at were configured to reply to DNS requests for the affected domains with IP addresses in the range, Cisco s Jaeson Schultz explained in a blog post .

    Cisco observed a large number of requests directed at these confluence-network IP addresses. Nearly 5000 domains may have been affected based on passive DNS data for those IPs.

    But what caused the name servers to be replaced?

    According to Network Solutions, they were hit by a distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attack on Wednesday night.

    In the process of resolving a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) incident on Wednesday night, the websites of a small number of Network Solutions customers were inadvertently affected for up to several hours, Network Solutions stated .

    They reassure customers that no data has been compromised as a result of the incident.

    So, as Cisco highlights, the issues experienced by LinkedIn and others are the result of both malicious activity and misconfiguration.

    Interestingly, several of these domains were setup under different nameservers at For example, the domain was pointed to the DNS nameservers and Yelp had their nameservers changed to and, Schultz noted.

    Fidelity, meanwhile, was pointed at and However, the fact that so many domains were displaced in such a highly visible way supports Network Solutions claim that this was indeed a configuration error.

    King Phisher: Simulate real-world phishing attacks and run one or multiple campaigns for security awareness with the help of this specialized and user-friendly tool

    SimpleAuthority: A reliable and efficient piece of software designed to help you create keys and certificates that provide cryptographic digital identities

    Password Vault Manager Enterprise: Safely store all of your account, passwords, bank data, notes, alarm codes and any other piece of information in a secure, encrypted vault

    HDCleaner: Optimize your computer, clear registry entries, uninstall, change or remove programs and manage startup applications with this program

    Farbar Recovery Scan Tool: Lightweight and efficient application that was designed to help you scan your computer for malware damage and resolve encountered issues

    Kryptos: Protect your sensitive files with the help of this minimalist application that provides you with two encryption and decryption methods

    iSpy: A fully-featured video recording utility that offers support for sound and email notifications, built-in motion detectors, as well as multiple webcams and microphones

    AAMCO Franchise #transmission #repair #in #houston


    AAMCO Transmissions Top-Rated Auto Repair Franchise

    From transmissions to Total Car Care, an iconic brand that keeps growing

    AAMCO has spent the past half century as the worldwide leader in transmission repairs. Since our founding in 1962, we have serviced more than 45 million vehicles, and we have nearly 650 auto repair franchise locations in North America. Our legacy brand continues to thrive. Entrepreneur magazine has consistently ranked us as a top choice in its annual Franchise 500 rankings of franchise opportunities. We are also an iconic brand that customers know. We recently hired a marketing firm to measure how well the public knows our brand, and 73% of people surveyed recognized us as the leading brand for transmission repair. This is no accident; we’ve spent five decades building customer trust through our “Double-A-BEEP-BEEP-M-C-O” marketing campaigns.

    In the early 2000s, we diversified our business model. We realized that customers also trusted us to provide other repair services for their vehicles, so we launched our Total Car Care program. This successful program greatly expanded the revenue potential of a single AAMCO franchise and has allowed our franchise owners to earn a bigger slice of the general automotive repair market, which generates $63 billion a year in sales according to IBISWorld research. In 2016, 66% of our customers visited us for Total Car Care, up from 60% in 2014.

    Auto repair franchise opportunities: AAMCO is a growing franchise

    “Now is a great time to invest in an AAMCO franchise as we are making significant investments in supporting our franchisees in both the short term and for the future. Our long-term plan allows us to leverage and build upon our 50-year heritage,” says Brett Ponton, President and CEO of AAMCO. “We have a core brand positioning of expertise within the the transmission business, and customers know that if you are highly skilled in repairing transmissions, you can fix and maintain anything that a vehicle needs. Our core category of transmission repair continues to grow, and we ve seen huge, double-digit increases in our Total Car Care category.”

    Being the predominant leader in the $5 billion transmission repair industry has its advantages. AAMCO franchise owners have the unique opportunity to grab the majority of transmission repair work in their markets, providing trustworthy repair of the most expensive — and often more profitable — component on a car. Many repair shops won’t work on transmissions and instead refer customers to us.

    At the same time, there’s a big opportunity to capture more of the general auto repair franchise market. According to Automotive Digest. no brand owns more than a 10% share of the overall automobile repair market. AAMCO is leveraging our expertise in transmission repair to become an industry leader in general auto repair, as well. To do this, we have rolled out our “Trust” campaign in national and local markets to build customer awareness of all the services we offer.

    “At AAMCO, we believe we are very well positioned to win the automotive aftermarket,” Brett says. “Our brand is very well known for transmission expertise that typically has a large transaction, or ticket value associated with it. Our goal going forward is to maintain our leadership position for transmissions, while focusing on building lifetime relationships with our customers, through providing expert level of service for all automotive services as well. Providing an expert level of service on all automotive services allows us to build relationships with our customers for life. As a result, we will build long-term business value for our franchisees.”

    A single transmission rebuild typically costs about $2,500, but most vehicles will only have that work done once. Tune-ups, oil changes, A/C repairs and other services are less expensive, but a lot more common, which is why the average customer ticket for service with AAMCO is $855. Overall, the average consumer spends $790 a year per vehicle on repairs, according to Consumer Reports. With the average vehicle on the road more than 11 years and the average driver having six cars over their lifetime, that adds up to more than $54,000 in lifetime spending on vehicle repair. If you factor in the fact that most households have two vehicles, and they generally take them to the same place for maintenance, the lifetime value of a customer balloons to about $105,000.

    “The lifetime value of a consumer or a household for that matter becomes extremely important when you’re talking about Total Car Care,” Brett says. “A customer might come to us to fix their transmissions every eight to ten years, and while transmissions are a significant cost and a big-ticket item, there are numerous other services vehicles need on a much more frequent basis. The good news for the brand is that when you show your customers that you’re capable of doing exceptional work on the most complicated part of their car, you can win their trust and have them bring their vehicle back for all of their vehicle’s needs.”

    AAMCO is far and away the most dominant brand in transmission repair. We now have the opportunity to leverage our position to win over customers for long-term care and help our franchise owners capture an outsized share of the $100 billion combined annual revenue of the 160,000 establishments that make up the US automotive repair and maintenance services industry ( Automotive Repair Maintenance Services Industry Profile, First Research, ).

    Auto repair franchises: Costs and fees

    The total investment necessary to purchase an AAMCO franchise ranges from $226,300 to $330,500. This figure includes the $39,500 franchise fee, as well as the costs for equipment, training, leasing a property, and other items. In order to qualify to open an AAMCO, we are seeking candidates who have a minimum of $65,000 in liquid capital and a net worth of at least $250,000. The decision to open an AAMCO franchise is life-changing and expensive, which is why we offer a number of financing options that make it possible for us to partner with the most passionate owners in the industry.

