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List Of Tenant Credit Check Services For Landlords

Do you bother credit checking prospective tenants? I never used to because I could never be bothered, but as I gained more experience, I realised there are a lot of undercover shitheads out there that are itching to make a sucker out of everyone. Granted, credit checks aren t bulletproof, they won t guarantee perfect tenants , but they will reduce a potentially large risk.

Credit checks are relatively cheap, and in my opinion, worth the investment. Most reputable letting agents will use third party companies to perform comprehensive credit checks on their tenants. The less respectful agents will cut corners and get intermediate checks. The real snake oil agents will avoid credit checks all together.

Permission Required

In order to perform a credit check, you will need permission from the prospective tenant. The applicant will need to sign a release authorizing the landlord/agent to perform a credit check. Most credit check companies will provide landlords with a form online which can be downloaded for free, but I use a homemade generic one, which captures only the information I need. You can download that here, Tenant Reference Form

If you use letting agents to find tenants, it s probably worth investigating:

  • 1) which company they used to do credit checks
  • 2) what type of checks they perform. Most credit check services will provide different levels of service, from basic to comprehensive

However, if you re not using a letting agent, and managing your property yourself, you can easily credit check your tenant directly through a specialised service.

I ve looked through a few services online, and here are the one s that look quite alriiight

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