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Credit card deal finder


How to be approved for a $5,000 loan with bad credit

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Look into installment loans, but beware of triple-digit APRs.

OppLoans Installment Loans

  • Easy online application
  • Quick approval
  • Fast funding
  • Long repayment terms

OppLoans Installment Loans

Installment loans with competitive rates from a top-rated direct lender.

  • Minimum loan amount: $500
  • Maximum loan amount: $5,000
  • Turnaround time: 1 business day
  • Loan term: 9 to 36 months
  • Must have direct deposit and meet minimum income requirements

Where can I get a $5,000 loan with bad credit?

If you have bad credit, you’re generally limited to installment loan providers. These loans come with several repayments, usually over a three to 18 months.

Often you can apply online and get your funds in as fast as the next business day. But like with many short-term loans, these can come with triple-digit interest APRs, depending where you apply.

Compare $5,000 loan prov >

Name Max Loan Amount Turnaround Time Requirements OppLoans Installment Loans $5,000 1 business day Must have direct deposit and meet minimum income requirements Go to Opportunity Financial, LLC’s site

Read review CashUSA Installment Loans $10,000 As early as 1 business day Must have a monthly income of $1,000+ after taxes and valid checking account. Go to’s site

Read review $5,000 Varies Depending on lender requirements, people from all 50 states may not be eligible for a personal loan. Go to’s site

Read review NetCredit Personal Loan $10,000 1-3 business days Varies depending on your state of residence. Go to NetCredit’s site

Read review LendingPoint Personal Loans $25,000 Next business day after approval and document verification Must have a fair credit score of 600 or better and a minimum annual income of $20,000. Must live in a state where LendingPoint services. Go to LendingPoint’s site

How do I apply for a $5,000 loan online?

  1. Compare lenders. Compare how much lenders offer, rates, terms and eligibility requirements to make sure you have a $5,000 loan you can afford.
  2. Fill out the application. Go to the lender’s website and complete the application. Want to use a lender from our table? Click the Go to Site button to get started.
  3. Review and submit. Double check your application for mistakes before submitting it.
  4. Upload required documents. Typically lenders ask to see proof of income, bank statements and a val >
  • The convenience of an online application. The convenience of online application forms and quick approval systems can save you time. You’ll also have a chance to compare a range of credit providers, improving your choices.
  • There are minimal or no credit checks. It’s common practice to find difficulty being approved for a personal loan from other credit providers if you’ve got a bad credit history. Getting a bad credit unsecured loan gives you access to lenders who look at your current financial situation when considering you for a loan, and if you have major credit problems you can consider a no credit check loan.
  • The simple repayment terms. You’ll generally have your repayments lined up to when you get paid, and some lenders will give you the option of how to make repayments. Direct debit repayments are offered by most lenders as you don’t have to worry about making the repayments yourself, you just need the money available in your account.
  • The loans are high-cost. Due to high risk of this loan the lender will usually charge a higher fees. However, keep in mind fees are capped by state regulations.
  • Loans over $2,001 come with high interest. While loans under this amount typically come with set fees instead of interest rates, loans above this amount typically come with rates maxed at 36% in most states.
  • Disreputable lenders operate in the bad credit loans space. There are many disreputable lenders operating online who prey on people with bad credit, so make sure you evaluate the lender before you apply.

Tips on getting approved for a loan with bad credit

There’s no one surefire way to ensure you are approved for a loan application. When you’re considering applying for a loan and your credit history isn’t perfect, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Check the eligibility criteria before applying. Lenders have set eligibility criteria which you can check on review pages. Check to see if you meet these criteria, and if you’re unsure, you can call the lender to discuss your situation.
  • Order a copy of your credit report. While you may think you have a good >Compare $5,000 loans

What to avoid with bad credit unsecured loans

There are several risks associated with bad credit loans that don’t require collateral. Here’s what to avoid:

  • Not being cautious. Taking out a bad credit personal loan can come with high fees and inflexibile terms.
  • Not considering the affordability. Make sure you check twice before applying for a bad credit unsecured personal loan up to $5,000–the repayment period is much shorter than standard loans, meaning your repayments can be quite high. Lenders usually offer calculators to show an indication of your repayments.
  • Not considering the fees as well as the interest rate. Lenders may charge you an interest rate as well as fees and other charges. Check these before you apply and consider the total cost of the loan.

Compare 4 more ways to borrow money

Type of lender Typical interest rate Estimated turnaround time
Traditional bank 14% Preapproval decision in 1-3 business days
Funding within 7 business days
Bad credit online loan 29.20% Preapproval decision same day
Funding within 1-3 business days
Payday loan 319.38% Preapproval decision right away
Funding as soon as next business day
Peer-to-peer personal loan 8.86% Preapproval decision same day
Funding within 7 business days

Need a little less? Compare more installment loans from top online lenders

Before you take out a short-term loan

Payday loans, installment loans and auto title loans come with high rates and fees which can trap you in a cycle of debt. Borrowers may find themselves taking out a second or third loan because they couldn’t pay back the first one on time.

Consider alternatives before opting for a short-term loan:

  • Local resources. Government agencies, nonprofits and local charities often offer free financial services and help with food, utilities and rent for those in need.
  • Payment extensions. Talk with your bill providers about a longer payment plan or extension on your due date if you’re behind on payments.
  • Side jobs. Today’s digital marketplace offers the ability to more easily sell unwanted items, sign up for food delivery or drive for rideshare services.

Explore other loan amounts and repayment terms

Fixed Term

Fixed Amount

Frequently asked questions

How do I apply for a bad credit unsecured loan?

You can apply for any of the lenders on this page by clicking the “Go to site” button. If you don’t see this button, you can apply directly on the lender’s website.

What happens after I send my application?

This will differ between lenders, but you will usually receive a notification as to whether you have been approved or not (by phone or email) along with further instructions for the next steps.

Are my details secure?

When you apply for a loan online up to $5,000, your details are securely transmitted over an encrypted connection. The majority of sites you apply with use 128-bit or 256-bit SSL encryption to ensure your details are safe and secure.

Can I get a $5,000 loan if I am unemployed?

When an institution lends you money, they want to be certain that you can repay back the debt within the allocated timeframe. If you are unemployed, your income may be limited unless you are receiving benefits. If the majority of your income comes from welfare payments you may be still eligible for a personal loan – but be sure to check with the lender.

Can I repay my loan early?

This depends on the individual lender. When reviewing your loan contract, be sure to voice this question as some payday loan lenders charge extra fees for early repayment.

How long will it take for me to receive approved funds?

Funds are usually deposited into your bank account on the next business day, but it may take longer for larger amounts. It ultimately depends on the lender and your bank.

Is it possible to get a $5,000 loan with guaranteed approval?

A lender can’t guarantee approval because a credit decision depends on several factors such as your income, employment history and more. You might find that certain loans have minimal eligibility criteria and are easy to qualify for — making them almost guaranteed. But watch out for scammers that market loans as 100% guaranteed.

Is having a checking account necessary?

Most lenders require applicants to have operational checking or savings accounts where they can transfer funds electronically.

Will a late payment on a loan affect my credit?
What happens if I know my payment will be late?

The best solution is to contact your loan provider and inform them. Usually, the lender will be willing to extend the payment deadline and find ways to help you through difficult financial times.

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