    Click the learn more button below to research ownership of an AAMCO franchise or fill out the form on this page to download our free franchise information report.

    Wayne Martella, Multi Center Franchise Owner Gilbert, AZ

    “This is a business with staying power and that’s continuing to grow. Before joining AAMCO, I was a service writer for a car dealership; I saw how much business was out there. I wanted to stop making money for someone else and start making money for myself. AAMCO gave me that opportunity.”

    Thomas and Rhonda Scott, Multi Center Franchise Owners Tulsa, OK

    ““This is a business that is very trustworthy. With the new leadership and innovation, we are doing better than ever and its a great business for anyone to be a part of.””

    AAMCO Franchise Articles

    How an entrepreneur with years of experience in the auto repair industry became a multi-unit owner with

    Iconic auto repair franchise is honored by Entrepreneur Magazine as the No. 1 franchise in its category

    Iconic auto repair franchise, AAMCO, is stronger than ever after 50+ years as the worldwide leader in transmission repair

    Iconic auto repair franchise announces multiple new openings across the country, plans several more before the beginning of summer.

    Storage Heater Installation #plumbers #fishers #in


    Storage Heater Installation

    0800 103 2723

    Once on site, the electrician will discuss the details of your installation to make sure they conform to you.

    Since our heaters do not require pipe installation, we do not raise any floor boards or carpets, therefore keeping disruption to a very minimal. We will remove and discard your existing heaters / radiators for ease and simplicity. A Dust sheet will be used wherever necessary. We will clean up any debris afterwards, making sure we leave your house clean and tidy.

    Our fully qualified Gas Safe Registered plumbers will carry out all central heating removals (including the boiler). If required, all wet radiators, relevant pipework plus the boiler will be removed and discarded by us. Any electrical work required will also be carried out during the same installation date that was given.

    After the installation is complete, you will be given an installation checklist to tick through. This will allow you time to address any concerns you may have. Please read through this carefully. Then, you will be given tutorial on how to use your new heating system. You will also receive documentation that will help you make the most efficient and economical use of your Fischer heating system. We will ensure that everything has been fitted to the correct standards and if practical, make any alterations to make sure your left more than satisfied with your new home heating system.

    Click here to read some of the frequently asked questions about our on-site installation process.

    Available on all heating systems†

    Exclusive to Fischer storage heaters

    Fischer are rated 9.3 out of 10

    Fischer Future Heat Heaters

    As standard all Fischer heaters come with:

    High Quality German Engineering

    All Fischer Heaters are manufactured by our Master Craftsmen in Germany.

    Controllable Heating System

    Set each room to the temperature you want with our individual wireless thermostats.

    Wished we d replaced our system sooner! 6/6/2015 Having suffered with inefficient 26 year-old storage heaters we were sceptical about replacing them. However, from survey to installation this was an effortless process and the heaters are most efficient which is mainly due to the individual thermostats. Highly responsive to the change in temperature, these radiators seem to heat up as quickly as gas. We also have a log burner and when we light it the radiator just switches itself off. We wish we had changed the old ones sooner.

    Mr Buchanan – Suffolk

    New storage heaters – 04/03/2016 We were very pleased with the installation of the heaters. They are so much more efficient than the terrible old things we had before. Our tenants are delighted. The radiators heat up very quickly and so are so much more responsive than the old type. Well worth the investment and the company and staff have been good to deal with.

    Mrs Smith – Derby

    Beginner Geek: How To Access Your Desktop Over the Internet #remote #desktop #to #another #computer #over #the #internet


    Beginner Geek: How To Access Your Desktop Over the Internet

    Remote desktop software allows you to access your computer from another room or halfway around the world. You can also share your desktop with someone temporarily ideal for remote tech support.

    Setting up remote desktop access isn t hard, but you ll need to know the right software to use and how it works. The software built into Windows isn t ideal for home users.

    Why You Might Want To

    Remote desktop software allows you to use a computer as if you were sitting in front of it. Basically, your computer will send a video of its desktop to the device you re connecting to. You can click and type as if you were sitting in front of the computer and use the computer normally with a bit of delay, of course.

    You can use remote desktop software on a Mac. Chromebook. iPad, or Android tablet. accessing Windows software on a non-Windows device. Remote desktop software also allows you to use local applications and files stored on your home or work computer from anywhere you are.

    Things to Keep in Mind

    Your computer needs to be on so you can access it. This isn t a problem if you re in the other room, but it can be a problem if you re travelling far away. You ll need to leave your computer running the whole time unless you want to attempt to set up Wake-on-LAN .

    You ll also encounter a bit of a delay. When accessing a computer over the Internet or even the remote network, actions you perform on your computer s desktop won t register immediately. If you attempt to watch a video on your remote computer, you ll definitely notice delays and dropped frames you won t just see a smooth video. Remote desktop software is ideal for accessing desktop applications, not watching videos or playing games.

    If you opt to set up your own remote desktop server software, you ll need to set up dynamic DNS so you can always access your computer and set up port forwarding so you can connect to your computer from the Internet. This is why we recommend using a service that handles the login bits for your rather than setting up your own server we ll cover that in the next section.

    Security is also a concern. Simply exposing a remote desktop server to the Internet can put your computer at risk, as people can log in if you have a weak password or insecure, outdated server software. That s another reason we recommend using a service rather than setting up your own server and exposing it to the wild Internet.

    Choose a Program

    You ll want to choose a remote desktop program so you can get started. Here s a quick rundown of the main options:

    • Windows Remote Desktop. The Windows Remote Desktop server is only available in Professional versions of Windows. It requires you run your own server, set up port forwarding, configure dynamic DNS, and manage security on your own. Microsoft does provide Remote Desktop applications for Android and iOS devices, but this solution is ideal for businesses with Remote Desktop servers. Exposing a remote desktop server to the Internet can put you at risk we don t recommend you use this option.
    • A VNC Server. VNC is an open standard for remote desktop access. VNC server software is the remote desktop solution of choice on on Mac OS X and Linux, and you can also install and set up a VNC server on Windows. This option has the same problems as Windows Remote Desktop, so we don t recommend it unless you know what you re doing.
    • TeamViewer. TeamViewer offers an easy-to-use, easy-to-set-up option. This program can be used to grant one-time access to your PC or set up as a persistent server so you can connect remotely even when no one is sitting at your PC. TeamViewer doesn t require any port-forwarding or messing with server settings all you need is an ID and password to connect. This program s simplicity and ease-of-use makes it the ideal solution for remote tech support. too.
    • Chrome Remote Desktop. Google has created a remote desktop server and client you can install in Chrome. Install it and you ll be able to set up an always-listening remote desktop server or grant on-demand access to your PC. You ll log into your PC remotely with your Google account and a password, so this is a much more convenient and secure option than setting up a server and exposing its port to the Internet. Chrome Remote Desktop can now be accessed from Android devices, too.
    • LogMeIn. LogMeIn was once a competitor to TeamViewer, but they recently shut down their free remote desktop service. LogMeIn is no longer an option, but you ll still find it recommended in many older guides.

