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Best Credit Report Sites

Updated on 03/01/2018

Credit reports are detailed accounts of an individual’s credit history officially prepared by credit bureaus. Lenders of various sorts, such as banks or landlords, refer to credit reports to determine a person’s creditworthiness when applying for a loan, mortgage, new bank account or credit card. The three major credit bureaus are Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

Consumers who have been victims of identity theft can also turn to a credit report site to receive a current credit report and determine whether or not their private information has been compromised. Many credit report sites offer security options and credit monitoring to prevent identity theft.

Compare Reviews for Top Credit Report Sites

Get identity theft protection for $9.99–$29.99/month. Reimbursement funds up to $1 million. Highest service option includes recovery assistance and tri-bureau credit monitoring. Annual payment plans available.

Choose from 3 monitoring options for $9.95–$19.95 a month, with text/email alerts and identity theft coverage up to $50,000. A free membership option with minimal perks and a smartphone app are also available. Find out more

Rapid Credit Reports, Inc. has been in business for over 20 years. They provide homeowners and business with reporting solutions like employee screenings, credit reports and more. Find out more

Nav is a business financing marketplace founded in 2012. It helps small business owners keep track of their business and personal credit reports, and connects them to business financing options that will work for them. Find out more

Credit Karma was founded in 2007 to educate consumers about credit scores. The website shows users their credit score, has tools for understanding what will affect their score and recommendations for saving money/reducing debt.

Experian helps clients monitor their credit, and manage credit risk and fraud. One of the largest leading credit reporting companies globally, Experian has locations in 39 countries with headquarters in Dublin.

Equifax is a company headquartered in Atlanta, GA that offers online tools to manage and monitor credit reports and scores. They also offer identity theft insurance and assistance, and social security number monitoring.

TransUnion offers free access to credit scores, credit reports for $1, analysis and alerts and identity protection for members. The company, which was started in 1968, services customers in 33 countries across the world.

Sign up for a one-time credit report or ongoing credit reports from this website, starting at $19.95. When you sign up, you’ll be notified via text or email within 24 hours of a change in your monitored credit data.

PrivacyGuard is a company that offers credit reporting with access to three bureau credit reports, identity theft protection and regular credit monitoring services. The company is headquartered in Stamford, CT. Find out more

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What to look for in a credit report company

Credit reports are maintained by three reporting agencies: Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. Not all lenders use the same credit report to investigate a consumer’s financial background and history. It’s important for consumers to stay current with their credit report to track any potential inaccuracies as well as to remain aware of their credit score. It’s vital to be aware of your credit profile and to know how to check your credit score if you apply for a loan or rent an apartment.

  • Buying a house: When buying a house or applying for a mortgage, the FICO score along with a credit report will impact the borrower’s interest rate. Typically, a higher FICO credit score leads to a lower mortgage loan interest rate.
  • Leasing a car: Leasing a car also requires that the customer has a good credit report and is likely to fulfill the commitment to make the lease payments.
  • Applying for a loan: Loans, whether they are student loans, personal loans or other types, require access to the borrower’s credit report.

Some credit reports are free while other firms charge a fee for credit report access. The government’s site gives all citizens free access to one credit report from each credit bureau annually.

  • One-time report: Many credit monitoring companies offer one free credit report every year to consumers. There is typically a fee for more frequent credit report access.
  • Credit card required: Some, although not all, credit report companies require a credit card number for the free trial and will charge a one-time or monthly fee for their credit services when the free trial period is over.
  • Recurring charges: Some credit report sites offer credit monitoring and additional credit-related programs and services for a recurring monthly fee.

Help with disputes

Some credit report sites offer assistance disputing credit reporting errors or guidance after identity theft.

  • Missed payments: Missed payments reported in error can have a negative effect on a credit report. Some credit bureaus help consumers file a dispute.
  • Fraud: Credit reporting companies can help consumers monitor their credit and resolve fraudulent charges on their accounts.
  • General errors: It’s possible to find general errors on a credit report that can lower one’s credit score. Consumers can enlist the credit reporting companies to investigate the errors.

Fraud alerts

Identity theft is a serious issue that can be detrimental to one’s credit. Many credit report companies offer credit monitoring with fraud alert services to quickly inform consumers of potential threats to their credit profile.

  • Fee: Depending on the credit report company, there may be an additional fee for the fraud alert, or it may be included in a credit management package.
  • Unusual charges: Some credit monitoring services will alert consumers if an out-of-character charge appears on their account.
  • Account freezing: Some credit report companies assist consumers in freezing their credit at the credit bureaus. This prevents unknown individuals from opening accounts in the customer’s name.

Small business help

Several credit report companies assist small businesses with a variety of credit-related products and services.

  • Credit issues: Small businesses can seek out companies with specialized services to help their firm with advice on methods to resolve credit issues, such as late payments or fraudulent charges.
  • Future advice: Many companies offer tips and advice to small businesses regarding strategies to improve their credit and/or maintain a good current credit standing.
  • Subscriptions: Small businesses can also apply for a subscription to various credit report bureaus in order to receive free reports year-round.


It’s important for consumers to investigate the credit report company’s reputation and select a firm with a solid standing and positive reviews.

  • History: Check how long the company has been in business.
  • Services: Find out which services the company offers and how satisfied consumers are with these offerings.
  • Customers: Choose a company with a good reputation and satisfied customers.



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