Jan 13 2020

Clean credit – Video

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Clean credit


Take Control Of Your Credit

Do you have bad credit ? Have you been rejected from a credit card ? Is your credit score too low?

Learn how to take control of your finances with the Clean credit learning hub.

How Can I Get My Credit File and What Is It Good For?

Like many people out there, you may be wondering “What is my credit file and how do I access It?” It is time to get informed and find out how to obtain your credit file. This way, next time you apply for a new loan, you will have all the necessary documents and information with you

5 Ways to Avoid a Bad Credit Listing

If you want to avoid a bad credit listing, make sure that you are paying your utility bills, credit card balance, mortgage, personal loans and other types of debts on time. It is a bit challenging to do so-especially if you have limited income, so we put together practical and simple tips to avoid negative entries in your credit file.

Cost-Effective Tips on How To Fix My Credit

You may have read tons of articles about “tips on how to fix my credit”, but they often involve paying down your debts. What if you are financially hard up today, but you want your credit score fixed so you can get a better loan, job or perhaps a nicer apartment than what you could get with your current credit score?

How to Fix Bad Credit in Australia

Your credit score Australia is a snapshot of your credit behaviour. A borrower can improve and fix the information on a credit file by making simple adjustments in debt management.

Why are Creditors Interested in My Credit File?

Your credit file contains information that serve as basis of your credit score. Creditors look into this three-digit number that mathematically interprets the information in your credit file. You can access a copy of your credit report from credit reporting companies like Equifax. Your credit report will allow you to review any credit related activity such as credit enquiries and credit card balances.

Proof of Financial Hardship: Documents Needed

Not everyone can apply for serious financial hardship. Not getting enough money to pay your bills or to meet your daily needs wouldn’t suffice. The law set specific circumstances where individuals can take refuge from this legal exception. Serious hardship is a situation in which you can no longer pay your debts and bills. It is a relief offered by creditors and the taxation office to release borrowers from certain types of financial obligations

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Clean credit - Video REMMONT.COM

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