    We recommend you use an easy-to-use and easy-to-secure option like TeamViewer or Chrome Remote Desktop rather than attempting to configure Windows Remote Desktop or a VNC server. TeamViewer and Chrome Remote Desktop also have applications and mobile apps for many operating systems. Microsoft used to offer their own easy remote desktop solution for normal users before they shut down Windows Live Mesh. but they no longer offer an easy option here.

    Omnitracs buys Shaw Tracking #u #s #fleet #tracking


    Omnitracs buys Shaw Tracking

    MONTREAL, QC – TFI International saw a 23% boost in revenue in the second quarter of 2017, reaching $1.12 billion – but Canada’s largest carrier still posted a $47.2 million operating loss because of a $129.8 million goodwill write-off of U.S. truckload operations. Adjusted operating income rose 12% to $82.6 million, excluding the goodwill write-off. “Although TFI International’s results remain affected by difficult conditions in the U.S. truckload market, we are pleased that benefits from earlier initiatives aimed at improving efficiency and generating superior returns are materializing in all other operating segments,” said Alain Bedard, chairman, president and Chief Executive Officer. The company also repurchased $42.5 million in common shares. Package and Courier operating margins rose 70 basis points compared to last year, driver by related cost-cutting measures and a better mix of Canadian and U.S. same-day activities, he said. Profits also improved in the LTL segment. “The result of the Canadian truckload operating segment continued its strong performance in Q2. However, in the U.S. TL operating segment, persistent weakness in the U.S. market is negatively affecting volume and rates and initiatives aimed at reducing equipment costs have yet to fully achieve their objectives,” he added.

    TORONTO, ON – The Ontario Trucking Association has launched a new council for carrier Chief Financial Officers, providing a forum for issues on the money side of trucking. An inaugural meeting is set for November 8 at the Ritz-Carlton in Toronto. “The role of the finance professional continues to evolve by moving away from reporting on the past towards taking an active role in creating value in the business going forward. To be successful, one needs to broaden their network, build their expertise beyond debits and credits, and become comfortable testing conventional wisdom in the face of an ever-changing marketplace. That is the focus of this council,” says council chairman Jon Saunders, vice president – finance at Polaris Transport. The first meeting will include a presentation by TCA inGauge’s Chris Henry, discussing ways to take financial plans to the next level, a panel discussion on trailer valuation trends, and the choice of leasing or buying space. Another session will focus on what lenders look at when determining a company’s financial health. Click here to register.

    SQL joins are easy #sql, #joins, #subselects


    SQL joins are easy

    1. Introduction

    Many beginners to SQL find joins complicated and counter-intuitive. When I first learned SQL at my IT education, the word “join” was almost immediately followed by “difficult”. The easy alternative was to use subselects. But at some point, I suddenly perceived them for what they are, and they became very simple.

    Because subselects are very slow and unsupported by several databases, they should be avoided whenever possible (which is almost always). With this article I intend to show that SQL joins are indeed simple and that subselects can be easily avoided. I think that the only reason people find joins difficult, is because of the myth that surrounds them.

    The examples in this article are of course very simple, and more advanced use of joins can be a lot more complicated, but because this article is not meant to be an exhaustive resource on joins, it doesn’t deal with the more complex issues.

    2. Sets and SQL

    When thinking about the contents of your database tables, you have to think of them in terms of mathematical sets ; it’s all about intersections, unions, etc. When thinking in terms of sets, you can use Venn diagrams to illustrate abstract concepts. Although it must be said that strictly speaking, Venn diagrams don’t apply to SQL, because the items in the collections (the tables) are not identical, but because they refer to eachother, Venn diagrams can still be used to clarify the concept.

    Take these two collections:

    Consider the red collection customers and the green collection orders. Some of these orders belong to some of these customers, i.e. the two collections have some overlap. This can be visualized thusly:

    Two collections with overlap

    Let’s say you want to select all the customers who have placed orders. The subselect way of doing this is:

    This is a very procedural way of looking at the problem: going by each record step by step and compare it to a list; it’s very much like going through a for-loop. But because SQL is a functional language, we are going to look at our problem in a functional way.

    To begin to understand joins, we must first have a different perspective on what we really want. In set terminology: we want the intersection of customers and orders. In graphical terms, this is expressed like:

    Two collections intersected

    We’re interested in the yellow part. This yellow part, or the inner part (hint), are all the customers with their orders. All we have to do now is express this in SQL:

    Remember that your result will now also include all the rows from the orders table, because after all, the intersection was all the customers with their orders. If you only want the customer data, you have to do the following, obviously:

    See what the inner join does? Couldn’t be simpler.

    3. The big picture

    Now we’ll have to extend this to the big picture. The most common types of joins can be made very clear by some very simple illustrations. We already discussed the inner join. which is this area of two collections (the area marked blue):

    The left outer join results in all the rows of the left collection, and where present, the rows of the right collection (in other words, it doesn’t leave out rows from the left collection). That is this area of the two collections:

    The right outer join does exactly the same as the left outer join, but in reverse, so that would be this area of the collection:

    The full outer join. which is basically a left outer join and right outer join added together, simply returns everything, like this:

    Piece of pie, right?

    4. More of the same

    When I finished the article, I found two other articles (A visual explanation of SQL joins and Getting joins ) which already described joins as I do here. Oh well, can’t be the first with everything :).

    5. References

    Donating a Car to Charity

    Sick of that old clunker sitting in your driveway? Donate it to charity and get a tax deduction (if you itemize).

    Unfortunately, donating cars to charity is not as easy as it used to be. In the old days (before 2005), you could donate a used car to a charity and deduct whatever you claimed it was worth. Hundreds of thousands of taxpayers donated vehicles and then grossly inflated the value to get larger tax deductions. In one case, a taxpayer claimed a $2,915 deduction for a 1980 Mercury station wagon that was ultimately sold for $30 by the charity it was donated to. The IRS figured it was losing hundreds of millions of dollars every year because of these kinds of abuses.

