Jan 13 2020

Call annual credit report ^ Video

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Call annual credit report


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I’m a Native American English speaker. System had trouble understanding my teacher-type pronunciation. 1. Didn’t allow for spelling of name. 2. Never did accept the “suite number” of my address. 3. Did not confirm street number and name. 4. Said it was mailing out my reports!! TO WHERE. No phone number posted to call for tech support. This service should be cancelled immediately. It is sending out consumer private records to random addresses!

I’ve tried in previous years. But this year I took screenshots. Like others, I was able to get my Experian report. But TransUnion gave me a system error and an 800 number to call. Equifax gave me a mailing address, saying that they can’t deliver my report online. They claim to be the only source for your free credit reports. Authorized by the Federal Government, they say. The first statement is a lie. If I could prove damages, this would be fraud. But it’s an attempt to fool the government into thinking that the reporting agencies are in compliance with rules that were thrust upon them due to their consumer harm.

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I have personally worked in the banking field for over 20 years and know how to do this! But I cannot pull my own so I rely on this site. I had the same experience as others. Got to TU, no score, no availability to view others or move forward. Shame on you all! I am held to LEGAL standards that are punishable by jail time for the slightest infraction. Why not you people?? This site is horrible and broken. FIX IT.

Same experience as others. They told me “can’t deliver by online” and then doesn’t allow you to continue. Was so excited to get my credit reports easily. Guess not. You suck Why waste people’s time with this? Fix. It.

My experience is pretty much the same as everyone else. I got stonewalled by all three credit agencies when trying to get my free annual report online. In one case they did not even ask any questions. You have to call or write to get it. Just say this up front and stop wasting peoples time.

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Until 2015, my husband and I were able to download all three credit reports online, but beginning in 2016 Equifax started refusing this. Having to request a report by telephone, we did so and was told it would be mailed. But, only my husband’s report arrived the next week, mine did not. We waited a couple of more weeks and finally phoned Equifax again, provided it with my confirmation number and asked what had happened. Of course, Equifax had no idea since they had sent my husband’s report (and presumably mine) out regular 1st Class Mail.

Let me re-state this, Equifax sent out my credit report by 1st Class Mail and it was lost and they have no way of tracking it. Of course, no responsible party would send out anything of serious legal or financial importance that way, yet a company with the government condoned right to keep track of all of our credit information, first violates the essence of making it easy for consumers to check credit information by removing the ability to do so online and then, when one requests it by mail, loses this valuable information, as in “who knows who has it now?” Finally, when I asked that they re-send it by registered mail, or by email, or by allowing me to get it online (as we used to do until 2015), I was disconnected. What in the world is the FTC doing nowadays with such a rogue company as Equifax?

I went to get my free annual credit reports. The only one I was able to access and file disputes was Experian. When I tried to access TU and Equifax I had the identical issues as others. Kept telling me info I provided did not match their records and/or I must mail in my request. I thought I was doing something wrong but apparently they are illegally denying access to a lot of people. Something needs to be done. I’m sure if I paid for the reports I’d have no problems. But I refuse to do so. I’m going to file complaints with whoever oversees the reporting companies first thing in the morning. I never had an issue in past years.

I used to be able to routinely download a credit report online from Equifax once per year via, but in the last couple of years, I go through the exact same process and answer all the security questions about my financial records correctly, but now I get an “Equifax is unable to deliver your credit report online” error message, with no explanation of why they’re “unable” (read: “unwilling”). I’m just given a page with instructions for how to use postal mail to send a request to Equifax instead. This makes me very angry. They are technically complying with the law, but are making it unnecessarily difficult for people to protect their financial identity.

Went online to request my credit reports. Initially sent to Equifax who denied my request for online access (answered all questions correctly) and directed me to use cumbersome mail-in form requiring me to send sensitive personal documentation and information. Not safe. Tried to go to next service and told I had accessed all three. Re-initiated my request and was able to get my TransUnion report. Even then wasn’t allowed to navigate further until providing them an email for their mailing list (strike two). When I did navigate to Equifax and Experian, only given the option to mail in my request. In effect, I do not have reasonable access to my online credit report from Equifax and Experian, and the TransUnion interface is requiring me to subscribe to their marketing emails.

Why is my credit history/information outsourced to other countries? Based on complaints and personal experience, I will not be able to access my credit information to shop for new auto insurance rates. I have never had bad credit and I have a good driving history, yet I cannot shop for new insurance because I can’t access my credit history or report. Why the hell are credit reporting agencies outsourcing U.S. citizen’s sensitive, personal information to other countries? No wonder we are having breaches!

I used the site to request my 3 credit reports. Received 2 reports just fine but not Equifax. Answered security questions which were relevant to me (as I did with the other agencies) and RECEIVED another person’s credit file. I was stunned! How can this be? I tried to report to Equifax and received little concern with comment they don’t have anything to do with online. I got upset and was transferred to a person higher up and was on hold too long so I hung up. Company is owned by Central Source LLC which is OWNED by the 3 credit reporting agencies. My concern is there someone getting my report? Notified the person whose report I have since they deserve to know how their information is being shared! Also, tried contacting someone at Annualcreditreport and got nowhere. So far unsuccessful to find someone who cares about the breach in confidentiality.

My wife and I tried to get our once a year free credit reports tonight. Both of us, after much confusion and frustration, were able to get our Transunion credit reports, and print them. When we tried to download Equifax, the system stated we could only get the report by requesting it via snail mail. Useless. When we tried to download the Experian report, the system stated we already downloaded them. We both got the same exact results. It’s ridiculous, that we should get this kind of runaround, when we needed the expediency of the internet. This is 2019. Even worse, there is no way to complain, except to send a support request, and they will only respond by snail mail. It’s like being held hostage, to get a credit file.

