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Credit karma corporate office + Video

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Credit karma corporate office


PVH Corporate Office

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PVH Corporate Office Address

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PVH Executives

CEO: Emanuel Chirico
CFO: Michael A. Shaffer
COO: Michael A. Shaffer

PVH History

Phillips-Van Heusen (PVH) is a clothing company that owns the brands Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Van Heusen, IZOD, Arrow, and licensed brands such as BCBG, Max Azria, Sean John, Kenneth Cole New York, and MICHAEL Michael Kors.

PVH has its roots in the founding of D. Jones & Sons by Prussian immigrant Dramin Jones, which became the largest shirt maker in the United States by 1880.

The company merged with Phillips, a shirt business in New York City, in 1903.

The company merged again in 1950, becoming Phillips-Van Huesen (PVH).

PVH acquired many companies over the years, notably IZOD and Arrow in 2000, Calvin Klein in 2002, Superba Inc in 2007, and Tommy Hilfiger in 2010.

Today PVH is the world’s largest dress shirt and neckwear company. The company has more than 1,000 retail stores and sells its merchandise through retailers, licensees, franchisees, and distributors.

PVH is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol PVH, is a member of the S&P 500, is #422 on the Fortune 500, has 16,700 employees, and had $8.19 billion in revenue in 2013.

Question 1: What is the phone number for PVH?
Answer 1: The phone number for PVH is (212) 381-3500.

Question 2: Who is the CEO of PVH?
Answer 2: The CEO of PVH is Emanuel Chirico.

Question 3: Who founded PVH?
Answer 3: PVH was founded by in .

I recently worked at the van heusen store at great lakes crossing. I ended up quiting because the acting store manager Alisa was a degrading, verbally abusive person. She baby talked to the assistant manager in front of myself and customers, called one of the floor managers over to the computer like a dog, and put her hands in my face and pretended to slap me. Some of my personal belongings were thrown out before I even had a chance to come in and pick them up. The last day i worked, I brought in a change of clothes since I was the hub supervisor, as well as a floor manager in training. I had a family emergency and had to leave early right after changing into my floor clothes. The shoes I wore for hub were thrown out. I paid 60 bucks for them and do not appreciate my personal property being thrown out. I fully expect them to be either replaced or compensated for them. Thank you for your time.

so what you whinny butt

NO, I men’t (THE MANDRESS) by Calvin Klein 2017

I work for pvh Warehouse in Reading,pa. I received my paystub by mail. An when i look at my deduction after tax. Payroll is taking out to much in childspt. It was reduced down since 1/14/16. By a court order.. Every week they making an error in my paycheck. They need to resolve this situation. I will speak to my H.R name Maria tomorrow Monday morning 2/1/16 about my compliant.

What bank is that check drawn against?

quit having babies, and stay with the mom, and you wont have to pay child support, don’t be a d**k and live with the family

I continue to review pay stubs for Rey E. Quinones who must be an employee at PVH. I’ve contacted the payroll department and returned several pieces of mail, however the misaddressed payroll information has not stopped. Please stop sending your employee’s pay stubs to may address. The most recent stub was received 1/02/2016. Please contact Rey and have him correct this.

I was fired on 9/11/15 because I reported a incident that occurred with a co-worker he well they ask him and denied it the called a police in the situation n the police said he didn’t see me or the guy n the store that morning so they ask me to bring proof. My thing is me n the guy is friends n I didn’t have to tell them anything that was the second time he made a threat like that I have no reason to lie. Anyway they have been picking with me for a very long time because I speak my mind n they been trying to get rid of me. They even made the statement we finally did it nth is is a good day and they laugh. I feel as thou I have been done wrong I have been asking for the corporate number n they have refuse to give it to me soi pulled it up online. I would like to file an appeal because I feel like this was a unfair call. I didn’t do anything wrong everything they ask me to do I did it except write a statement I didn’t want my name to b n this an I told them that and even the hand book say we can report a incident under anonymous but they gave the police my name and the guy that made the statement my name too. The went n the hand book n tried to pull up a reason to fire me n this was not even in the handbook this is paper they have typed up to fire me. I’ve been on this job for almost five years and I have not been treated fairly n Theres a lot of people on the job that can vouch for me. They have been trying to retaliate against me because I spoke up against the fact that five black guys got caught with their cell phones n they were walked out the door right then but the two white guys that got caught with their phones on the floor was not fired. Now they tell me they r going by the book but that is not so. They claim they fired me going by the book but this other guy was caught with his phone on the floor three weeks ago n he is still there. I have been picked out to be picked on I would like to fill an appeal to get my job back. My name is Bridgett Fur low I worked I. QC made production every for their for a year n two months as a temp then I work their for four years n four months that should count for something. This was a wrong call n I just want it to b made right you can reach me by email Bri**** or by phone at 404.287.**** thank u n I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Maybe you can learn to construct a sentence so we can understand your complaint

I am assembling an genealogy of my family and discovered that my great-great grandfather and family worked in Pottsville, PA in the late 1800’s in the coal mines and am trying to identify if any of the family worked in the Van Huesen textile mills. How can I research the historical records? The family name is Purcell, The patriarch was Patrick Stephan and family members included: Sarah, John, Mary and Margaret.

Hi, I have found a laptop From your company. kindly contact me for further details

Dramin Jones is my great-great grandfather who started his shirt company. So proud to be a part of his heritage. His son, Samuel Jones is my dad’s grandfather; Samuel’s son is also name Dramin who is my grandpa.

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