    In 2005, the rules changed. Under the new IRS rules, if a person donates a used car to a charity and claims a deduction greater than $500, his or her charitable deduction is limited to the amount the charity receives when it sells the car (or a broker sells it on the charity’s behalf). Thus, the owner of the Mercury station wagon mentioned above would get a $30 deduction today. The charity must document the sales price by providing the donor with IRS form, 1098-C, Contributions of Motor Vehicles, Boats, and Airplanes. These rules apply not only to cars, but also to SUVs, trucks, motorcycles, boats, airplanes, and any motor vehicle manufactured primarily for use on public roads.

    Exceptions to Vehicle Donation Rules

    There are three significant exceptions to the general rule limiting your deduction to what the charity sells the vehicle for. If one of these exceptions applies, you may deduct the vehicle s fair market value as shown in a used vehicle pricing guide, such as the Kelly Blue Book. (However, the value cannot exceed the private party sales price listed in the guide). Except where the car is an old clunker worth $500 or less, this will usually give you a much larger deduction than using the actual selling price for the vehicle.

    If you’re relying on any of these exceptions, the charity must give you a written acknowledgement within 30 days of receiving the vehicle which includes a statement about what it intends to do with the vehicle, such as improvements or actual use.

    Exception 1 Deductions of $500 or less

    If you claim a deduction of $500 or less for a donated vehicle, the vehicle s valuation does not need to be based on the sales price. Instead, you may deduct the smaller of $500, or the vehicle’s fair market value on the date of the donation.

    Exception 2 Vehicle used or improved by charity

    You may deduct a vehicle s fair market value at the time of the donation (as opposed to its sales price) if the charity makes a significant intervening use of or material improvement to the vehicle before selling it. Significant intervening use means that the charity uses the car on a regular basis as part of its regular activities.

    A material improvement is a major repair or improvement made by the charity (and not paid for by the donor) that significantly increases the vehicle s value. Material improvements do not include cleaning, minor repairs, routine maintenance, painting, removal of dents or scratches, cleaning or repair of upholstery, and installation of theft deterrent device.

    Exception 3 Vehicle given or sold to needy person

    You can deduct a vehicle s fair market value at the time of the donation if the charity intends to give it to a needy person, or sells it directly to a needy person for a price well below fair market value. The vehicle can t be sold at an auction. For this exception to apply, one of the charity s purposes must be to help the poor or underprivileged who need transportation.

    Documentation Rules for Vehicles

    There are special reporting requirements for vehicle donations. Make sure the charity gives you the proper documentation or the IRS may challenge your deduction.

    Vehicles Sold For More Than $500

    Whenever a donated vehicle is sold for more than $500, the charity must provide the donor and the IRS with a written acknowledgment within 30 days after the sale. The IRS has created a special form for this purpose, IRS Form 1098-C, ContributionsofMotor Vehicles, Boats and Airplanes.

    Donated Vehicles that Are Not Sold

    You can deduct the fair market value of the vehicle at the time of the donation if, instead of selling the vehicle, the charity intends to:

    • make significant use of the vehicle
    • make material improvements to it before it is sold, or
    • give or sell the vehicle to a needy person.

    If any of these situations applies, the charity must provide you with a written acknowledgment within 30 days after the contribution is made.

    Deductions of $250 to $500

    If you are claiming a deduction of at least $250 but not more than $500 for a vehicle, the acknowledgment from the charity must include:

    • the name of the charity
    • a description (but not value) of the vehicle, and
    • a statement as to whether goods or services were provided in return for the donation.

    To learn more about deducting charitable contributions, see Nolo’s Charitable Contribution Deduction area.

    Talk to a Tax attorney.

    Storage 101: Secure, Accessible Options at Home and in the Cloud #cloud #solutions #for #home


    Storage 101: Secure, Accessible Options at Home and in the Cloud

    No matter what you do for business or pleasure, choosing the right digital storage is essential. Hard drives are the unsung heroes in our increasingly exciting digital lives. They’re the key to saving, protecting, and accessing the data that drives your world. Whether you’re an avid photographer, an accountant, a music lover, a graphic designer, a traveling executive, or all of the above, you need a well-selected suite of smart storage solutions to keep your files safe from loss or destruction, secure from prying eyes, and available right when and where you want them.

    We need some files stored directly on our PCs, some backed up to protect important data, and others to be accessible everywhere we go. To accomplish this, most of us are at our best with a combination of local and network-based drives that work together across multiple devices.

    Local storage refers to drives inside or attached to your PC. These can be internal disks installed at the factory, external drives that sit on your desk, or small drives that fit easily in a bag or pocket.

    Network Storage is a type of drive that you access over your network, or via the Internet. These can be physical boxes located inside your home or office, or they could be remote drives that you access via an online service. When storage is hosted on a remote service that you access via the Internet, it’s referred to as “cloud storage,” or “the cloud.”

    As cloud storage has grown in popularity, a hybrid approach has emerged, combining the security benefits of having your data in your home with the convenience of the cloud. Network-attached drives such as the WD My Cloud can save everything from all your PCs right on your own network, giving you a central point of control for all your data. They also connect to other cloud services, like Dropbox, giving you access to your files from any device, anywhere.

    A Closer Look at Local Storage

    Any drive connected directly to your computer – be it inside or outside the case – is known as local storage, as opposed to remote storage, which you access via a network connection.

    Internal drives. as the name implies, live inside your computer. They typically consist of either a spinning hard drive or solid-state flash storage. In most cases, internal drives are installed at the factory. If you need more storage or faster performance, you can upgrade your internal drive – a task that’s generally not too difficult for tech-savvy folks to do at home.

    Direct-attached storage (DAS) refers to drives that plug right into your computer’s external ports, usually via USB. These can be large, high capacity drives for holding large amounts of data; or slim, portable drives that fit into your pocket. Simple desktop drives like these are a great choice for people who only need to store and access data from one computer. Just plug an external hard drive it through your USB port, set up your backup software to do its thing, and then forget about it unless you eventually need to restore data.

    For mobile workers who need to keep specific files handy even when Internet access isn’t available, portable drives like the WD My Passport can securely carry all your most important files in a compact package that won’t weigh you down. (Be sure to use the drive’s built-in encryption features to protect your data from prying eyes.)

    Connecting the Dots with Network Storage

    Over the past few years, network storage options have really blossomed.

    Network-attached storage (NAS) is a type of drive that connects to your home or office network, enabling multiple PCs and other devices to connect as needed. They usually look just like regular desktop drives, but instead of plugging them directly into your computer, you attach them to your network router so all your devices can access them.