This is the official place to get your free annual credit reports required by law BUT when I requested mine every single agency rejected the request for no reason provided. The security questions referenced credit history I didn’t even have.

Tried multiple times to just check my 3 reports, but the site keeps bringing up security questions about auto loans, and mortgages that I don’t have. On top of all of that, in order to even access my info they want proof of residence, my pay stubs (which I don’t have, as I’m self employed), and my whole life history. How is this company the national “go to” for all credit reporting agencies, and who did they pay off to get such a designation? This site is utter BS.

I’ve used this site many years in the past, the one site you can go on and get all three credit reports for free once a year. Seems fair, went on this year though, and it’s completely different. I went on to SEE my actual credit scores, I use free monitoring apps from my credit cards or with Credit Karma, but I know those sometimes report lower than your actual score. So I figured okay fine I’ll go on to get my three credit reports and just make sure my score is lining up with what these sites say. NOPE. Equifax wouldn’t even show me my information telling me I had to fill out a form and mail in all of my personal Identification as proof. Which isn’t overly surprising because I’ve had nothing but issues with them since they had their huge data breaches, but now it makes my life more difficult to do anything with that credit because THEY couldn’t keep people’s information safe.

Whenever I try to call Equifax on supposed blocks on my credit (which I never put on) they never see what I’m talking about, can’t help me. Anyways, I went to see the other two Experian and Transunion and NOPE. Experian says they don’t do credit scores. You can pay for a FICO score, Transunion also says you can set up an account and PAY to see your score. Awesome, thanks. Nothing about this services is good anymore. Which is funny to me. It was a federal law they had to provide this information, I get to see my accounts but I can’t see my actual score. When the ACTUAL SCORE is extremely important to credit lenders and banks to get ANYTHING (cars, houses, credit cards, etc). But I, as a consumer, need to pay to see my actual score?? I find that to be ridiculous. Especially since it’s MY CREDIT, MY INFORMATION. So don’t waste your time. This “free service” is no longer informative unless you’d like to pay them.

I filled out twice because they wanted me to mail in all my documents, W2’s social number, tax return etc, You kidding me? I tried one more time and I got my report finally but I didn’t get my scores. I had to pay extra for my score which I thought it was from all 3 credit bureau but only I was given one. So I upgraded but this is so misleading. I still can’t see all my 3 reports and scores in one report. I can only see one score. I paid extra. I then got the message “You are about to view your 3-Bureau Credit Report and FICO scores included as a benefit of your membership. If you click ‘Continue’ to view, your next 3-Bureau Credit Report and FICO Score will be available in 365 days.” I click on it. Refreshed many times and nothing happens. This must be a JOKE! Terrible experience. Wasted all my time and money on this bs.

When requesting online credit reports that we are promised annually, I was asked to complete a form, which I did. I then proceeded through the screens providing all requested information only to find out that I was not able to get credit scores online. I was asked to print and complete a form to be mailed with a copy of my social security card, drivers license, W-2, etc. What the heck is this? I’m trying to avoid identity theft, not invite it! Sending copies of these items through the mail is NOT something I am going to do. There has to be a way to get the credit reports that we are promised annually, free and online. This is the 21st Century! Unacceptable, deceptive business practice.

So, I go on-line & answer all the security questions & then see that I can’t get the report on-line. ‘Sup with that? But, I can mail my request to Atlanta with a copy of my driver’s license & 1 other item of ID. Or, if I have the phone number to call, I can request it over the phone. By the way, you have to search for the phone number because it is not readily apparent on-line (877-322-8228). So, I call the number & deal with the automated voice prompts. Since I have only a cell phone, the interview is EXTENSIVE. I complete the call & am told a time frame to expect the report in the mail. THAT WAS OVER ONE MONTH AGO. STILL NO REPORT & NO EXPLANATION. Guess the report is not available by mail either. THIS SITE SUCKS!!

I attempted to pull my credit report to see if there is anything on there I need dispute before applying for a new home. After entering my information I came to the identity verification page (which, by the way, is ** if you have more than one credit card or car loan – how are you supposed to know the information they are asking if they don’t specify which account they’re referring to?) and then got a message saying that my report wasn’t available online. Are you kidding me? That’s the whole reason I used your stupid site in the first place. There was a link to fill out a form to request the report through the mail. Besides the fact that this is extremely inconvenient, I don’t have the resources or the time to mail in my report only to have it mailed back to me several weeks later. I noticed a customer service number on the form (1-877-322-8228) so I called it, hoping to speak to a live person who could explain why I couldn’t get my report online.

Instead it was an entirely automated menu and pressing 0 got me nowhere. So after slamming my phone receiver down, I tried clicking on the Contact Us link, thinking, “OK, I can at least submit an email inquiry and get a response that way.” NOPE! They have you fill out a form and leave your comments, then enter your name and address again; but nowhere do they have you provide your email address or phone number. Hmmm, so how exactly am I going to get a response. You going to mail me a response to my comment. Ha. What a joke. I am pretty sure I used this site in the past and didn’t have a problem but this is just ridiculous.

I noticed a few others had a similar issue when entering their address with the apartment number on line 2 (which also applied in my case) so maybe that’s the reason for the glitch, but there is no excuse for the poor customer service or rather, complete lack of any customer service presence whatsoever. So dumb. I’ll continue to use Credit Karma to check my scores and report even if the info on there isn’t 100% accurate. I’ll figure out how to dispute items on my credit report directly with the bureaus because this was pointless.

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