Mar 23 2020

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Credit rating check


Credit rating check

View the latest insight on the six themes shaping credit in 2019

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Brexit delay positive, but fall in spending & investment continues to weigh on UK

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Italy’s population will decline further in the next two decades, stretching central and regional government finances. Regions in the south will be hit harder than those in the north as existing disparities persist. However, the impact on the financial sector, securitizations, the housing market and on companies will be mixed.

California courts’ application of inverse condemnation is unusual and heightens wildfire risk for investor-owned utilities. The constitutionality of reforming the inverse condemnation law through legislative means is controversial, but the hurdle is lower than for a constitutional amendment.

In a comparison of 17 of the largest companies on key credit attributes, including the quality of their drug pipelines, potential revenue growth and patent expiration exposure, pipeline quality remains good overall, while patent exposures have slightly eased since last year’s report.

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Prolonged and widespread US mergers & acquisitions activity over the past several years has made balance sheet valuation risk for US nonfinancial companies more pronounced. This could be especially disruptive in an economic downturn.

The era of unusually affordable home purchases has ended, and some segments are particularly stretched. The challenges are bigger in certain high-cost markets, including many western states, and in lower price tiers. Rental affordability is also often poor. Some issuers are mostly exposed to the broad effects of reduced home affordability. Other issuers face more discrete challenges and opportunities that reflect specific pockets of weakness.

Following a lengthy recovery, the US housing and housing finance markets face a more complex environment in which home affordability is decreasing across broad segments.

In this podcast, Gene Fang, Associate Managing Director for the Sovereign Risk Group, and Michael Taylor, a Managing Director in Credit Strategy & Research, discuss how growing financial vulnerabilities in Asia will likely test the region’s credit fundamentals as financial conditions tighten in some markets, trade tensions persist and China’s economy cools.



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