    The advent of affordable home and small-business NAS drives has made it easier than ever to share files between multiple computers, tablets, and smartphones connected to your network. They can even share files with connected TVs and media players. Larger NAS drives are an excellent choice for backing up data from all your devices, because they keep your backups in a central location.

    Cloud storage. sometimes simply called “the cloud,” is Internet-based storage, usually offered as a subscription service. Unlike NAS storage, which is designed for accessing data within a stationary home or office network, cloud storage is well suited to mobile users who need to reach their data from multiple devices, such as phones and tablets, even while traveling.

    There are two basic types of cloud storage options: public and private. Notable examples of public cloud services include Dropbox and Google Drive. Private cloud options, such as WD’s My Cloud, host all your data on your own physical hard disk, connected to your home or office network, while giving you the same freedom of remote access that you can expect from public cloud services.

    While some low-capacity public cloud options are available for free, you can expect to pay upwards of $10 per month for 100GB of public cloud storage, which can make it significantly more expensive than NAS options over time. Also, because public cloud offerings are hosted entirely on the web, many users worry about the security of these services. A private cloud option is ideal for security-conscious users.

    Personal cloud is an emerging category of storage devices that offers a hybrid approach between NAS and the cloud. A personal cloud system securely stores files on a physical NAS drive in your house while simultaneously allowing secure remote access over the Internet. Best-of-both-worlds devices like the WD My Cloud give you centralized control over all your data, so you can share files between PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones on your home or office network, and from the road. They’re the ultimate storage option for backups, photos, videos, business documents, and everything else that matters in your digital life.

    This story, “Storage 101: Secure, Accessible Options at Home and in the Cloud” was originally published by BrandPost .

    WD My Cloud

    Doctor of Philosophy in Holistic Nutrition

    This program explores advanced natural health and healing, and includes a course on the legal requirements and responsibilities of a nutrition practitioner. Students choose between a doctorate’s thesis on a specific aspect of holistic nutrition and a course on sports nutrition and physiology.

    Program Course Descriptions

    DN-101 Maximum, Body Energy Energy Healing Concepts

    This course presents the most advanced concepts on how to increase and maintain the body’s maximum nerve energy for maximum health, physical strength, and endurance. Maximum nerve energy is also the key for healing disease holistically and its prevention. (4.0 credits)

    This course provides an excellent overview of the science of Psychoneuroimmunology and its philosophies, which laid the groundwork for modern-day “mind/body” healing techniques in the medical and healing arts worlds. The student’s attention is drawn to many experiments, proving the authenticity of the concepts unique to Psychoneuroimmunology. (4.0 credits)

    This course presents the greatest Hygienic laws and natural health concepts laid down in the 20th century by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton. The student will learn, in depth, the true art and concepts of the restoration and preservation of natural health by natural, unadulterated means. (4.0 credits)

    DN-104 Advanced Natural Health Healing II

    This course is a continuation of Advanced Natural Health I and further presents the greatest Hygienic laws and natural health concepts laid down in the 20th century by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton. The student will learn, in even further depth, the true concepts of the restoration and preservation of natural health by natural, unadulterated means. (4.0 credits)

    DN-105 Holistic Nutrition Counseling Practice: The Legal Requirements Responsibilities of a Nutrition Practitioner: Part I II

    This course teaches the legal in’s out’s and do’s don’ts of a “Nutritional Counseling Practice.” The course also presents very advanced and highly effective counseling techniques that will enable the Nutritional Practitioner to show clients and students how to restructure their thinking processes to overcome self- sabotage and to achieve amazing successes in their healthful living habits! (Part I: 4.0 credits) (Part II: 4.0 credits)

    DN-106 Doctorate’s Thesis or Sports Nutrition Physiology

    The student will select a thesis statement and develop it into a 3,000-word, typed, double-spaced Doctorate’s Thesis on a specific aspect of holistic nutrition, as applied in his or her own life and/or in the lives of others. The student may draw upon any or all of the material from the Doctorate Program in the elaboration of the Doctorate Thesis. (4.0 credits)

    B) Sports Nutrition Physiology

    This course presents a modern and thoroughly up-to-date 21st century study on the physiology of the human organism with a specific focus on the sports physiology of the digestive tract as it relates to sports nutrition for optimum power, strength and endurance. “You are not what you eat but what you assimilate that determines power, strength and endurance.” (4.0 credits)

    DN-107-E The Mind of the Spirit (Optional)

    The course will teach you that minding the spirit ( ones way of thinking or mind-set ) as a spiritual person will empower you with a Divine active force. This course will teach you that if you sow with a view towards corruption of your spirit, mind, body and soul, you will reap corruption, but if you sow with a spiritual, wholesome view towards living, mind, body, spirit and soul, you have chosen to continuously perfect your life in order that you may continue to live the Mind Of The Spirit (4.0 credits)

    Elective marked: — E. is suggested but NOT required for the Program.


    University Colleges of Natural Health


    Uconn online degree #uconn #online #degree


    UConn Logo

    It is extremely important that prospective students make informed choices regarding the selection of an graduate program, and attending an infosession is a valuable way to gather the missing pieces.

    UConn’s graduate business infosessions are an ideal opportunity to learn first-hand about our highly ranked programs, meet with admissions representatives, and hear from some of our faculty members. It’s also a great way to get acquainted with the campus and see where you would be attending classes.

    This infosession will present information about the part-time MBA program.

    Online registration is available at:

    Contact Information:

    Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

    05:30 PM – 06:30 PM

    Waterbury Campus 99 East Main Street, Waterbury, CT 06702

    It is extremely important that prospective students make informed choices regarding the selection of an graduate program, and attending an infosession is a valuable way to gather the missing pieces.

    UConn’s graduate business infosessions are an ideal opportunity to learn first-hand about our highly ranked programs, meet with admissions representatives, and hear from some of our faculty members. It’s also a great way to get acquainted with the campus and see where you would be attending classes.

    This infosession will present information about the part-time MBA program.

    Online registration is available at:

    Contact Information:

    Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

    05:30 PM – 06:30 PM

    Waterbury Campus 99 East Main Street, Waterbury, CT 06702

    It is extremely important that prospective students make informed choices regarding the selection of an graduate program, and attending an infosession is a valuable way to gather the missing pieces.

    UConn’s graduate business infosessions are an ideal opportunity to learn first-hand about our highly ranked programs, meet with admissions representatives, and hear from some of our faculty members. It’s also a great way to get acquainted with the campus and see where you would be attending classes.

    This infosession will present information about the part-time MBA program.

    Online registration is available at:

    Contact Information:

    Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

    05:30 PM – 06:30 PM

    Waterbury Campus 99 East Main Street, Waterbury, CT 06702

    It is extremely important that prospective students make informed choices regarding the selection of an graduate program, and attending an infosession is a valuable way to gather the missing pieces.

    UConn’s graduate business infosessions are an ideal opportunity to learn first-hand about our highly ranked programs, meet with admissions representatives, and hear from some of our faculty members. It’s also a great way to get acquainted with the campus and see where you would be attending classes.

    This infosession will present information about the part-time MBA program.

    Online registration is available at:

    Contact Information:

    Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

    05:30 PM – 06:30 PM

    Waterbury Campus 99 East Main Street, Waterbury, CT 06702

    It is extremely important that prospective students make informed choices regarding the selection of an graduate program, and attending an infosession is a valuable way to gather the missing pieces.

    UConn’s graduate business infosessions are an ideal opportunity to learn first-hand about our highly ranked programs, meet with admissions representatives, and hear from some of our faculty members. It’s also a great way to get acquainted with the campus and see where you would be attending classes.

    This infosession will present information about the part-time MBA program.

    Online registration is available at:

    Contact Information:

    This search box only searches the UConn Waterbury Site. For a broader search use the Search icon at the top-right of the page.


    Men s Divorce Source App

    Download on the App Store. Men’s Divorce Source is a comprehensive divorce tool. See the latest news and updates from and Purchase full versions of divorce books Your Civil War and Divorce Full Force by Cordell Cordell co-founder Joseph Cordell.

    Men s Divorce Podcast

    The Cordell Cordell Men s Divorce Podcast offers a combination of news, tips and views on topics and situations relevant to guys going through divorce. Each episode will center around a particular theme, giving a plethora of information on various aspects of that month s subject matter.


    Cordell Cordell eBooks

    Cordell Cordell has always been a firm dedicated to the education of clients and men in general in all matters related to divorce and finance. We’ve decided to make our books available as affordable eBooks .

    Our downloads contain both PDF and Kindle versions for use on your Kindle, iPad, home computer, or any other reading device which supports PDF or MOBI formats.

    State-Specific Divorce and Custody Resources

    Cordell Cordell General Resources Resources

    • Men s Divorce Forum an independent support and advice group that we sponsor
    • Divorce 101 a curated list of our top articles throughout the various stages of divorce
    • Profiles collective wisdom of divorce survivors, attorneys, and other divorce professionals Resources

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    Austin’s Original

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    Stop by Discount Mattress of Austin, Texas , for a large selection of cheap beds and home furniture.

    NCTJ Level 3 Diploma in Journalism

    The NCTJ level 3 Diploma in Journalism is the qualification that editors look for when recruiting a trainee journalist.

    You can study the diploma by attending one of our accredited centre-based courses or by distance learning. For centre-based courses, please contact the course provider directly for further information including fees, start dates and entry requirements.

    The course will equip you with the knowledge and skills for professional entry level journalism.

    The qualification has four under-pinning values:

    • to focus on the vital skills of finding and telling stories accurately and to deadline
    • to reflect that most journalists work in a multimedia environment and that digital and
    • traditional skills should be fully integrated and embedded in training and assessments
    • to ensure the core essential skills are covered and assessed to a national standard, but with flexibility to specialise

    To gain the diploma, candidates will complete four mandatory subjects: essential journalism (or reporting); essential journalism e-portfolio; essential media law and regulation; and essential journalism ethics and regulation plus at least three of the elective options achieving grades A-E in all modules plus a minimum 60 words per minute shorthand (if studied).

    All subjects are assessed by exam (except for the e-portfolio) and candidates will sit either a newspaper and magazine regulation test or a broadcast regulation exam (if studying broadcast journalism) for the essential journalism ethics and regulation module.

    To gain the industry gold standard Diploma in Journalism, candidates must achieve a minimum A-C grade in every subject and pass 100 words per minute shorthand.

    Candidates may also gain a gold standard diploma without shorthand as long as they gain A-C grades in all subjects.

    The structure and content of the Diploma in Journalism can be downloaded below.

    Utpa nursing program #utpa #nursing #program


    The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

    School of Nursing College of Health Affairs

    Welcome to the School of Nursing

    The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley School of Nursing combines the rich history of the Nursing programs at both the University of Texas-Pan American and the University of Texas at Brownsville/Texas Southmost College. These two legacy institutions have produced successful, professional nurses for almost five decades.

    Message from the Director Welcome message from the Director of the School of Nursing. Read More

    Graduate Programs School of Nursing graduate programs. Read More

    Undergraduate programs School of Nursing undergraduate programs. Read More

    Quick Links


    UTRGV Nursing Program Ranked High in the Nation

    News Center 23 – Edinburg, TX – October 12, 2016 -The Nursing Program at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley was recently ranked as one of the best in the nation. News Center 23’s Jose Saenz tells why the program received that recognition, and why students are choosing over other programs. Read more.

    The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Program for registered nurses was established at the Edinburg campus in 1983, and the generic BSN Program was initiated in Spring 1992. The Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Program with a clinical specialization in adult health was approved in 1993 and admitted its first students in 1994. The MSN Program added a Family Nurse Practitioner Program in 1998. In 2000, the Brownsville campus added an MSN in Public Health. In 2004, two additional MSN programs were added in Administration and Education. The Brownsville campus also introduced a bridge to graduate nursing education for nurses without a BSN via a Transition to Graduate Nursing initiative in 2008, providing eligibility for ADN Program graduates to apply to the MSN Program.

    On August 31, 2015, the Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) Certificate was launched with the inauguration of UTRGV.

    The School of Nursing offers four programs: a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and three Master of Science in Nursing. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is fully accredited by the Texas Board of Nursing, 333 Guadalupe, Suite 3-460 Austin, TX 78701-3944, 512-305-7400

    The Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing, Master s Degree in Nursing, and the Post-Graduate Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Certificate Programs at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, One Dupont Circle, NW, Suite 530, Washington, DC 20036, 202-887-6791.

    DIS Unplugged Disney Podcast – The DIS Unplugged podcast is a weekly roundtable discussion that covers all aspects of planning a Disney vacation, including Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney, and Universal Studios, podcast internet.#Podcast #internet


    podcast internet

    Podcast internet

    Podcast internetPodcast internetPodcast internetPodcast internetPodcast internet

    • DIS Sections
    • News / Updates
    • Forums
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    • Blogs
    • Podcast
    • Reservations
    • Email Updates

      DIS Daily Email Updates: Stay informed with all things Disney and Central Florida! Enter your email address below to receive DIS Updates by email — including News, Blogs, Podcasts, Discounts, and Disney Updates.

      Featured Podcast Videos

      • Podcast internet
      • Podcast internet
      • Podcast internet

      DIS Unplugged Podcast – 08/22/17 – Disney World Show

      In this episode, American Idol auditions happened, one family embarks on their Disney Bucket Wish challenge, and Muppets Courtyard is changing names after less than 2 years of having that name. Want to get in touch? Check out our contact page. Podcasts 08/22/17 Disney News + Disney Soap Controversy: [Download Mp3] Show Notes: REMEMBERING BOB VARLEY [. ]

      DIS Unplugged Podcast – 08/15/17 – Disney World Show

      In this episode, Disney s earnings are above expectations in the 2nd quarter, big changes are coming to Disney s streaming strategy, and Express Transportation is going the way of the dinosaurs. Want to get in touch? Check out our contact page. Podcasts 08/15/17 Disney News + Halloween Preview: [Download Mp3] Show Notes: REMEMBERING BOB VARLEY BECOME A [. ]

      DIS Unplugged Podcast – 08/08/17 – Disney World Show

      In this episode, Disney faces a lawsuit over collecting and selling children s personal information, a virtual reality Star Wars experience is coming to Walt Disney World and Disneyland this winter, and police pay for a 10-year-old girls trip to Disney. Want to get in touch? Check out our contact page. Podcasts 08/08/17 News: [Download Mp3] Show [. ]


      Podcast internet Podcast internet Podcast internet Podcast internet

      Podcast internet Podcast internet

      Podcast internet

      Recent Shows

      Podcast internet

      DIS Unplugged Podcast – 08/22/17 – Disney World Show

      In this episode, American Idol auditions happened, one family embarks on their Disney Bucket Wish challenge, and Muppets Courtyard is changing names after less than 2 years of having that name. Want to get in touch? Check out our contact page. Podcasts 08/22/17 Disney News + Disney Soap Controversy: [Download Mp3] Show Notes: REMEMBERING BOB VARLEY [. ]

      Podcast internet

      Dreams Unlimited Travel Show – 08/21/17

      In this episode, the panel answers your questions about Adventures by Disney! Want to get in touch? Check out our contact page. Podcasts #077 Adventures by Disney Question Answer: [Download Mp3] Show Notes: To book a trip with Tracey Heinrichs, click here! To book an Adventures by Disney vacation with Kevin Klose, click here! For general [. ]

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    Agency Testimonial

    “Loving WhatConverts. Switched to the Agency plan not long ago and the ease of using the system and managing tons of clients is made so easy. We see what results our clients are getting, can track all leads and easily report results to clients. I love everything about it, especially how easy it is to use. Michael and Jeremy are also really helpful whenever I email them, I highly recommend.”

    Marketing Services Manager Studio98

    Agency Testimonial

    “I’ve tried many of the platforms and many promise simple and easy integration with Google Analytics and Google Adwords. WhatConverts is by far the best platform I’ve used that integrates your call tracking data with Google Analytics and imports keyword level tracking into Google Adwords. The simplicity of their platform is only exceeded by the level of support they provide. We always receive a quick response time on any questions or issues we’ve had with platform.”

    Senior Marketing Manager Cybermark

    Agency Testimonial

    “I searched and investigated over 30 different call tracking companies before deciding to use What Converts. The customer service has been outstanding, and I do not use that word lightly. My emails have been handled extremely quickly, even times well after business hours. Don’t bother with others.”

    Agency Testimonial

    “Switching from our old call tracking company to WhatConverts was the smartest thing we could’ve done. The data provided on the leads, just at a glance, is incredible! From whether it’s ‘unique’ or ‘repeat’, to call duration and referral source (Google? Direct? Other website? Organic?), it seems any data you could possibly need is right there. Minimal clicking around needed!

    I would highly recommend WhatConverts, and in fact have already recommended it to a fellow marketer. The interface is great, the UX when navigating the client dashboard is amazing.”

    Lead Online Marketing Specialist Studio III Marketing

    Agency Testimonial

    “You guys are the best, and have changed the way we run PPC at our agency. Our clients are happier and earning more because of your service. Thanks for all the great customer support, I will be in touch when my next question/issue arises.

    This is, hands down, the best call tracking/number swapping program I have used. We recently switched all of our clients to this service, and have had zero issues since. Implementing the code is easy as can be, and the call recording abilities are second-to-none. Customer service regularly goes above and beyond to address my concerns. WhatConverts has changed the game for lead tracking, and has helped us attribute more leads to our campaigns. Thank you!!”

    Digital Marketing Specialist Wpromote

    Agency Testimonial

    “WhatConverts has provided our team with an affordable and effective way to accurately and transparently track leads generated from our efforts for our clients, all while being incredibly simple to set up and manage. The WhatConverts platform has truly changed the game and is a robust tool for agencies to simplify and automate the lead tracking process so they can spend more time focusing on getting results for their clients and less time tinkering with complex configuration typically involved in effective lead tracking and reporting. This powerful tool has greatly boosted both our internal workflow efficiency and our client retention rate, and we cannot thank Jeremy and the WhatConverts team enough.”

    Search Engine Marketing Manager Search Control

    Agency level call tracking.

    Delta Amex Credit Card #delta #card #american #express



    Gold, Platinum and Reserve Cards

    Gold, Platinum and Reserve Delta SkyMiles Credit Card Members may enjoy exciting travel perks, including:

    • No Foreign Transaction Fees: No matter where you’re traveling, when you use your Gold, Platinum, or Reserve Delta SkyMiles Credit Card there are no Foreign Transaction Fees from American Express 1 .
    • Priority Boarding: Board early, and be one of the first to secure a spot for your carry-on, and enjoy plenty of time to settle in before takeoff 2 .
    • A First Checked Bag Free: Check your first bag free on every Delta flight – that’s a savings of up to $200 per round-trip for a family of four 3 .
    • Bank More Miles: You can earn 2 miles per dollar spent on purchases made directly with Delta 4. and receive 1 mile for every eligible dollar spent on purchases with no mileage cap 5 .

    To ensure you receive these benefits, you must include your SkyMiles number in your reservation by:

    • Providing it when booking your Delta or Delta Connection flight.
    • Adding it when checking in for your flight using any of our check-in options .
    • Looking up your itinerary and clicking Add Frequent Flyer # if it is not already included in your reservation.

    All Delta SkyMiles Credit Cards

    Additionally, all Delta SkyMiles Credit Card Members are eligible for the following benefits:

    • Medallion Qualification Dollars (MQD) Waiver. When you make at least $25,000 in purchases annually on your Delta SkyMiles Credit Card, your MQD requirement will be waived for that qualification year. 6
  • 20% In-flight Savings. On your next Delta flight, enjoy savings in the form of a statement credit on select in-flight purchases when you use your Card. 7
  • Not a Card Member? Apply now and discover what the Card can do for you.

    Terms Conditions

    1. American Express will not charge any foreign transaction fee on the purchases you make outside of the United States with your Card. However, there may be circumstances where ATMs or merchants charge a fee on foreign transactions.

    2. Card Members are entitled to receive Zone 1 Priority Boarding on Delta flights. Benefit is limited to Basic Card Members (not Additional Card Members) with the Gold, Platinum or Reserve Delta SkyMiles Credit Cards. Reservation must include the Basic Card Member’s SkyMiles number. Priority Boarding is also available for passengers traveling in the same reservation as the Basic Card Member. Maximum nine passengers per reservation receive the Priority Boarding. Priority Boarding will only be available on Delta and Delta Connection® carrier operated flights. Delta does not offer Priority Boarding on Delta Shuttle® flights. New Card Members and Card Members upgrading from another Delta SkyMiles Credit Card product from American Express will be eligible for the Priority Boarding benefit after receiving their Card from American Express. Offer is subject to change without notice. Additional terms, conditions and restrictions may apply. See for details.

    3. Benefit is limited to Basic Card Members (not Additional Card Members) with the Gold, Platinum or Reserve Delta SkyMiles Credit Cards. Reservation must include the Basic Card Member’s SkyMiles number. Fee waiver also available for passengers traveling in the same reservation as the Basic Card Member. Maximum nine waivers per reservation. New Card Members and Card Members upgrading from another Delta SkyMiles Credit Card product will be eligible for the checked baggage fee waiver benefit after receiving their Card from American Express. The first checked bag fee waiver will only be applied on flight segments which originate on a Delta or Delta Connection®carrier when you check-in with Delta for both a Delta marketed and Delta operated flight. Waiver is only for normal bag fee, if any, for the first checked bag that is not overweight and not oversize under Delta’s applicable rules as set forth in Delta’s contract of carriage. Additional terms, conditions and restrictions may apply. See for details.

    4. For each dollar charged on an eligible purchase in each billing period on your Card from American Express, you earn 1 mile. You earn 1 additional mile (for a total of 2 miles) on each dollar of eligible purchases made directly with Delta (“Delta purchases”). Delta purchases are eligible purchases where Delta is the merchant of record, such as purchases via, phone reservations, or ticket counters, such as upgrades, miles, seat selection, Delta Sky Club® membership or passes, and pre-purchased meals, and in-flight purchases of food, alcoholic beverages and audio headsets, on Delta-operated flights (eligible purchases do not include any other in-flight purchases, such as in-flight wireless internet access, associated services, and charitable contributions). Delta purchases include Delta Vacation® packages but not other all-inclusive packages. Delta purchases include purchases of qualifying Delta, Delta Connection® carrier and Delta Shuttle® flights taken with the purchase of a fare that is eligible for SkyMiles mileage credit. Additional miles earned for Delta flight purchases made with the Delta SkyMiles Credit Card from American Express will be based on the total ticket price, including base fare, carrier-imposed surcharges and government-imposed taxes and fees. Eligible purchases mean purchases for goods and services minus returns and other credits. Eligible purchases do NOT include fees or interest charges, balance transfers, cash advances, purchases of travelers checks, purchases or reloading of prepaid cards, or purchases of other cash equivalents. Bonus miles will be posted to your Delta SkyMiles account 8 to 12 weeks after the end of each month. To be eligible to receive miles, your Card account must be active and not in default at the time of fulfillment. This offer is subject to change without notice.

    5. Bonus miles will be posted to your Delta SkyMiles account 8 to 12 weeks after the end of each month. To be eligible to receive bonus miles, Card Member’s account must be active and not in default at time of bonus fulfillment. Fees, interest charges, balance transfers, cash advances, purchases of traveler’s checks, the purchase or reloading of prepaid cards and purchases of other cash equivalents do not earn miles.

    6. Medallion Qualification Dollars (MQDs) Waiver: Beginning January 1, 2014, if the Medallion Qualification Dollars (MQDs) threshold is not met for a Qualification Year, you can still qualify for Medallion status if you have earned the required Medallion Qualification Miles (MQMs) or Medallion Qualification Segments (MQSs) and make at least $25,000 in Eligible Purchases within that Qualification Year on your Eligible Card. A Qualification Year is from January 1 to December 31 of a given year. The close of the Qualification Year is December 31, without regard to the time of the year that the credit card account is opened. This means that for the first year of Card Membership, the Card Member’s Eligible Purchase period may be less than twelve months. Eligible Purchases means purchases for goods and services minus returns and other credits. Eligible Purchases do NOT include fees, interest charges, balance transfers, cash advances, purchases of travelers’ checks, purchases or reloading of prepaid cards, or purchases of other cash equivalents. Eligible Purchases made by Additional Card Members on the Basic Card Member’s Eligible Card will count toward the Eligible Purchase threshold. For purposes of calculating the Eligible Purchase threshold, Eligible Purchases will be combined across multiple Eligible Cards of the Basic Card Member if those Card accounts are linked to the same SkyMiles number. Eligible Cards are the following: Delta SkyMiles Options Credit Card, Delta SkyMiles Credit Card, Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card, Platinum Delta SkyMiles, Delta Reserve Credit Card, Delta SkyMiles Business Credit Card, Gold Delta SkyMiles Business Credit Card, Platinum Delta SkyMiles Business Credit Card and Delta Reserve for Business Credit Card from American Express. This benefit extends to Basic Card Members only (Additional Card Members are not eligible). Offer terms and conditions subject to change.

    7. Card Members will receive a 20% savings in the form of a statement credit on eligible pre-purchased meals, and in-flight purchases of food, alcoholic beverages and audio headsets on Delta-operated flights. Savings do not apply to any other in-flight purchases, such as in-flight wireless internet access and associated services, and charitable contributions. To receive the savings, Card Members must use their Delta SkyMiles Credit Card from American Express to complete the in-flight purchase. Savings will appear as a statement credit 6-8 weeks after the transaction is posted to the Card Member’s Card account. Offer is subject to change without notice. Additional terms, conditions, and restrictions may apply.